Me And My Best Friend


I had known for a while I was attracted to him. Not just his body but everything about him. The way he could make me laugh when I felt down or the stupid jokes he cracked. But up until now I could never have told him. See I thought he was straight – he had a fiancée, always checking out other chicks and always going on about females. That all changed when he found out she cheated on him.

He got pretty down and started seeing an older woman who he just wanted to shag. Now I’m sure he knew how I felt…I’d seen the glances and heard the comments but up till now had been to scared to tell him how I truly felt. Not scared he’d say he felt the same way to but scared he’d freak out and I’d lose my best friend.

Then it happened.

I was talking to him online one day when he asked me why I didn’t have a girlfriend. I made up some shit but he kept pushing and pushing until finally I said that I liked him. He sounded abit shocked at first but asked me what I meant. I told him how for three years I had been waiting for a chance to tell him how I wanted to be with him.

I thought nothing more of it as he made it clear there was no way in hell it was happening. So I thought nothing of it until a few weeks later when I was staying at his place. deneme bonusu veren siteler We had been out for dinner and had a couple of beers – nothing much. As he had work early in the morning we went back to his place and went to bed – Brad to his room and me to the spare room.

He had been acting strange and since this was the first time I’d seen him since telling him how I felt I just put it down to that. I was just dozing off when I heard him yell out my name. He asked me to come into his room. So I slipped my boxers back on and went through.

He told me to take off my boxers and get into bed with him.

I was shocked. I had wanted this for so long and after being told it would never happen I didn’t know what to say. I slowly took off my boxers and got into bed beside him. I had never been so nervous in my life. He reached over and started to stroke my cock. In seconds I was rock hard so I started to do the same to him. One thing I noticed was he was big.

“I don’t know why I’m doing this, but you’re my best friend and it took guts to tell me how you felt.”

I moaned as he kept stroking. He grabbed some lube from his drawer and drenched my cock in it.

“This is going to be the only fransız ruleti chance you ever get to do this so make the most of it.”

His tight puckered hole was pointing straight up into the air. He was begging for it. I put the head of my cock at his entrance and pushed slowly. I could hear his breathing getting deeper and his hole tried to tighten.

I told him to relax. With just my head in he told me to keep going. I pushed and slide all the way in. The sensation of his tight arse around my cock was undescribable. I could hear him whimper and asked if he was ok. Without waiting for a response I slide my cock out and then in. He buried his head in the pillow. I built up a slow rhythm and as Brad got used to my cock in his arse he rocked in time with my thrusts. Then my animal urge took over and I started going faster. My balls slapped against his perfect arse as I pounded him into oblivion. After awhile I felt my balls swell up and I knew I was close. A couple of thrusts later and I dumped my load up his devirginized arse. I kept going until i was to soft to continue then looked at his arse, my cum oozing out of it. I kissed his neck and ears, savouring the moment.

Meanwhile his cock was being lubed up mobil rulet and he got ready to fuck me. I went down on all fours and felt his head burst through my ring. I had never experienced anything like it. My arse was on fire being attacked by his monster. I had a tear in my eye as he slid his cock all the way in.

He wasted no time in building up a fast pace. I squeezed my arse muscle together but this just made him even more determined and he went harder and faster.

He pulled out and got me on my back. As his eyes locked with mine he slid back in, the sharp stretching sensation rippled through my body.

On and on it went, harder and faster until I felt an incredible explosion of warmth deep inside me. He just stayed there for a few seconds before pulling out. I put his still hard dick in my mouth and clean it using my tongue. His sweet nector tasted so good.

We lay there for about 10 minutes just cuddling but eventually I went back to my room with the nights memories and a red raw arse.

The sad thing is I’ve never managed to get a repeat performance. No matter how many times I tell him it was the best night of my life he just pretends as if it never happened. I guess though I still got my best friend so that’s a positive. He’s got himself a girlfriend now and she’s always telling everyone about how great he is in bed and how big his cock is. If only she knew the truth.

This is my first submission so all feedback is keenly accepted. Thanks. Any ideas on how to get a repeat performance is also welcome.

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