Amy works alongside Charlie who drives a red 1956 Ford pickup which he restored from a pile of rust. He would park in the furthest spot to keep from the dings and dents known to happen in a parking lot. Many days people would give Charlie a ride closer to the door, mainly the ladies. He wore a cedar cologne which turns the lady’s eyes, and melts their panties, but he only had eyes for Amy. She is a petite thirty-seven-year-old red head who is married. She made him groan from heartbreak and his cock wanted to feel her touch. Her husband was a fairly large man with a few muscles which would break a poor guy like Charlie in half. But Charlie had one thing going for him, his truck. Willie loved old trucks about as much as he loved Amy.

Amy’s favorite day of the year was Cinco de Mayo. Charlie has a joke that everyone expects to hear on the fifth day of May: “Do you know why they call today Cinco de Mayo?” When they said no, he would say “Because Cinco de Mustard didn’t sound right.” Some people humored him with a chuckle and others genuinely thought he was funny. He asked Amy and she fluttered her eyes and answered him and then reminded Charlie it was her favorite day of the year. Truth was that Amy loved margaritas and on Cinco de Mayo she got hammered. Charlie thought he would try to get Amy to go bar hopping. “Hey beautiful, how about some Margaritas after work?”

Amy smiled at Charlie but remembering the work at home that had to be done, she pouted, “I can’t. I have to help build a new front porch for the house. I would love to, but Willie needs my help at home.”

Charlie walked back to work and he kept looking in Amy’s direction. He wasn’t doing anything this afternoon; a little carpentry wouldn’t hurt him at all. He went back to Amy to make a suggestion. “Hey Amy. How about this; I bring over some power tools, tequila, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, and tunes over this afternoon, if you entertain the idea to put a bikini on why we work.”

Amy giggled and winked at Charlie, “That sounds like fun. Besides, if you help Willie, then I will have more time to drink Margaritas. Woohoo!!! It’s party time!!!” Amy made sure she wasn’t needed at the line, so she ran to the bathroom to message Willie they had help coming this afternoon. Willie was welcome to here is was Charlie because he loved to just sit in his truck. Amy told Willie she was going to run to the store after work and get some steaks and veggies to cook on the grille. The rest of the day flew by and Amy and Charlie walked out together. He started to walk to his truck on the other side of the parking lot, but she pulled him towards her car. “I’ll drive you to “Red.” He walked to the passenger side and opened the door; something fell onto the ground.

Bending over to get what fell out, he noticed it was a pair of panties. Amy had slid in and buckled up then Charlie sat down, fumbling with his lunch pail and her knickers in his hands. “Whose are these?”

Amy looked over and saw her panties in his hands, her cum stained panties which she knew he could smell the aroma coming from them. A vision flashed in her head.

– – –

Amy arrived at work this morning feeling rather horny and then hearing the rumble of Charlie’s ’56 coming into the parking lot. She had worn a loose pair of shorts and she had to rub one out really quick. She looked around and seeing no one, she started stroking her cunny through her shorts. Charlie sat over in the corner idling sending vibrations through the air, making her floorboards hum all the way through her seat and right to her clit. She could see Charlie under the hood of “Red” revving his engine, tuning the heart of the magnificent beast. With every redline rev, she pushed her button, stroking her clit and fingering her soaking wet honey pot. She was close to exploding when Charlie read her mind. He revved the engine one good long time and it sent her over the edge. Amy exploded, with the force of a keg of black powder, sending waves of pleasure from her curled-up toes, through her shapely quivering legs, up her core still sending sparks up her nervous system right to the carnal center of her brain. She rubbed faster and faster as she worked her hungry pussy, trying to get all the orgasm out. Her hand, panties, and seat were all soaked with her juices and she had to clean up quickly. Off came her shorts and panties which she used to soak up her cum the best she could. She put her shorts back on and tried to collect her senses, then she stepped out of the car to finish the job when Charlie walked up seeing her hot ass sticking up in the air.

He bit his lip as he wanted to grab her tight little ass, but time was tight, and they needed to get inside. “Hey Ames! Hurry up, we’re gonna be late.”

