Mark , Chris: Pretty Panty Exchange


Cassie closed the door to her room, the phone pinned between her shoulder and her ear, listening to one of Marks more sexually explicit messages. She wondered if her mother had gotten it as well, she had been smiling kinda funny. Actually, she had been rather upbeat here lately since Sunday when Mark had brought her home. She pushed it aside, putting it up to her moms usual jitters over her brining home a new beau, and actually having found a Homo Sapiens this time. Her book bag hung from the other shoulder, and she dropped it on her bed as she began to sort through the her mail. Reba followed her into the room, and dropped into the overstuffed recliner in the corner, a evil grin on her face.

Cassie dropped her mail, and frowned.

“You have had that look on your face ever since we got out of that stupid test. What is up with you today?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Yeah, I would…and you are gonna tell me, or you don’t get any of my moms brownies.”

Reba put on her most shocked facial expression, before leaning forward, and sharing her secret with her friend.

“Well…you know how Chris kept smiling at me during the test?” She was referring to the ASVAB that they had taken earlier in the day, in school. It was administered every year by the local recruiters of all the branches, and the Captain of Mark and Chris Reserve Unit had volunteered them to help, since they had graduated from the very same school.


“Well…we did a whole lot more…”


After the test ended, Chris offered to walk Reba to her next class. They held hands like newlyweds, and Chris even carried her book bag. It was easy for her friends to tell why she was so jealous over him.

“Can I see you tonight?”

“You know I have dance.”

“So, after dance then.”

“It’ll be late, but your apartment is one the way home.” She smiled as she gave in.

“OK, but no funny stuff mister,” she said in her best Tweety imitation, her favorite cartoon character. He leaned down, and kissed her forehead.

“You know…,” all of a sudden, she grabbed his hand, and pulled him into a dark class room. It was a biology room, but she knew from walking past it almost all school year that nobody was in it this period. They left the lights out, as she locked the door. Chris picked her up, and sat her on a table. Their lips locked, as they told each other without words how much they had missed the other since last night.

“Don’t you have class,” he managed to say somewhere between their tongues assaulting each other, and two pairs of hands groping the opposite body wildly.

“Don’t you have a hard on?”

That argument was hard to resist as her hand grabbed a hold of him trough his uniform trousers, and began to rub. A moan escaped his lips, as she unzipped him, and dropped to her knees before him. With one quick motion, she inhaled him, all the way down her throat, and then swallowed.

His hands grabbed the edge of the table she had just been sitting on, as his breath began to come in short bursts. Her hands grabbed his ass, and without even thinking about it, his hips began to thrust in a slow, easy motion. Her moans could be heard around his stiff prick, as she slobbered all over it, licking and sucking, her fingers teasing his balls, her tongue wrapping around the head, and squeezing and sucking.

He looked down, and could see right past the table, into her loving eyes, his lips forming the words she wanted to hear.

“Love you.” She opened her throat again, and swallowed him whole, then let her throat close, and massaged him like that. It was to much for the horny Marine, and he exploded down her throat. With a squeal of delight, she began to swallow, as he slowly pulled back a bit, allowing her to breath between bursts, until his balls where drained.

With a big happy smile on her face, she sat back on the table, and pulled him into her arms. Their lips locked again, and he could taste himself in her kiss. Not that he cared. He loved his little baby, as disgusting as the thought was to him.

She leaned back, and wrapped her legs around him, as he began to unbutton her blouse, and reached in, unhooking her bra, and sucking in her nipples. His teeth began to tease her, nibbling and flicking, as his other arm dipped between her legs, and began to rub her pussy through her panties. She closed her eyes, and pulled him in closer with her heels in his back, moaning his name. His lips left her tits, and he kissed from her neck to her shoulders, then down across her chest, as he pulled her panties away to the side. His cock was hard again, and pressing against her thigh.

“You fucking tease, give it to me!”

“You want it baby?”

“Yes…” She tried to sound sultry, giving him her most seducing, innocent look.

“How bad?” He began to rub it across her pussy lips, as he sucked and flicked her nipples with his tongue.

“Really bad, ohhhhhhhh.” She moaned, as her head flew back, his dick touching her clit. But as much as she Şanlıurfa Escort tried, she could not pull him in.

