Mandy “Rides” 04


*The Previous Wednesday Afternoon*

Hallway of St. Peter’s Catholic High School

“Oh Mandy!” Nadia squealed as the two girls walked down the corridor. “You’re so lucky to be going away with Rick this weekend! Heck, you’re lucky to have Rick period! I remember how hot he was when he came down during gym class to find you! He was so so so cute!”

Mandy giggled. “I know! I can’t wait!”

“I still can’t believe you lost your virginity to him,” she whispered this time, being more discreet.

“Well, you know I wanted to do it anyways and I have always had such a crush on him. I knew I had to wait ’til I turned 18 to go after him or he’d never have gone for it. I still can’t believe it happened, though! I dreamed about losing it to him so many times and finally I did!”

Nadia laughed, brushing her long, wavy blonde locks back over her shoulder. She smiled…her full, red lips pressing together, then puckering out again. Nadia was a little taller than Mandy…about 5’11, but thinner and not nearly as voluptuous. She had huge brown eyes that sparkled when she got excited. She had not been as blessed in the breast department, but she had a nice, plump “J-Lo. booty”. She, too, was gorgeous, though, any way you sliced it. “Well, I turned 18 months ago and I still don’t have a Rick. You’re so lucky, Mandy. I wish I could find a Rick,” Nadia said with a sigh.

Suddenly, a young high school boy flew by the two girls as they stopped at Mandy’s locker. He ran his hand along the hems of their short, Catholic school girl skirts trying to get them to flip up so he could see their panties. “Steven!” Mandy yelled, angrily as she pushed her skirt down flat. “You’re such a jerk!” Almost out of nowhere, a nun grabbed young Steven by his shirt color and led him further down the hall, most likely straight to the principal’s office.

“And there’s a fine example of why I’m still a virgin,” Nadia explained. “There is no way I’m interested in the likes of Steven Holmes…and it seems all the boys here are as immature as he is.”

“I thought you were saving your virginity ’til you got married?!”

“I was going to, but now I think I just wanna…ya know, get it over with. I’d like to find an older, experienced guy too that would just show me how to do it, then I wouldn’t hafta worry…I’d know what I was doing when I do finally fall in love with someone.”

A light bulb went off in Mandy’s head, but she shook her head quickly. Nah, that’d never work, she decided to herself…or would it? Rick would just flip out…and obviously Nadia is interested. Could I really set up something this big? Rick would just die! “Uh, Nadia…I have an idea.”

“An idea for what?”

“For this weekend.”

“Oh, for you and Rick?”

“And for you. Why don’t you come to the hotel on Sunday?”

“Me? Why?”

“Because…I think Rick would love to have you.”

“What?! Amanda Cartwright! Have you lost your marbles?!”

“No, listen! You wanna lose your virginity to a nice, older guy, right? Rick’s nice and older, not to mention hot. Rick likes young chicks, virgins especially, I bet. He’d just LOVE you!”

“But what about you?!”

“What about me? Rick will just flip knowing I set something like this up for him! I’ll be rewarded, donchya worry!”

“Oh, Mandy, I don’t know….” Nadia said, her voice shaking a little.

“It’s perfect! Say you’ll come!”

“I don’t know….”

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, Nadia. If you wanna lose your virginity, this is the one chance you’ll have to do it with someone like Rick. This is it, girl…take it or leave it.”

“I know you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right.”

“Oh, what the hell! I’ll do it!”

“Really?! You want to?”

“I do…I’m already a little nervous about it, though.”

“Oh, don’t worry…Rick’s great! He won’t pressure you…he’s way cool.”

“You don’t feel weird about this?”

“Me? No, why should I?”

“I thought he was kinda your man?”

Mandy laughed out loud. “My man?! No, no, no! He’s married…we’re just havin’ fun!”

“Oh, ok.”

Mandy put her arm around Nadia and hugged her. “I’m so excited! This weekend’s gonna be so much fun!”

Nadia smiled sheepishly. “I sure hope so.”

“It will, Nadia! I promise!”

“What hotel are you goin’ to?”

“The Windsor Palace.”

“Wow! That place is really, really nice!”

“Is it?”

“Oh yeah!”


“What time should I be there?”

“I dunno…how about 5 p.m.?”

“On Sunday, right?”

“Yup, Sunday.”

One of their other friends, Stacy, suddenly came up to where they were standing in front of Mandy’s locker and joined them. “What’s goin’ on girls?”

“Nothin’!” Mandy and Nadia claimed in unison, then looked at each other knowingly and giggled.


