Marco’s Adventures in High School Ch. 02


Louis was absolutely fuming, Marcos could tell, and he was loving every second of it. This guy was finally going to learn his lesson, and would never ever bully anyone again. Marcos would make sure of it. Sure enough, the stupid jock showed up after school, glaring around as he looked for Marcos. He looked horribly terrifying, standing there in a football jersey with his hands in his pockets, looking to murder someone.

Marcos told himself it would all be okay, to trust in the magical ability of his dick now, and walked into the garage. It was used for teaching mechanics at the school as an elective, but as classes were over for the day, no one would be there to bother them. All according to plan. Louis glared at him as soon as he entered, “What the fuck did you do to my girlfriend you dick?” He called out.

Marcos just smiled. “All I did is fuck her, just like she asked. You can’t blame her for being obsessed with such a large dick.”

“I know you made her do it. There’s no fucking way you know how to work that thing.”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” Marcos’ smile became even wider.

“Excuse me?” Louis asked, not expecting this response at all.

“You heard me. I said you can find out for yourself what Michelle is obsessed over.”

“I’m not going to touch your fucking dick.” He said, looking at him with complete hatred. “What I am going to do is bash your head in and make you regret you ever touched my girl.”

“Louis, you’ve cheated on her, too.” Marcos said, wanting to roll his eyes. What an absolute hypocrite. Louis only ignored him, not wanting to admit the truth. “Why don’t you come suck my dick, and I’ll promise to let her go?”

Louis approached him, absolutely fuming. Marcos was worried for a second, would his plan actually not work? He hadn’t prepared anything to defend himself, and he was beginning to worry that the alpha-male would indeed try to kill him while they were alone like this. He looked like a gorilla walking towards him, steam practically coming out of his ears. Then, when he was a few steps away from him, his eyes softened. “You promise you’ll give her back to me?” He asked. “She’s the only person I’ve ever cared about.”

Ah, exactly what Michelle had told him while he fucked her brains out. Louis did have a soft side. “Yes, I promise.” A lie, but Louis didn’t have to know that. He went on his knees, the shame clear in his eyes. Marcos had planned this out more, thinking he would have to manipulate him way more than he did, but everything seemed to be working out for him lately.

It was the magic of the pills, clearly.

Louis slowly unbuttoned Marcos’ pants, gulping slightly. “Have you ever sucked dick before?” Marcos asked, looking down at him. Louis shook his head. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Louis ignored him, and pulled his zipper down instead. “If you bite down… I’ll never return her to you.”

“I won’t fucking bite down.” He replied, and then pulled Marco’s dick out. It was still soft, but the length was shocking to Louis. He wondered if he would be able to take it down at all. He definitely had a larger jaw than most women… but he probably had a pretty bad gag reflex. Marcos would have to show him how to do it properly.

“Stroke it.” He said. Louis was being passive, which was quite opposite to his usual personality. He listened, and started to stroke Marcos at the tip where he was the most sensitive. Marcos wasn’t into dudes at all, but he was into dominating those who didn’t want to be dominated, and Louis was the prime target for that. Besides, guys had tight holes for him to fuck just like females did, and he didn’t mind destroying them the same way. Louis stroked him faster, and he grew underneath him, showing him his proper length. Louis’ eyes widened when he realized how big Marcos truly could be, and he wondered if the other male was thinking about how he fucked his girlfriend, and how she would never be the same again? How could she, when the size of her cunt was now shaped in Marcos’ dick?

“Good. Now put it in your mouth.” Marcos said, and Louis complied. Marcos tensed for a second, truly worried he would lose his dick for being so bold, but Louis did everything he asked. He was inexperienced, very inexperienced. He sucked passively, and could only get a fifth of Marcos’ dick down. This won’t do. Marcos Uzun porno grabbed his head and pushed Louis’ hands off of him. He started to fuck his mouth, going in and out slowly at first, trying to make the guy accustomed to having dick in his mouth, and then started to go faster, pumping in and out of Louis’ mouth like he had done this a million times before. He was getting proud of this jock, who was taking his dick in like a champ. He had his eyes closed, and tears started to well up in his eyes from trying hard not to choke, but he took it all in without even gagging. Marcos was loving every second of it.

He was shocked when Louis started to twirl his tongue around the tip of his dick, licking and sucking it like it was his mission. It made Marcos hump him even harder, wanting to get more of that sweet sensation of his tongue. It was absolute bliss. He grabbed his hair tighter, almost roughly, and pounded into him with wild abandonment.

When he finally couldn’t take it anymore, when the drool started to come off Louis’ mouth onto his balls, he pushed him away in one loud grunt. “What the fuck, man?” Louis said, wiping the drool from his mouth. “You almost came!”

“That’s why I stopped.” Marcos said. “Take off your pants.” He said calmly. It seemed to be the best way to make people obedient to your commands, not hesitating for a second as you told them what to do.


“I said, take off your pants.” Marcos repeated. Louis did as he was told, and Marcos could see his bulge against his pants, and he grinned. “Your boxers, too.”

