Meeting with Black Master Shango

Big Dick

I met Black Master Shango on the street in front of the restaurant at the time He ordered me to. He was looking beautiful of course in his suit, tie and black shoes which I kept shiny for Him. I did my best to dress nicely, but I am just a skinny white boi. Black Master Shango’s body is not only darker, but thicker and stronger. I am not even a man compared to Him.

“She will be here shortly. I want you on your best behaviour, ready to eat her pussy whenever I command it, and just as I have instructed you.” Master had given me the details several days earlier about how His date likes to be pleasured, and I memorized them.

“Yes Sir,” I replied. Just then a taxi pulled up to the curb and a gorgeous blond white woman stepped out. She looked stunning in her tight red dress, with round breasts looking like they could burst out. Black Master Shango stepped forward to help her out of the cab. Then their lips met and He gave her a juicy kiss.

“It is good to see you Greta,” He said in a deep voice.

“You too,” said Greta, as she stared dreamily into his dark eyes.

“Remember the servant I told you about?” He asked her. “Allow me to introduce him to you. He will be assisting me tonight in any way you desire,” He said with a wink. I leaned forward and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Come let us go inside and dine,” Black Master Shango commanded.

We were seated in a horse-shoe shaped booth with Greta in the centre between us. Master Shango planned this seating arrangement so we could both have access to her. It was still early, and therefore quiet at the restaurant, so we had a little privacy as Master Shango had planned. After Master ordered the drinks and food for all of us, He asked her, “How many times did you cum on our last date, was it three times?”

“Yes, it was three times,” Greta replied, blushing.

“Well,” he said with a wicked grin, “since there are two of us, we should be able to make you cum at least six times tonight. Don’t you think?” I watched Him reach down and pull up her skirt to reveal her clean shaven pussy, with no panties to interfere with tonight’s fun. “Let’s start the fun with my boi giving you a hand with that.”

That was my cue to finger her warm pink pussy. I traced one finger up and down her pussy lips. Greta moaned softly so I kept doing this for a while. Meanwhile Master cupped one of her breasts with His hand and began to massage it and play with the nipple. Next I dipped my fingertips into her soft pussy and felt the moistness. She appreciated that too but I moved up the clit and began to finger it. Black Master Shango leaned in and tongue kissed her deeply. It was so beautiful to see their Black and white skin come together.

She began to breathe rapidly as I increased the speed of rubbing her clit. She was squirming now, when suddenly she moaned softly as she came. After vigorously convulsing with waves of pleasure, Greta went limp in her seat. Master and I sat back in our seats. I withdrew my hand and He said, “Lick that pussy juice from your fingertips. Don’t let it go to waste.” I obediently licked her delicious cum from my fingers.

As our food was served Black Master Shango said “I think the evening is off to a great start!” All three of us smiled.

Naturally I paid the check and we went to Black Master Shango’s BMW in the parking lot. First I opened the door for Greta and helped her into the car. Then I opened the door for Master Shango on the other side. I got in behind the wheel myself.

“To my house, boi!” Master Shango ordered. I obeyed and began driving. He wasted no time getting down to business. It was hard concentrating on the road while my Master had his way with Greta in the back seat but that is the life of a slave. Master Shango’s needs and pleasure always come first. I exist only to follow His orders. If He wants me to have pleasure, I do. If he wants me to have pain, I do. And sometimes I served Him while He had pleasure. Now was such a time.

I only caught short glimpses of the action in the rear view mirror and heard her many moans of delight. First I saw Him kissing her long and deep while He unzipped her dress and unsnapped her bra. He now had full access to Her big, white breasts. I saw his beautiful black lips kissing and sucking those hard, round nipples while she leaned her head back and closed her eye. Great was consumed with ecstasy.

I had to keep my eyes on the road on the highway. I was going crazy hearing the hot action but unable to see it! When I got off at the exit nearest Master’s house and pulled up to a stop light I could see her white legs were completely spread and Master’s long thick shaft was penetrating and stretching her raw, slick pussy. i couldn’t believe how his fat dick widened her cunt lips.

His beautiful round ass cheeks rose up and down as he jack hammered that pussy deep. They both moaned louder and louder with every stroke. I wished I could lick His big black balls and delicious tight asshole. Normally that is how I serve Black Master Shango when He is filling a white woman with his Godly seed. But I had to stay in the front seat and get us all to Master’s home safely. My little boi prick was rock hard but I didn’t dare touch it without Master’s permission, not even at a stop sign.

Their crescendo built and built as I drove. He banged her faster and faster and Black Master Shango began to moan loudly along with her. Just as I pulled into Master’s driveway they both shouted out load as they came simultaneously. I could finally turn around and see everything!

“Oh my God!” cried Greta as the pleasure overtook her and she came. “Oh Master Shango!”

“Take my seed!” He exclaimed as he pumped His sacred semen deep inside her womb, grunting with each ejaculation. Having completely seeded her, He finally relaxed his big, muscular body and began to catch His breath. I got out of the front seat and opened the back door up. Black Master Shango stepped out, and I could see her swollen cunt slowly leaking all their juices down onto the car seat.

I knelt, put Master Shango’s still hard cock in His pants and zipped the fly. He pointed at the creampie between Greta’s legs and firmly told me, “crawl in there white boi and clean that up. I don’t want a drop left on my upholstery.” I dropped to all fours and scrambled into the car.

I dove right in and started lapping up all the cum off Greta and the car seat. i was in heaven.

As I finished eating the delicious treat, Master gave me a warning. “That’s right boi. Eat your dessert. If you are a good boi I will let you stay in the house and eat some more. Don’t you dare disobey me or I will put you outside in the dog house with my guard dog for the night. Do you understand, bitch?”

I bowed my head and replied meekly, “Yes Master.”

“Now crawl over to the front door and unlock it. I have several more loads of cum to plant in that wet white cunt tonight!”

Like the obedient pet that I am I crawled out of the car and up to the door, hungry for more of Master’s cum.

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