Meeting Maxi Pt. 03


In our last two installments, I told you about how I met my MILF Maxi, and about our evolving sexual relationship. I concluded the last installment with a story about the first time I gave Maxi a “chair massage.” I kind of left everyone hanging at the end (no pun intended). My apologies. You see, it’s very difficult for me to even think about the next part of my story, much less write about it in detail. In fact, I was thinking of skipping this part and jumping right into the good stuff. But that wouldn’t be fair to you. So, I’ll pick up where I left off. You really need to hear the whole story.

After Maxi’s massage, I spoon-snuggled with her on her bed. She turned to me, looked at me with those seductive Latina brown eyes of hers and said, “Vinny, I really want to give you a blow job. Would that be okay? I really need to suck that big thick cock of yours.”

I never thought I would be in a position in which a gorgeous woman actually asked me for permission to give me a blow job.

“Maxi, you could do anything to me that you want. I just want to make sure that you’re ready for it. After all, this is more than a baby step. And you know you’re special to me. I don’t want to rush you.”

“That’s sweet of you Vinny. I know you care for me,” Maxi responded. “But yes, I’m ready for the next step. Not only am I ready, but I’m gonna suck that cock of yours so well that your head might explode.” She kissed me deeply, then winked at me and asked, “So Vinny, the question really is, ‘Are you ready?'” She didn’t wait for an answer.

Maxi began to lick me from my Adam’s apple to my navel. She focused her tongue on my belly button, and with one hand rubbed my now hardened shaft through my pants. Then she unloosened my belt and zipper with her other. It didn’t take much time for her to get my pants off and she went right to work giving me the best blow job of my life. Having been in the military, I traveled to many different countries. And I’ve been blown in every one of them. This blow job was off the charts in comparison to all the others. But I’m jumping ahead.

Once she had my pants off, Maxi knelt on the bed in front of me and spread my legs. She spent what seemed like hours licking and sucking on my balls. While doing that, one of her hands focused on my cock. In part 1 I told you how seductively Maxi jerked me off. She used some of that same technique now with her perfectly manicured hands. Her fingers were long and slender and her nails were perfectly done in red polish. What a turn-on to see a sexy female hand wrapped around your cock, alternating between squeezing and tickling. She took the back of her hand and very lightly tickled the back of my shaft with her finger nails. It’s a wonder I didn’t blow my load just then. But as with the hand job she gave me, she knew exactly how far to take me before backing off. Maxi grabbed a pillow and shoved it under my back so that my ass was angled up. While she gripped my cock with one hand, she started working my ass with her tongue. At one point I could have sworn that somehow she got the tip of her tongue into my asshole. She was right when she said my head would explode! This was something I had never experienced before. And all the while, she kept me at the edge, not letting me blast off.

“Oh fuck Maxi! What the fuck are you doing to me?”

I remembered saying that much but not much else. She had me in a complete frenzied state. But even though it was erotic, the time she spent carefully stimulating me went way beyond sex. The woman had to have feelings for me, as she was blowing me with what I can only describe as tender loving care.

Turning her attention back to my cock, she brought her mouth up and her tongue danced around and around the head, alternating between fast and slow, swirling around and around, stopping at the very sensitive back of the head where the tip meets the shaft, and letting her tongue linger in that spot. It was unbelievably hot just watching her. All the while, I was gently rubbing her soft chestnut hair with my right hand, and caressing her left shoulder with my other. She’d come back around and swirl her tongue around, picking up more pre-cum. Between the sensations she was giving me and watching her with strings of pre-cum on her lips was like watching a major porn star.

She began to take my shaft into her mouth, slowly taking about half my length down to her throat. I thought this was it. She was going in for the kill. My whole cock would not fit in her mouth, but she hungrily took me as far down as she could. With each up and down suck, she would swirl her tongue around the shaft. While she was doing this, Maxi was moaning. The combination of the vibrations from her moans, her sucking, and her revolving tongue, brought me back to the edge again. But once again, as if on cue, she stopped just in time.

“God Tony, your cock is so thick. I’m gonna have to do something special to make you cum.”

