Mark and Mike and Mr. Jim Ch. 01


I’ve been retired the last three years and divorced for the last two. After the property settlement I bought this modest house in the country, about six miles from the nearest town and lived quite happily alone.

My doctor told me to make sure I started “taking it easy” as he wrote the prescription for my heart medicine. My house was on five acres of mostly wooded land. About an acre was cleared around the house and planted with grass. There were two other houses around but they were hidden behind the trees and the neighbors kept pretty much to themselves. I was secluded and liked it. Hell, I could take a piss off my porch if I felt like it.

Living alone and no job to go to, I slept when I got sleepy and ate when I got hungry. Even living a good way off the beaten path I still had cable tv and high-speed internet. With all the crap on television, I spent a lot of time on the internet doing email or watching porn. Every couple of weeks, a married friend of mine stopped by for beer, watching porn, and mutual blowjobs.

The house came with a large shed that I used for a workshop and storage. I kept pretty busy keeping the yard neat and working on different projects in my workshop. As long as I “just puttered around” and didn’t overdo it, I wouldn’t have to worry much about my heart giving out. So when I had some heavy work I hired someone to do it.

One summer a couple of lanky boys pulled up in a pickup truck, got out, and walked to me on the porch where I was having cigarettes and coffee for breakfast. They looked like clean cut boys and they had a respectful air when they asked if there was some work around my place they could do. I told them not at the moment, but if they gave me their phone numbers, I’d give them a call when something came up. They said they lived nearby and were going back to college after summer. They were making spending money for college by doing yard work in the area. I said they looked pretty young to be college boys and they said they were nineteen and I guess I looked like I didn’t believe them; they both showed me their driver’s license. Sure enough they were both nineteen.

They were roommates, sharing a rented house trailer. I wrote their phone number in the book by telephone. Mark and Mike. Nice looking, well mannered young men.

Later, I realized that I watched a lot of porn showing guys their age jerking off or sucking or fucking each other. I wondered about it, remembered I was 68 instead 21 and knew it would never happen with me and Mark or Mike.

A couple weeks later a cold front came through at night with the wind whistling Cebeci Escort and rain blowing sideways like hell. The power had gone off for a few hours and came back on with daylight and a clear sky.

I made coffee and took a cup with me as I walked around my property, checking on damage. There are a lot of pine trees and the cleared area that was my yard/lawn was covered with wind blown pine cones and broken branches. Cleaning it all up was the kind of a job the doctor told me to not do.

I remembered Mark and Mike and called their number. Their machine answered and I left a message saying I had a lot of yard work.

Later that afternoon they called back and said they had a lot of work lined up and If I could wait a couple of days they would come over and clean up the storm damage.

Two days later, late in the afternoon, Mark and Mike drove up in their separate pickup trucks. They looked pretty tired out and their clothes were damp with sweat. They took a glance around the property and said that my place was one of the worst ones they had seen. They said they’d be back first thing the next morning, got in their trucks, and went home.

I wanted to treat them right, so I went to town and bought a couple six-packs of beer and some assorted soft drinks and picked up some cold cuts and bread. Mark and Mike would have cold drinks and lunch when they came over tomorrow.

They showed up as I was sitting on the porch with my first coffee. Before they got started, I waved them over and told them when the got thirsty and wanted to cool off, just come in and help themselves to the soft-drinks and beer in the refrigerator. I was going to be in my bedroom catching up on email and net surfing.

From my bedroom window, I could glance outside and see how Mark and Mike progressing in the yard. Compared to when they stopped by yesterday, they looked fresh in clean blue jeans and white Tee-shirts and leather palm work gloves. They had huge trash cans on wheels with contractor-size trash bags. They started right away picking up the seeming millions of pine cones.

Happy that I had two good workers going at it, I turned to my computer and started answering emails. After a while I looked through the blinds on my window to see how they were doing. Their backs were to me and it looked like they were taking a breather; they were standing beside one of their huge trash cans talking.

Mark was taller than Mike and while I watched them talking, Mark sidled up behind Mike and put his arms around him. Mark lowered his head and Kolej Escort was cheek-to-cheek with Mike. I saw Mark arms move down the front of Mike and in a few seconds, judging by the way Mark’s hand was moving, it was evident that he was giving Mike a hand-job. Mike’s arms hung straight down while Mark jacked him off. Mark was grinding his hips against Mikes butt and suddenly Mike’s body stiffened and his head fell back and rested on Mark’s shoulder. I saw a stringer of white stuff fly from where Mikes cock would be. There was another stringer and another and another. I counted eleven squirts of cum disappearing into the grass.

