Making mom pt.2


Now I started getting cold feet. I almostchickened out, deciding to just go to my room and let my mom get to her roomand get dressed. But then there was there statement she made to Aunt Angel. Shehad gotten turned on from just seeing me. That made me blush a little, but italso strengthened my nerves. I decided to do it, even if she didn’t make amove, I wanted to give her a little show like she had given me. It was onlyfair right?” I looked at the clock, “Only 1:48PM . I said. Plenty of time before the girls getshome.” I then stood up and set my glass down. I then began to unbuckle my belt.I almost expected my mom to realized what was about to happen and at least tryto stop me. But when I had gotten my belt undone and then my pants and begansliding them down, and not hearing anything from her, I figured that maybe shedid want to see. I dropped my pant and kick them to the side. My dick was stillvery hard, straining against my silk boxers. I knew mom would be able to seehow far it push against the thin material. This was it, now or never. My heartwas beating fast. I kept wanting to look at the door and see if I could seemom’s eyes looking through the slits of wood, but I knew that would just giveme away. Very quickly I slid my boxers esat escort bayan down to my ankles, My dick springing tofull attention. I looked down at it, and saw it staring back up at me, all 9inches. I reached down and massage the head with my thumb. It was covered withthick clear pre-cum, a drop was even hanging down from the tip. I looked at myboxers laying on the floor and saw the wet spot on the silk where it had seepedthrough. I wrapped my hand around my dick and began to slowly stroke up anddown, while I was still standing, in just my t-shirt. Damn was I very horny. I wondered what mom was thinking. As I rubbed my handback up the length of my shaft, I saw more cum ooze through my tiny slit. Icontinued to rub my dick for a minute, acting like I was facinated by it. ThenI quickly removed my shirt and tossed it to the side. I had hoped to hear agasp, but I didn’t. Maybe she wasn’t even there. Maybe she was still in thedinning room. Oh well I had gone this far, better keep going. I needed to cumbadly, especially since I had stopped myself twice already. I sat on the couchand spread my legs and slowly began rubbing my dick again. I really hoped momwas in the closet and that she was enjoying it. Escort etimesgut I continued to do for about 2minutes, trying to keep myself from cumming, cause by now I was hoping that momwould come out and want to do something. Yet she did nothing and I knew if Ikept this up I would cum soon. I didn’t want to go with original of justcumming in front of her. I wanted to have sex with her. I know it was wrong,but I wasn’t thinking straight at this time. I wanted sex badly and I wanted itwith her, and if I didn’t make a move, I would never find out if it couldhappen. I began acting like I was just wasn’t getting aroused enough. “Damn,” I said,“I just can’t cum. I need something to help me.” I had decided what to do. Istopped jacking off and stood up, my dick bouncing up and down. “Where did I putmy bag, I think my DVD is in there.” Of course I knew it wasn’t, I had left iton my bed, but mom didn’t know that. “Oh yeah, I put it in the closet. I swearI heard a gasp, and I knew full and well that mom would not be able to hold thedoor because there was no knob on the inside. She had slipped her fingersthrough the slits of wood to close it, and there would not be much of a hold tograb of to keep it closed. etlik escort I walked to the door, knowing full and well what wasabout to happen. Mom and son were about to come face to face naked. I looked tothe side and pulled opened the door and stepped over the threshold. This is what happened. When I walked in, my dick being bent up at an angle,pressed right between my mom’s naked thighs and I felt the head actually slipright through her very moist slit. My chest pressed right up against her largebreasts. Her arm was draped across her boobs, so I really only felt her armagainst my chest. As soon as I felt my dick press against her I started turningmy head towards her saying, “What the…” I stopped as soon as I met her eyes.Her face was bright red, and her eyes wide open. It seemed that we just stoodthere looking at each other for a long. I acted surprise too, but I reallyloved feeling my dick pressed right up against her naked pussy lips. Finally Iquickly back out, still trying to act shock, while I tried to cover my hardeneddick with my hands. Very hard to do when you have 9 inches of it. I covered myballs and the lower part of my shaft, while my other covered the next lowerportion. However three inches at the top still remained exposed, including mypre-cum covered head. “Mom, what are you doing in there? Why are you naked?” Mom stepped out, one arm still draped across her large breasts, her other handnow covered her wet pussy. “I…I was in the kitchen, when you came home. Ididn’t think any of you would be home so soon.

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