Mark , Parenthood Ch. 01 – Admirer


This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone although the title might make more sense after reading chapter 2

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts sex between consenting adults, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Mark spent most of his working days at client sites rather than his own company’s office. He didn’t mind as he got to visit places that he wouldn’t have otherwise, more importantly he got to see places off the tourist track. Yes, he wasted a lot of time in various terminals or cars, but he was happy to take the rough with the smooth. His clients would vary in size from small start-up companies to big multi-nationals. If anything, he preferred the small to medium sized as he could build up a rapport with them that invariably led to long lasting and repeat custom.

He had flown into his latest customer the previous evening and was content with how the project kick off progressed in the morning. His clients Project Sponsor was a woman which could be a double-edged sword, the ball-busters needed to be handled with care initially but were invariably won over when promised results were delivered. Todays was a different prospect; she came across as gentle and quietly spoken but Mark could see a fire behind the eyes and was not going to be suckered into mind games.

Instead, he used his everyman persona. Friendly, approachable and more on their side than his own employers short term benefit because when the client succeeded so did his employers in the long run. Judging by the change in body language during the morning kick off it seemed that Kate liked that approach. During a coffee break Kate had purposely taken Mark aside to confide in her own personal objectives which he supported whole heartedly. She was used to having to work her female guile to get other people to do what she wanted them to do but Mark just came out and laid his cards on the table. He promised to move mountains to bring the project in on time and within budget — with the proviso that the client did what he asked of them in a timely manner. Kate even went as far as to proclaim “I can see that you and I are going to get on swimmingly” as she steered him back to the meeting room so that they could continue the kick-off.

The afternoon session was where they got down to the crux of the project planning and Mark had surprised a few around the table when he had become quite bullish in his speech, but it was all an act as by the end of the afternoon pretty much everyone had bought into his philosophy. The meeting ended at a reasonable time so that people could back to check emails and chase deadlines. Kate was still sat at the meeting room table catching up with some of her emails when Mark asked “I take it you’re hiding down here out of the way, I like your style. As I’m only going back to the hotel is it okay if I hang around here for a while to do some work?”

Kate waved her hand “Of course, I have the room booked the whole day so apart the cleaners, no one is looking to get in here.” After a few minutes she asked “So, between you and I, do you believe we can pull this off or were they just words to get everyone bought in? I have to say, given various peoples expressions — some of which surprised even me – I think most bought into what you were saying.”

Mark smiled. It wasn’t the first time someone had asked a similar question and so he trotted out a familiar line “It depends on you folks. We’ve got our team planned to within an inch of its life and they are ready to go as long as you can galvanise your troops which I have a sneaking suspicion you whip them into shape on a regular basis. Nicely of course.”

Kate looked up and smiled back at him but fixed him with a glance replying, “You make me sound like a tyrant.”

Mark held his hands up in surrender and explained “On the contrary, I’m an admirer. What I’m saying is you know how to best manage them and have a sweet way of guiding and organising them without putting their noses out of joint. As I said, I’m an admirer.”

Kate smiled mirthlessly and replied, “It’s been quite some time since I had a male admirer and so I’ll take that.”

Mark looked quizzical and said “I find that very hard to believe. I’d imagine you being used to beating them off with a shitty stick, if you’ll pardon my language.”

Kate looked slightly wistfully out of the window and then eventually replied “There was a day that was the case but since having my two children I’ve struggled to lose the baby weight each time and now men just don’t seem to bother.”

Mark shook his head “I despair at modern man; they’ve lost their ability to see the real qualities in the opposite sex that really matter.”

“Like?” Kate asked back.

“Like, the power of a nice smile. The most attractive attribute any person can have but especially women is a nice smile. Ordu Escort Case in point.” Mark replied and gestured towards Kate “Spirit, personality, independence, sense of humour and that’s before I talk about beauty being in the eye of the beholder but that’s now venturing into dangerous territory between consultant and client and so will leave it there.”

“Oh” said Kate disappointedly “Just when you were doing such a good job of boosting my self-esteem you go and trail off.”