“Please Chris, please, please, please!”

“I like it when you beg baby, ” he moaned as he bit her neck.

“God, you fucking bastard, just fucking fuck me!” Her eyes where half closed, her voice slightly up pitched.

“That’s not nice.” He bit her nipple, and pulled his dick back slightly.

“OHHHH GOD! Chris, please, please, please, give me your hard big beautiful dick, please, I’ll be such a good girl tonight, just please give it to me!”

He smiled, and with one smooth motion, he stuffed it into her, filling her all the way, their lips locking as he held her down. His motions grew fast and furious, as he began to pound into her, each thrust harder and harder, her moans and groans muffled into his lips. His jump wings and dive bubble scrapped across her nipple, driving her crazy, as his uniform turned to trash around him, his dick pounding into her.

Her hands came up, trying to push him up, diving under his shirt, and scratching down his back, leaving red streaks.

Growling like a attack dog, he reared his whole body up, slamming into her with the force of a piston in a race car, her legs pulling him in tight, as her eyes rolled back in her head, and she orgasmed all over his stiff prick. Chris came with her, shooting up into her what he had left. Then he collapsed atop his baby, breathing hard, and wondering how he would ever explain this one.

“You sure you can handle me tonight?”

“Don’t worry. I’m gonna go home right now, and eat my wheaties.”

Reba laughed, as their tongues began another dance of passion.


“No way.”


“You fucked, right there, in the biology room?”

“Yup…and it was good!” Reba closed her eyes, and Cassie could just see her seeing herself on that table, being fucked by her stud muffin ( that’s what she called Chris when he was not around…he violently objected to the label ).

“I don’t know what’s wrong with Mark, he’s been kinda funny lately.”

Rebas eyes narrowed suspiciously, and she took a serious look at her best friend.

“As in?”

“I don’t know. He’s still being his sweet self, and he still is great in bed, and everything, but something about him is on edge. Like today, he jumped on me about nothing after the test, then apologized, and then was upset at himself.”

“He’s like that. Don’t worry about it. My god, the two of you had your first date Saturday, fucked right away, and now is only Tuesday. Even Mark has limits to the things he wants to think about. And they tend to be fairly small.” Reba shook her head. Mark was her brother, and she would defend him not matter what, because he would do the same for her. The fact that he was weird…well, that was par for the course. He was after all her brother And besides, he was kinda that way with every girl he had ever dated, and Reba remembered them all. Personally she gave this relationship about a 1 in 3 chance of making it through the month, but she would never say that.

“I guess you are right. But still!” She began to sort through her mail again.

One letter caught her interest. It was from Anne, a girl that had moved up north at the end of last year. That had really sucked, she was a great person. She pulled out a single sheet. That was strange. Usually she would write about 7 pages to every girl in their group, and then they would have to compare notes to find out who did not get what. The page had a huge header, reading . . .

“Pretty Panty Exchange!” Its the Pretty Panty Exchange Just Imagine, get 36 pairs of panties, for the price of one! Just put your name in the second place on the address list at the bottom, and mine at the top, and then mail this to six people! Then mail one pair of panties to whoever is at the top of the list of this letter! When you get to the top, people start sending you panties!

It went on several more lines, about how the whole thing worked. She put it down, and did the math. Actually, if you send it to more then 6, you could get more, but that did not matter.

She flicked the letter to Reba, and told her to read it.

“Sounds kinda cool.”

“I bet you got one at home.”

“I am sure I do…wanna do it?”

“I don’t see why not…might solve my problem as to what to wear when I go out on a date with Mark.”

“I hope you wear more then underwear.”

Cassie smiled. “Never longer then about half a hour. He’s a fast eater you know.”

They busted out laughing when they realized how that sounded, then headed to the mall.


Mark shot his best friend a queer kind of look, then pushed the bar all the way up, before letting it come back down, repeating the motion 4 more times, and then placing it back on the rack.

“So you are telling me you had sex with my little sister right in our school?”

“It’s not our school anymore.”

“Motherfucker, you know exactly what I’m talking about.” Mark Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan bounced off the bench, and flexed his arms back and forth. They where standing in the exercise room that was part of the apartment complex they inhabited, a room they didn’t like half as much as the local Y, but it was convenient, and they had both had excess energy this afternoon, if for various reasons.

