Master! Master! Pt. 14

Big Dick

Jenny gasped and panted as I pierced her, sheathing my manhood deep within her slender form. She was pressed against the shower wall, her long ears hanging down over her face from the weight of the water. Her parted lips drew me in and I joined them with mine. My hand slipped down her smooth thigh and I lifted her leg, granting me an angle with more room to maneuver. Her moans came in tandem with my thrusts, her body welcoming my cock as our tongues danced. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in closer, the feeling of her nipples against my chest was euphoric. The hot water pouring down on us was warping our senses, imitating the warmth and feeling of flesh on flesh and heightening everything we felt.

I shivered from a cold touch, Leah pressing herself on my back. She was humming in joy as she rubbed her breasts against me. Without breaking away from Jenny, I offered up one of my hands to Leah. She was too short for me to slip into her sweetness, but I was able to taste her skin with my fingertips. She clutched my arm, trying to wrap herself around it while she licked up the hot water pouring down my body. When that wasn’t enough, she got down on her knees and started sucking on my hand like it was coated in syrup. The feeling of her tongue slipping between my fingers was far greater than I expected it to be, my mind almost forgetting that I was already having sex with Jenny.

On the outside, she seems cute and innocent, but damn, Leah is perhaps the thirstiest girl in my harem, tied with Betty.

I finally decided that she deserved some attention. I pulled out of Jenny and my member was in Leah’s mouth before I could even point it in her direction. She took the whole thing, her throat welcoming my mass without issue. Once she had sucked it clean, she lied down on the shower floor and I attacked her, hammering her pussy like I was plowing snow. Her slippery body was perfect for the missionary position, as it took away all friction. Behind me, her tail was slapping the floor as I made her holler like an opera singer.

“Master,” Jenny murmured, “I still feel so hot down here.”

She crouched down in front of me, her legs spread and her pussy gleaming. It took some effort to get the three of us in the right position, but I eagerly started slurping up her honeypot. Both Leah and Jenny were moaning, my cock in one and my tongue in the other. Jenny massaged her breasts with one hand and used the other to tickle her clitoris, every tentative touch she made raising the pitch of her voice. Both she and Leah cried out as they came, but I was still rearing to go.

I sat up and pulled out of Leah, but she knew I wasn’t done. Instead, I pointed my cock down lower, and with a lustful grin, she raised her hips to grant me better access. I penetrated her anus in a single stroke, driving deep inside her and sending bolts of electricity up her spine. I didn’t give her any time to get accustomed to the sensation, I immediately started ramming her with all the strength and speed I could muster, turning her originally shrill moan into an almost semi-conscious gargle. Her eyes were rolling back into her head, the look on her face one of sexual madness.

I’m not sure which of us was enjoying it more. To me, rooting around in her asshole was such an exquisite experience, both mentally and physically. She was so soft but so tight, and even though this was her second time, it had lost none of its kinkiness. Leah’s slimy body, it was like it was made for fucking. Her trick before using the back of her knee was like an announcement that every single part of her could be used for sex, and I was taking full advantage of it. But I wanted even more stimulation. I grabbed one of her ankles and began sucking on her toes, licking up her delicious salve like my life depended on it.

Jenny was watching us with wide eyes, only now realizing that it was possible to play like this. Momo, Sonja, and Chloe would all be terrified by this, but she was intrigued.

“Jenny,” I panted, “get behind me and play with her tail. It’ll help her cum.”

Jenny snuck by me and examined Leah’s tail. She was hesitant, her instincts making her think of snakes, but she pushed those thoughts aside. She picked up the scaly tail and began running her fingers up the length, amused by the slippery sensation. I could see the effect it was having on Leah, the soft touching making her arch her back. Jenny continued to play with Leah’s tail, getting a sense of what to do and how to invoke the best reaction, but as she experimented, an idea came to her.

She crouched over Leah’s tail, she and I back to back, and while pulling it upwards, began to grind against it with her pussy. The sensation was better than expected and she straddled the slimy appendage with greater force, riding it like was a giant tongue. The feel of it on her labia and clitoris were sending shivers up her body, the idea that a nonsexual body part could be used in such a way riling her up. She began to make noises of her own, rubbing Escort Bayan back and forth against it while she massaged the tip. Instinct took over and she put the tip of Leah’s tail in her mouth, sucking on it like a surrogate penis and relishing the taste of Leah’s sweat.