“Marcos…” He said, almost shyly. The situation was so absurd that Marcos wanted to laugh. He listened, though, and when his boxers came down, his dick sprang up. It wasn’t nearly as large as Marcos’, but since he never took any pills, it was still pretty impressive. No wonder why Michelle was into him. She was clearly a slut for large dicks.

“You’re so hard from sucking a guy’s dick.” Marcos said, making Louis blush even harder. “What would your girlfriend say, huh?” He walked towards him without Louis answering, purposefully striding with confidence. He put his body around the large man’s and put his hand on Louis’ dick, stroking it. The jock groaned out, already humping his hand. Louis was clearly very into the blow job, as evident by the precum already oozing out of his dick. Marcos took some and smeared it on Louis’ dick, acting as a lubricant to help him pump faster. “You’re so hard for me Louis.” He whispered in his ear. The man only groaned in response, unable to say anything to hide his lust and clear embarrassment.

Marcos did something he didn’t even expect himself. He stuck a finger into his own mouth, coating it with saliva, and then reached under Louis, placing it against his ass. Louis turned his head in shock, but he was too enveloped by Marcos to do anything except look at him with wild eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Something you’re clearly craving.” Marcos said before pushing the finger inside him. Louis cried out, he was clearly too much of a ‘man’ to have anything up his ass before, but Marcos knew how much he secretly enjoyed it. He pushed in further, and started to fuck him with his finger in the same rhythm as the cock stroking. It was driving Louis crazy, and his eyes moved to the back of his head as he enjoyed the sensations. It was actually bothering Marcos how much Louis was enjoying it. This was supposed to be a punishment!

He stuck another finger into him to make it hurt a bit, and Louis groaned out loud. He didn’t want to tear his ass apart, but he definitely wanted him to feel some pain, enough that he would rethink ever bullying anyone again. He fucked him with two fingers, in and out, in and out. When he thought the jock was stretched enough, he pushed him over, leaning his ass towards Marcos’ dick. Thankfully, it seemed his own body was enjoying all of this, and he was still very hard, and very ready to pound someone.

He aimed his dick at Louis’ entrance, grinning. This was going to hurt, and it would be complete payback for what he did to him. “No… don’t!” Louis said, realizing what was happening. “It’s going to hurt…” He sounded very whiny and passive, which was so different from his usual personality.

“It’s meant to hurt. You’re being punished for being such a cruel person.” Marcos Öğrenci porno said coldly. “I hope you’ll never hurt anyone again.”

“Listen, man. I promise I won’t hurt anyone again. Just don’t do this, please.” Louis begged.

He almost felt bad for the guy, but he had to finish what he started. He wrapped his hands around Louis’ wrists, binding them behind his back. He then pushed in, and almost felt a pop as Louis’ anal sphincter wrapped around his dick. He groaned out loud, he was beyond tight. Nothing had ever entered this virgin ass before, and it was obvious. He won’t be able to stop himself from being gentle. It felt too good.

Louis groaned out loud, trying hard to maintain his composure but couldn’t. The pain was just too much. When he felt like Louis was finally adjusting to his dick in his ass, he started to stroke faster, in and out. Everytime, it seemed like his dick was getting deeper and deeper inside Louis’ ass, and it felt beyond amazing. The jock was almost enjoying it himself. It was the balance between pleasure and pain, and he knew with every stroke it was leaning more and more towards pleasure. He was definitely hitting his prostate, and Louis had started to moan out loud everytime he hit it. “You like that? You whore. You like my dick inside of you?” Marcos said, his lust completely taking over. He used his control of the other man’s wrists to drive him back towards him, and the sawing motion was so good.

Louis was clenching around him now, and Marcos thought he might pop out of him any second now. It was just so fucking tight, way more than Michelle’s pussy. He was getting closer… closer… he could feel his balls squeeze underneath him, and his body drove him on. With one final thrust, he came hard into the other man as he groaned away, one groan for every thrust as he spurted load after load inside of him. He let go of Louis, who was caught unaware and fell to the ground, the sticky cum trailing out of his ass.

“Look at you, you look like such a little slut right now.” Marcos grinned. He had purposefully not stroked the other man while fucking him, not wanting him to cum. He didn’t deserve it. He wanted to leave him wanting.

“Marcos…” He said, and he turned out, placing his ass on the ground. The staff will definitely wonder what all the gooey white liquid is on the ground the next day.

“Yes?” Marcos replied, knowing exactly what was coming. His dick did this to everyone, after all.

“I need to cum.” He said determinedly.

“But you’re a bad boy, and bad boys shouldn’t be allowed to cum.” Marcos replied, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Marcos please, I’m dying here.” He begged. It was clear from his lustful eyes that he needed this, that the fucking was too much for him to handle.

