Mandy Strays


Mandy Strays – a request from a reader

(c) 2022 by Sir Render


A Literotica reader suggested the basis for this story and provided feedback during writing. Thank you!


Chapter 1

The sounds of aggressive fucking were evident through the thin wall separating Bart and Mandy’s bedroom from the bedroom of the attached duplex apartment. The neighbor was having sex with his girl of the week for the second time that night and from the sound of it they were both enjoying the hell out of it. Their headboard knocked against the wall in time with the guy’s thrusts, the girl moaned loudly, calling out to God, Jesus and Holy Hell on a loop every few seconds, and their burly neighbor just kept repeating, “Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah!”

Mandy could scarcely believe the stamina that guy had. Every few nights he had a different slut over and they would go at it two or sometimes three times in a night. Sometimes the girl stayed the night and they would screw again first thing in the morning.

Mandy’s boyfriend Bart was not so impressed. Reaching up, he pounded the palm of his hand against the wall and shouted, “Go to sleep!”

Mandy loved Bart, she did, but their sex life was… let’s just say it was not what she thought it was going to be. When they met a few years earlier in high school, he seemed like a bad boy; a skinny white gangsta with piercings and tattoos and a lot of bravado, especially when making crude passes at all the pretty girls. Yet when he first approached Mandy for a date, he was curiously shy and stumbling; as if he didn’t know how to talk to a girl. At the time she took it as a compliment that the loudmouthed, ink stained rebel was humbled by speaking to her.

As time went on, and especially after they moved in together after graduation, she came to realize that Bart’s shyness was legit. His big ego and big talk was just that, talk. He had little in the way of actual experience with women, having probably pissed off more girls during school than ones who actually took him up on his offers to make out, and his sole ambition in life was to become a rap star. But that, too, was just talk. She honestly didn’t see that he had any talent, it had just become the cool thing to do when Candy Coated Chocolate Candy made it big, and Bart would do just about anything to fit in. The small-time gigs he was getting (using his rapper name of Bar-T) were more often than not done for free and could not cover their rent, so she was chipping in for almost two-thirds of it.

Things had become so bad financially that she left her job as a waitress, where she lived mainly on small tips, and quit community college in order to take a job as a masseuse at a seedy hole-in-the-wall where the predominantly male customers gave better tips for taking her top down during a massage.

In this she was very well qualified. Not only was she tall for a woman, standing five feet seven inches–or up to five feet eleven in her favorite heels–with a voluptuous hourglass figure, shoulder length light brown hair with straight bangs above her radiant blue eyes which could grab attention from across a room, but she also had a gorgeous smile with full, luscious lips and her firm, young breasts filled a D cup. To get the bigger tips at the massage parlor, she usually started a session wearing a smaller C or B cup bra or bikini top so that her tits would overflow it and appear even bigger. Other times she wore a tank top with no bra and just let her tits jiggle freely beneath the thin, white cotton.

She did not let Bart know that she worked topless, he only knew she was a massage therapist and nothing more. If he found out, he would surely be mad. She wasn’t so thrilled about it either, but it was a job which paid better than waiting tables. He was content to have her give him the occasional back rub at home, never coming into her workplace.

Her boyfriend Bart, by contrast, was a short and skinny guy, also five feet seven inches tall, with rusty red hair and dull gray eyes which were frequently hidden behind dark sunglasses whenever he went out. He had three earrings in one ear and one in the other and he had tattoos on the sides and back of his neck, tattoos on both arms, and a single tattoo–a stylized “MANDY”–on his chest above his heart which had just recently been completed.

Bart enjoyed having sex with Mandy, but it was clearly not on his top three to-do list for their relationship. They rarely made love more than once or twice a week. When they did, he was an adequate love maker, bringing her to the occasional orgasm, but it was rather bland groping and breast sucking before having missionary sex and going to sleep. Once–only once–they had sex in the shower, and on a single instance two years ago now they’d had sex in his car. That was the extent of Bart’s sexual imagination. Mandy had only has sex with one other guy before him, so she was no expert on the subject, but she could at least think of eve gelen gaziantep escort other ways and places to have sex, but he wouldn’t go for it.

