Making a Sandwich


Turkey, mustard, tomatoes, romaine, a knife, a cutting board, and of course, wheat bread are out on the oak table. Having arthritis in my back, it’s hard for me to sit down for long periods of time, so the breakfast table is now just a transitional area between hunger and consummation. After cutting a few slices off the tomato, I wrap it in cellophane and lick my fingers. Grabbing it, I walk across the kitchen and put it in the vegetable drawer, pulling out a slice of American I had forgotten.

“Hey, what’s up? Where’s my sandwich?”

Julia’s bright green eyes were taunting me from my table, as I walked back up to it. For a second, I wanted to rub my hand down her smooth arm, but I decided against it, and started to unwrap my cheese. The plastic fell to the floor, and Julia bumped me grabbing it off the floor. I couldn’t help but take a step back while she bent in the somewhat short skirt.


She bounced back up, an inquisitive look on her face, “What?”

The way her lips curved, so rounded. The way her hair fell just to her shoulders, slightly curling, red and blond veining through the dark brown. Everything about her was round. There were no sharp corners to get caught up on. “Julia? Would you do something for me?”

Her Bostancı escort downcast eyes lifted, “Whatcha want?”

“I want you to tell me what kind of underwear you’re wearing.”

She smirked and didn’t answer. “All right then, little girl. Turn around.”

Wrapping my arms around her shoulders, I buried my nose in her raspberry scented hair. I pulled her hair back, and let my lips just graze her neck before I took a step back from her. “Grab your ankles.”

Without protest, she bent down and grabbed her ankles. Her skirt rose, and only needed a little flip to bear her bare ass. I choked back a groan. “Why do you do this to me, you minx?”

I felt her chuckle, and wiggle her hips. My hands roamed, caressing from her thighs to her lower back. I pulled the elastic of my flannels down below my now-saluting member.

She knew where she was supposed to be, and was doubled over almost right under the standing table. Taking her hips in my hands, I slowly pulled her cheeks apart to look at her pink core, and a small star-shaped pucker. My ring and middle finger investigated her always soaked pussy. Slowly, I let my cock rest at her entrance, then submerge.

My possession of her was a languid procedure, as practiced as the Anadolu Yakası Escort making of a sandwich. Her tight pussy practically sucked me in like a mouth. I heard her moaning lightly into the wooden floor. I laid the slices of bread one next to the other. On the left side, I dropped the lettuce. To avoid saturating my bread with mustard, I always let the greenery be the buffer between taste and wheat.

I pulled out of Julia again, her body shivering. Every time I entered her, I did it from a different angle, stretching her and making her moan uncontrollably.

The turkey went on the right side, followed by the cheese, followed by two slivers of tomato. Putting the two halves together, I felt Julia quake below, her cunt wrapping around my cock like a taut wire. Drawing from her heat, my cock was covered in her fluids. My fingers pulled out a gooey trail, and rubbed it tentatively on her pucker hole. “Wait, John.”



My dick pressured her virgin pith. “Honey, it’ll be okay.”

Not once did she let go of her ankles. I picked up my sandwich, taking a bite. My other hand held Julia’s back steady as I gently seized her. When I was finally immersed in her balls deep, I halted to let her adjust. With Kadıköy Escort a few more slow strokes, I felt Julia relax.

My sandwich was almost half gone now. Instead of continuing, I decided to enjoy her body. My free hand prowled her body, pushing her skirt further and further up. Reaching around the side of her body, she plainly sighed as my finger ran over her clit.

It was when I took the last bite of my meal that I decided this might get ugly. Both hands grasped her hips sure. With a snap, my palm smacked her perfect rump. “Okie dokie. Now I’m gonna get down to business.”

There was a small bark when I hit bottom roughly. With increasing ardor our bodies met, hers getting the harder side of the deal. There was nothing holding me back as I pounded into her relentlessly. She had already come, it was my turn at satisfaction. I elected to take her, rape her for all she was worth.

My wrought iron plowed into her soft, supple ass harder and harder until she was crying out. She didn’t ask me to stop, no. The noises she made were completely incoherent. Suddenly, she screamed my name and came again. Her climax left her so rigid it was hard for me to even pull out. Every one of her muscles clenched, sucking and rippling over my cock. I had one good stroke left in me, and took it before spurting a river of come into her ass.

Retrieving my softening member, I grabbed the cutting board and knife, and tossed them into the sink to be washed. Julia didn’t seem to have the strength to leave her position as I left the room.

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