May , Deke Ch. 04

Bent Over

Chapter 4 – All The Way, May

Brush up your Shakespeare
Start quoting him now
Brush up your Shakespeare
And the women you will wow.
– Cole Porter (Kiss Me Kate)


Around 11 AM that Sunday morning, after a great breakfast of bacon and eggs, Deke and May bid a fond farewell to Bear. The hugs and kisses on that occasion were not perfunctory obligations of guests to hosts. They were longer and sweeter, born of deeply-felt gratitude and affection. During those moments of meaningful quiet, May was enfolded once again in the embrace of both her lovers.

Well out of sight of the house and just before turning onto the highway at the end of Bear’s drive, Deke sees an appropriate place to park with a view of the river; and, wanting to talk, he stops there, puts the car in park, and turns to May. With both of her hands in his he says, “You seem very happy this morning, my darling. Did you have a good time?”

” I had a wonderful time!” May extols. “Bear was so nice and so good in bed with me – with us. I really had no idea how I would take to being with you and another man, but I felt so sexy and so desired. It felt right to let you both make love to me.”

Deke smiles: ” Seeing you as your primal self, giving it all up, perfectly uninhibited, taken by the passion of the moment, made me so proud of you.”

“Nevertheless, dear,” May begins soberly, “despite all the terrific fun and good feelings we’ve enjoyed, things have happened awfully fast; and there is this nagging other self of mine that wonders if it’s right for us to have such close friends. You know what I mean.”

“Well, May darling, the myth-makers certainly have their motivations for maintaining their views on right and wrong; but you and I recognize our own responsibilities to shape and to contribute to a better world and hold to it. For us to seek new pleasures in our sex lives, while not being a moral plus, is a matter of individual taste. We’re not killing people. We are not immoral. It’s our own personal business. I’m with Sir Toby Belch when he nailed the kill-joy steward Malvolio, ‘Dost thou think, that because thou art virtuous, there Sinop Escort shall be no more cakes and ale?’

“But I do hasten to confess, dear, I’m on new ground myself. For all the great sex we’ve had over our three years of intimacy, this weekend was completely new to me. I have never shared my loved one with another guy in my presence.

“And,” Deke continues, “in another sense there has been logic and a reasonableness in the way things have developed for us. You blessed me by sharing your secret dream of being watched. That thrilled me. Then you reported a nocturnal dream of masturbating, completely nude, reclining on a fainting couch in a museum. That so appealed to me: I called it a dance of glory in your own sexuality.”

“But, Deke, that was just a dream.”

“Yeah, but it was a happy dream. And after that, your sorties in social nudity while swimming became delightful for you.

“And then what a gas it was for me to have you get on a new wave-length when we knew that the motel manager and his wife were watching us Thursday night. You were so hot Friday morning when you imagined me as the manager! I think it was positively the best sex we ever had.

“At that point I knew that I had to get Bear for you, May. I so hoped you’d like him, for the new dimension that it could give our sex lives, especially during our long separations. And you were so great together. And now my dearest wish is that you both can relieve your loneliness and enjoy yourselves from time to time. Of course, the old voyeur would like to hear all the details!”

May, having smiled serenely during the recitation of Deke’s dreams, hikes her linen sundress to the waist and begins to masturbate, noisily. “You make me so wet with all your sexy talk. I want to eat you right now.”

Deke’s car has a split bench seat in the front with no annoying center console to get in the way. The seats recline almost flat so Deke is lying down, permitting May to kneel next to him.

Still masturbating, May commands smilingly, “Undo your belt and get those pants down now!”

Deke readily complies as May simultaneously strips off her shift. Sinop Escort Bayan She continues to diddle herself with one hand and plays with her own tits with the other. Groping herself and pulling out her own nipples, she undulates and moans as she begins to pleasure her man.

Deke’s cock begins to harden gaining altitude and attitude. He goes to stroke himself when May again commands him, “Don’t you touch that. It’s mine!”

Deke, eyes widening at her aggressive display, retreats, resting both hands on his chest like an Egyptian Pharaoh.

May shoves two of her own fingers into her wet cunt. She removes them and rubs the slippery juices on her fingers all around the head of his cock. May leans over to taste herself on him and, after licking his glans clean, consumes the whole cock down to the balls and stops. Deke gasps and May feels his meat begin to throb in her mouth. She nuzzles deep; opening her throat to accept his increasing length and pushing her face down, she grinds her nose into his groin. Squeezing her lips tight, she withdraws her mouth up the shaft, twisting right and left, wringing it out. Stopping so that her lips are just at the rim of the head of his dick, she feathers the frenulum and then probes the slit with her tongue before grabbing his shaft with her hand and popping it out of her mouth. Deke groans with pleasure. Wagging his dick gently, she taps it all around her face, blowing on it and kissing it. Keeping her lips firm, she gently forces his glans back into her mouth so that it feels as if he is entering her tight cunt. She sucks in his rock hard cock all the way to the bottom, deep-throating him yet again. Up and down, twisting, licking, feathering and sucking, May works Deke’s cock until he cannot contain himself. His utterances of building pleasure tell May his climax is imminent and make her ready to swallow. As if the spasms of his orgasm were not sensational enough, May’s suction of his ejaculate drives him crazy. She sucks his balls dry, swallowing every drop until he begs her to stop.

May smacks her lips, flicks the tip and smiles as she plants one last kiss on his post-peak Escort Sinop pecker. “Mmmm, you are delicious!” And then growling on softly, “And yes, dear, I will keep on fucking Bear for you. And, furthermore, if things go really well on our island visit, you’ll want me to keep on enjoying Jim’s nice big cock, won’t you?”

“Oh, God yes, darling, and I shall rest in peace throughout; but, when I get back to Maine again, watch out!”

” O Deke, I am your Mistress May. It is you to whom I pledge my allegiance and all my love.”

Kissing her with extraordinary tenderness, he whispers, “I know that more than ever, my love. More than ever.”

“And now, you know, since I got you off, I am hornier than ever.”

“Do you want me to do you?” Deke asks eagerly.

“You are so sweet,” she says, placing a little smooch on his cheek, “but no, dear. I want to stay horny. You know how good our sex was this past Friday morning when we did our little role-play? Well, I haven’t told you before, but I’ve had this fantasy of fucking a big rough guy I don’t know; and the idea of me getting it on with the manager is growing on me. What would you think if I actually did have sex with him?”

“I’m with you all the way, May. I would consider it your gift to me.”

Deke, now reassembled, is sitting up while May, still naked, climbs Deke from her passenger’s seat, arms tight around his neck, and croons, “You are so good to me! I don’t know if I can pull it together, but I can try. Perhaps I could catch his eye with a strip tease at our window as he passes by on his appointed rounds, or I could proffer a direct invite to check out the plumbing? I can still hear the toilet running, can’t you?” They laugh together. “We could think of it as an undress rehearsal for Jim.”

” ‘Bring forth men-children only. Thy undaunted mettle should compose nothing but males.’ You’ve got the guts of a burglar! As it’s best for you to be alone with him, I could shop for some food and booze as gifts for the young Conleys. On my way out I could tell the manager or whomever is at the desk that I’m off to do several errands and will be back late in the afternoon and that we plan to check out the next day. Okay?”

“So Babe,” May directs, ” when we get back to the motel, you call Jim and Barb and tell them we’re on for Tuesday. Then, Monday, while you are out picking up provisions, I’ll work on seducing the manager.

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