*Sunday late morning/early afternoon*

The Windsor Palace Hotel

Mandy woke up first on Sunday. Opening her eyes, she found that she was safely cradled in Rick’s arms, exactly the way they’d fallen asleep the previous night. She was loving their weekend together…loving the way Rick was affectionate at times, yet treated her like a total slut, like he owned her at other times. She couldn’t Avrupalı porno believe it, but she loved whoring for him…pleasing him…giving in to his every desire. This was not how she’d expected to feel about sex…hell, maybe it was just Rick that did this to her. After all, the man turned her on in every way…not to mention, he totally was gorgeous. Mandy stared up at him as he slept. His shiny, black hair was all ruffled from sleeping…he powerful jaw clenched…his defined chest rising and falling as he breathed. Mandy traced over his strong, muscular arm…one finger gently gliding over his skin down to his rugged, manly hands. She loved the feeling of his hands all over her body…the way he’d bend and twist her to his every whim…the way he manhandled her roughly, mauling her tits and ass. She thought back to all the times she’d been pulled up onto her hands and knees that weekend…to all the spankings she’d endured from those manly hands…to all the times when she’d felt his hands slip underneath her and grab her tits roughly as he lay across her back, biting her neck. Mandy shifted a bit as she felt her cunt growing wet. Her one little shift, though, woke Rick, who’d been just barely dozing. “Mornin’ baby,” he whispered, opening his beautiful dark green eyes and smiling at her. Mandy just loved his eyes…how deep they were…how lustful they became when he stared back at her.

“Hi,” she said with a smile.

“How ya doin’?”

“Fine, thanks.”

“Sore, sweetie?”

“A lil’.”

“Mmmm, yesterday was so hot. I dreamed about us all night.”

“You did?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” he said with a low rumble in his throat as he pulled her close. “What time does our little guest arrive today?”

“Umm, I told her to be here at, like, five.”

“Mmmm, we should probably eat and get showered soon, then.”


“But first….” Rick began, letting his voice trail off…pulling Mandy up onto his chest as he layed flat on his back. “First,” he began again, “I want you to sit up and ride my cock.” Mandy giggled, doing as she was told. She sat straight up on Rick…the strong muscles of his chest rippling beneath her fingers as she pushed herself upright. Upon moving her hips down, she felt his hard cock press against the soft folds of her cunt. “That’s it, baby, that’s it. Lemme in.” Mandy moved down past his cock, then as she sat up straighter, his cock pushed forward and upward inside her. In one quick motion, Rick was buried balls deep inside the sweetest little cunt he’d ever had the pleasure to sink into. “Oh fuck yes!”

Mandy rocked her hips back and forth over him. Her hands went up into her hair…her eyes half closed as her back arched into the motions of her hips…thrusting her bare breasts up into the chilly air of the hotel room. Her nipples were hard as rocks within seconds. Rick moved his hands from holding her hips to pinching her rock hard nipples. “Mmmmmm,” Mandy moaned as her hips bucked faster on Rick’s cock.

“That’s it, honey! Ride me! Ride me like the fucking slut you are!” Moving his hands from her breasts now, Rick grabbed her hips once more and forced her down even harder over his dick. He bucked his own hips upward against her as he slammed her back down onto him. Without warning, Rick could feel his cum burst from the head of his cock and into Mandy. He hadn’t even been aware that he was all that close to cumming, but now he could feel his cum now draining into her tight, young cunt. His fingertips dug hard into her, holding her onto him as his balls emptied. Mandy began to slow her hips as his orgasm ceased, but to her surprise, Rick sat up and pulled her closer to him by the back of her head, grabbing a handful of her hair. Staring up at her with a passion she’d never seen before, he said to her through gritted teeth, “Don’t you fucking dare. Ride my cock ’til it’s covered in your juices. You’re gonna cum, goddamn it.” And with that, he moved two fingers between her legs and found her little nub of a clit. Curving his fingers into a hook shape, he began circling her clit in hard, fast circles…holding her tight against him at the small of her back. Mandy sunk into Rick’s body…still grinding her hips against his cock as she was told. She wrapped her long, luscious legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders, digging her fingernails into his shoulder blades. Tossing her head backward, her long, brown waves flowed and danced down her bare back…her eyes closed, her lips pursed. Rick couldn’t imagine a woman looking more beautiful than Mandy did at that exact moment. He’d never lusted after such a creature in all his life. Continuing to fuck her with his half hard cock, he rubbed her clit even more violently. He felt her tighten her legs around him, her fingernails dig harder into his back…he heard her breath catch in her throat as he felt a wet heat rush over his cock. Her juices soaked his cock just as he’d demanded…they poured from her body endlessly as she came and came. Reaching up, he wrapped both arms around her knowing she’d soon collapse onto him in exhaustion. As he held her, as he felt her little heart beating hard against his chest, he couldn’t help but feel more for her…more than just a little fucktoy as Video porno he’d always portrayed her. Rick suddenly felt protective of her…maybe even more than protective. “Let’s get you into the shower, sweetie,” he said, pushing his thoughts away before they had a chance to develop. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bathroom so they’d be ready when their “guest” arrived.