Mark nodded, smiled and replied “Sorry to disappoint. If we had met outside of the office, I would have continued with the chat up but then you’ve already mentioned that you’re married with children and so would purposefully avoiding going down that road, but my comments still stand. Why you aren’t beating those advances off is still dumfounding me.”

Kate stood up to help herself to a drink and nodded to Mark in a silent offer to get him one, which he declined. She then said “Speaking of which. My husband has taken the kids for a few days to see their grandparents. Seeing as we would both be dining alone; would you like some company for dinner this evening? You’re under no obligation to accept if you have prior plans.”

This put Mark off his guard momentarily, but he still replied “I seldom get invites to dinner full stop, people are normally glad to see the back of me outside of office hours and it’s certainly a red-letter day when a beautiful woman asks to join me and so yes, I would very much like to have you join me this evening. I was only going to dine in the hotel as I haven’t had chance to seek out other options yet.”

Kate pulled a face and replied “Sadly there aren’t many other options around here, but I know that hotel, I’ve stopped there myself when I’m pulling a late one sometimes. Would it be unprofessional to ask you for an honest opinion from a man’s perspective if I promise that anything said outside the office stays outside of the office?”

Mark appeared unconvinced and started to say, “Yes it would be unprofessional…” then paused momentarily as his expression changed slightly “… however I’m more than happy to provide an ego boost if that’s the required outcome.”

Kate shook her head “No that’s not what I’m looking to get — well maybe a little bit. I’m after an honest opinion from someone I trust and yet isn’t tied to me socially. Look lets finish up here and adjourn to the hotel bar. I get a good feeling about you; I think I can trust your honesty and discretion but feel more comfortable talking away from the office.” Mark nodded and started to pack his bag which he dumped in his room and went down to the bar to meet Kate.

During his visit to the room, Kate had got both of them a drink and as Mark sat down opposite her, he said “Well this all part of my Customer Care package. You know I’m always going to be brutally honest and to do that effectively I need to know where this is coming from. Where is your head at?”

Kate sighed heavily, looked down at the floor and then back up at Mark and he could tell that tears had started to well up. On instinct Mark reached across the table and took her hands in his. Kate sniffed and in a slightly broken voice replied “I guess you could say I’m on an ego trip. I don’t feel particularly good about myself where men are concerned and if I have to say, things aren’t a bed of roses at home. I can’t believe I’m burdening you with this after only our second meeting.”

Mark didn’t let her hands go and stared directly into her eyes as she said “You said you wanted honesty and I’ll give it too you but you also said you trusted me which means a lot after such a short space of time — by the way, you can wholeheartedly. What is said here goes no further and I won’t be holding any of it over your head either to gain some stupid advantage during the implementation. I just don’t work like that. Although I’ll be brutally honest, I’m not sure I’m the best qualified to hear your confession. I’m more than happy to help where I can as long as you also seek professional counselling.”

He paused for a moment to let his words sink in before continuing “I’m speaking as a friend now rather than consultant to client. I happen to find you very attractive. The more time I spend in your company, the more time I want. You’re funny, intelligent and stand on your own two feet. I like to see that. You have the deepest brown eyes I have ever seen, and they seem to hold me in some invisible force. Your smile lights up a very beautiful face which is framed by your nicely stylised mousy brown hair. You mentioned about your figure, now I happen to like nicely rounded women so I might be biased; those stick thin types are normally devoid of any personality.”

After a short pause he continued, “You obviously have issues with your size. I don’t know what you were like in years past, but those days are behind you and should not be hung on to. It’s about the here and now and what you do tomorrow, and then the next day and so on. If your husband isn’t a fan of the new Kate, then the two of you need a long serious discussion. Are you comfortable in your own skin? I personally happen to Ordu Escort Bayan like this Kate very much but it’s the only one I’ve known.”

Mark fell silent once more. Kate sat looking at him. She opened her mouth a couple of times, but nothing came out. She looked away towards the bar before turning her attention back to Mark and eventually replied “Wow, I wasn’t expecting any of that.”

