Male Milking


I had read in the doctor’s office of a procedure that could extract semen from a man by intense prostate massage. This fascinated me; I knew what it felt like when I got a digital exam by the doctor, the jolt of intense feeling as his finger brushed across my prostate, the infamous male G-spot. I wondered if this procedure was actually possible. I had no reason to doubt it, but what intrigued me was the idea of being able to strip a man of semen without him having an orgasm. This would be somewhat sadistic which also intrigued me. I checked some of the gay chat rooms for anal slaves and talked with a bi-sexual married male who was local. He was normally only an oral participant but he also had those feelings during a check-up and agreed to experiment. I arranged a place to meet and we decided on a date and time. I arrived first and Kurtköy Escort made the preparations, nothing exotic, just a device to collect the fluid, some gloves, towels, and the best lubricant I could find, which was designed strictly for anal intercourse. The challenge would be to strip him of his load and yet prevent an orgasm. His desire to please was commendable, yet I knew that the body can react on its own. I had given a lot of thought to the procedure and what would be the ultimate position. I decided that three straight-backed chairs and a footstool would do – not as comfortable for me since I would have to kneel or sit, but doable. I had him lie on the footstool on his chest and I placed one chair in front of him so he could steady himself by holding onto the rungs of the back. The other two Kurtköy Escort Bayan chairs I put to the side with his knees resting on them with his legs spread. The positioning was perfect; all areas were exposed with maximum accessibility. First I had to get him erect to collect the sample, but not enough to orgasm. I sat behind him and pressed my thumbs and forefingers against his sac above his testicles. Grasping the cords attached to them, I first squeezed them and at the same time stroked them down towards his testicles. I knew of the sensations that would produce since I had had that done to me during an exam prior to a vasectomy. The result for me was a tingling that lasted for several hours. I was hoping this would produce the same effects. A moan suggested that I had succeeded. Next, Escort Kadıköy I pulled down on the cords, stretching them in the sac. In mere moments his cock became hard. I knew from experience that this was arousing but not enough to climax. The manipulation would make his testicles throb but not enough to produce ejaculation. Now that his cock was hard, I took the largest leather belt I could find and placed it loosely around his waist. I had cut a slit down the middle of it that would allow a very large test tube to be inserted in it yet not slip out. I pushed the test tube into the slot, and then tightened the belt to pull it up so the end of his cock was barely inside the test tube. I knew that he was getting aroused as a droplet of pre-cum had already dripped into the test tube. I had to hurry; I didn’t want him to ejaculate. As a temporary measure, I wrapped my fingers around both of his hanging testicles and squeezed. The result was as expected, a temporary softening of his cock; still aroused, but not anywhere near ejaculation. I pulled on an exam glove and lubed the forefinger and middle finger of my right hand.

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