I couldn’t imagine what she meant. As far as I was concerned, what she had done so far was the most special thing anyone has ever done to me. It’s a little Sivas Escort hard for me to describe her next move, but I’ll do the best I can for you. If I were to put a label on it, I would say it was kind of a half blow job, half hand job. She grabbed a handful of lube and put it on the palm of her right hand. Her palm went to one side of my cock, and her mouth went to the other side. While rubbing the left side of my cock only with the palm of her hand, she vigorously sucked the right side with her mouth, up and down. Both her hand and her mouth went up and down in a rhythm, up and down, applying just the right amount of friction to bring me to the edge and beyond. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Maxi, fuck, I’m cuuuumming!” I screamed. She moaned gently in response, and with a deep grunt, three quick, thick shots erupted from the head of my cock going straight up in the air, and landing on my mid-section. Maxi quickly went back to sucking my shaft and milked every last drop from me. When she was done, she lapped up the cum on my belly and swallowed it. This is a scene I will never forget as long as I live.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I asked. “That was like a porn star move!”

“Just for you Vinny. I would only ever do that for you.”

Completely spent and totally exhausted, I snuggled up to Maxi and quickly drifted off to sleep. At some point, I woke up to find Maxi gently rubbing my chest and looking into my eyes. What I said next came from my heart for a woman who made me trust another female again. I just went for it and said, “Maxi, I love you baby.”

I’m not sure what Maxi was thinking in response to my profession of love. She looked a bit stunned and confused, and clearly she was not expecting this. We just both kind of froze for seconds which seemed like hours. Whatever the emotions that were floating around in her head, clearly, the seductive part of the evening was over. Tears formed in her eyes, and she began sobbing. Running into the bathroom, I could hear the door lock behind her.

“Maxi, sweetie, what’s wrong?” I must have sounded like a wounded puppy.

She wouldn’t answer me at first, but after a few minutes she said, “You need to leave. I need some space. Just please go.”

This reaction was totally unexpected. Did I force her to do this too soon? Was she not ready for this next step in our relationship? Or was it my saying the L word that turned her off. I asked her again, “Honey, what’s the matter? Please let’s not end tonight this way.”

“Just go, Vinny” she replied, this time with a bit more determination and emotion in her voice.

I told her that I would get dressed and leave but only if she promised to call me later. She never gave me that promise. I got dressed very quickly and left. The drive home was brutal. I was awash with a range of emotions. But I made it home and instantly picked up my phone and called her. She didn’t answer, and it went right to voice-mail. I left a message that never got returned.

It should come as no surprise to you that I didn’t get much sleep that night. The next morning and my workday wasn’t any better. As soon as I got to work, I texted Maxi: “I hope u r OK. Really worried bout u. Please text or call.”

When I broke for lunch I still hadn’t received any calls or texts in response. So, I texted her again: “What’s wrong? Y won’t u call me?” No answer to that text either.

I struggled through the rest of the day at work, and just before leaving, I received the following text from Maxi: “I need a little space right now. I know u r confused. Please don’t call. I trust that u won’t show up at my apartment. Please give me some time.”

Given the anxiety that I suffered through over the next several days, I knew that I really loved Maxi. There really wasn’t ever any doubt from the first time I caught her eye when she was working as a temp at my job at the front desk. Over one week later and still no text or call from Maxi. I was beginning to lose hope. Friday afternoon rolled around and my friend Joe at work reminded me that we had a bachelor party that night for our co-worker Tyrone. I really wasn’t in any mood to party. And I kind of suspected what they had planned for the evening. I just wasn’t into it. But Joe knew what I was going through. He was the only one I told. I also told Joe that it might not be a good idea for the Human Resources Manager to show up at a strip club. I really wanted to pass on this party. Joe insisted that a night out would do me a world of good. I really was in no mood, but I was committed, and Tyrone was a great guy, so reluctantly, I agreed to go. I had a few month-end reports to run that afternoon, so I told the guys I would be a bit late. I arrived at Garters & Satin, our town’s local topless joint, about an hour or so after the festivities got underway. The party was in a back room. When I entered the room there were about twenty-five guys there, mostly personal friends of Tyrone’s and a handful from work. They were all standing around cheering, as there was some action happening on the Sivas Escort Bayan stage at the front of the room. I grabbed a beer from a back table, and made my way up to the front of the crowd to see what was going on. What I saw shocked the hell out of me.

