Marie’s Perfect Breasts Ch. 01


All characters are over 21 years of age.

At age 22 Marie’s past could be summarized by one word, “breasts”.

She had developed early and was soon the envy of every girl in her class.

It didn’t take Marie long to recognize that she commanded the boys’ attention and why. Although at first sexually naïve she knew enough to use her physical attributes to gain popularity and knew that she could date the most popular boys whenever she was ready.

She didn’t date until she was 18. She was wise enough to know that boys would try to take advantage of her so she simply refused to date. At about the time of her 18th birthday,she decided it was time to learn about sex. She read books and watched videos. She talked to her girlfriends and only believed about half of what they said.

Marie also started exploring her body’s reactions to her own touch. Knowing that her chest was everyone’s focus prompted her to admire her breasts in the mirror which in turn evolved into touching her breasts and nipples- first in appreciation for their size and shape and later because it felt so good. When she was a senior in high school she compared herself to pictures in Playboy and Penthouse. While her face may not have been as pretty, her 5′ 9″, long legged body was of true centerfold quality. Her DD breasts were not just large; they were perfectly shaped and placed high on her chest. She’d strike poses before her mirror imagining her tits displayed in a men’s magazine or her body writhing in a porn movie. These private moments frequently morphed into self pleasuring with her breasts being grabbed in every way imaginable.

After high school she easily found work at a bar known for its well endowed waitresses. Her tips were three times what her friends earned at the local restaurant. Wearing tight tops and flirting with the customers for better tips only added to Marie’s self interest in her body.

Even at the young age of 19, she recognised her body was her meal ticket and the best tool she had to assure a comfortable future. She kept in shape and made sure her hair and make-up added to her appeal. She was 20 before she engaged in any heavy petting but soon realized that she enjoyed being sexuially aroused by a man. When she finally decided to give up her virginity she was careful about STDs and pregnancy and sought to receive as much pleasure as she gave.

One night at the bar Marie encountered a suave man by the name of Raul who caught her attention and charmed her into a corner. After a few minutes of small talk Raul exclaimed, “I have to tell you that I’ve watched you at work for several nights. I’m in love with your breasts. I’d like to bind them tightly with silken rope as the Japanese have done for centuries. They’ll swell and become incredibly sensitive. You’ll want to tear them off but, of course, your hands will be tied and you’ll be quite helpless. I’ll tease your nipples until you’re going crazy with frustration. Your breasts will ache. Finally, I’ll bring you off; you’ll have an orgasm better than any you’ve ever had.”

Marie listened to this stranger’s words. She was shocked but her thighs tensed. She knew her nipples were like rocks and her crotch was wet. She was speechless but incredibly aroused.

Without waiting for her to react, Raul said, “Come along to my house; you won’t regret it nor ever forget the experience.” Against her usually prudent judgment, Marie got into the stranger’s car and sat nervously for what was only a two or three minute drive to Raul’s home.

Once in Raul’s living room Raul started to unbutton Marie’s blouse. She was frozen and simply let herself be stripped. When she was topless Raul examined Marie’s breasts closely and caressed them, saying, “Exquisite- just as I envisioned them. They cry out for both abuse and worship which I will provide” Marie’s shorts and panties were quickly disposed of leaving her standing in just her heels.

Marie shivered with excitement as she felt Raul encircle her upper body just below her breasts with a soft black rope. He moved around her and ran the rope above her breasts and then over her shoulders and between her breasts with practiced ease. She could tell there was a definite pattern to the runs of rope but had no need to know what was next. She could feel him wrapping the rope around the base of each of her breasts. She felt him adjusting the rope in several places making it uniformly tight. Looking down she saw that rope now snugly encased the base of each of her breasts and that they were sticking out unnaturally. Marie felt her hands being drawn back and her wrists being tied together- pushing her breasts out even more obscenely.

Raul said, “I suppose you’ve never been bound before. Your body is perfect for the rope and for other things I will do to you. Today is simply the first step.” Raul showed her a pair of small clamps which he then attached to each of Marie’s erect nipples. She’d seen nipple clamps in an online catalog but never thought about actually experiencing them. Each clamp had a small screw which Raul turned to make the clamps tighten. Escort Bayan They were almost unbearable- but that’s what made them exciting. A chain connected the clamps giving Raul a perfect means to tug on both nipples which he did. It was painful but tremendously erotic. Marie could feel her pussy leaking onto her thighs.

