Meeting Auburn


The little green light flashed as he slid the keycard into the slot. He tuned the handle and pushed the door open, stepping through into the lowered light inside. Setting his bag down, he breathed in deeply and could smell it. Coconut. He had told her it was his favorite scent and she had not disappointed him. His eyes now partially adjusted to the dimness, he could see her silhouetted against the room’s furnishings. Sitting at the edge of the king sized bed, her eyes lowered, her long hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her body. She was wearing a black cocktail dress, mini length, her arms bare. Her knees were primly together, as were her feet, but the lacy edge of her thigh-high stockings just peeked out from the hem of the dress.

As the light shone off her hair, he thought, “Perfect. Just perfect.” and then quietly said her name. “Auburn?” How could woman have such a name? It was exactly as the color of her hair. She had told him her mother had called her that from birth, in no way knowing that she would grow into such a lovely woman with such lovely hair. In the weeks and months that they had conversed, first on the internet, then by phone, he had built up such an anticipation that he could hardly stand it.

She tilted her head ever so slightly toward him, still not raising her eyes to meet his gaze. Almost in a whisper, she said, “Daniel, I’m so glad You are here.” He heard the quiet respect in her voice. He knew that he had a once in a lifetime chance to make this work. He’d known for a while that he wanted to explore this world, to experience in person those things that she’d brought him to know about himself. Thoughts raced through his head. How to start?

He crossed the room and stood in front of her, almost looming over her, his six foot frame dwarfing her seated figure. He reached down, took her chin in his right hand, and lifted. There was the slightest bit of resistance, just enough for him to have to apply more force to bring her eyes to meet his. She still looked downward until he said, “Look at me. Look at me now.” His tone was just imperative enough to cause her eyes to flicker and then meet his. For a few seconds, which seemed an eternity, the stare seemed blank on both their parts, then suddenly they were looking into each other’s souls. All pretense melted away; they knew that this was the time and place for them. All the scenarios that he had read and tested with her flooded through his brain, and though it was among the first that they had talked about, and seemed so simple, the words fell from his lips. “Release me. Taste me. Drink me.”

With not a moment’s hesitation, she reached up and undid his belt. Her small, nimble fingers undid the clasp at his waistband and lowered the zipper of his slacks. She lowered them to the floor and reached for the waist of his silk boxers. He suddenly grabbed her wrists and held them strongly. Her eyes met his, almost involuntarily, and he nodded, no malice in his eyes, just an overwhelming signal of control. With that, she lowered the undergarment and set his manhood free.


“It’s really happening,” she thought. “He is really here and I am serving Him.” All of the days and weeks of guiding Him to discover this part of Himself. Sending Him to websites, discussing articles and techniques, reacting to short pieces that He’d written, sharing things that she’d written. She’d known she was submissive for years. She’d had Dominant partners and was quite comfortable with herself and the lifestyle. A chance meeting on the internet had connected her with Daniel and it was many conversations later that the subject of sexuality had come up. She hadn’t even revealed her preference to Him immediately. They had talked about erotica, sharing some favorite sites with each other, then sending each other some things that they had each written. She liked His writing style, anticipatory and detailed. He liked hers, to the point and almost forceful. At first He’d thought that she liked rough sex, but as they talked and He reread her work, it came out that she was submissive. He’d told her that He wasn’t sure what he thought about it all; that it interested Him, but that He had no real experience with it. That’s when she started teaching Him, in her own way.

She gently took His hardness in her hand and felt its size and warmth. She raised her other hand to caress the underside of it. Not totally engorged yet, He twitched in her hands, the veins standing out now, the head darkening. She could feel him grow, feel the heat increase. She raised her eyes slightly, looking to Him for confirmation. He returned the gaze, letting her know that she should continue.

With that, she leaned slightly forward and let her lips graze against the head. She thought she heard a slight moan, but the sound of her heartbeat overshadowed it. Her tongue slipped between her lips and took the small drop of fluid that had emerged at the tip of His organ. The taste Sahabet was indescribable and caused her to realize that He was not the only one that was wet. Her lips encased Him and she took His length into her mouth, swirling her tongue around Him feeling every inch of Him, gently sucking.