Tyrone and four of his buddies were completely naked and were standing in a semi-circle cheering loudly. This bunch looked like the defensive line for the New York Giants. They were huge and all hung like stallions. I angled around the room to get a better view of what was going on. They had a voluptuous middle-aged lady shackled to what looked like a weight bench. Around her neck was a dog collar. She was positioned doggy style with her legs behind and to the sides of the bench, and each ankle was chained to the legs of the bench. She was raised, with her hands tied to the upper part of the bench. So, she was forced into a half-stand, half-bent over position. Positioned behind her was this thing I once saw on-line described as a “fucking machine.” A long cylinder protruded at about a 45 degree angle from a box on the floor, and at the end of it was attached what looked like a foot long black dildo. The box on the floor was making grinding noises, and the cylinder forced the dildo in and out of this poor woman’s pussy. Her pussy was being brutally assaulted by the speed of this thing. And the girth on this dildo had to be the size of my wrist. She was moaning, but I could tell they were not moans of pleasure. It was a little disgusting, but oddly erotic in a perverse sort of way. Her pussy was dripping on the floor from all of the lube they put on this thing. At least they were merciful in that respect and did not let her endure this thing dry.

A couple of Tyrone’s friends led him to the front of the bench, where the woman’s head was positioned in between her tied up wrists. By now, Tyrone and the two friends were sporting huge hard-ons. Tyrone positioned his cock right at the woman’s mouth and his friends were shouting, “Take that cock in your mouth, bitch.”

The other two guys were standing on either side of Tyrone. They untied her hands and placed them on their cocks. “Bitch, suck Tyrone and jerk us off now!”

Reluctantly, the woman did as she was told, all the while still getting fucked from behind by the fucking machine. Since all the guys had a buzz on, it wasn’t long before they started coming, almost all at the same time. Tyrone pulled out just before he came. He stroked his own cock and came all over the girl’s face and hair and back of her neck. The others deposited their loads all over her neck and back. While this was going on, the other two guys stayed behind the bench, shut down the fucking machine, and removed the dildo from her raw pussy. One guy took the place of the dildo and slammed the full length of his big black cock right into her pussy. He was balls deep and was grinding in and out of her at a fever pitch. With each thrust, he went all the way in, and then came all the way back out. Again the woman squirmed and moaned. This was almost inhuman. In a few minutes, he too started going over the edge, quickly pulling out and dropping his jism all over her lower back. Then the next guy took his turn and did the same. The woman was literally covered in gobs of come from head to ass. Finally they were done. As they undid the shackles on her legs, the woman turned her head to see what they were doing. She looked directly at me and caught my eye. Then, she quickly looked away. What I saw filled me with a range of emotions that’s difficult to describe. I’m sure you guessed at the source of my horror. Yes, it was Maxi. My Maxi.

“No. My God,” I thought.

I wanted to scream, but no sounds came out of my mouth. No one would have heard if I had screamed, since all the guys in the room were cheering like members of a drunken fraternity.

I couldn’t move. I was frozen, as if my shoes were nailed to the floor. Rage, shock, fear, loathing, disgust, betrayal. I felt all of these things at the same time All I wanted to do was run. Joe was standing next to me. He may have been the only one in the room who remembered Maxi from the brief time she worked in our office. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew I recognized her and that I was in a state of shock. Finally my paralysis loosened and I was able to push my way through the crowd and out of the room. Joe followed me. I made it through the front of the club and outside to the curb just in time, and then vomited all over the street. Joe came out to help me, but at that point, I was so mad at him, thinking that perhaps he had a hand in setting this thing up. I screamed at him and he told me he had nothing to do with it. I ran from him to my car, got in, quickly started it, and peeled out, burning rubber and tires screeching.

That night, all alone at home, was worse than the night Maxi threw me out of her apartment. Thank God the next day was Saturday. I would have never been able to make it into work if it were a weekday. Somehow, I got through the weekend. At one point, Joe called me and Escort Sivas apologized that I had to witness what took place. He assured me that he had no part in the arrangements for the party. That didn’t really make me feel any better.