‘Had he overstepped the mark’ he wondered “But now you have heard them, how do you feel now versus previously? How do you feel now a man has called you attractive and beautiful?”

She took a moment to gather her thoughts before replying “Well for starters my ego feels like it has clouds surrounding it, it’s that high.” They both smiled at that comment. “It felt particularly nice being called attractive. It’s been sometime since a man called me that. It was very nice, especially as I know you aren’t pulling any punches. Your honesty is appreciated.”

“Why do I feel there is a but approaching from around the corner?” Mark asked.

Kate shrugged and looking down at the floor mumbled “We were having issues before child 2. I guess I had her to try and get my husband back although I can’t shake the feeling he’s playing away. It’s a feeling I’ve had for a few years now but don’t want to rock the boat.”

Mark grimaced and advised “This is really outside my comfort zone. You need some professional help, but I doubt you can progress while your ego is so low and when all you’re doing is keeping the status quo so that the boat doesn’t get rocked. Customer Care. Cheering you up. That I can happily do until the cows come home.”

Kate smiled and said, “I’ll take that for now until I can get some professional help and yes, I sincerely promise that I will.”

Mark let go of her hands, held his arms out to his sides and announced “Hooray. Time is something I have in abundance. Now why don’t we go get something to eat in the restaurant so I can ply you with plenty more alcohol” and off they went. Kate found Mark’s company very easy and charming, she was going to enjoy working with him. As frumpy as she felt about herself, she couldn’t shake the words ‘Attractive’ and ‘Beautiful’ out of her head. Thankfully the restaurant was quiet mid-week which meant the hotel wasn’t pushing them to vacate the table and they could talk in relative privacy.

He was a real charmer and unlike many men was more interested in hearing her thoughts rather than pushing his own on her. He also took the time to listen to what she said which he demonstrated on numerous occasions — maybe that’s why he good at the job he does. She remembered his words describing her ‘The more time I spend in your company, the more I want’, she could just as easily apply them to him. That’s the moment that the thunderbolt hit her. She was hanging in his every word; it was her heart racing each time he either supported or reiterated her thoughts back to her. She squirmed in her seat and realised that her panties were slightly damp — OMG she had the hots for him. The realisation scared her at first but the more she sat there, the more she realised that the only course of action was to get back at her husband by sleeping with this man. He had already confirmed that he was unattached. How would he feel if she — his customer. A married woman — were to hit on him?

The conversation had petered out and so they stood up with the intention of going back into the bar. Kate reached out and touched his arm as she looked around her to make sure she was alone. “I’m going to ask this fully knowing this will change our relationship back at the office but rather than go to the bar, I’d prefer you taking me to your room and I’m not talking about having a drink. Would you mind?”

Mark stood still and blanched slightly while he processed her words. ‘This is what you intended’ he thought, ‘But she is married.’

Kate could see the inner conflict in his expression and so, hoping it would tip the balance, decided to add “I know what you are thinking — I’m married and the kids. I will be seeking professional counselling, I promise, but if I’m to go into that in a suitable frame of mind I need my confidence boosting and, based on what you have said, I’m hoping this will be that boost I need.”

As it turned out, her final sentence did indeed persuade him and so Mark simply nodded and steered her towards the lift. It took no time to go the two floors, but they rode in silence. As the doors opened Mark steered Kate towards his room where he opened the lock and stepped back to allow her to go in first. She smiled at this simple gesture; it made a change to find a true gentleman. As she stood in his room, Kate suddenly started to shake from nerves, could she go through with this? Mark came up behind her and placed his hands on her arms, he leant his head nearer to her ear and whispered “Are you sure about this? As much as I want to help you, I certainly ain’t going to be forcing you to do anything you don’t like.”

Kate turned her head to look into his face and smiled “Don’t get me wrong, I want this. It’s just a road I’ve never travelled and probably never would if it Escort Ordu weren’t for meeting you. I would say be gentle with me, but I know you by now and something tells me I won’t need to say it.” She started to unbutton the front of her dress, she shook her shoulders and Mark help by pulling down on the sleeves. As her chest became visible, she turned to face Mark and waited for his reaction.

