Mary Receives an Unexpected Reward


The first half of this story sets the stage for the sparks in the second half. Please provide feedback, which I’ll read and incorporate into Part 2.


Mary looked at her watch. Eleven miles in two hours. A good run that would have been a great run if she hadn’t dropped off during the last two miles. Her new shoes helped a lot, but her legs still felt like jello. Mary often heard she looked young, but after a long run like this, she felt old.

She had a message on her phone from Liam, offering moral support. During the past few months, Liam had been an unexpected, but much needed lifeline. Unexpected, because she they had only seen him a few times during the past few years with their mutual friend Aimy. Welcome, because the past few months had been difficult with the new job, the move and all the conflict that caused with her ex. When Liam heard, he offered to help her move and provided encouragement.

Mary put on her lipstick and fixed her hair before stepping out of the car and snapping a picture. Liam wanted proof of her run, but she sent a selfie, hoping for compliments. Since moving out here, her steady stream of compliments from strangers had dried up. All that remained were some authentic and very supportive comments from Liam.

You did it?

I did. 11 miles.

Congratulations. I knew you could! You deserve a carrot.

Another poem?

IDK. We’ll see.

Is that picture from after the run?


11 miles and you look like that? Your phone must be buzzing with offers.

But her phone wasn’t buzzing with offers. She hadn’t met anyone in the past year. Living out here was tough and there wasn’t anyone from her previous life. At least, nobody that she was interested in.

Liam had sent her another text while she was driving home. Why did Liam want her address? He and Aimy had been to her old place several times, but now Mary lived two hours away. Was he going to mail something? She typed in the address with a question mark, but he didn’t respond. Oh well. Liam probably had a busy day doing whatever he did on Saturdays. What did he do? Was he dating anyone?

An hour later the doorbell rang. The children were two states away with their Dad and Mary was still relaxing in her tub. Normally she would ignore it, but this was the first time her doorbell had rung in the new place. Mary was curious, especially given Liam’s last text. Had he delivered something or was it a neighbor? Fearing the person would be gone before she finished getting dressed, Mary wrapped a towel around herself and peeked out the window.

Liam was on the stoop, looking just like he had a year ago. Why was HE here? Did he seriously drive two hours to see me? She sent another text.

You came all the way out here

I did

Ummm…I’m not dressed, yet

No problem

HaHa. You’re naughty

Unfortunately, Liam didn’t appear to have a naughty bone in his body. He was too polite. His texts had never been flirtatious until today. A few weeks ago, her friend Aimy implied Liam wasn’t as innocent as Mary believed.

“I’m glad he’s been a good friend to you these past few months, but I would like to warn you, Mary. Liam is not some sweet little lamb.”

“What do you mean.”

“A girl doesn’t kiss and tell.”

“Wait, Şanlıurfa Escort you dated each other. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You didn’t ask, and it didn’t seem relevant. Wait…are you interested in him?”

“No. We’re just friends. Should I keep my distance.”

“He’s a good guy. Just be aware that underneath that Mr. Nice Guy personality is a wild tiger.”

It was impolite to leave Liam waiting outside in the cold while she changed, so Mary threw on her white bathrobe and walked downstairs. Liam’s dark hair and sparkling blue eyes brought a smile to her face. Then the anxiety kicked in. I don’t have my face on, and my blond hair must be a mess. Wait. Why am I thinking this way? We’re just friends. He won’t care what I look like.

“What are you doing here?”

“A prize for your great run, as promised.” He brought his hand from around his back, revealing a long, bright orange carrot.

She laughed. He was always offering a reward her longer runs.

“How are you feeling?”

“My feet hurt and my right leg is numb, but I guess this is what happens to old people.”

“Well, from my angle, you don’t look old.” His blue eyes swept across her. “Not one bit. “He hung up his coat. “As for feeling old…” He pointed to the couch. “…we’re going to patch you up.”

“umm…” Mary wasn’t a prude, but all she had on was a flimsy bathrobe held together by one tie. “that’s very nice of you, Liam, but let me change first.”

“Nope. Massages should be applied directly on your skin, not through socks and pants.” He sat down on the couch. “Let’s go. Feet on my lap.”

Normally she would politely laugh off the gesture, but Liam seemed sincere, as though he really cared about her.

“Do you want me on my back or front, Liam?”

He looked at her and ran his hand through his thick brown hair as a thought formed in his mind. He smirked, but didn’t share.

“Front. I want to see you while I’m working your body.”

“Okay, but no peeking.” I haven’t groomed recently. Why would I, given that absolutely nothing was happening down there. Even my own hands have been dormant.

Liam knew exactly where to rub and how hard to press. Mary closed her eyes, soaking up his touch and their conversation. Mary was laughing in a way she hadn’t in a long time. Gone were worries about the kids, her ex and the new job. Whatever she was experiencing, she missed it. Why was she so giddy? Endorphins from the long run? The glass of wine while bathing? Their witty banter? Attention from a cute guy? Wait. Where did that come from?

She opened her eyes and looked at him. Objectively, he was cute, even sexy. She continued to study his features while he focused on her right calf.

“Like anything so far?”

Wait. Please don’t tell me he knows I was checking him out.

“What was that, Liam?”

“Is there anything you want me to do over or did I miss a spot?”

“This is heavenly. I’ll leave it to you to do whatever you want.”

Just don’t move my leg.

Liam’s hands worked her quads, digging deep into her tissue. “You’ve got some tension. I can feel it. After I work this out, you’ll be back to your vibrant self.” Liam was right. Already some of the tension was leaving her legs. He brought his Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan hands down her leg, again, setting off a little spark insider her. Then again. At one point she felt a draft as though her bathrobe had brushed open, but she kept her eyes closed, enjoying the moment.