My heart was beating hard and my cock was as hard as it has ever been. That few minutes was hotter than any porn or real life action I had ever seen. Mark took his arms from Mike as Mike zipped up his jeans. Then Mark started to make for the house and Mike called out something to him. Mark nodded his head and trotted toward the house.

I had forgotten about the porn clip I was watching on my computer’s big screen and just sat there fingering my hard cock through my trousers when I heard the door open.

Mark appeared at the open door to my bedroom with his mouth open to say something when his eye caught what was on my computer screen. I followed his glance and saw a thick penis ejaculating into a male mouth.

Mark sat on the edge of my bed and stared at the screen. “Wow, Mr. Jim, I didn’t know you looked at porn.”

I glanced toward his crotch and saw that his cock was stiff and had snaked down his leg and he was unconsciously fingering it. His eyes were glued to the porn action on my computer screen.

“Looks like you could use a little tension relief,” i said, making a gesture toward his hand.

“Yeah,” he said. Would you mind if I…?”

“I’ll get you a towel,” I said and got up to go to the linen closet. As I went past him I could smell the pleasing tang of his honest sweat. I returned in a moment with a folded towel and and handed it to him. Then I decided to take a chance when I saw how his eyes were glazed with lust as he stared at the computer screen–this time a hard cock was squeezing into a hairy ass hole.

I said. “I can do better than giving you a towel Mark.”

“Better?” he seemed puzzled.

“Wouldn’t you like a blowjob better than jacking off into a towel?”

“I never had a blowjob,” he said. That seemed hard to believe after I had just watched him give his friend a hand-job. And this was no time to express my doubts.

“Well, now’s a good rime Yenimahalle Escort to get one.”

He thought it over a few moments, then said, “Okay.”

Mark was sitting on the corner of my bed, so close I could feel the heat from his sweaty body. I only had to turn my swivel chair to face him. We were at the same level and our knees were touching.

I reached for his zipper and tugged it down, then unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned the top button of his sweat-damp jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his rigid cock sprang out surrounded by the humid male scent of his nineteen-year-old crotch. Then I lowered my head down to his pubic hair and inhaled deeply the heady aroma.

Mark’s cock was nicely shaped and meaty. I took it into my mouth and heard Mark sigh, and lowered my mouth until the tip of his young manhood touched the back of my throat. Again, with my nose an inch from his pubic bush, I inhaled youthful male fragrance.

I could taste sweat-salt at first along his shaft until it was dissipated by my saliva. My head moved up and down on his hard shaft for I don’t know how long, so intoxicated was I by his youthful taste and smell. All too soon he began making the sounds of impending orgasm,

When he fell back and lay rigidly on my bed and his legs were stretched out straight, the strong, fresh taste of his cream filled my mouth with remarkable force and quantity. When his body relaxed and he lay, gasping, I held his cock in my mouth a few seconds longer before turning him loose. I swirled his cum around in my mouth, savoring the creamy taste of Mark’s semen. I finally swallowed his cum just as he sat up wearing a smile of joy.

He stood and buckled his belt and zippered his fly.

As if nothing happened, he said, “Mr. Jim, what I really wanted to ask was if it would be all right if I took a beer for me and Mike.”

“Sure, I told you I got it for you guys. You don’t have to ask.”

He left my bedroom and was back in an instant. “Mr. Jim, uh, thanks for…that.” he said and left.

I saw through the window Mark come over to where Mike was standing. He handed Mike a beer and drank deeply from his own. In a few minutes the two were back to work.

The scent of Mark’s young, sweaty body lingered in the room and I could still taste his cum. I unlimbered my hard-on, closed my eyes and relived giving a young man his first blowjob. I stroked my cock and in less time than usual, shooting my load into the towel I had brought for Mark to use.

Later that day, when the sun was low, the two of them came to the door and said they were knocking off but would be back tomorrow. I looked outside at the yard. They had cleared a great deal of windfall but there was still a lot more to go. I thanked them for doing a good job and as they drove off, I wondered if tomorrow I would be blowing Mike. The image of eleven squirts of cum when Mark jacked him off was still vivid in my mind.

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