Mature Widows Ch. 02


In Ch. 1, I met a mature lady, Emma, who became my lover; she left for Florida in October 1963; before she left, she introduced me to Bev.

November 1963: I had not heard from Emma since she moved to Florida; I assumed she was busy with her new life. Two weeks after Emma left for Florida, on a Wednesday evening, I went to Charly’s. After I sat at the bar, I saw Bev talking to May, the blonde, mature, waitress. When she saw me, she smiled and said warmly:

“Hi Billy, nice to see you. Sit next to me. This’s my friend, May,” and introduced me to the blonde waitress.

I noticed Bev, dressed in a blue skirt and black long-sleeve blouse, had a sparkling smile, gray-blonde hair, and large blue eyes. As I sipped my gin and tonic, I found Bev was easy to talk to; as she and I talked about several topics, I ordered a daiquiri for Bev. As Bev and I were talking, the young muscular man I saw a few days ago sat next to me. Bev introduced him to me as, Nick. A few minutes later, May brought him a beer, and, smiling, said ‘Hi’ to him.

Bev said:

“I’ve to go home,” and, smiling at me, added:

“Walk with me home; I live a few blocks from here.”

As we were walking home, I realized Bev was slightly shorter than Emma; like Emma, she also had a nice figure, including a large bosom, small waist, flared hips, and well-tapered legs. Equally importantly, Bev appeared to be interested in me.

Bev said:

“I spoke with Emma on Sunday.”

I asked, “Is she alright?”

Bev said, “Emma’s alright; she’s still trying to sort things out. You know she asked for a one-year leave of absence from her job here; they gave it to her because she’s a war widow and they found a person to work in her place,” and continued, softly:

“I’m sure Emma will sort out her life. Life goes on.”

Soon, we reached Bev’s home on a quiet street; it was larger than Emma’s. After she unlocked the front door and we went inside, she said:

“Would you like a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate cake?”

I said, “Sure, if it’s not a bother.”

Bev cooed, “It’s a pleasure,” and left.

While Bev was in the kitchen, I saw a few recent photographs of her with Emma, and when they were young in which Bev looked like a vivacious blonde. In another photo, I saw a color photo of Chris and Bev at a swimming pool; he was a big man; Bev’s curves showed well in the one-piece swim suit.

After Bev placed a tray of coffee and cake on the small table, she said:

“Now you know how I looked 20 years ago.”

Still looking at the photographs, I said, “Bev, you’re more beautiful now.”

Bev giggled and said, “Flattery will get what you want,” and hugged me lovingly.

Bev and I sat on the sofa, and had our coffee and cake. Later, I said, “Thanks for the cake; it’s very good,” making Bev smile.

I helped Bev carry the used plates and cups to the kitchen, and as I watched her rinse them, I saw a voluptuous lady with flared hips. When Bev turned to reach for a dish towel, she ran in to me and I held her in my arms. When Bev did not try to leave my embrace, I hugged her tightly and pushed my cock in to her voluptuous ass.

Bev asked:

“How are you? Are you dating any one?”

I said, “I’m fine, busy with work. I’m not dating any one,” and after a pause added:

“I would love to see you, may be have dinner at Charly’s.”

Bev smiled and said, “I would love that; may be after Thanksgiving,” and added:

“Thank you for walking with me tonight.”

I said: “I should be going; it’s really nice to see you,” and hugged her; Bev hugged me back warmly, pressing her mature chest in to me.

I smiled at Bev and started walking back to Charly’s where I left my car; I realized I liked Bev’s warm personality and her voluptuous beauty.


The week before Thanksgiving, on Friday, the President was assassinated; like many others, I was distraught for several days. I felt the need for love and kindness. While in college, Mary and I had campaigned for him. I called Mary’s parents in Indianapolis hoping to talk to her; a lady answered and said Mary had moved to Chicago, but did not give any other information. I thought of calling Bev, but did not want to impose on her.