The first time was ever so slight, leaving her wondering if she had imagined a finger passing by right where her legs met. The second time was a little longer as his finger brushed along her leg before barely touching her vulva. Her body instinctively moved towards him. How long had it been since anyone had touched or kissed her?

“I need to move your leg a little.” It was a command, not a request and Mary let Liam push her right leg slightly out, exposing her. Both hands moved up, massaging her hips. Soon he got even bolder, running his finger across her slit. If she was going to draw the line, the time was now. But she didn’t. Instead, she let out a small moan as his finger slowly slid across, gathering her juices and rubbing along her clit.

“On your stomach, Mary.” He guided her over onto her stomach and focused on her hamstrings. What just happened. He’s leaving me hanging? She lifted her butt as though repositioning herself. Can’t he tell how turned on I am? For several minutes, he did nothing but hamstrings. Finally, his finger returned, sliding back up and forth along the full length of her clit. She shifted her hips, opening up even more. Please don’t stop touching me. Occasionally the tip of his finger or knuckle would press right against her entrance. Just put your finger inside of me. But remained quiet, wondering what he was going to do with her next.

He continued to ask her questions about work and family, as though there was nothing unusual about his fingers touching her in this most intimate way. His voice remained deep and confident as his fingers worked across her body. Okay, this is some serious petting. Any further and I should sound the alarm. But the only noise she made was another low moan, which emboldened him.

“Sit up.”

She quickly sat up, letting him untie her robe, uncertain about what was coming.

“You are a beautiful, sexy woman, Mary.” He kissed her gently, teasing her lips apart before working down to her neck. By the time he reached her shoulders and arms, his hands were massaging her breasts. He gently pushed up, starting at the bottom of her breasts. Without warning, his mouth dropped to her sensitive nipples. His breath tickled against her skin as his warm tongue flicked around. Before she could ask for more, he took her entire nipple in his mouth and sucked, his tongue pushing gently against her hard nipples.

If he asked her to open her legs, she would. If he asked her to suck on him, she would get down on all fours and take him insider her mouth. She laughed. There was no line right now. She was thoroughly enjoying this. A grown woman having fun for the first time in a year.

He didn’t ask her to do anything, choosing instead to lead physically. He kissed her lips again. Softly, then harder. He tasted good, really good. Mary kissed him back, really hard, with everything she had, her tongue tasting him. Her body was on fire. She wanted to feel him insider her, so she brought her hands down to his crotch, happy and Escort Şanlıurfa excited to see how aroused he had become. Reaching inside his sweats, she wrapped her hand around his hard cock and stroked him. As her fingers ran along the precum on his thick head, she needed to taste him.

“Let me suck you, Liam.”

“No. Not yet.”

“Then fuck me. Please… I really want to feel inside me.”

He smiled, giving her permission as she frantically pulled down his sweats and boxers. Then he pushed her back against the couch and placed her legs on his shoulders. His left hand grabbed her hip for support as his right hand rubbed his hard penis along her wet slit for several seconds. She could feel his thick and very hard shaft run up and down her labia. She bit her lip, wondering when he was going to enter her. Then, without warning, she felt the tip of his head push inside her, as her lips slowly parted to absorb him. He stayed right where he was, just barely inside her constricting muscles.

He isn’t going to keep teasing me like this, is he? She pushed her hips towards him, trying to get him to penetrate further, but he smiled and pulled back slightly, leaving just the thick tip.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I saw you that evening outside your house two years ago.” She kissed him hard, mentally begging. Her wish was answered as he kept pushing deeper, until he was all the way in. She could tell her body was really wet, but he was thick enough to stay in as he pushed in and out. Mary could feel every part of him slide along her walls and the base of his cock would occasionally rub along here clit. His lips teased her mouth and her neck, sending chills down her spine. Suddenly, his hands gripped her hips and his tongue flicked along her left nipple. She was feeling the buildup, as though her entire body was alive with a warm heat coursing through her. “Don’t stop what you’re doing.” Oh my…I’m about to come. He continued his thrusts, increasing the tempo slightly while his mouth teased her breasts. She let out a groan and her knees began to buckle.

Suddenly she was laughing and crying. He gently stroked her hair as she lay on top of his chest. “Are you okay?”

“I am. I needed that. Those are good tears. Hopefully, I wasn’t too loud. Now I’m going to take care of you.”

Ignoring his reassurances, Mary reached down. His body eagerly moved as she touched his still hard cock. I really want to taste him, then I want him back inside me.

She kissed him on the lips before working her way down, tasting his chest, then stomach and legs. She teased his penis with her tongue, slowly moving around his head while watching him. “See, Bill, two can play this game.” He wanted her to suck him, but he wasn’t going to ask. Instead, he grabbed Mary’s hair with both hands, pulling it away from her face so he could watch her. With an impish grin, she took him in her mouth, periodically looking up at him. She was thrilled to see how much Liam was enjoying what she could do with her mouth. His rough hands locked her head in place and he began to groan. “Don’t stop. Keep sucking.”

“Mmmm. You taste good, Liam. Do you want to come inside my mouth or on my breasts?”

“Your mouth.”

She continued to suck him, taking as much of him insider her mouth, until he began squirting. It was a lot, but she didn’t let go until he pulled her off. Sucking him had made her wet again. She could still remember how good he felt inside her. She looked down, pleased to see Liam was still pretty hard. “I don’t know what your plans are tonight and tomorrow, Liam, but I’d like you to stay.”

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