With all the anticipation, this was about all he could bear. He didn’t want to risk climaxing yet and pulled himself out of the reverie and said, almost sharply, “Auburn. Stop!” She stopped running her tongue around his shaft and just held her mouth still. He pulled back ever so slightly and she let it slip from between her lips. It was shiny with her saliva and his juices and they both looked at it for an instant, before locking eyes again. He knew she was anticipating instructions from him, so he bought himself some time by stepping out of his slacks and shorts and shedding his shoes. As he unbuttoned his shirt, it came to him. He wanted to see her. Stepping back, he found the overstuffed chair he’d seen with the back of his legs and sat slowly down. He stared across at her, now six feet away, still seated on the edge of the bed. His voice emerged from his lips, still quiet but a bit more confident. “Stand up, Auburn. Stand up and let me see you.” She stood and waited before him, eyes looking down at the floor. Her dress was mid thigh and had now covered her stocking tops. He saw her hair fall a bit away from her shoulder and that she had spaghetti straps rising from the top of her breasts. Then he spoke again. “No, Auburn.

Let me see YOU.” It appeared as if she winced at the sharpness of his command, and he guessed that she wasn’t sure what to expect of him. She raised her hands to her shoulders, crossed over her breasts and lowered the straps along her arms. He looked at her in anticipation and then watched as the dress fell smoothly to the floor. He didn’t know if his face belied his amazement, but if it did, she deserved it. Her body was stunning. Her skin was golden brown, every inch of it. Her breasts were firm and just the right size, whatever that was. The nipples were a shade or two darker and were solidly engorged. Her tummy was flat, but not hard, her legs long but not gangly. And the junction where belly and legs joined was smooth. Sitting there staring at her, he suddenly realized that she’d not covered her charms with lingerie, except for the black thigh highs which hugged her legs, just a few inches lower than her womanhood.

“Closer,” he heard himself say. “Come closer to me and let me see.” Again, the force in his voice almost startled him, but he knew that this was what she wanted. And it was what he wanted, too.


As she stood there before Him, she could feel the heat increase inside her, the wetness seemingly run from her. When He said, “Closer! Come closer to me and let me see.” She stepped forward as He gazed at her. Her breasts bounced lightly and it seemed that her nipples couldn’t become more engorged. She saw His hand reach forward and felt Him hook a finger into the top of one of the stockings, pulling her directly in from of Him. She knew what she wanted to do next, but waited for Him to tell her. But He didn’t say another word. He just drilled her with those blue eyes of His, sending desires and intents her way. She absorbed it all in an instant and then she began her task.

From inches away, she leaned forward, her nipple gently brushing His cheek, then across His lips. She stood and leaned the other way, giving her other nipple a chance to feel His touch. His lips parted reflexively and He took it in, sucking sharply and nipping at it with His teeth. He reached up with his strong hands and took her breasts, rolling the nipples between thumbs and fingers, pinching and twisting them, It was like a signal for her to part her legs, opening herself to him. “I’m His. I truly am His,” she thought, as the feelings shot from her nipples to her lower lips, causing her juices to begin flowing. “I wish He’d touch me, and soon!” Almost as if on cue, she felt his finger graze across her engorged clit, and heard him say, “My, you are certainly wet. Is that for me?” Giving Him a slight nod, she went on with what she’d started. Bending her knees slightly, she lowered herself onto His thigh, feeling His delicious muscle pressing into her, but more intent on letting Him feel her moistness coat His leg. She slid back and forth in her own juices feeling the little hairs on His leg tickle her bareness. He outer lips opened and the swollen inner ones almost swallowed him in her imagination.

“Now’s the time,” she said to herself. And to Him she said but two words, “Ready, Sir?” Not giving Him time to respond, she stood, threw her leg across both of His, reached down and guided Him to the door of her pleasures. As she lowered herself onto Him, she heard Him gasp in her ear, “Oh, dear!” and didn’t know if He was exclaiming or addressing her. With Sahabet Giriş that, she placed her lips against His and kissed Him, deeply and with heartfelt passion. And they both realized that it was their first kiss.