So more often that not, Mandy would lie in bed at night listening to their neighbor screwing some random girl’s brains out and would rub herself to an orgasm, imagining that it was her getting pounded and plowed. Those girls always made such a ruckus and usually climaxed multiple times–aside from the multiple times per night that they got given the rod–that Mandy fantasized about what it would be like to be one of them. After a few months working as a topless masseuse, she stopped into another shop there in the bad part of town and bought herself a couple of dildos and a massage vibrator. Now anytime Bart was not in the bedroom with her while the neighbor was having sex, Mandy would dildo herself for several minutes before lifting her knees and spreading her legs, then planting the head of that vibrator against her clitoris and bringing herself to quiet, gut-clenching orgasms.

Their neighbor’s name was Drew and he was a living dream to a girl like Mandy. He stood at least six feet four inches tall and was built like a tank with rippling chest, back, arm and thigh muscles and an incredible well defined six pack abdomen. He resembled Schwarzenegger in that old Hercules movie except much taller. His dark brown hair was closely cropped, face and body nicely tanned by the sun, and his brown eyes were warm and inviting. He was always clean-shaven and could often be seen on his little back patio working out shirtless. Mandy would sometimes watch him through a slight part in the drapes; the way his sweat ran down his hairless, powerful pecs turned her on and sometimes she would soon find herself alone again in bed with that vibrator planted against her pussy.

Other times, Mandy would find some reason to go outside, maybe to water plants or to sweep their own patio, where she could engage Drew in idle chat to give herself reason to look him up and down. He was a nice enough guy, but she didn’t like how he often brazenly told her that she could do better than Bart, that she was too good looking to be with such a little poseur, and that she could move in with him if she ever left Bart. After all, for all of Bart’s little flaws, he was devoted to her and she to him, and he had a good heart even if not such a great mind.

Then one chilly April night Mandy and Bart got into a shouting match when a friend of Mandy’s from work casually mentioned that a customer had tried to go too far with her, and that she was all good with showing the ladies but would go no further. Bart’s jealousy over other guys getting to see, and possibly to touch and maybe even getting to have sex with, his girlfriend came out in high volume. This led to Mandy defending herself by bringing up Bart’s refusal to get a real job so that she wouldn’t need to work for tips just to pay the rent and buy groceries. In the end she stormed out of the apartment and went to her car, intending to drive off somewhere and be alone under the stars for a while to cool down.

Mandy had left in a hurry, which she began to regret very soon because she was only wearing a light blue tank top and white with blue floral Capri pants, as well as of course her normal white cotton bra, bikini panties and strappy sandals. Before she opened her car door, she hugged herself to fight off cold shivers. If she did leave to go park somewhere away from all the city lights and look up at the stars, she had no other clothes to put on and would be unbearably cold. But she wasn’t going back into the apartment just yet. They both needed some time apart to collect themselves.

She noticed that Drew had a small gathering of folks over at his place, and they had all clearly heard the argument as they had come out onto the patio to watch. Someone she did not know raised a bottle of beer by the neck and shook it as if to say, “Hey, you want one?” She did, and she went over to Drew’s place to join them, even though she didn’t know anyone.

After a couple of brews and second-hand whatever a few of them were smoking, Mandy was feeling pretty mellow and carefree. As the party broke up, she needed a place to stay but still was not ready to go back to Bart. Drew offered to let her stay with him and he would show her how a woman should be treated, unlike her deadbeat boyfriend. She thought about declining his offer but had no other easy option. Her parents had moved out of the area after she moved in with Bart and her older sister was a good thirty minutes drive away. Quite frankly, she was too tired and buzzed to drive that far. Anyway, her sister was married and had a three year old daughter. She had no desire to start a family drama.

Drew offered to sleep on the couch and said that she could use his bed. Then he showed her where to find a towel so she could shower. After she finished gaziantep eve gelen escort washing, he went in to shower. She could not shake the sudden impulse to peep on him. She knew how he looked half naked from the waist up, and from the constant stream of girls squealing and moaning in pleasure in his bed, she just had to see what was so special about the rest of him.