It was too much for Leah to bear, to have her tail used and stimulated in such a way, paired with the anal pounding I was giving her. She experienced a gushing orgasm, spraying me with arousal like she was a Super Soaker, but the shower just washed it all away. I fell back, gasping for air. I still hadn’t cum, but it always took me a while to shoot my load in the morning. Jenny turned around and I rested my head on my lap. She smiled and stroked my hair.

“Master, can I play that way too?” she asked.

I looked up in surprise. “You want to? I assumed you were like Momo, Sonja, and Chloe. They all clench up at just the thought of it.”

“It looks like fun, and I want to feel Master inside of me every way I can.”

“Sure thing, but I’ll leave the pacing to you.”

She nodded with a grin and crawled over to the near-comatose Leah. “Leah, how are you feeling?”

Leah slowly sat up with a tired smile on her face and began rubbing up against Jenny the way a cat would.

“I think she appreciated your technique. Come here, Leah, give Jenny some room to maneuver.”

Leah first lowered her head and rolled my cock around in her mouth, licking it clean. Perhaps she did it out of arousal, perhaps as a courtesy to Jenny, I’m not sure which. She then crawled over to me and Jenny crouched over my lap.

“How should I do this, Master? Which way should I face?”

“Try with your back to me. Let me see that cute little tail of yours.”


She turned around and grasped my member, stroking it to check the rigidity and slipperiness. Leah had done a good job getting it ready. She didn’t hesitate, she guided it to her anus and lowered herself down onto it, panting and whimpering as she was lost her second virginity. Goddamn, that is a sensation I will never get used to. She was so hot and soft inside, the feeling was indescribable! And as always, the mental accomplishment was just as euphoric as the physical touch, the fact that I had dominated a woman’s final sanctum.

“Are you ok? How does it feel?”

“It feels… really weird, but also kind of good. It’s so big, I don’t know if I can move.”

“Well just take your own rhythm and do whatever makes you comfortable.”

She began making small bobs, rising up just an inch or so and then dropping, squeaking the way Chloe would. Turning her back on me was the right idea, the sight of her pert ass being penetrated was worth a million bucks. The sight of her poof ball tail made it even better. I’ll be honest, her tail is my favorite, even above Elise’s. As she got accustomed to the sodomy, she became braver and more energetic. In time, she was bouncing on her folded legs, using her knees and ankles to move her body in a linear piston movement. I could see it, the shaft of my cock momentarily exposed as she raised herself up, leaving only the head clutched in her tight ring, then she’d drop back down, greedily cramming my meat missile into her sin cave. Her hands, if not rested on her knees, would be busy massaging her breasts and playing with herself.

I could’ve watched her ride me all day, but I had another girl to take care of as well. “Ok Leah, give me a taste.”

Her smile brighter than the rising sun, she swung her leg over and began straddling my face. Her change in expression was immediate, her smile melting like ice cream as I slurped on her labia. I moved back and forth between her pussy and asshole, digging in deep with my tongue and sampling her erotic body. She was whimpering in happiness, capable only of voicing her euphoria in cries rather than words. She still had not regained all her strength from the backdoor bombardment I had unleashed earlier. Her stamina was failing, her legs soon unable to hold up her weight, and her back, weakened from arching and convulsing in ecstasy could not keep her upright.

She fell forward, holding herself on her knees and elbows with her pussy still locked on my face. But now with the new angle, I could continue my assault. As I focused my tongue directly on her clitoris, I began finger-blasting her asshole and even rubbing the tip of her tail. The three levels of stimulation were beyond her limits. Her whimpers turned into inhuman moans, her mind unable to function when saturated with such sexual bliss. It was as if the perverse euphoria was completely unraveling her existence.

It was now a question of who would break first; Leah, who was being attacked on three fronts, Jenny, who was experiencing her first anal fucking and riding my cock like a rodeo bull, or myself, as I was overdue for an eruption. Leah caved, once again spraying me with liquid lust and crying out at the top of her lungs. She collapsed beside me, out like a light. She Bayan Escort never stood a chance.