The deep softness of the armchair made it easy for them both to move, turning his sudden penetration of her into a silky ride. Her breasts pressed against him and he could feel her nipples graze against him again and again. The kiss continued, tongues searching, little words escaping, then pressing again, moans, whimpers, their voices joining.

He wrapped her in his arms and held them together, wanting their flesh to blend. Her inner muscles were acting in waves upon his hardness, and he did what he could to thrust up into her, but they were joined so closely that much movement was impossible. He tried to flex his organ to meet her inner stroking. Again he felt himself close to a pinnacle and fought it with all his might. He wanted this to go on forever and said those words again. “Auburn. Stop!”

She became still in his arms, still encasing him in her silky sheath. He put his hands under her and lifted her off him, telling her with his eyes that they would return to this ecstasy, but not quite yet. “Pet. I want you to taste yourself,” he said to her. She reflexively reached down with her fingers and took some of the honey from between her legs, raised it to her lips, and licked. He just shook his head. “No, my pet. I want you to taste yourself on me.” It suddenly became clear and she took this responsibility in stride, kneeling between his thighs and very gently taking his swollen member by the base, she made a long slow lick along the underside, avoiding the sensitive head. He groaned slightly, but held his gaze on her as she ran her tongue around and over him, making sure not to set him off, but to get every drop of her sweetness that she could. “Come here,” he said. “Share it with me.” She crawled up over him and kissed him again, letting him taste her, taste him, taste them.


As much as she desired release, Auburn pondered what His next move would be. It came as no surprise to her when He said to her, “Get my bag and bring it here.” “Yes, Sir.” were the words that escaped from her lips as she walked to it and brought it across the room. She set it next to him and suddenly felt vulnerable, covering herself with her hands, feeling her wetness on her thighs, the stiffness in her nipples. He wasn’t paying attention to that now, instead opening the bag and taking out a small case. He undid the zipper and dumped the contents on the floor next to them. “Simple, but oh so exciting,” she thought with a skip of her heart. There were a few pieces of soft cotton rope, two silk scarves, and a small silver clip with two strands of little beads dangling from it.

“I’ve been reading about binding,” He said. “I think it’s time that I try it out.” She had told Him once that her breasts were the perfect size for binding, and now she was about to see if He had grasped the concept and would be able to cause her pleasure as she’d experienced in the past. She quickly put that thought aside, knowing that she should only think about Him and how she might pleasure this man. He told her to stand before Him and then He stood up, the ropes in His hand. Telling her to lean forward, so her breasts hung loose for Him, He took her hands and placed them behind her.

He took one of the ropes and circled it around her left breast three times, close to her chest wall, pulling it quite firmly each wrap. She could sense her nipple tighten even more and a slight tension, delicious tension invade her flesh. Next taking another rope, He bound the right breast in a similar fashion, then took her by the shoulders and stood her upright. She could feel without looking that her breasts were standing straight out, nipples darker, fuller, and the thought ran through her mind that they had never, ever been so sensitive. Yet He hadn’t touched them, as yet. He took the last piece of the soft rope and tied it to the loops on one breast, ran it around the back of her neck then to the other breast loops, making a crude ‘bikini’ top out of it, but instead of hiding her charms, they were on full display for Him….and for her.

She heard Him say “Do you like them as well as I do, my pet?” She could but nod as shivers of desire coursed through her being. She wished for His touch, for him to stimulate her nipples and bring her to the brink. But for some reason, she knew He wasn’t finished yet.


As she stood before him with her breasts bound and jutting toward him, he reveled in the view and his accomplishment at doing the binding the first time, without a problem. The color of her assets had darkened somewhat, and the nipples were hard marbles waiting for his touch. But he had more in store for her and, ultimately, for himself.