A few minutes later Raul told Marie to notice how purple and swollen her breasts had become. She could see the skin was taut and shiny. It was obscene to see and to even more perverted to think of this being done to her perfect breasts yet she loved it. She fantasized of scenes in dungeons involving several tools of breast torture. She’d never been in such a place nor seen such abuse but the thought of being the center of attention in a sex dungeon was thrilling. Her breasts ached. She wanted to touch them but couldn’t.

Soon Raul removed the clamps and caressed Marie’s breasts which felt as if they could explode. Pain shot from her nipples with the removal of the clamps but Marie merely hissed as she endured yet enjoyed it.

Raul said, “Your breasts are mine. Only I know how to treat them. They are so special that only you and I shall touch them. Tonight is merely an introduction to what you can expect from me. Your sexual release is coming soon; I’m going to give it to you and then we’ll be done for tonight. Return here on Friday night at 6PM for your next lesson. Don’t wear a bra on Friday afternoon; it leaves marks on your skin. I want your skin to be perfect; the only marks will be mine.” With that Raul loosened the section of ropes that bound Marie’s breasts and she screamed as blood rushed back. His hands and mouth attacked her breasts. His tongue teased her while his teeth bit her nipples firmly. Every nerve in her breasts was on fire and seemed connected directly to her pussy. She was soon overcome with a huge orgasm. She gasped several times and then couldn’t breathe. Her legs crumbled as her strength was sapped. Raul had to guide her to a nearby hassock before she fell.

After allowing her a few minutes to recover, Raul said, “You can go now. Be here promptly on Friday and shave your pussy before then. While your hair may be attractive to some I think it’s a distraction.”

Marie left. She spent the next several days silently debating whether she would return. There had been no romance- no affection. Yet she craved Raul’s intense attention to her breasts. He shared Marie’s obsession with them and was showing her new ways to enjoy them. She had to return.

Marie was excited all day Friday. Shaving her pussy for the first time was a daunting task but very arousing. She was preparing her body to be used by someone who hadn’t even kissed her and might never do so. He had used the word “abuse” and yet she was looking forward to whatever he might do.

Their second encounter was similar to the first. She was stripped as soon as she arrived. Raul tied Marie’s hands behind her back causing her chest to protrude dramatically. Raul fondled her breasts and told her again how perfect they were.

He took her by surprise when she saw a small leather whip in his hand. It almost looked like a toy with a total length of only about a foot. It looked like it consisted of 6 to 10 leather strips- they could have been rawhide boot laces. She was shocked when he started to strike her breasts with the talons. Each strike stung and left a lingering sensation that faded in a minute or two. It wasn’t painful but her mind and body were on edge at the very thought that her precious breasts were being whipped. He struck all over her breasts but seemed to deliberately avoid her nipples. The occasional glancing blow to a nipple made her thankful of that. Raul stopped after a few minutes, dropped the whip and gently caressed her breasts with both hands. It was as if his hands were apologizing for the whip and soothing any pain. She loved the feeling of his hands- realizing that her breasts were incredibly sensitive. It felt so good to be touched. When his fingers eventually fondled her nipples she jumped with arousal- becoming aware for the first time that his hands had carefully avoided the nipples until then.

Raul then lowered his mouth to her chest and sucked on her nipples. As they hardened like steel he told her they should be hard all of the time. His teeth and tongue toyed with both nipples in succession and Marie could feel his arousal. He said, “Your breasts are absolutely perfect; large erect nipples make them even more perfect.”

Raul showed her a pair of small silicon suction cups. He coated the rim and interior with lip balm and applied one to each nipple saying, “Let’s see what ten minutes of gentle suction does. They’ll be larger and more sensitive for perhaps an hour. If I like the results I may put you in a program of repeated, stronger suction to see if we can make a permanent change.” Marie gasped with the initial pull on her left nipple but soon realized it wasn’t painful. Knowing what to expect made receiving the second cup purely erotic. She could see each nipple through the transparent cup and Bayan Escort was excited as she saw them ever so slowly expand into the cups. After about five minutes each nipple was ¾ inch long and virtually filled its cup. Marie kept glancing down at her distended nipples; it was very arousing to see them so large and know they were being stretched. She started imagining them expanding to obscene lengths and was excited by the thought that they’d show through her clothes.