On Saturday night, Bev telephoned me; she said:

“It’s Thanksgiving next week. I invited my Aunt Myrtle. You are very welcome to join us for dinner.”

I said, “I don’t want to be a bother.”

Bev said, “It’s no bother at all. You should not be alone at this time.”

I said, “Ok. What can I bring for the dinner?”

Bev said, “Myrtle and I like wine with dinner; bring a bottle of white wine.”

I was glad for Bev’s invitation for I did not want to be alone on Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving Day, I went to Bev late in the afternoon; she welcomed me with a warm hug and introduced me to Aunt Myrtle, a petite lady with a warm personality. Bev looked lovely: she was dressed in a black skirt and a red short-sleeve silk blouse; black tights and black high heels; she had on red lipstick, dangling silver ear rings, and a silver necklace; I saw she had deep blue eyes underneath granny glasses; bahis siteleri her shoulder-length, blonde-gray hair, was combed back, and held with a silver clasp.

With Bev helping, I fixed myself a gin and tonic, and for Bev and Myrtle. We toasted to the good health of all of us and the nation.

Looking at Bev’s beautiful face and voluptuous body made my blues go away. During the dinner, couple of times, Bev saw me staring at her, and she smiled and blushed. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner was good and we finished the bottle of wine. After dinner, after Bev and I carried the dishes to the kitchen, Bev and Myrtle washed and rinsed them, and I dried them. A short while later, Myrtle went upstairs to rest.

I was watching TV in the living room, when Bev sat next to me on the sofa and held me in her arms for several minutes; gently, she kissed my eyes and I kissed her lips. Bev said:

“I know you’re sad. Death of a young man is difficult to deal with. This’s a great country. We will come through. Life’s short; all of us need to move on.”

I realized Bev had heard of many young men, younger than the late President, who died during the Second World War.

After I said, “Bev, you’re right about moving on,” I laid in Bev’s lap.

Smiling, Bev gently kissed me on my lips. In response to Bev’s kiss and voluptuous body, my cock became rigid and, after lifting myself up, I kissed her back passionately.

I whispered, “You’re a beautiful and kind lady,” and kissed her long, slender, arms, and wrinkled neck.

Bev giggled and cooed, “That’s sexy,” and whispered:

“Let’s go to the Sun Room; Myrtle can’t hear us; there’s a mirror too.”

I followed Bev, watching her swaying wide hips as she walked. In the Sun Room, Bev stood smiling in front of a large mirror, and, standing behind her, I kissed her neck. Slowly, I nudged Bev to remove her blouse revealing her red bra-covered boobs. Intently, Bev watched in the mirror, as I kissed her slender arms and neck, and fondled her silk-covered boobs.

After Bev removed her shoes and sat down, I whispered:

“Please take off your skirt.”

Blushing, Bev did so: she had on a black silk slip; after I sat on the couch, she sat in my lap facing me and French kissed me.

Looking at us in the mirror, Bev cooed, “It turns me on seeing you love me,” and wistfully said:

“I missed good loving; you’re a handsome man.”

While rubbing her bra-covered boobs, I smelled Bev’s perfumy cleavage and kissed it several times. Bev had sexy armpits: I rubbed and kissed them; she squealed happily when I suckled her bra-coved left nipple. Bev whimpered with pleasure when I pinched both her nipples.

When I pushed my stiff cock in to Bev’s covered buttocks, she pushed back, and cooed:

I heard the TV in the living room: Myrtle must have turned it on; I whispered to Bev:

“Please have dinner with me tomorrow at Charly’s”

Bev smiled and said, “Fine. See you about six.”

After Bev got off of me, on an impulse, I slid to my knees, and she looked at me smiling, slowly I lifted her silk slip, and kissed her tights-covered thighs and crotch.

Bev cooed, “That’s sexy. I love it.”

After both of us got dressed, I kissed Bev and left.