“Master! Master! Master!”

Jenny came a couple minutes later, screaming my name over and over with every climax that rushed through her. She had become still, unable to move her body as her womanhood went off. I gave in almost immediately afterward, injecting my semen deep into her anal cavity. She fell forward, unconscious like Leah but with her butt in the air. Below her poof ball tail, between her peachy ass cheeks, I could see her glazed donut.

A knock came on the bathroom door. It was Sonja. “Master, come on! Dr. Lawrence says you need to eat breakfast and go before the animals get here!”

“I’ll be down in just a minute!”

I then looked at Leah and Jenny, lost in their sex comas. They might end up skipping breakfast.


Lorraine and I were carrying breakfast with us as Dr. Lawrence pushed us out the door. “You can’t be here when the animals show up! Go!”

“Relax, Dad, we’re not going to miss the bus!” Lorraine shot back.

“Hold on, you promised you would let us read the notes you doctors have written!”

“Fine, get in your cars and I’ll bring them out.”

I did as told and climbed into my car, then sighed when Lorraine got into the passenger seat. She really wasn’t going to leave me alone. Dr. Lawrence came out a minute later and handed us a portfolio.

“Now whatever you do, don’t lose them and don’t make copies.”

“Yeah, yeah, we got it.”

We drove off, and twenty minutes later, several vans pulled up. They belonged to various animal shelters, pet shops, and even the Maine Wildlife Park, and inside, a menagerie of animals could be heard barking, squawking, and making all manner of noises. Of course, everyone involved had to sign a confidentiality agreement before coming inside.

Countless cages were either carried or wheeled inside, holding everything from mice to parakeets. There were no cows for Betty to talk to, but that was simply because they could simply go to the farm to perform the experiment. The dogs were able to walk on their own, but that was only with leashes on. The hybrids all watched with wide eyes as the animals were brought in, at last able to speak to their former kin.

“Good,” said Dr. Lawrence, “now that everyone is here, we can begin. The experiment for today is to study how each of you communicates with your animal counterparts. For this test, we’ve gathered multiple specimens of both genders and varying ages, and in many cases, both wild and born in captivity. I’d like you each to take one of the dorm rooms in the back of the mansion and spend time with your new friends.”

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” said Elise, rubbing her hands together.


“‘Male human subject, named “Master” by his hybrid companions, has provided extensive information on the cohabitation abilities of both species, both through interviews and direct performance.'”

Lorraine and I were sitting on a bench in a nearby park, reading through our files.

“My name is never mentioned in this. I’m only referred to as “the Mistress” because that’s what my boys call me,” she said.

“That must be for security reasons. These journals will probably be published long before our identities are revealed to the public. Oh, listen to this:

‘The Master lives in a polygynous relationship with his female hybrid companions and routinely engages in sexual intercourse, either in groups or with each hybrid individually. Despite each of them showing a clear desire for attention, the females seem to get along without showing signs of jealousy or antagonism towards each other. They have a bold sexual appetite but lack a human knowledge and understanding of sex, as well as the cultural values associated with it. During their transformation process, all instincts towards procreation were lost, so they are unaware of the biological function of intercourse. For the female hybrids, sexual intercourse is seen as simply a game to be played with their Master.

The only exception to this theory is the cow-hybrid known as Betty. Due to her age and her experience with breeding, she possesses a far more mature understanding of sex and procreation and has even shown a clear and human sexuality.'”

“Mine says pretty much the same thing, that I have a polyandrous relationship with my pillar men. ‘Despite their primal and muscular appearance, the male hybrids appear timid and servile, but incredibly loyal. They approach sexual intercourse as a means of pleasing their Mistress, while the female hybrids and their Master act out of a desire for mutual enjoyment. Despite their similar existences, the two groups don’t appear to show any romantic or sexual interest in each other. While they will play and exercise together, the male-female dynamic appears entirely platonic, both sides only appearing attracted to their creator.”

“Dr. Escort Lawrence told me that Dr. Moody, that pretty, young doctor, was the one studying our sexual relationships. I got to say, these notes are a lot more boring than I thought they would be.”