“I’m trying!” Amy finished wiping her seat down and bursa eskort bayan threw her panties over to the far side of the car. She closed the door and pushed the button on the fob to lock it and hustled to catch up to Charlie.

– – –

Amy tried to jerk her panties out of his hand, but he kept them from her. He played keep away for a full minute until she sullied up and sat pouting. “Oh, don’t get mad, here are your panties.” Amy snatched them away and stuck them under her seat. “Now wipe that frown off your pretty face, and let’s get going. I will go home and get tools and then to the liquor store. You go where you gotta go, and we’ll meet at your house. That’s where we will make those ‘Ritas and you can slip into that bikini.” Amy smiled and pawed at Charlie’s leg. He reached for the door handle and she looked at him.

“Where ya going?”

“I figured I would walk to “Red,” I have developed a problem and the scent in your car keeps getting me harder. If I stay in here, I am going to bust a nut.”

“At least give me a good long look when you step out.” Charlie nodded and stepped out and stretched, giving her a look at his chiseled chest and his package casting a shadow on the ground. Amy got warm between her legs again. She squealed and stamped her feet, “I’m getting so wasted tonight and you never know, you might get more than you bargain for. You see, as they say, Tequila makes my clothes fall off.”

“Good to know; and to think, you’re starting in a bikini.” Charlie closed the door and turned towards his truck and strutted to his ’56. All the way home he smelled his hand, the scent lingered in his head. He almost missed his turn, wondering if she was shaved or not, whether she was pierced or not, whether she has any tattoos and what her body looks like without her skintight clothes. He pulled into his drive and headed to his work shed. Grabbing his tools and stereo power box, he hustled back to his truck and headed off to the liquor store. He turned into Sal’s and bought a couple bottles of Patron, some Cointreau, a bottle of sweet and sour. He hopped into “Red” and out to the country he went. Amy and Willie lived about ten minutes out of town, and Charlie knew the back roads like the curves of a sexy woman.

Charlie spotted the house in the distance and he saw Amy just getting there. He pressed in the clutch and revved the engine as a greeting at the door, and she got weak in the knees, about dropping her groceries. He pulled into their drive, shut off the motor, and stepped out just to be met by Willie.

“Hey man, thanks for coming over. I hoped I was going to get this porch done today, and you know how absent-minded women can be…”

One thing Charlie could not stand, was a man putting down a woman, especially the wife and mother of his children. “Sure man, let’s take a look at what you’ve done so far.” He evaluated the mess Willie had made and if Charlie’s dad, the master carpenter, were there, he would be pulling his hair out. “You’ve done a good job here, but if you angle the braces like this, the porch will last longer. Let’s change this stringer here…” The two worked for a couple hours and Amy had been by a few times, starting out in a black bikini with a full back, but all her naughtiness was on display. Every time she came back around, she was wearing a different suit, each more risqué than the one before. Amy noticed Charlie was sweating a good bit, she walked out to her car and she got her panties from under her seat and handed them to Charlie to wipe his brow. He brought them to his nose and breathed in deep, staring at her pantied cunt only inches from him. Amy only giggled and shook her ass as she walked away.

Charlie was working in front of their bedroom window and he could see through the sheer curtains. Amy was at her dresser, in her skimpiest swimsuit yet and she was tying the bows on the side. She was on her way to the pool to relax with a fresh batch of margaritas. Amy could see through the mirror that he was looking in the window and she was going to give him something to look at. She walked towards the window and acted like she didn’t see him.

Amy rubbed her boobs, circling her nipples and pulling on them making them hard. Then she ran her hands down her body to her bottoms, tracing the strings from the sides to the small panel covering her trembling quim. She outlined her pussy lips, adjusting the suit to make sure he could see her completely shaven mound and then she turned around and bent over, shoving her hot ass almost into the windowpane. It was a good thing he was wearing a carpenter’s apron, because his cock was straining to break out of his pants.