“Made her miss class, too.”

“Damn, man, you do know how to bust a brothers balls. She is the one who attacked me.” Chris was almost pleading now, slowly realizing that maybe he should not share all the explicit details of his sex life with Mark. It was after all his best friend sister he was talking about. “Yeah, right, my little foot, my little sister attacked you. And I was raped by a rabid goat last night.” They switched out the weights, putting 225 lb. on the bar.

“Do you mind going first, I want you to cool down before you spot me.”

“Fuck you.” Mark dropped onto the bench, and began pumping.

“So what’s up with your other woman?”

“She’s flying in this afternoon. I talked to her mom yesterday, and she said she would go to pick her up. We don’t get along any fucking way, so she asked me to stay away.”

“Stay of execution.” Mark pumped the bar slowly and deliberately, spending as much energy as possible on each rep.

“I know dude. I guess I’ll have to just bite the bullet and come clean to her.”

“Reba knew you where fucking around on Claudia, right?”


“Don’t do anything stupid, bro.”

“Trust me.” Mark frowned, and pushed the bar back on the rack.

**** It had been four weeks since that letter had arrived, but now 36 brand new pairs of panties graced Cassies bed. They where arranged in 6 x 6 neat rows, covering her bed. Reba was sitting in the recliner in the corner of the room, with Fluffeles in her lap. The little white dog was growling contently, as the girl scratched him between the ears. Cassie had for the last 15 minutes been trying to decide which pair she should wear on her date, something Reba was no help in.

“I still think you should wear a thong.”

“He’ll think I’m a slut.”

“You are, so what’s the big deal?” Cassie gave her friend the finger, and continued to study her choices. It did not really matter. She was wearing a white top, which her bra and full breasts where trying to bust out of, and a short black skirt. Her hair was growing longer, and almost covered her shoulders now, in brown waves.

“Hey, let me ask you something.” She turned, and faced her friend. Reba would get upset when she used that serious tone, and felt ignored.

“Do you think sex could be better then it is now?”

“No, I cum every time with Mark.”

“I mean, I do, too…but still!” The girl was insistent. Cassie just turned away, rolling her eyes. In that Mark and his sister where equal. They where never satisfied with their performance in something.

“You are the one that disgraced our alma matter by having sex in it. To me that qualifies as a great sex life.”

“You did it with Mark in the pool, with your parents no 50 feet away.”

“They where inside, and safely out of view.”

The doorbell rang, preventing any counter arguments, as she decided to go with her best friends advice, grabbing a thong, and pulling it up under her skirt as she slipped into heels, and hurried down the stairs, ignoring Reba’s calls that she looked like a slut, after all.

Downstairs her mother was laughing at whatever Mark was whispering in her ear, like he liked to do to tease her dad, and holding a white rose. She never did figure out why Mark always gave her mother white, and her a combination of red, yellow and white. After all, white is for passion. As she reached the last step, he stepped forward, wrapping her up in his left arm, his right smoothly presenting a dozen red roses, and his lips locking on hers.

Her body pushed into his, her breasts rubbing against his chest, as his tongue once again took possession of her mouth. She could feel herself getting wet, and his hand grabbed her ass. She pushed him away, giggling. Her mother had turned away, and quickly took the roses, promising to put them in a vase.

“Reba here? I saw her car out front.”

“Yeah, upstairs, why?”

“Then lets go, I owe her money.”

She loved the way he drove. It was about the only thing he did holding still. Only his feet, eyes, and arms moved, as he would shift gears, and fly around other cars. The T-tops where out, so the wind played through her hair, as she leaned back and closed her eyes. A moan passed her lips, and she could hear him laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“You moaning.” She smiled.

“I’m just horny for you baby.” “Ohhhh, sweety, talk dirty to me.” They laughed again, then Cassie sat up, and Mark got nervous. She had that serious look again.

“You know, our one month anniversary is this weekend.”

“Shit, Hallmark ain’t even got a card for that.”

“Listen, Escort Şanlıurfa buster, I’m serious here!”