He took the first of the Sahabet Güncel Giriş silk scarves in his hand and dragged it across her shoulders, the tip grazing then across her breasts, but shy of her nipples. He told her to turn around, and he bound her wrists behind her with a soft knot. He then took the other scarf and placed it across her eyes, tying it behind her head, just tight enough to block any vision, but not so tight as to cause a headache.

He told her then to turn again to face him. She heard him move as he knelt before her, then felt his hands between her legs, urging her to part her thighs. One hand went to her lips and held them apart as a finger of the other ran a circle around her clit. He then pushed back the hood, so her hot button stood out and placed the clip with the beads over it. The sudden sharp pain caused her to gasp, but then it settled into a dull luscious ache.

“Don’t move.” he said.


Her mind was reeling as she sensed Him pad away across the soft carpet. She stood in the middle of the room, trying to anticipate what was next for her in this adventure. Her breasts were by now throbbing, her nipples aching for touch, and her clit, her sensitive clit, her source of pleasure, her hard, swollen clit….it needed Him and it needed Him now!!!!

She heard what she knew to be the bathroom door click shut and focused her hearing in that direction. She could really hear nothing, but she could imagine Him standing there, relieving Himself, then washing His hands and face to freshen Himself before He returned to her.

The door clicked open and her heart jumped. She felt His presence near her and tensed, ready for what was to come next. When the palm of His hand touched her nipple, she nearly fell over from the shock. So light of a touch responsible for such intense pleasure? But it was Him! He was embarking on this next step in their journey. Enough time had elapsed since He’d bound her breast for her to be at the height of sensitivity. She hoped that He was relishing the sight of her, drinking in her enhanced beauty. She knew that she was an attractive woman and wanted Him to have all of her, with all of His senses.

She could now feel His hands roving over her body, touching every part of her, coming back to her aching nipples again and again. He pinched them, rolled them, circled them, and then ever so gently, His tongue reached out and wet them. He blew on them. And the feeling coursed through her, surging toward her groin area, “Oh sweet love. Oh sweet pain.” she thought, tensing her stomach, doing everything not to collapse.

It was then that she felt Him start to tug gently on the clit jewelry. Rhythmically stimulating her, bringing her again and again to the point of explosion, yet knowing just when to stop, He controlled her approaching orgasm with the skill of an orchestra conductor.

It was then that He turned her so her back was to him, and guided her forward until her knees touched the bed. He released the scarf binding her wrists and pushed her lightly so that she reflexively leaned forward and supported herself with her hands.


He put his knee between her legs and motioned for her to spread for him. With his knees bent slightly, he placed the head of his again swollen member at the entrance to her love hole and pushed forward. If he expected any resistance, it was not to be found, as she was gushing wet and ready for him. He slid his entire length into her, the head touching the end of the tunnel. Beginning with long slow thrusts, nearly withdrawing from her, he gradually increased the pace until he settled into a comfortable rhythm. This established, he reached around and began to fondle her dangling breasts. He heard her moan with each touch, and then she exclaimed, “Oh Sir, take me, give me, want me, need me!” He knew he was close, so close, and so beyond any recall, so he reached below, took the beads on the clip in his fingers, and as he exploded his seed into her, the pulled the clip off. The blood surged into her clit and she also erupted in the most exquisite climax, rolling and throbbing and pulsing. He held her hips to steady her as her arms weakened and she nearly fell forward onto the bed. Their juices mingled and flowed and ran out and down. He kept pushing into her until he had no more to give. She kept pushing back until she’d taken it all.

It was at that moment that he pulled out, rolled her over onto her back, legs bent at then knees at the edge of the bed. She still couldn’t see him, but felt his presence between her legs. His mouth covered her sex, his tongue lapping up their combined wetness, taking it in. His hands reached up and released the knots and took the ropes from her breasts. As the blood began to flow into them and the sweet ache subsided, he crawled up over her and kissed her, sharing their common taste, giving her his love and her love and their love.

He took her in his arms and rolled to the side. Reaching back he undid the blindfold scarf and, after she blinked a few times, looked her deep in the eyes.


Catching her breath, seeing his gaze, all she could think was, “If this was His first time at this, I’m certainly a lucky woman.”

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