She lightly pushed open the bathroom door which he had left open a crack to let the steam escape. He was obscured by the bright yellow shower curtain but from a certain position inside the bathroom she found that she could just see behind the curtain in the reflection in the mirror over the sink. His back was to her and she could see his taut back, broad shoulders and firm butt cheeks. She lightly bit her lower lip. He had a damn sexy butt. She wouldn’t mind digging her nails into that meat while he screwed her.

What the hell was she thinking? A nice guy had let her shower and sleep off her alcohol buzz at his place because he knew that if she went home that night she and her boyfriend would fight again, and now she was stalking and peeping him and fantasizing about having sex with him! This needed to stop right now.

Then Drew turned around in the shower, leaning his head back to rinse his hair under the shower head, and… “Oh my god!” Mandy nearly gasped out loud. The guy’s dick, even soft, was huge! It was a long when soft as Bart’s when fully stiff, and it was thick! She noticed his ball sack was also hairless like his muscular chest and his balls hung heavy and low.

Where was that vibrator when she needed it?

Mandy hurried out of the room and back into his bedroom just a few feet farther down the hall. She waited with her bath towel still wrapped around her body at the edge of the bed until Drew emerged from the bathroom, wearing his towel around his waist. She called to him, then stood and dropped her towel to the floor.

She found herself suddenly unable to breathe. Her heart pounded in her ears, deafening her to all outside sound. She had cast the die and there was no turning back. She was just going to need to see what became of it.

Now standing completely naked before the stud of all studs, she saw but did not feel her own arm stretch out and her index finger hook back toward her, motioning him to come to her. How could that be her hand? Surely she hadn’t just intentionally made that come hither gesture to another man!

The room began to spin a bit, so she sat on the edge of the bed to keep from falling over. Then she scooted back and laid out along his bed, spread her legs and raised her knees. Even with his towel on, she could see his dick rising to attention as he ogled her; up along her long, smooth legs, her bald pussy lips with a landing strip of brown hair above, her flat belly and her heaving breasts to her gorgeous face with full lips making kisses at him.

Not a moment was wasted by Drew debating whether or not to go through with this. He also did not waste time searching for a condom. He let his towel go and slid onto the bed between her legs. He began kissing her inner thighs, first one then the other, while rubbing up and down her outer thighs with both hands. As he inched upward with his kissing, he slid his hands under her butt and squeezed. Soon he was lifting her crotch to his mouth so he could munch on her pussy. He teased up and down her labia with his tongue before licking up and down and then side-to-side across her clit. He kept that up for a good few minutes, swirling his tongue in circles and figure eights all over and around her sensitive clit. He stopped licking now and then to suck on her little nub, then went back to licking.

Mandy was moaning now. She bit down on one of her fingers to keep from crying out as Drew continued licking her increasingly sensitive pussy. After another minute or two he pushed his tongue deep in between her labia and began really munching on her. She arched her back and cried out in uncontrolled pleasure. He kept squeezing her butt while licking inside and outside her pussy until her whole body shook with orgasm which rocked her back against the headboard, which tapped against the wall between the apartments.

Drew moved upward now, continuing to stroke her pussy with one hand while suckling at her large, heavy breasts. His other hand played a curious game of very lightly tracing around the edges of her earlobe. She found that between the brazen finger-fucking, the insistent tit-sucking, and the feather-light touch on her ear and neck, she was thrown into a state of sexual tension. Part of her was experiencing wild animal passion while another was getting the most sensitive bit of foreplay in a place she never knew could be erogenous. She began bucking her hips to meet his hand in her crotch, shaking the bed which knocked repeatedly against the wall.

In the other apartment, Bart was gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan still quietly angry about their fight earlier and tried to take his mind off it by watching some late night TV, but that hulking brute next door was having one of his crazy one night stands with some unknown floozy who was professing her love for him and kept telling him to do it harder, faster and deeper. Bart turned up the volume on the television to try drowning out the noise.