Next day evening, I gave Bev a small box of milk chocolates; in response, she hugged me, pressing her boobs in to my chest, and said:

“Thank you; it’s been a long time since a man gave me chocolates.”

Bev and I were at Charly’s lounge just before six; Bev looked very attractive in a dark blue skirt and blue, silk, short-sleeve, blouse that showed her cleavage and slender white arms; she had on a pair of dangling silver ear rings, multi-chain silver necklace; again, I noted her deep blue eyes underneath granny glasses. Her hair was no longer mostly gray, but had a blonde hue; she looked a few years younger.

I said to Bev, “You look beautiful; I love your hair.”

Bev blushed and said, “Thank you.”

As Bev ate her salad and a little bit of the baked Haddock, I asked:

“How’s Aunt Myrtle?”

Bev said:

“She’s fine; still staying with me; she’s going back to Connecticut after a week or so.”

After dinner, we went to Club 21 and visited over a glass of wine. I asked her:

“I see you’re a beautiful lady, I don’t know much about you.”

Bev smiled and said:

“I’m a widow. My husband, Chris, was an Engineer in the service; he served in the Philippines. He contracted tropical diseases I never heard of; I was lucky he came back alive; he lost his ability to make physical love to me.”

I said, “I know you and Emma are friends. How close are you?”

Bev, giggled, and said, “Yes, we were very close and double dated; for a short time, I dated the guy she married, Jim Rogers, and Emma dated the guy I married, Chris Novak. Now, I’m dating you.”

After a pause, she said, “Emma fell in love with Jim and I with Chris.”

Wistfully, Bev added,

“I got a chance to take care of Chris. I was grateful for his companionship and help with chores when he could; he also tried bonus kodu to satisfy my sex needs; I loved him very much; never cheated on him.”

Bev touched my hand and whispered, “Now, I’m with you, a handsome young man; let’s have a good time.”

The club had a dance floor and I asked Bev to dance with me; after a fast dance, the Twist, we danced to slow music; Bev was a very good dancer. During the slow dance, Bev pressed herself against me; when I fondled her buttocks, she cooed:

“That’s nice.”

I whispered to Bev, “You’re an elegant, beautiful lady.”

Bev giggled and cooed, “That’s sweet; you’re a handsome guy.”

About 11 p.m., Bev said: “It’s stuffy here, let’s get out.”

As we walked out of the lounge hand-in-hand, several men stared at Bev appreciatively. In the lighted parking lot of Club 21, I opened the car door for Bev; as she sat on the seat, her skirt was pulled up exposing her beige stockings and she did not make any effort to pull it down. After I got in to the car, I locked the doors, and gently pulled Bev to me and French kissed her.

After we sat in my car, I whispered:

“Bev; you’re beautiful. I want to hold you in my arms.”

Bev cooed, “Aunt Myrtle’s staying with me; we can’t go to my place.”

I asked, “Can we go to the State Park?”

Bev cooed, “I don’t want to go to a park; there’s a secluded area behind the garage; no one can see us there.”

As I was driving, slowly, Bev moved her hand to my crotch and, after rubbing my cock lump, cooed:

“It’s hard. I’m glad you find me attractive.”

I whispered, “Bev, you’re more than attractive,” in response, Bev squeezed my cock.

As we approached her drive way, Bev said to me:

“Turn off the head lights; slow down; pull in behind the garage,” and added:

“Aunt Myrtle’s bedroom is in the front of the house; I don’t see a light in her room; she may be resting.”

I followed a gravel-covered road that went past the garage and stopped the car under an Oak tree.

Bev whispered, “It’s cool outside; keep the windows closed; turn off the engine. Let’s get in to the back, you first.”

Quickly, I moved to the back seat and helped a smiling Bev to sit next to me. Giggling, Bev, cooed:

“I feel like a teenager,” and lithely moved to sit in my lap.