Willie was oblivious to what was going on, he kept look at and asking Charlie about his truck. All Charlie could think about was possibly swapping bursa merkez escort “Red” for Amy, even for one night; he would get the better end of the deal. Ames walked out the front door with the frosty pitcher of Margaritas and two frozen mugs. She poured one for Charlie and one for herself and then handed Willie a can of Miller Lite beer. He chugged his beer looking at “Red” while Charlie could not take his eyes off Amy. Her nipples were hard, and her ass was perfect. He could almost taste her pussy juices through her bottom. The alcohol was doing nothing compared to the intoxication coming from her body. She looked at Charlie and winked and nodded towards the pool. He chuckled, “Hey Willie, when we get through here, do you wanna drive “Red” to go get some more beer?”

“Hell yeah! I’ll take good care of that pretty little lady.”

“Sounds good.” Under Charlie’s breath he said, “And I’ll take good care of your pretty little lady.” Within twenty minutes, they laid the last board and Willie shook Charlie’s hand for the help and a job well done. They walked towards “Red” and Charlie popped the hood on the ’56. He turned the distributor cap slightly and then closed the hood and walked to the open door with Willie sitting inside. “Take it easy, she’s a dream easily turned into a nightmare. She’s got a lot of power and everyone will know you are coming.” He gave Willie the keys and he started it up. The spark of the plugs into the combustion chambers, roared the ole ’56 to life.

Charlie closed the door and tapped the hood as Willie backed out of the driveway. When he no longer saw the taillights of his truck he turned towards the pool, shedding his shirt as he walked to the back yard. When he rounded the corner, he saw Amy sitting on the patio in a lounge chair. She still had a bikini on, but she was covered up with a thread bare shirt and her suit was just three silver triangles. He kicked off his shoes and socks and then her eyes bugged out of her head when he dropped his pants, cock rock hard. He jumped into the pool and swam over to her.

“Are you naked in my pool?”


“Why are you naked in my pool?”

“Better question is, why aren’t YOU naked in your pool?”

“But what about Willie, he could come back.”

“One, we would hear him coming. And two, he won’t be coming back anytime soon.”

“How do you know?”

“I rigged the distributor cap to pop off when he turns on Seven Mile road. When he makes that sharp turn, the cap will come off and the motor will die, giving us time to take care of what we need too, if you will let me.” He pulled himself out of the water and walked up to her, his member within her reach. He took a towel and dried his hair and chest and started to wrap it around his waist and she followed his cock bobbing around the whole time.

Amy looked at Charlie’s prick and then up his body and into his eyes. “Hey Charlie, what was the name of the hurricane that blew the man off the patio?” He looked puzzled and shrugged. Amy batted her eyes and smiled, “Amy.” She reached out and grabbed his prick and pulled him over to her. She opened her mouth and sucked him in deep, all the way to the back of her throat. She stroked his cock and balls while deep throating him. She made him harder and stronger than before. Amy stood up and took off her bikini top and then she stepped out of her bottoms. At last Charlie got a full view of her rocking body.

“Are you gonna join me?” Amy jumped into the refreshing water and then turned to see Charlie taking his towel off. She figured she would give him an invite into her world. Laying back in the water she rubbed her tits and then reached down and spread her pussy lips. Charlie’s mouth dropped open and then the towel dropped to the ground. He hit the water hard and came up between her legs and stuck his tongue right into her cunny.

Charlie lifted her out of the water and back over to the side of the pool. He rested the back of his head on the edge and he lifted her up and devoured her completely. He had her whole quim in his mouth, tongue shoved way deep inside. Amy gasped as he darted it in and out and he could tell she was going to cum soon. She climbed out of the water and laid on her back, and Charlie turned over and began to eat that pussy. He hummed into her honey hole and then stuck two fingers inside her wanting cunt and she was getting really close. He stroked her clit with his thumb and Amy erupted onto his fingers. Charlie pulled them out and she grasp his hand and brought it to her lips. The vixen sucked on his fingers like she sucked on his cock earlier. He then put them back inside where he could get a taste.

The handyman dove back into her pussy, licking, sucking, nibbling; and diving in deep. He began licking her clit and slid two fingers bursa sınırsız escort bayan back inside and Amy’s moans crescendo and then she came again, all over his face. She laid back in a heap as Charlie climbed out of the water and lay next to her. Amy saw his massive cock standing like a soldier and she figured it was time to have him in her. She sprang to her feet and lowered her pussy down onto his prick. She slid down, inch by inch until her ass rested on his pelvis. Amy bounced the full length of his cock and it stroked her g-spot, as Charlie reached around and rubbed her clit, her moans increased, and her ecstasy rose.