Meanwhile, Raul fondled Marie’s breasts and explored her ass and hips. He complimented her on her shaving and aroused her further by caressing her newly exposed pussy. He told her to shave it every two or three days to keep it smooth and to perhaps look into waxing. Removing the cups caused Marie a moment of panic as it seemed her nipples were being ripped off with them but she sensed Raul was trying to be gentle and eventually each nipple slipped free. Her nipples shrank significantly from their peak size in the cups but Marie could see they remained dramatically larger than before. Raul ravished them with his mouth while a hand penetrated her dripping wet pussy. Marie had two orgasms from his attention. Just as he’d said, her nipples were highly sensitive. Raul encouraged Marie to look at her enlarged nipples which were wet with his saliva. She was mesmerized by the sight. They looked swollen and angry in a blatantly sexual way. It was as if she was looking at her pussy right after it had been fucked.

Raul seized her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and pulled on them while squeezing ever more forcefully. He held both nipples away from her body for a full minute or more. Marie panted with a combination of pain and lust. As he eased up on the stretching, Raul said, “I’m going to untie your hands. You’ll kneel on the hassock so your breasts are the right height for my cock. As you move there dip your fingers in your pussy and apply some of your natural lubricant to the valley between your breasts. You’ll use your hands to squeeze your breasts around my cock.” As Marie did as instructed she saw Raul was removing his clothes. It was the first time he’d done so and this was going to be the first time he’d sought sexual release. She’d seen “tit fucking” in a video but never thought much about it. Now it seemed perfect; her breasts were made for Raul’s pleasure.

Marie liberally coated the inner sides of both breasts with her juices- returning to her pussy several times for more; she could visualize Raul’s cock sliding on her chest and thought he’d enjoy more rather than less lube.

She positioned herself on the hassock and Raul’s cock slapped against her chest as he stepped in front of her. Her hands came up to the outer sides of her breasts and she captured his cock within their soft flesh. Raul groaned at being enveloped and began slowly thrusting up and down in the fleshy vagina she’d created. She watched as his cockhead emerged from between her tits on each upward stroke and then disappeared. It was exciting to her but she could see and hear that Raul was already close to losing control with the level of his arousal. Soon he was cumming and Marie watched as he ejaculated upward onto her neck and face and then with lesser force onto her breasts. It was hugely satisfying to her to know that her breasts had brought him off; she could imagine his using her breasts regularly.

When Raul had calmed, he said, “Be here next Friday at the same time. Between now and then use these cups twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes. After each session you are to touch yourself and bring yourself off but those are the only times you are permitted to touch yourself. From now on your orgasms are tied to your nipples- the nipples we’re going to make big, fat and long”.

Marie found herself horny all evening that night- knowing she was not allowed to touch herself. Thinking about how she was to stretch her nipples and then pleasure herself made her breasts all the more tempting. At bedtime she stared at her breasts in the mirror- imaging her nipples larger. She liked the kinky idea.

As instructed, Marie applied the suction cups twice each day. She’d stare at herself in the mirror- imagining the cups were actually huge nipples. Each session became foreplay since afterwards she would play with her nipples and pussy until she came. She was aroused all week as she thought about the next time she’d stretch her nipples which would lead to pleasuring herself. She was also excited by the fact that her nipples seemed larger and more sensitive as the days passed.

On the following Friday Raul stripped Marie, tied her hands and placed her in a reclining chair. He examined her nipples which he pronounced were indeed larger than they’d been a week earlier. She was proud of her nipples- feeling she’d improved on the perfection she’d already had. He rubbed a soothing lotion on her nipples and told Marie to take the tube with her for daily use to minimize irritation. He then showed Marie an assemblage of a bulb and a short flexible tube explaining it was a vacuum pump. He attached a 3 inch Escort hard vinyl cylinder to the flexible tube and placed its open end over her left nipple. He instructed Marie to watch closely as she would be doing this on her own.