Throwing her hands around my neck, Bev French kissed me for a long time and, when my cock hardened against her ass, cooed:

“It’s so easy to turn you on,” and rubbed her ass on my hardened cock.

In the moon-lit night, I could see her sparkling eyes as she took my hands and placed them on her boobs. She then cooed:

“Help me take off my blouse. Take off your shirt.”

She ran her hands on my hairy chest and kissed my nipples, and whispered:

“Nice; hairy and hard; raise your arms,” and, after kissing my hairy armpits, pressed her bra-covered boobs to my chest.

Wanting to fondle Bev’s boobs, I pleaded:

“Please take off your bra.”

As Bev reached behind to unsnap the bra hooks, she said hesitantly:

“They sag; I hope you like them.”

I whispered, “I’m sure they’re beautiful. Please let me see.”

When Bev removed her bra, her boobs looked beautiful in the moonlight: large, hanging, and swaying gently. I whispered:

“They’re perfect,” and, as Bev giggled and cooed happily, I lifted both and started suckling her nipples.

Bev’s smooth underarms also looked inviting and as I kissed them and fondled her boobs, she tilted her head back and whimpered softly.

Softly, I said, “I want to eat your pussy.”

Bev asked in surprise, “You mean, right now?”

Giggling, Bev protested:

“You want to put your mouth on my privates in a car?”

I said, “Life’s too short to not enjoy good sex,” and added:

“It’s dark, no one can see us. Leave your skirt on.”

Slowly, Bev got off my lap, sat next to me, and, reaching under her skirt, removed her panties, but left her girdle and beige stockings on. Softly, she protested:

“Billy, it’s nasty,” and added:

“It’s been oozing since we danced; I should clean it.”

I said, “Please don’t; I want to drink your nectars.”

Quickly, I got on my knees in front of Bev, snatched the panties from her hand, inhaled the nectars at the soaked crotch, and put them around my neck.

As Bev was giggling at my actions, quickly, I lifted her skirt to her mid thighs and, with my head, slowly pushed them apart. As I kissed her smooth thighs, Bev started to whimper with pleasure. Gently, she pushed my head towards her crotch; soon, my mouth was at her hairy pussy matted with her thick juices. Eagerly, I started to lick her nectar-filled pussy lips and clit.

Bev squealed with pleasure and holding my head in her hands, mumbled incoherently:

“Gooood. Suckkkkkk. Suckkkkkkk,” as her crotch convulsed uncontrollably.

As Bev’s orgasm subsided, I rubbed her smooth, meaty, thighs, and fondled her drooping boobs. Later, Bev bent her head and kissed my pussy-juice slickened face. She pulled out several tissues from a box on the window sill of the car, wiped my face, and yeni slotlar 2024 cooed:

“It was a great orgasm; you’re a lovely man,” and added:

“You’ve been very patient. Lower your pants and underwear.”

After lowering my pants and underwear, I sat on the car seat with my cock throbbing in the warm, sex-fragrance filled, car.

Bev grasped my throbbing cock in her delicate right hand, and cooed:

“It’s nice: big, and hard,” and, giggling, added:

“I know you’re clean; I’m past child-bearing age; no need for a condom,” and sat in my lap with her back towards me.

After I helped Bev snake my cock in to her slick pussy, she leaned against me, with the back of her head on my shoulder. I grasped Bev’s large, saggy boobs, and kissed her neck. I felt my cum oozing out of my throbbing cock deep in her slick and snug pussy.

I whispered, “This’s heavenly,” and kissed the side of Bev’s left boob.

I could not slow my climax; I whimpered, “I’m cummmming. Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhh.”

After a few minutes, I whispered, “Wow. That’s the fastest climax I’ve had.”

