Mature Madness Ch. 2


Mr. Mature and I met over the next two weeks at the club, constantly looking for different places to have sex. This ranged from the gym, the pool, the restrooms, some quiet corners here or there. But sex like what we had the first time was elusive. Generally someone would show up, or at best in some places we could barely expose our privates to each other before quickly having to cover up again. This was getting extremely frustrating for us both.

Then one day, I got to the club after college at around 2.00 pm, parked my car and walked into the restroom to change into my gym clothes. He was already there.

“Come on, change quickly, I have a surprise for you.” he said, smiling at me. I got out of my college clothes as quickly as possible and into my gym clothes. My mind was racing with excitement wondering what he had planned.

“So, what are we doing?” I asked. “You’ll see.” he replied, “follow me.” We walked towards the parking lot to a nice sized 4 X 4 jeep with lightly tinted glasses. It had 2 seats in the front and place for 3 -4 people at the back.

“I thought we could do something different today, hunh?” he said. I shrugged and said sure. We hopped into the jeep, and with him driving we sped out of the club.

“So where are we going.” I asked, somewhat nervous. His hand reached over my inner thigh stroking it. “You’ll see.”

I noticed we were moving further away from the city towards the beach. The road ahead was starting to get a bit more deserted. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. His cock felt soft through his shorts. I wanted to take his soft cock head and put it in my mouth.

As we drove further, he rested his hand on my thigh working it up towards my crotch and my very erect cock. “Ummm, take it out baby, lets see my little friend.” Looking around, I opened up two buttons and eased my cock out. Taking it in his hand, he began to stroke it up and down.

I spread my thighs a little wider, feeling very horny and very worked up. I wanted to take my shorts off completely so that he could work my cock properly.

Almost as if he had read my mind he said, “why don’t you take your shorts off and get comfortable. No one can see you below your chest. Come on, take them off. Let me get a good look at you.”

While the road was somewhat deserted it was not completely deserted. We were running into oncoming traffic, as well as some faster vehicles overtaking us. But, i felt it was not too risky and I could easily slip my shorts back on.

I lifted my butt off the seat slightly and lowered my shorts down to my ankles. “Shit, this feels so good. I’m almost naked on the open road.” I thought as we drove on.

Removing my sneakers and socks and pulling off my shorts, I was now completely naked below the waist. Thinking about my nakedness made me feel really nasty and obscene.

Pushing my seat back, I lifted one leg up and placed it on the jeep’s dashboard, spreading my other thigh allowing him more access to my sprawled out cock and balls.

His free hand reached up into my t-shirts and his fingers pinched my nipples really hard. I was feeling so horny that my cock was already oozing precum onto my hand. Squeezing it onto my fingers, I brought my hand to my mouth and sucked my fingers.

He briefly stopped the jeep with the engine still running and reaching over to me, he stuck his tongue hard into my mouth, squeezing my nipples at the same time and squeezing my ass with his other hand.

“You’re such a fucking slut baby. Just look at you. You probably want to fuck right here, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I hissed back. “I want to fuck here. Please lets do something.”

He pushed me slightly forward and with one yank pulled the t-shirt off me. I was now completely naked, and moaning as he ran his hands all over my body.

We veered off onto a dirt road and drove inward a bit till we were in the middle of nowhere and could’nt see anyone for quite a distance. We parked and stopped the engine.

He pushed his seat back, making some space between casino siteleri his belly and the steering wheel. With my ass in the air, almost stuck to my window, I bent over him and pulled his cock out of his shorts. It was still soft but felt really warm and throbbing in my hand. I put it in my mouth, and sucked hard squeezing his cock head in my mouth.

With one hand on my forehead and the other on my neck, he worked my mouth down on his swollen hot cock, guiding it up and down on his cock.

“That’s it baby, suck my cock. Tell me you like it you little cunt, come on tell me you like it.” he rasped.

“I love it,” I moaned as I slobbered spit all over his cock. “I want you to fuck my ass with this thing.”

“Turn around and show me your asshole. Spread your hole for me.” I could tell he was getting very excited. His cock was now rock hard.

My body was trembling uncontrollably with excitement as I turned around, and exposed my ass to him. To my surprise he did something he had never done before. He brought his mouth over my asshole and ran his tongue around it. I was moaning more and more as the wetness of his tongue and mouth was sending shivers up me.

Spitting on his finger, he worked it into my waiting asshole while his tongue was still circling the crevices of my asshole. I worked my hips back and forth against his finger and his mouth. Stroking my cock hard, I felt like I was going to cum.