*Sunday 5 p.m.*

Almost right down to the second, there was a knock on the hotel room door at precisely 5 p.m. Both of them had eaten and showered and now Rick was sitting at the desk in the living room, checking his email on his laptop computer and Mandy was lying on the bed in the other room, watching TV. Rick called out to her, “Well, Mandy, don’t keep your friend waiting! Come let her in!”

Mandy hopped off the bed and ran towards the door. She threw it open, pulled Nadia inside, and gave her a hug as she shut the door behind her. “Oh Nadia, I’m so glad you came!” Mandy told her, giving her friend another squeeze.

Rick walked over to where the girls were standing and looked Mandy’s friend up and down. She was cuter than Rick had imagined…tall, a little on the thin side, but with big pouty lips and an air of shyness he hadn’t expected. This girl was no Mandy, of course, but hot just the same. “And you must be the infamous Nadia,” Rick said, stopping in front of the girls. “We’re so glad you could join us today.”

“Umm, thanks Rick,” Nadia answered nervously.

“Here, lemme take your coat,” Mandy suggested, helping her friend remove it.

As Mandy turned and headed for the closet, Rick gave Nadia the obvious once over. She dressed almost exactly like Mandy always had…her skirt was very short and she had on a slutty white tank top. Her tits were on the small-ish side, though, so she’d neglected to wear a bra. Rick wasn’t complaining, of course…in fact, he loved that her nipples were already hard. Moving towards her until he stood directly in front of her, he looked down over her menacingly. “Mandy told me a lot about you Nadia, but neglected to mention just how beautiful you are,” he whispered into her ear in a surprisingly soft voice.

Nadia giggled, ending in a snort. “Thanks!”

As Mandy hung Nadia’s coat in the closet, she glanced over and saw Rick standing very close, whispering to her. She couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. She honestly didn’t like seeing Rick that close to another female. Maybe this was a bad idea, she decided, a little too late into the game. Turning, she headed towards the bedroom a few feet away. Once inside, she made her way to the armoire. Getting down on her knees, she opened the minibar, and took out a bottle of water. She unscrewed the cap, tilted her head back, and took a long swig of water. It’ll be fine, she decided to herself. Everything will be fine. There’s really no reason to be jealous…is there?

In the meantime, back in the entryway, Rick kept stepping towards Nadia as she kept backing up until finally she was forced against the door in which she’d entered moments earlier. She was obviously extremely nervous, which Rick had to admit he really liked. He felt empowered by her nervousness…like he could do whatever he wanted to her and there wasn’t much she could do to stop him. Maybe he would, in fact. Maybe he’d play the aggressor with Nadia…even more so than he had been with Mandy. He’d been aggressive with Mandy at times, of course, but not like he could with Nadia given that she was a one-time-only kind of deal. Yes, he decided, she’s going to get hers, indeed. Rick brought his hands down to her smooth, milky white thighs and dug his fingertips into her skin. He could hear her breath catch in her throat…her arms defensively folded across her chest as she stared downward. “Relax,” he whispered softly into her ear. Slowly, Nadia brought her hands down to her sides, continuing to stare at Rick’s chest. Moving his hands up, he brought them around to her inner thighs, spreading her legs wide open to him. He kissed across her cheek, slowly making a trail of kisses down to her neck. She moaned loudly, tilting her head back so he could get at her more readily. “You’re a hot lil’ slut, aren’t you, Nadia?”

“Mmmmmm,” was all she managed.

“The only reason you’re here is because you want a good deep dicking…isn’t that right? You want me to fill you up with cock while you scream and moan and writhe like the little fuckin’ whore you are, don’t you? You want a man who can give it to you the way you need it…am I correct?” he growled.

“Not only that,” she moaned.

“Fucking tell me…what else is it that you want?”

“I came here because…because I…I…ummm….”

Rick stood up straight and glared down at her. “You what?”

Nadia came back to reality for a moment. “Well, Mandy told me how great you were to her and that’s kinda how I wanted my first time to be.”

“Your first time?!”


“You’re a…a virgin?!”

“Yeah…didn’t Mandy tell you?”

“No,” he answered quickly. How fuckin’ unbelievable is this?! Mandy brought him a VIRGIN! He was about to deflower yet another teenage female! For fuck’s sake, this was BY FAR the best weekend of his life no doubt about it! He imagined how tight Nadia would be and his dick surged against his pants. There was absolutely nothing like a virgin cunt…nothing.