Bev, giggled, and whispered, “It’s called a hair trigger; happens after long abstinence,” and added:

“Your cock’s still hard. Go for another one. I’ll help you,” and began to fuck my cock as her jism-filled pussy slid on my cock making squishy sounds. I lasted longer than the first time; the car smelled of our sex fluids: Bev’s pussy nectar and my cum. After I reached my second climax, Bev pulled several tissues from her purse and cleaned my cock and her crotch; she cooed:

“I’m sticky with love juices; I need a shower.”

After we got dressed, we walked to the back door of Bev’s home; I hugged her passionately, kissed her lips, and said:

“I would like to see you again.”

Bev said, “I would love to. Aunt Myrtle will be with me; I may not be able to until Friday. Call me Sunday night; my phone’s listed under Chris Novak.”


On Sunday night, when I called Bev, she cooed:

“Come for dinner on Tuesday; Aunt Myrtle’s cooking fried chicken. Come straight from work.”

On Tuesday, after parking my car, when I knocked on Bev’s backdoor, she opened the door, and hugged me passionately. When I handed her a bouquet of roses, she smiled and said:

“Thank you. Make yourself a gin and tonic.”

I asked, “Where’s Aunt Myrtle?”

Bev smiled and said, “She’s spending the evening with a cousin,” and added:

“I told her about us; she saw me come in disheveled after our date on Friday. She likes you. She’s glad I’m happy; she wanted us to be together and insisted that I take her to her cousin’s home.”

I said, “What can I say? That’s sweet of her.”

She said, “She’ll be back about ten or so tonight.”

I saw Bev was dressed in a beige skirt and a short-sleeve black blouse; beige stockings and black shoes; she also had on a new set of silver ear rings and necklace.

I didn’t want to eat too much; after I ate a little of my dinner, I helped Bev clean up the kitchen table. Soon, Bev and I sat in the living room on the sofa; gently, I pulled Bev to sit in my lap and French kissed her. I removed her glasses, and kissed her eyes.

Bev said softly, “Billy, I’m glad you like me. I’m a widow, older than you, please be patient with me.”

I removed Bev’s glasses and kissed her eyes, cheeks, and mouth, and said:

“I’m sure all your feelings will come back.”

Bev giggled and said, “Yes, I’m beginning to feel horny sitting on your stiff cock.”

Bev removed her blouse exposing a black silk bra. After I gently rubbed her bra-covered boobs, I reached behind her back and unhooked her bra; Bev’s lovely boobs spilled out; they were heavy and sagged sexily, had pink areolas, and large pink nipples.

I whispered, “They’re lovely,” and suckled her left nipple for a long moment.

Shyly, Bev cooed, “Suckle the other one,” and offered me her right nipple.

After a few minutes, smiling, Bev slid to her knees, put her glasses back, and helped me to take off my shoes, pants, and underwear. Staring at my swaying rigid cock, she nudged me to sit on the sofa. Gently, she grasped my cock and examined it from the head to the root, and mumbled:

“It’s big, stiff, and smooth,” and slowly licked my precum.

Bev looked in to my face and said:

“I’m having dryness; you’ve to be patient,” and, after a pause, giggled, and cooed:

“I’ll bring a box of tissues to catch your spermies.”

When Bev returned with a box of tissues, I stood up and, with my enlarged cock swaying, I hugged her, and said:

“I don’t think it’s right for only me to be satisfied; I really like to suck your pussy.”

Bev, blushed, and cooed:

“Ok, I would love that.”

After I fondled Bev’s curvy buttocks and nice thighs, I slid to my knees on the carpet. Blushing, Bev lifted her skirt, and held my head with the other hand as I ran my face on her upper thighs and panties-covered crotch.

Again, as Bev blushed, I removed her panties. Under the living room light, I saw she had dense, blonde-gray, pubic hair. She had a beautiful pussy with thick, pink, labia. I put my nose in her bush and smelled her aroused fragrance. I wet my middle finger and slowly rubbed it on the labia and then her clit; Bev whimpered with pleasure. Gently, I inserted my middle finger and slowly pushed it in to her pussy; and said:

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