Massaged by a Man for the First Time


I was in my final year of university studies. I was 21 at the time, 6 ft 1 tall, slim, and sexually pretty inexperienced. I’d had one girlfriend and we’d had sex a few times but the relationship didn’t last.

Despite my inexperience, I was horny, as I guess all lads that age are. Masturbation was an outlet I really engaged with. I also loved being naked, but hadn’t yet really found an outlet to explore that.

I also considered myself straight, but was definitely bi-curious. I hadn’t an opportunity to explore that either, but I would certainly take a peek at the cuter of my male friends if ever I got the opportunity to see them naked. I dreamed about the chance of masturbating together with a few of them, but knew that would never happened.

I spied in our local paper a number of advertisements for massage – I was a little naïve but loved the thought of lying there naked being massaged by someone pretty – to be the focus of attention. I rang a number for one of the ads and a girl in a local accent answered – she gave the rates and address, and asked when I wanted to make an appointment for. I bit the bullet and made it for that day.

She told me to get undressed, left Eryaman Escort whilst I did so, and then came back and performed the massage. Back and legs first, working her way up to my bottom. A few caressing strokes of my bottom had me rock hard and she had me turn over.

She asked me if I wanted ‘special massage’ – I looked dumb – she explained that it would be a handjob for $20 – I said yes. It was perfunctory and over quickly. It was a bit of a letdown to be honest.

Despite this, I tried again with a couple of other salons and each time I was a bit deflated. The girls were pretty, but it seemed pretty ‘going through the motions’.

Then I spied another advertisement – ‘Male masseur for men’. I thought that maybe this could be worth a shot. I rang the number. His name was Michael – and he had a deep reassuring voice. He explained that his place was very private, and that he was free now. His place was walking distance from mine, so I made an appointment for 30 minutes time. A quick shower and before I knew it I was knocking on his door.

He was about 60 – ok looking and quite straight in appearance. He had a t-shirt Sincan Escort on and shorts. I had no idea what I was in for. He told me to get undressed and he would be back in a minute. I stripped naked, and lay down on the massage table. He came in and put a towel over me – covering from just below my shoulders to my knees.

He started with a Thai style massage over the towel, just light to mid-firm pressure – certainly no sensual element to it. He then lowered the towel to the lower part of my back, and gave me an exquisite back massage. He was really a great masseur. I was certainly super relaxed at this point.

He then removed the towel and put it to one side. He then started to massage my bottom, quite firm at this point then moved down to one leg. He moved to my feet – which was close together. He grabbed one foot and brought it up, bending the knee so that the heel was touching my bottom. I felt so exposed at this point. His other hand lightly grazed my groin and that hand then slid down the inside of my thigh. He placed my leg back down – but with the foot closer to the side edge of the massage table. He asked me if I was Etlik Escort fine – I reassured him that it was great.

He did the same with the other leg. My legs were now spread wide apart and I realised my anus would be on display to him. He then proceeded to massage my bottom ever so sensuously – I was in heaven. It was so different to the other massages I had experienced to date. He put some drops of oil on my anus, and inserted his finger – I’d never experience that – and when he hit my prostrate I moaned loudly.

He got me to turn over, I obviously had a strong erection. I’m about 6 inches hard, circumcised, and I’ve learnt a little thicker in shaft than most. He stood to the side of me – I could see a tent in his shorts. I took a chance and put my hand on the front of his shorts and could feel his penis.

He asked me – ‘would you like me to take them off?’ – I just nodded yes. He whipped his shirt off, and took off his shorts and undies. He was rock-hard – it must have been 7.5 inches and even thicker than mine. I took it in my hand- that was the first penis other than mine I’d ever felt.

He then took control again, teasing me, massaging my thighs, my chest, and ever so gently my penis. He gave me an exquisite handjob, when I eventually climaxed and ejaculated it went over my left shoulder. He had no expectation that I would do the same to him, just that I had a good time.

It was incredible. I knew I would be back.

If you would like to know how this escalated please let me know…

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