At this point we saw some people at a distance walking in our direction. “Oh fuck,” I moaned, “please don’t stop.” Unfortunately, we had no choice, and straightening up, we slowly started to move down the road again.

We passed them with me still completely naked. Some of them stared into the jeep and could probably see my naked chest but not more. Underneath, I was still stroking my cock. Fuck, I was so turned on.

We were still driving on the dirt road when we came accross a guy walking in our direction. As it was very hot, he had removed his shirt and was holding it in his hand. He was very tan and had a hard chisseled body. He looked into the jeep as we passed him and I stared back at him.

Mr. Mature looked at me and gave me a knowing smile. “You want to fuck him, don’t you. You want his fat black cock in you, hmmm, don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah,” I mumbled thinking out loud what it would be like to fuck him.

“Why don’t we ask him?” he said, “come on, lets do that.”

For a minute I thought he was joking, but he made a turn on the road and we headed back to the man.

Shit, I reached for my shorts to put them back on.

“No leave them, let him see you naked, I want him to see you like this.”

As we approached him, the adrenalin rush I felt was unbelievable. Fuck, what would his reaction be, I thought. The prospect of sucking him off while we were driving was turning me on.

Driving upto him, Mr. Mature rolled down his window, and beckoned him to come closer. Looking at me his eyes nearly popped out. He was staring hard at my naked body and at my very erect cock.

Mr. Mature explained to him that I wanted to fuck him in the jeep. The man seemed very nervous and very freaked out. He shook his head and politely declined, and despite our best insistance, he did not change his mind. So, we moved on.

My heart was racing at the thought of what we had just done. If he had agreed, I might have for the first time had sex with two guys at the same time. I was feeling very hot. Jumping back onto the rear seat, I lay back and began to masturbate thinking of what could have been.

We had barely driven a little further when we passed two more men on the road.

“How about them,” Mr. Mature asked, “they look interesting.” I got up to take a look. “I would love to see you suck their cocks here, swallow their hot sticky cum. It would really turn me on. Would you like that?”

At this point I was so horny, I could have probably sucked off a gorilla if he had wanted me to. I said sure.

He parked a bit further and amerikan ruleti got out of the jeep to talk to them. From inside, I could see him gesturing, probably explaining to them what was happening. They were constantly looking at each other and then towards our tinted jeep window. I did not think they could see much of me from where they were standing.

One of the men started walking towards the jeep. I looked around for my shorts nervously but could not find them. Shit, he was already reaching for the door.

As he opened the door, he had a very suprised and amused look on his face. I was lying on the back seat completely naked with a massive hard on, one leg draped over the front seat. My nakedness was completely exposed to him.

Without a word, he moved forward lifting my legs and spreading them around him as he got on top of me, lying on me. His mouth was all over my face and he was making grunting noises as his cock was grinding against my stomach and pubes.

He was already very hard. Reaching down I began to stroke his cock through his clothes.

He struggled to get out of his clothes as we were a bit cramped. Pretty soon he was lying naked on top of me. My legs were firmly around his waist and he was kissing and biting me, while humping away against my cock and stomach. He tried to push it into my asshole, but without lubrication it could’nt go in.

Looking up, I noticed Mr. Mature and the other guy at the door, both stroking their cocks looking at us. Working my body further down on the seat, I told him to come forward so I could suck his cock. He was only too happy to oblige. I was now face to cock with a beautiful 9 inches of cock meat. He began to pump wildly into my mouth almost jumping up and down on me gagging me with his cock. My own cock was being worked by someone from outside, and I felt like cumming really hard. Knowing that it would ruin the mood, I pushed the guy off my face and told him I needed to get up.

We got out of the jeep, the two guys looking wildly at me. It was windy out with the sun beating down directly on us. I got down between both guys and sucked hard on the guy I was sucking earlier. His pre-cum was already oozing out of his penis. Meanwhile, the other guy was sitting behind me and had jammed a very wet finger up my ass, and was moving his fingers in and out of my ass.

“I’m going to cum,” the guy moaned, his body stiffening up. He was pumping my mouth really hard gagging me in the process. With a really loud sound, he emptied what seemed like a bucket of salty gooey cum all over my face and mouth.

“Ummm..I love it, please I want more” I moaned as I continued to suck on his limp dick. The second guy moved in to take his friends place, shoving his cock in my mouth. With his friend’s cum still in my mouth, I dribbled cum all over his cock and balls. He barely lasted 2 minutes before unloading his cum all over me, this time on my chest, neck and stomach.