“All right baby, so what would the lady like to do for this highly important event in our future?” He absolutely did not see the big deal, but if she did, he could play ball.

“You never did take me to the dance party. And then I have a suprise for you.” He frowned. The reason he had not taken her to the amusement park just outside of town, and the dance party was because he thought the whole idea was stupid. It was one of the MTV dance things, and he figured anything with MTV on it could only be a disaster.

“Only because its you.”

“Why thank you.”

“Don’t make a habit of it.” He smiled as they pulled into the parking lot of the movie theater. She knew he would have already purchased the tickets, because he was like that. Holding hands, they walked into the theater, where Mark quickly led her all the way to the back ( he knew she was liable to sit somewhere weird…like the middle ), and sat in the middle of row, folding up the armrests of the seats around him, and letting her sit on his lap, her feet over the seat to his right.

“Do we really have to go to your little park party?”

“Yes,” she groaned, her face buried in his chest.

“Fine,” he groaned back as the lights went out. As soon as it was dark, she sat up, and they began to kiss, their tongues trying to out race the images flashing across the screen in the previews. His hands supported her, pulling her closer, and caressing her breasts and ass. She tried to sit in his lap, but he turned her away, so that she had her back towards him. Pulling her into him, he began to rub, squeeze, and caress her breasts through her top, as he bit her neck, and worked his hand under her skirt. Her head came back, but she bit her finger so that she would not moan out loud.

His hand came all the way up, and he found her thong. She could almost see the surprise on his face, as his bite loosened for a second, then he clamped on the other side, whispering something she could not understand, his finger rubbing her through her panties.

Her hips began to rotate as he found her clit, and his index finger began to massage it. Slowly his fingers slipped around the lacy garment, and began to invade her. One after another, they passed her lips, teasing and rubbing them, as they moved deeper and deeper, caressing and exploring, until he had three fingers in her.

Squeezing her clit with them, his other hand began to squeeze, flick, and pull on her nipple in earnest now, massaging her left tit as he nibbled her neck. His ring finger flipped her lips back and forth, playing with them, as his middle and index fingers squeezed and pulled her clit.

Cassie almost bit her tongue off trying not to scream. Her hands gripped the arm rests, and her neck arched back, eyes screwed shut, as Mark began to whisper how hot she was in her ear. Then suddenly that feeling was back. The same feeling she remembered from the kitchen that morning, as his fingers where inside of her, caressing SOMETHING that she did not understand, and driving her straight up the wall.

Marks index finger continued to rotate over her G-spot, rubbing the rough patch of skin ( at least that’s what he figured it was, even though his knowledge of the inside of the female anatomy was limited to what to rub, lick, and suck on ), as he played with his baby. His top hand had switched, and was now sliding up her hot skin, under the blouse, finding her bra, and slipping inside.

Spreading her pussy lips open, his ring finger began to play with her labia. His index finger kept teasing her in that one spot, and his middle finger went to work on her clit, as his teeth found her earlobe, and he began to nibble, as he whispered to her.

Cassie could not take it. She thought she was drowning, as sweat broke out all over her body, her back arching, and her cunt on fire. His fingers seemed to go faster, faster, faster, and then she exploded, the orgasm starting deep inside of her, and radiating out faster and faster, with each flick of his finger growing stronger.

She could not hold it in, and a loud, high pitched scream flew from her lungs, as she almost leapt of his lap, then collapsed into his arms.

Suddenly she became aware of their surroundings. Cassie looked up, and noticed that people where turning around, and she wondered if the guy in the projector room right above them had just gotten the show of his life. She buried her face in Marks chest, as he lifted her up, and carried her out of the theater.

Mark wrapped his arms around her, kissing her all the way, as he carried her out the back, and pushed her up against the wall. Immediately, her legs wrapped around his waist, and their tongues began to wrestle anew. She sucked his fingers clean, then held him tight as she gasped for air.

“I guess we’ll need to find a new movie theater to go to.”

“They are building a new one over by Stone Field.” Her voice was still shaky from her orgasm.

“I know…by the time I’m ready to see another movie, it should be ready. You hungry?”

“Yeah. You think we can go without making a scene?”

They held hands as they walked around the front, Mark rolling his head from side to side as he considered a answer.

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