The following Monday morning, while at work, I received a voice-mail from someone called Doctor Rosa. It took a few minutes, but then I remembered Maxi telling me that this guy was her therapist. I hesitated in calling him back. You see, I knew that this had to be about Maxi. And at this point, I had pretty much written Maxi off as a gang-banging, prostitute slut. I got myself through the last couple of days rationalizing that a woman like that should not be in my life. And I was glad for discovering her true identity when I did, rather than later on if our relationship had progressed beyond where it was. As thoughts of Maxi would make their way into my head, I instantly shut them out by thinking of her as a slut whore whom I wanted out of my life. But, after sitting on Doctor Rosa’s message for a couple of hours, I realized it was no use. No matter who she was or what she had done, I still loved her. So, although I fought the urge to call the Doctor back, eventually I gave way, and in so doing I let the hurt back in all over again.

“Hi Doctor Rosa, this is Vinny Lambusta returning your call.”

“Yes, Mr. Lambusta. I’m glad you called me back. Over the last couple of days Maxi and I have been having the last of our therapy sessions. She felt it was really important that I meet with you. I know that she’s gone through a crisis recently in her relationship with you. Maxi asked me to pass along some information to you, and I think it’s best if we met in my office as soon as possible. Can you make it tonight at 6?”

“A crisis is what she called it? Really? I’m sorry Doctor, but it’s more than a fucking crisis. It’s more like what I would call a fuck-up of biblical proportions. Maxi is out of my life and I don’t know that I’m ready to hear any more tales about her sordid past or any kind of explanation that could possibly justify her irrational behavior.”

“Mr. Lambusta, I know the whole story, and I know Maxi has hurt you deeply. But I think both you and Maxi need some closure on this and it’s important that you and I have a session together. Maxi has even offered to pay me for meeting with you. She thinks it’s that important.”

“I think I’m making a mistake, but yeah, okay, I’ll meet with you tonight.”

I got nothing done the rest of the day, my thoughts constantly going back to that night at the strip club. Finally the end of the day came and I headed out to the Doctor’s office.

“Mr. Lambusta, thanks for coming. I know this can’t be easy for you, but perhaps our talk tonight can help.”

“Call me Vinny, Doctor. And yeah, I hope I can put this whole thing behind me.”

“Vinny, there’s no easy way to start this conversation, so let me start at the point before Maxi came into your life. You know about Maxi’s deceased husband. He suffered a long illness that was difficult for Maxi and her then 16 year-old son.”

“Wait. Maxi’s got a son?”

“Yes. In fact, he’s now 23 and is finishing up medical school. As I was saying, her husband’s illness and death took a great toll on both of them. And her husband left them penniless. He made a decent living, they had a nice house, but he had already borrowed against his life insurance to pay bills while he was out of work, and they had to drain their bank account. Maxi, though, made a go of it after her husband’s death. She sold the house, and she and Tony – that’s her son’s name – moved into a small apartment. Maxi got a job as an administrator in a software company, but within a year she was laid off. No jobs were coming her way, and by this time Tony was about to enter College. The kid was gifted, and got accepted into Harvard’s pre-med program. Unfortunately, there was no scholarship, though there was some financial aid based on Maxi’s financial circumstances. But even with that aid, the tuition was over $40,000 a year. Maxi used the money she made on the house sale to pay for Tony’s first two years at Harvard. But then, she was strapped for cash. She got desperate. Maxi was dating a guy at that time, and she later learned he was not a very, how shall we say, savory character. Turns out he was tied in with the local mob and ran a high-end escort service. He told Maxi he could get her a job as a classy escort with them. He convinced Maxi that this was her way out of poverty.

“Now, before you judge Maxi too harshly, let me tell you that we all do some pretty drastic things when it comes to taking care of our kids. Vinny, Maxi saw no way out. So, she signed on with the escort service. Since it was high end, it was relatively safe, and her clients were all well respected business men. She worked for them for about four years, and not only climbed out of her financial hole, but became quite affluent. That’s just around the time her next problem hit. You see, by then, Maxi was over 40. And these clients were paying several thousand a night. Their tastes were discriminating given the money they were paying. They wanted more of the younger type. Maxi, beautiful though she is, no longer fit the profile of a high-end escort. She was getting older and couldn’t compete with the younger girls that were in the escort’s stable.

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