She wasn’t disappointed. Mark smiled the broadest smile and pulling his gaze from her chest to her face said “Wow, now that is what I call impressive. I would just like to state here and now how much of a privilege it is to be stood here right now.” He guessed her tits were around a 40DD, the cleaver was a deep bright white valley. He tentatively cupped her left breast in his right hand and cradled it while gauging the weight.

“Mmmm, that’s nice” was her response looking him straight in the eyes to gauge his reaction. ‘I’m so glad he seems to appreciate this although I still can’t believe I’m doing it. If it weren’t him I wouldn’t but do I dare drop my top any further so he can see those horrible rolls of fat?’ were the thoughts rattling around her head.

Mark sensed she was tentative about the next step and so decided to push the progress. He started by leaning down and gently kissing her full red lips, she was only 4 or 5 inches shorter than him and so she had to raise her head slightly to meet his mouth; something she did without hesitation. While she was distracted Mark pulled at the side of the dress which made the top slip down and fall down to lie in a crumpled heap at her ankles. Kate gasped and wondered if seeing her like this would put him off? Mark disengaged their mouths and took a step back while still holding her hands. ‘Now was the time that truth would come out’ she thought while holding her breath in anticipation.

He smiled back at and whispered “Wow, you really do look a million dollars. At some point I’m going to wake from this dream.” Hearing those words made Kate’s heartbeat more rapidly as her emotions soared to new highs. Mark stepped back to her, wrapped her in his long arms and started to kiss her with more gusto. ‘He wasn’t put off by seeing me in just my underwear’ she thought to herself. It was at this point that Kate decided to give herself to Mark. Heart and Soul.

Mark steered Kate to sit at the foot of the bed. Instead of joining her on the bed he knelt in front of her and gently prised her legs apart so he could place her knees either side of his hips as he leaned in for more kisses. He then started to plant small kisses along her jaw line, down the side of her neck, down her collar bone and further to kiss along her cleaver. He then pushed her upper body backwards so he could continue the travel down kissing down her torso and arriving at the elastic of her panties. Her pussy had started to leak once Mark had agreed to take her to his room. The first tentative kisses after removing her dress had got her pussy mushy but his mouth was slowly turning her into a gibbering wreck. She felt him inch the leg of her panties aside just as she realised only her husband and doctor had seen this side of her and neither were generating the reactions Mark was. She could just make out him mumble “Absolutely beautiful.” The next minute he raked his tongue from her clit and downwards along the tip of her labia.

Kate took a sharp intake of breath and used both hands to grip the back of Mark’s head as his tongue enquired all over — and in her. She had laid her soul bare and was now reaping the benefits as his tongue was generating pulses from deep inside her lower stomach which were then being sent careering around her nervous system. Her heart was beating faster than she could remember ever doing in the past. His tongue searched deep inside her, only for him to then raise his face slightly and capture her full engorged clit between his lips, he would then use the tip of his tongue to rapidly flex it before her ran the flat top across it. Kate was thrashing her head one way and then another as she humped her hips up and down will gripping tightly on to the back of his head so that his mouth never lost contact.

It was just about now that her climax hit and oh my god did it hit big time. Her entire body tensed as her nerve ending screamed. She pushed all the air out of her lungs with a muffled screech at the same time as she threw herself around the bed. In the past Mark would have just continued on until the lady had come a second, or sometimes third, time but today wasn’t that day. He pulled his face back from her pussy and knelt back on his heels while the lady got her breath back. Every so often he could make out a “Oh my god”. He had started to get concerned that he had done the lady some irreparable damage, thankfully she had decided then to pull her upper body up to lean on her elbows and look down at him. Her smile was spread across her face and her deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle in the room lighting. She then pulled herself up to a seating position and reached both hands to capture his face, pulling it towards hers and kissing him passionately. She did break off, gasp, and then said to him “You have no idea how much I needed that. I’m not exaggeration when I say I have never — and I mean never — come quite like that ever.” Mark smiled back and leant in for another kiss, wrapping her in his arms just to underline his own, unspoken feelings.

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