Amy held herself off Charlie’s body keeping only the top of his cock buried inside her. She was at an almost scream when she hit her peak exploding in full squirts all over the patio deck. Her mind was mixed with alcohol and endorphins and she collapsed back onto his chest causing his prick to pop out grazing her clit, sending waves of lightening to combine with the sea of chaos in her brain. “Up.” she urged.

Charlie stood up and she pulled him by his cock over to a lounge chair and knelt with her face in the cushion. “Face down ass up, that’s the way I like to fuck.” Amy giggled while wiggling her hot ass at the man with the big cock. Charlie stood behind her and pushed between the delicate folds of her soaking wet cunt and sank all the way in, a perfect fit. He began to pound her, and she began to moan like a whore, she encouraged her bull to blow his load deep in her. “Come on baby! Do it! Make me your little cum slut, shoot your load deep inside me.” Charlie began driving in all the way, balls slapping against her clit and he saw her pink rosebud. He pulled out and pressed against her asshole and she gasped and then relaxed as he entered her back door and she rubbed her cunny. All the way in, he had never felt anything so tight. “You’re my first back there. Willie won’t go cave exploring.”

“I’m an avid spelunker. And I’m going to thoroughly explore every inch of you.” Charlie started fucking her hot ass and he laid a few swats, making her cherry ass more of a cherry color. Amy rocked back with every push of his cock and she milked his load right out of him. Charlie felt a tingling in his toes and the hair on his legs stood on end. The load of C-4 building in his core had a quick detonator and Amy pushed the button when she reached back and grabbed his balls and stroked them. A volcano of jizz erupted and flooded Amy’s ass, and as he worked every last drop out. His little fuck buddy pulled off of him and spun around facing his spent member. “Oh no, you’re not going out like that.” She pushed him down to the lounger and then climbed on top of his face and lowered her yummy pussy down to his face.

Immediately he began tongue fucking her greedily slurping her juices out, “Sweeter than honey from the hive.”

Amy tried to say something, but his big cock was in the way to make any word audible. She didn’t know what did it, but maybe it was the vibrations of her words that sprang him back to life. Big and strong it filled her mouth and she wanted to taste his cum from the source. Charlie’s massive prick choked her, but she worked it past her gag reflex, and she kept sucking. He sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy until she came with extreme force and her teeth sank into his cock. He must love pain though because he unloaded again deep in her throat. She could feel the hot load sliding down into her belly, but she wanted to taste him. Pulling him all the way out, she sucked every last drop out of his spent cock which coated her tongue like a thick pat of butter.

All of a sudden, they could here “Red’s” engine rumbling down the quiet country hollow and they knew the party was over. The two new lovers ran around like chickens with their heads cut off gathering and putting their clothes back on. When they finished, they saw the head lights of the ’56 shining on the shed and they sat on opposite sides of the pool. Willie walked around the side of the house to see them talking and he reached into the case and handed Charlie a beer. “Here you go, I do appreciate you helping me build that porch today. Now if I can get her lazy ass to do something, my life would be much better.”

With Charlie’s cum leaking from her ass into her suit bottom she looked at Willie with disgust. “Yeah? Well, fuck you old man.”

Charlie laughed and stood up placing his hand on Willie’s shoulder. “I don’t know Willie. I’d say she’s been the perfect hostess tonight. She’s taken care of all of my needs and then some. And with that, I will bid you two a fond farewell.” Charlie shook Willie’s hand and blew a kiss to Amy as he started to walk to the corner of the house.

“Hold on man.” Willie walked up to him and looked at him in the eye. Charlie knew they were caught, and he didn’t know what to do. “Your distributor cap came loose when I turned onto Seven Mile Road. You might want to get some new bolts for that. Good thing I found some duct tape behind the seat.”

Charlie looked over at Amy and she giggled into her hands. “Duct tape. I must remember that. Maybe next time.”

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