Masturbation at Work


The following story is true.

Like others I am currently enjoying the benefit of working from home. My laptop set up in my dining-room with my patio doors behind me and large living room window in-front looking out to the Cul-de-sac and neighbours who live across from us. Very suburbia, very boring, no wonder I fantasise about steamy affairs!

My job is fantastic made better by the school girl crush I have developed for my boss. We will call him Lee. Lee is nothing special but I have a wandering eye and a high sex drive my husband fails to satisfy. I am a shameless slut.

Communicating via teams meetings, I have often fantasised of Lee asking me in to the office, telling me I have made a mistake, bending me over his desk and spanking me like the naughty slut I am. Each spank harder as my round, perky ass goes bright red. I quickly have to compose myself during these meetings as I get flushed and feel my panties getting wetter. I have resisted any form of self pleasure during these meetings until yesterday, the 12th of July.

Within 10 minutes of discussing strategy and capacity building I could feel the boredom set in, the mind wandering about Lee ripping off my white tight blouse, biting my neck and working his way down to my soaking wet pussy, my heels on his shoulders and he fucks me with his fingers and tongue. This time Ankara travesti I allowed the day dream to continue. Lee had no idea how wet I was at the other side of the screen. He has no idea how much I want him to bend me over and fuck my ass hard until he fills my anus with his sperm. This was the day I was going to cum in-front of Lee and he had no idea, or so I hoped….

As he is talking my head takes me to his office, I am wearing a tight pencil skirt which comes to my knees and curves over my ass like it is painted on, my white bra barley hides my lacy, unpadded bra, allowing my erect nipples to carve out a shape in my blouse. I have 6 inch black heels on, I tower over him which he does not like as he is self conscious about his height. Closing the door behind me to the main office where around 20 staff sit.

Outside of this day dream I have to remember I am in an actual work meeting and must maintain my nodding and agreement of whatever is being spoken about. However my pussy is throbbing, I can feel my panties soak as my clit is begging me to touch her, I don’t need my hands for the meeting, I adjust my legs, spread them and rest each one on the dining seats next to me. Placing my hand on my clit I start to rub gently as Lee chats to me about the new strategy we are developing. I can feel my face flush, I wish he Antalya travesti knew how I felt so he could be the one rubbing my clit, preferably with his tongue. I am so turned on by the idea of him using me in anyway he pleases.

My husband is working upstairs at this point, what if he was to walk in and see me finger fuck myself in-front of my boss? I wondered if he would he allow me to turn the camera off and let him fuck me during my meeting? Maybe that’s for another time…

I go back to my fantasy. Lee gets up from the desk, without saying a work places his hand across the back of my neck and pulls me towards him to whisper in my ear.

“I have told you I don’t like staff being taller than me, do I have to remind you how angry it makes me.” He tightens his grip so I cannot pull away and bites on my ear lobe. I shiver with excitement.

“Sorry boss, maybe you should punish me,” I say back quietly, so none of the 20+ staff outside the thin, unlocked door hear.

He lets my neck go and walks around me as to judge my slutty office outfit. He takes off his belt and whips my ass with it. Just once was enough to make me bend over, silently begging for more. He comes closer and rubs my cheeks firmly unzipping the back of my skirt, allowing him to pull it down. On his way back up he forces my bare legs spread, İstanbul travesti I am not only wearing my heals, a black lace thong and my blouse. He forcefully rams his mouth in between my cheeks and starts to rim my ass with his tongue. While doing this placing 2 fingers in to my pussy and fucking me hard.

Back in the real world, I now have 3 fingers in my pussy, finger fucking myself so hard It was difficult to concentrate and not to make a noise which would give away my dirty, slutty act of masturbation. I watched as Lee spoke, I will make my fantasy come true soon, I will seduce him and allow him to use my body as a fuck toy.

I can feel the flush rising as my soaking went pussy throbs harder and harder, my toes curling, climax is about to be reach as Lee says….

“Right that’s us for today. Can we get another date in the diary for another strategy meeting?” NO!!!! My play time had been stopped as I quickly have to reach for my diary. My fingers soaking with my own juices, my pussy pulsing hard needing that final thrust to cum.

As the call disconnects there was only one thing to do that would help my now frustrated state. Go up stairs and fuck my husband hard. While thinking about my boss and what fun we will have once I seduce him…..


My first act at work today was to message Lee and ask him if he would like to go a countryside walk to get away from the pressure at work, he said yes and only commented that it may be hard to get a date sorted. I take this as a firm notice of interest. Could my next story be about fucking my boss in a public place…

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