Marie gasped as Raul squeezed the bulb sucking her nipple over a half inch into the cylinder. The suction was dramatically more than produced by the suction cups to which she’d become accustomed. Raul said, “I’m going to pump just a little more. You can permanently damage your nipple with this pump so go slowly. Use your pain as the measure of how much suction to apply; don’t go too far.” With that Marie watched as Raul squeezed the bulb gently; her nipple ached a little more but there was no significant pain. He then demonstrated how the pump was to be detached from the tube which projected straight out from her breast. A new cylinder was then attached to the pump for the other nipple. He repeated the pumping process and told Marie to tell him when the suction on both sides seemed equal. After some trial and error pumping and pressure release, Marie pronounced the suction to be equal. She stared at her distended nipples- fascinated by the idea of enlarging them permanently.

Raul’s hand found its way between Marie’s thighs. He worked her pussy and described how wet she was and how much he was enjoying fingering her. He explained that he expected her nipples would be too sore to enjoy any attention after the cylinders were removed. He told her to look at how long her nipples were in the cylinders and to think about them being permanently erect. She breathlessly said, “That’s what I’ve been thinking about.” She again envisioned how her nipples would show through most of her everyday tops- calling even more attention to her breasts. She became noticeably more aroused and he told her to come on his hand. She did.

Raul showed Marie the valve to open to release the suction on each cylinder. He told her to remove the cylinders herself as practice for when she’d be on her own. Her eyes watered as her sensitive flesh stuck to the inside of the cylinder. Finally, she extracted both nipples.

As he stripped Raul told Marie to assume her kneeling position on the hassock. Without prompting, Marie lubricated her breasts and positioned her hands on the outside of her breasts. He slid into place and was enveloped by her soft breasts. Her upper chest was coated with cum after only a minute or two. Raul then said, “Return here tomorrow at 6PM and we’ll see if you can handle the pump by yourself; it might take a little practice.” He handed her a new pair of vinyl suction cups saying, “Tomorrow morning use these larger cups-they’re longer and wider than the ones you’ve had. I think you’ll find them amateurish after experiencing the real pump but you’ll still find them arousing. In any case, you do not have permission to cum tomorrow morning. I’ll see to your pleasure in the evening.”

Marie’s session with the larger cups was exactly as Raul had said. They felt like toys compared to the pump. The freedom to walk about her apartment with large suction cups perched atop each nipple was nonetheless kinky and arousing. She was horny all day.

That evening Raul showed Marie how to use a Q-Tip to apply K-Y jelly to the inside of the cylinders assuring her that her nipples would expand more easily in the hard vinyl cylinder and not stick when removed. He then told her to apply the cylinders by herself as he watched. She fumbled a bit but got them on. As she sat in the recliner with the cylinders attached, Raul played with her pussy. Since her hands were free, Raul encouraged her to caress her breasts for their mutual pleasure. She was excited to be able to tease Raul by handling her breasts. She alternated between seductive caresses and rough handling and could see he was aroused by her performance. Raul explained that he wanted her to use the pump once per day until the following Friday. Marie realized that Raul was teasing her pussy but not bringing her to orgasm. She was extremely horny and his fingers were driving her crazy. Finally, Raul announced that it had been about 15 minutes of suction.

He then said, “When I say so I want you to release the valve on both cylinders simultaneously and then remove the cylinders quickly. Return your fingers to your nipples and bring yourself off. My hand will stay in your pussy but I’m not going to touch your clit; your orgasm should come from your nipples. Each day this week you’re going to pleasure yourself the same way- teasing your pussy for 15 minutes but not orgasming until you can attack your nipples. They’ll be incredibly sensitive and a little sore but the orgasm will be tremendous since it will involve your beautiful larger nipples. Now get ready to remove the suction. Do it now and then tell me what you feel as you play with your breasts.” Marie had some difficulty finding the valves but soon positioned her fingers correctly and squeezed the two releases. She promptly deposited the cylinders on the end table and returned her thumbs and forefingers to her nipples. They felt huge and she said, “They feel incredibly big and the K-Y makes my fingers slip. I can’t squeeze them as tightly as I want. I want to pinch them really hard … but, Oh…Oh… they feel great and I’m cumming already!” Marie’s whole body shook as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

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