Meeting The Teacher

Double Penetration

I have a bunch of stories I want to put into a book but I don’t know where to start. A friend tells me about a teacher that would be the perfect person to help me. You show up at the door and I can’t believe how beautiful you are. You are perfect in every way. I ask you to come in and we go into the kitchen where I have you sit at the table. I explain that I have all of these stories that I want in a book form and need help understanding how to do it.

You ask me what kind of stories they are and I just say that they are from the crazy ramblings of my mind. You tell me that in order for you to help me you will need to see the stories and see what direction I need to go. I tell you that you will have to follow me to the bedroom so you can access them on my computer. I show you the file that they are in and tell you I will be back soon that I have some things to do.

You open the file and begin to read and see that they are erotic stories. The more you read the more your excitement builds. You begin rubbing your breasts and pinching your nipples. As you continue to read you reach down and softly rub your hand over your pussy. All of your attention is on the stories and you don’t hear me when I return. When I walk into the room you have your hand inside your pants and you are rubbing your clit. I see you trembling and you are moaning when you lay your head back as your orgasm is moving etiler escort through your body you see me watching you. You motion for me to come over to you and you tell me that being a teacher you need to test me and see if the stories are mine.

I walk over to you ready to answer your questions when you reach out and unfasten my pants. Letting them fall to the floor you then pull my underwear down. Taking my erection in your hand you softly kiss the tip of it as your hand slides up and down it. You put your lips around my erection and gently suck it into your mouth. Sliding it in and out of your mouth my excitement builds. My mind is racing that a beautiful teacher like you is doing this to me. My mind is reeling as I loose all control and erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

I pull you up from the chair and kiss you passionately. I lead you over to the bed and slowly undress you as I kiss your neck. I remove your top and drop it on the floor then lean down and softly kiss your breasts. Putting my lips around your nipples I such them gently. I unfasten your slacks and pull them down with your panties. You lie down on the bed as I remove my shirt and get on the bed with you.

We lie beside each other and kiss passionately as I slide my hand between your legs. Softly I rub my hand against your pussy feeling the warmth. I pull eve gelen escort you on top of me and you move up putting your pussy in my face. Tenderly I kiss your pussy as I breathe your wonderful aroma. I slide my tongue over your lips and move it up and down brushing it over your clit. Pushing my tongue between your lips I softly rub your clit. Feeling your hard and swollen clit I wrap my lips around it and suck it gently. you start to move around and I spank your butt to keep you still so I can hold onto your clit and suck it harder. You begin to tremble and you start moving around again. I spank your butt and you move rock back and forth faster. You start shaking and your orgasm rolls through your body.

I pull you back down beside me and kiss you passionately. I get between your legs and rub my erection against your clit. You wrap your legs around me and pull me tight against you. We continue kissing tenderly as you reach down placing my erection at your opening. Slowly I push inside you and move my erection in and out. I rise up and you hold onto me as I sit back on my feet. Still kissing tenderly you move your hips rubbing your clit against me as my erection moves inside you. You let go of me and get on your hands and knees. I move up behind you and place my erection against your pussy. Sliding my erection inside you I fatih escort gently rub your asshole with my thumb. I push my erection into you harder as I gently push against your asshole with my thumb. Our excitement is spinning out of control as begin to shake and tense our bodies. We explode in a beautiful orgasm with fireworks bursting in our minds.

Exhausted we lie on the bed with our bodies pressed together and we kiss passionately. Letting our strength rebuild as we softly touch each other. Getting our strength back you tell me that as a teacher you are sure I wrote the stories but need to test one more thing. You say we need to go to the shower so we get out of bed and go into the bathroom. We get the water started and get in under the hot water. We gently wash each other and as you softly wash my erection I gently massage your breasts. You slide your hand up and down my erection as I lightly pinch your nipples. As the hot water running over us rinses the soap away you put your arms around my neck and start wrapping your legs around me. I pick you up and press you against the wall as I push my erection inside you. As I slide in and out of you your clit rubs against me. Our moans get louder as our passion builds. I push into you harder and faster our moans are turning to screams of pleasure and desire. Our bodies are shaking from the passion as we erupt in a fantastic orgasm.

Weak and exhausted we finish our shower and dry off as best as we can with our trembling bodies. We go back to the bedroom and lie across the bed holding each other as our bodies softly touch. I place my arm over you and hold your breast. You tell me that I need to work on a few things but you will give me an A minus for today. Slowly we fall asleep for a nap.

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