Mr. Mature thanked them for “pleasing” me, and we took off down the road again. My heart was pounding at what I had just done. I was covered in sand, sweat, and cum.

We finally got to Mr. Mature beach hut which he had borrowed for the day from a friend. He opened the door and I scampered in naked behind him.

We lay naked on the bed, kissing and feeling each other up. Finally, after so many days of quickies here and there, we were alone.

“I have some things for you,” he said reaching for his gym bag. He emptied it to reveal some candles, cucumbers, and some phallic plastic objects of different sizes, along with some oils and lubes. I almost came looking at these goodies.

“You know where this is going?” he asked picking up a thin long cucumber. “Its going all the way up your horny shithole, all the way in baby.”

Lifting my legs up, he put a towel under me. Then he took the bottle of oil, and rubbed a generous amount onto the cucumber and onto my asshole.

“Look at it,” he said, ramming his thumb into my ass. “Its already avrupa ruleti gaping like a whore’s mouth.” He opened the jar of lube, emptied out a fistful and shoved it in my asshole. “Yeah, thats it, nice and loose, yeah.”

He lifted my legs almost all the way over my head. Next he picked up the open oil bottle and mouth first, shoved it into my ass. In my ass, I could feel the oil gushing out filling me up completely, oozing out of my ass and onto my cock, balls, thighs and lower back. Pulling it back out, a lot of oil fell all me.

“So nice,” he said working the head of the cucumber in me. He pushed it in very slowly inch by inch until I had almost 8 inches of it inside my very sloppy ass.

“Please fuck me,” I moaned, as his greasy fingers moved all over my naked stomach and chest. The cucumber was so far in it felt as if it was in my stomach.

Moving around he sat on my face, still working the cucumber with one hand while balancing himself on me with the other.

“Suck my hairy ass, lick it,” he hissed spreading his ass over my mouth. With my tongue in his ass, he was going to town with the cucumber in my ass.

Then suddenly he got up and reached for another cucumber, a slightly larger one, and the bottle of oil.

“I want to fuck on the roof, come on.” We made our way up the stairs to the roof. Opening the door we stepped out. The wind was blowing hard in our faces. We looked around to take in the view. The beach was pretty much deserted and no one could see us from the ground, so it was okay.

We laid down the towel and he laid down with his erect cock staring me in the face.

“Suck it baby,” he moaned, working the head of his cock. I got on him in the 69 position with the cucumber still firmly jammed in my ass. As I sucked his cock, he worked the cucumber in and out of my ass.

Pulling his legs further up, I stuck an oily finger up his asshole. “Mmmm,” he moaned as I worked my finger into his crack, sucking and stroking on his hairy cock and balls at the same time.

We were completely covered in sweat and oil by this time as it was very hot. I got off him and told him I wanted to try something.

Oiling up the other side of the cucumber that was inside me, I raised his legs and angled my asshole close to his. Pointing the oiled cucumber at his asshole, I slowly sat on him.

“Ooooof” he moaned as the cucumber pushed further into his ass. Holding each other’s legs tight, we worked our holes closer together, both of us getting fucked at the same time. Moving my hands up on his hairy crotch and stomach, I grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off. Seeing the cucumber going in and out was giving me a huge hard on as well. I angled myself off him, pulling the cucumber out of him.

With his legs still up, I lay on him, sliding my greasy cock against his. We were both completely wet from the sweat and oil. Greasing my cock some more, I pushed the head into Mr. Mature’s ass.

“Ooooooohhhhh,” he grunted as my cock worked its way into him. “Fuck me hard.” As I continued to fuck him, he reached behind me and worked the cucumber further into my ass.

Fucking him felt so good, my cock rubbing against the slimy insides of his warm anal cavity. The cucumber rubbing against mine. My cock felt like it would explode.

“I’m going to cum” I hissed, my strokes getting harder and deeper. With one last desperate push, I thrust my entire 8 inches into his hole. My body felt like I was having spasms as my cum, built over the whole afternoon, came gushing out into his ass.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned squeezing him tight, wave after wave of cum flowing out, rubbing against his anus and my cock.

For what seemed like an eternity, we lay there on the roof, till he finally got on top of me, and fucked my ass. As I had already cum, I found this somewhat uncomfortable, but let him do it anyway. After a few strokes, he pulled out and came on my stomach and chest.

Sweating profusely and reeking of sweat, oil and sperm, we both made our way back down. That afternoon, we fucked some more, but the intensity was not the same. After another hour or so, we made our way back to the club.

Mr. Mature and I continued to see each other for a while, but most of our other encounters were not as good and are not really worth writing about.

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