“I know, I was hoping for something more along the lines of PornHub comments. Oh, hold on, here’s something. ‘Mistress frequently engages in acts of sexual depravity — may be dangerous to the mental development of her male hybrids.’

Dangerous to the mental development? I’ll take that as a compliment. What about you?”

“‘Master satisfies each girl fully, giving them all equal affection. He has built up a noticeable stamina to fulfill his sexual obligations.’ Oh, check it out, her handwriting starts slipping towards the end. I bet she was writing this while watching the girls and I play.”

“Her other hand was probably busy as well. I think she might be jealous of the girls.”

“Well I AM a very generous lover, of course she would be jealous. ‘Master = sexual provider + parental figure. Master shows strong paternal instincts towards his hybrids, likely due to their child-like personalities. Suggests would be an excellent parent if interspecies breeding ever becomes possible.'”

I stopped and stared at the notes, a small smile on my face.

Lorraine leaned over and read them. “You know, that’s actually true. You would make a good dad, I mean, as long as you’d remember not to play with your kids the same way you play with their mothers, who pretty much already are your kids.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Have you ever given a thought to having kids?”

“No, it never crossed my mind before my girls showed up, and now, there’s no way I could handle the added responsibility. Anyway, keep looking for any juicy comments. I want to see if she becomes a little more honest with herself.”


“Momo doesn’t know why she’s like this. Master did this to Momo but he doesn’t know how.”

Momo was lying on her stomach on the floor of one of the mansion’s bedrooms with four cats sitting in front of her, two males and two females. In reply, the cats made various small movements, such as closing their eyes, cocking their heads to one side, or yawning.

“Momo likes being big. What? No, it didn’t hurt.”

“So, you actually understand them?” Dr. Lawrence asked, sitting in a chair in the corner.

“Yep. Momo doesn’t know how to explain it, but it’s like Momo hears words when they reply.”

“Would you say it’s like you’re reading their thoughts?”

“No, Momo just understands what they’re saying, like when Master nods or shakes his head and Momo hears yes and no in her head.”

“And they also understand what you say, right? When you talk to them?”


“Are you also replying the same way they are? I see them using body language, but I’m not sure I see you doing any.”

“No, they just understand Momo’s words.”

“Do they understand my words?”

Momo relayed the question to the cats. “No, they don’t. They only understand Momo.”

Dr. Lawrence was writing everything down, and while the experiment was clearly bearing fruit, the results were still frustrating. Everything about the hybrids seemed to defy all logic and reasoning. At this point, he was ready to believe that magic was real, but even then, if it couldn’t be quantified or measured in some fashion, then there was nothing he could do.

“When the cats speak to you, does it feel like you’re having the same kind of conversation you have with me?”

“Not really. They don’t use as many words.”

“Can you ask them what they are thinking right now?”

Momo again relayed the question. “Arya is hungry, Zoe wants to go outside, Apollo wants to take a nap, and Jake is confused.”

“Momo, I’m going to go check on the others. You and your friends are free to do as you please. But tell them that they have to either stay with you or tell you where they are going. And can you tell them not to make any messes? If nature calls, they need to use the litter box.” In the corner of the room was a pre-filled litter box from the grocery store.

Momo voiced the request to the cats, then perked up when one of them wiggled his nose. “No, Momo isn’t gonna use it. Because Momo doesn’t use the litterbox anymore. No, Momo isn’t allowed to do that outside. Master taught Momo to use the toilet. You know, the big white thing in the bathroom? Momo didn’t like learning to use it.”

Dr. Lawrence left the bedroom while Momo continued speaking with the cats. She moved down the hall to the next room, where inside was Chloe and Dr. Moody. Chloe was lying on the floor, giggling as four mice ran around on her chest.

“How are things in here?” Lawrence asked Moody, speaking softly to avoid interrupting the sight before them.

“Very well, this is the first time I’ve seen her so happy and energetic. Normally she’s afraid of her own shadow, but when it comes to her original species, she really comes out of her shell.”

“How have the mice been acting?”

“Very interestingly, they’re showing much more uniform thoughts and behaviors, as if they’ve been dosed with Ritalin.”

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