“Sorry, you’re going to have to figure this out yourself.” Marcos replied, then was a little disappointed that the guy would be able to jack himself off later, still feeling the satisfaction. He would have to do something about this. “Wait, I have an idea.” He looked around the room, trying to locate anything that would be able to help him. After a few seconds, he found a metal chain and a lock with the key still attached. This would do.

Louis was still sitting on the ground, his eyes begging Marcos to finish him off. It seemed the man was no longer in his right mind. In his haze, Marcos commanded him to sit on one of the chairs. He listened, thinking Marcos would suck him off and finish the job. He didn’t. Instead, he wrapped the chain around Louis’ wrists and tied him to the chair, locking him in. Before the other man realized what was happening, it was too late. Marcos leaned back, admiring his work. Louis was sitting there, his bottom half completely exposed, with cum drooping out of his ass onto the metal chair and his dick still hard as fuck, with so much precum coming out it was trailing down the side of his dick. It would be delicious to lick off of him, but Louis didn’t deserve that at all.

Louis’ lust filled eyes shifted dramatically into a look of shock. “What are you doing?” He asked urgently, his hands lifting up to try to escape from the lock.

“I’ll be right back.” Marcos said. “Just have to grab something. I want you to sit here and think about what you’ve done, remorse slightly. Try not to think about who could walk in at anytime, seeing your dick like that. Maybe you’ll even be expelled from exposing yourself at school. Oh, from the twitching I’m seeing from your cock, I see this is turning you on.” He winked and walked out of the garage, his eyes burning a bit from the sun.

“Marcos! Come back here!” Louis cried out.

“I’ll be right back!” He replied, and walked to his car. He turned it on and drove, setting his phone and wherever the nearest sex toy store was. Any of them would have what he was looking for.

Around 30 minutes later, he returned to the fuming man, grinning ear to ear. “Did you miss me?” He said.

Louis glared at him. “I’m going to fucking kill you for this.”

“I hope no one came, it would be very unfortunate if I couldn’t see you anymore. I’d miss you too much.” He said. God, he was turning into such a sadistic person, and he was loving every second of it. The potential of having a giant dick was just too tempting to pass up!

He knelt in front of Louis, who now had a half-hard dick. He finally did what he wanted to do and licked the jock from the base of his dick to the head, taking all of the precum along with it. Louis’ anger changed completely, and he moaned out as he finally had the sensations on his dick he needed. He wasn’t able to touch himself this whole time, and it was killing him.

Marcos continued the pleasuring, and did exactly what he wanted someone else to do to him. He looked up at Louis with lust-filled eyes, showing him how desperately he loved the man’s dick in his mouth. It was a lie, but Louis believed him as he thrusted into his mouth uncontrollably. He sucked the tip and swirled his tongue against it, and then placed the surface of his tongue against the bottom of the man’s dick as he stroked all the way to the end. He thought he was doing a really good job for it being his first time. Louis was moaning loudly now with wild abandonment, not caring that they were at a public place where anyone could walk in on them. He humped and grinded, doing all he can to get as much of Marcos’ mouth on him.

Marcos started to play with Louis’ balls to edge him along, to make the process even faster. It worked, and soon, Louis was humping him so fast it was hard for him to keep up. When he was sure just one more lick would push the man over the edge, he stopped abruptly, and moved back so Louis wouldn’t be able to touch him no matter how hard he tried. Louis stared at him in complete shock, not believing this was actually happening.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He yelled, his voice echoing in the mechanic’s garage.

“Did you really think your punishment would end with you cumming?” Marcos grinned.

“Kneel back down and finish your fucking job.” Louis growled.

“Nah.” Marcos replied. He almost felt bad for the man… but the way he was talking to him now, it reminded him of how rude he was before. “I don’t feel like it.” He did kneel down though. But instead of sucking him again and ‘finishing the job’. He pulled on the other man’s dick and placed a dick cage on it, and then locked it abruptly. It was the plan he had come up with when he realized he didn’t want Louis to be able to cum, to spend all night thinking about what he’d done, to be desperate for some kind of satisfaction. He would spend all night getting hard and then soft again, unable to let loose. It was making Marcos get hard himself just thinking about all the torture he would be inflicting.

“What is this?!” Louis cried out, looking down at the cage around his dick, big enough that he would be comfortable, but as soon as he got fully erect, it would be torturous for him. Even slightly painful, how much his dick was trying to free itself.

“It’s a cock cage, do you like it?” Marcos said, twirling the keys in around his fingers.

Louis growled and banged against the chair like an animal, trying to get out to destroy Marcos. “I’m going to kill you.” He said.

Marcos shook his head. “What would your girlfriend say? She would be so disappointed in you. And why would I let you go if you’re threatening to hurt me?”

“Just let me go!” Louis said, feeling completely exhausted. Marcos nodded, and brought out the key to the chain he had found. He unlocked it with one click, and moved backwards a few steps.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Same place. If you’re a good boy I’ll unlock the cage.” He winked, and Louis moved to start to chase after him. He ran out the door, grinning ear to ear. This was so much funner than he imagined. Thank fucking god for those magical pills.

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