Rick’s fingers moved upward further and he tugged against the waistband of her silky panties, his lips again pressing against her ear. “I’m about to make you cum.”

“Oh, I’ve never…ummm…I’ve never cum before.”

He pushed his index fingers inside her panties and pulled them downward. Within seconds, they were down around her ankles. Without him saying a word to her, she stepped out of them, kicking them aside. He smiled as she followed his silent commands. Leaning into her, he began to suck her neck. His hands wandered across her; he pawed both of her breasts…kneading them…pinching her nipples. One of his hands moved downward more. Passing her tummy, he rubbed hard against her with his palm…her skirt grinding back and forth between his hand and the soft outer skin of her cunt. To his surprise, she screeched a resounding, “Yessssssssss….” This bitch was ready for it.

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, Mandy peeked her head out of the door and watched things transpire between Rick and Nadia. Her first instinct was to be jealous of them…Rick was, in a way, hers. Then again, Rick didn’t belong to her. After all, SHE was the one who’d set this whole weekend up…she really had no right to be jealous. Besides, as she watched Rick pull Nadia’s panties down her legs, Mandy realized that suddenly her own panties had gotten quite wet. She almost couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting. Now that she’d gotten past the jealousy factor, she realized that watching them was turning her on in a big way. Her eyes stayed glued to them. She recognized every one of the moves Rick was putting on Nadia. Mandy’s cunt was now quite literally throbbing. She was unable to take it any longer. Yanking both her tank top and bra off, she threw them on the floor. She loved her nipples being licked…it turned her on like nothing else. She licked the tips of her index fingers, then brought them up to her nipples and began rubbing them in soft, but fast circles. “Mmmmm,” she moaned to herself, her eyes closing and her head leaning back against the door frame. With her nipples completely and utterly erect now and her cunt throbbing like never before, she opened her eyes again and looked back over at Rick and Nadia. Reaching up under her skirt, Mandy quickly pulled her own panties off and kicked them aside. Then, settling back against the door frame again, she spread her legs. Just as Nadia called out “yesssssssssss”, Mandy shoved two fingers deep inside herself.

Rick, in turn, wasted no time with Nadia. After hearing her moan, he reached up under her skirt and moved one finger down the length of her slit. To his surprise, she was already soaking wet. This little cunt was hot and ready…she was obviously dying to be made a woman out of…and I’m just the man to do it, he decided. He stood up straighter, hovered over her, looked down into her eyes, and watched her face as he slowly pushed one finger inside her. Oh fuck, he thought to himself, she is TIGHT! Rick eased his finger inside her most of the way until he felt the give of her hymen. Now, knowing how deep he could go without owning her virginity just yet, he began to move his finger in and out of her. He started out soft and slow…getting her comfortable with the feeling of being penetrated, watching her face the entire time. Nadia’s eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open, her cheeks flushed…she was in desperate need of what he had to offer. Finally, he leaned into her and in one swift motion, he shoved his tongue into her mouth and two fingers roughly inside her cunt. She moaned loudly against his mouth as she reached up and grabbed hold of his shoulders. Her entire body shook with the new sensations she was experiencing. Fucking her hard and fast with his fingers for several minutes, Rick moved harshly in and out of her wet, tight, inexperienced cunt. Nadia moaned and shook and writhed beneath him. Then, he pulled his fingers out of her suddenly. He looked down into her eyes, watching her carefully, clearly recognizing a look of disappointment on her face. She obviously missed his fingers…she craved more of him…she wanted to be filled up again like the whore she was becoming. Rick grinned. Nadia managed a smile back in his direction, but without the disappointment leaving her face. He brought his index finger back up to her cunt and slowly swirled it in circles around the opening of her vagina. Nadia closed her eyes once more, relaxing again, engrossed in the new feelings she was experiencing. Her body arched up into him…her tiny little nipples hard like pebbles against her tank top. Using two fingers, he slowly slid up the length of her young pussy, dragging with it her wetness. By the time he’d reached the top, her entire cunt was thoroughly soaked from top to bottom. Rick was tempted to squat down and stare at her cunt awhile, to see how her entire pussy gleamed with her juices, but she was more than ready to cum. Nadia quite literally NEEDED Rick to make her cum…and he wasn’t one to let down teenage virgins. After all, making her come in exchange for her virginity was more than fair, he decided. Moving downward ever so slightly, he found her already hard nub of a clit. He positioned two fingers over it and began to rub it around and around in soft, slow circles. “Oh…ohhhhh…ohmigod…what…what are you doing?” she breathed.

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