After making Mandy cum twice without even penetrating her, Drew pulled her close and began kissing her on the mouth. She kissed back with equal fervor and sucked in his top lip which she then began to nibble. After a moment of that, she opened her mouth wider and licked across his lips. He soon met her tongue with his own and they shared an open-mouthed kiss. He began to push his tongue further into her mouth, across her teeth. She reciprocated and their tongues were soon twisting and dancing around each other.

They were soon rolling over and over on the bed, each taking turns on top and pushing their tongue as deeply as possible into the other’s mouth. Their hands were on each other’s body, groping asses, squeezing thighs, running fingers over chests. Drew enjoyed taking her big tits in his large hands and jostling them about as a three card monty dealer might do with three cups on a table. For her part, Mandy enjoyed feeling the pulsating pectoral muscles and the blood pumping through his veins.

They kissed and groped like that for many minutes. At one point they rolled too far and fell off the side of the bed together, and they just kept at it on the floor with half of the bed sheet under them.

At long last Drew rolled onto his back and told her to ride on top. She scooted down a bit to straddle his hips and they lined up for penetration. She was so horny and dripping with lubrication that his nine inches of throbbing cock slid in easily. “Oh… my…” was all she could manage to say as he began thrusting upward into her. He held her by the waist–her little love handles giving him excellent grip–and pulled her onto him as he thrust upward into her. Soon enough she was into the rhythm herself and they were both relishing in the feel of his enormous dick going balls deep inside her. As she was continuing to meet his thrusts now, he reached up and pulled her face down to his for more passionate kissing.

First he kissed her cheek, then kissed his way down to her neck to her shoulder before kissing his way back up to her ear. There he nibbled gently on hear earlobe. His hot breathing in her ear exhilarated her and the light nibbling on her lobe, like the gentle tracing around her ear earlier, brought her pleasure she had never expected.

Mandy climaxed for the third time that night; twice more than she had ever done with a guy and even one more than she had managed with her vibrator humming full bore against her clit. The inner walls of her pussy virtually sucked his rock hard cock and he continued his thrusting.

Their lips met and they shared another passionate, deep tongues-probing kiss which muffled her cries of ecstasy for a moment.

Drew rolled Mandy onto her back, lifted and spread her legs over his shoulders–those broad, broad shoulders–and began to really plow her now. He was grunting, she was squealing uncontrollably, and on the other side of the bedroom’s shared wall her boyfriend Bart was obliviously banging with a what sounded like a broom stick and shouting, “Quiet down dammit or I’ll call the cops!”

Drew finally–at long last–ejaculated. He pulled out perhaps just in time as his first wad pasted the outer edges of her pussy lips, then he directed the rest onto her landing strip of light brown curls. They were both in need of another shower, with sweat running off their bodies as if they’d just come away from white water rafting. She needed his help to stand, she was so sore and tired from what must have been at least twenty minutes of foreplay followed by another twenty or more of solid pounding.

It was sure different than making love to her boyfriend, which never lasted more than twelve to fifteen minutes in all.

Chapter 2

The next day Mandy went back to the apartment which she shared with her boyfriend Bart.

“Where were you all night?” he asked, playing nonchalant.

“Hmm, just with a friend,” she said, which was half true.

“That fucking bodybuilder next door was making so much noise all night,” Bart complained. Then his tone became suddenly bitter as he continued, “I’m sure you would have enjoyed listening to it like you always do. Maybe it would remind you of being at work.”

“Don’t start again about my job when you don’t even have one,” Mandy warned, putting her palm up to his face. “I don’t want to have that argument again. Can we please move on from it?”

“I just can’t believe it. You do… whatever… with your patients and take money for it.”

“I said drop it,” she countered. “And I don’t do ‘whatever’. It is legitimate massage, nothing more, I just do it topless, nothing more. They don’t get to touch.”

Now it was Bart’s turn to leave the apartment in a huff. He may have been truly angry or just very jealous. After all he was living with a veritable babe and he had seen many men out and about eyeing her, especially her big, firm breasts and round ass.

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