Maid on Boxing Day


Authors note: This story is an immediate sequel to my first story “Carol’s Christmas”. The events of this story deal with the younger man named Marcus who Mrs. Carson initiated into the mysteries of sex and submission in “Carol’s Christmas”.


Marcus was sweating bullets as he rang the door. He burned for Mrs. Carson…Mistress Carol…and needed to be with her under any terms. He had the chastity device she had given him in his backpack. He knew once it was on he would not even be able to masturbate without Mistress unlocking the belt. He knew this would be difficult, but he knew the excitement of serving Mistress Carol, her lovers and her guests would be worth the nearly constant sexual frustration. Marcus was hard as a rock standing at the ornate wooden door.

He had attempted to climax repeatedly the last night and been unable. He’d masturbated all night thinking of Mistress Carol’s fragrant breasts and meaty lipped pussy with its carefully maintained auburn “landing strip”. The eighteen year old felt he couldn’t ejaculate without his Mistress’ permission and that was when he made up his mind; Marcus Cicero of sound body and fevered mind would agree to Mrs. Carson’s demands and wear the chastity belt she’d given him that night. He had been her Christmas gift. He had resolved to become her toy on a much more permanent basis before the sun rose on Boxing Day.

The door was answered by Carol herself. She was wearing shiny thigh high leather boots with six inch stiletto heels, a black leather studded G string, long black leather gloves and a wicked smile. Had she known Marcus would arrive or was she already at play? She was holding a cat of nine tails and her eyes sparkled like a cat presented with ready prey. She said nothing. With a finger she beckoned the young man to enter and follow her. Silently, Marcus complied.

Marcus was led into the increasingly familiar bathroom. Chubby Irena washed him in the tub like one might bathe a child, coddling and chiding. She was as naked as the boy who was becoming quite erect looking on the older woman’s sinfully curvaceous brown body. Marcus was surprised at his reaction to her chubby, dimpled body with full hips and fertile belly. “Settle down you big sissy! Mistress Carol wants you gentled. If you keep acting like such a naughty boy…snip snip!” the voluptuous maid with the deep brown eyes pantomimed scissors in a way that made Marcus blanch.

Marcus settled down, and was washed inside and out by the jolly Irena, whose massive brown jugs shook every time she giggled at Marcus screaming hard cock. Compared to all of the men he’d seen Carol with Marcus was miniscule. He’d never thought much about size before. He had to wonder if his smaller size made him inadequate compared to other men. The thought aroused the boy immensely and his small cock leaked pre-cum. Marcus remained still and calm while the sumptuous Irena shaved what hair there was on the boy’s slight body. Satisfied that the lad was smooth as a baby’s bottom, Irena dried him off. The lusciously plump woman presented Marcus with a very girly smelling stick deodorant and advised him to use it before meeting with Mistress Carol.

Marcus was brought to Mrs. Carson’s personal bedchambers. She was looking at the boy with what could only be described as a mixture of hunger and contempt. She was coyly brandishing the chastity belt she’d presented Marcus with and now expected him to accept with all its many permutations.

“What I am demanding of you Marcus,” Carol intoned somberly “NO MAN would ever agree to. My husband…my CUCKOLD wimp of a husband even refused. You will say yes. Why is that Marcus?”

“I’m not sure Mistress Carol,” Marcus lied.

Carol cooed mockingly at the blushing boy, “Yes you are Marcus, but you can’t bring yourself to admit it.”

Hot tears filled Marcus’ eyes. The delicate youth sobbed and broke down crying. Mistress Carol was right. Marcus knew exactly why he would agree to Carol’s restrictions or anything else to gain the striking statuesque older woman’s favor.

Wiping the tears from his smooth cheek Marcus confessed, “It’s because I’m just a little bitch Mistress Carol. I’m not man enough to refuse.”

“That’s right, Marcus, but I don’t want you using that kind of coarse language. You are to refer to yourself as a sissy from now on.” Carol admonished Marcus sternly.

“Yes Mistress Carol, I am just a sissy!”

“MY Sissy,” the buxom Mrs. Carson sneered.

With great joy and love in his heart Marcus crowed, “Yes Mistress Carol, I am your sissy!”

Carol approached the trusting young lad and attempted to place his penis in the chastity device, but it would not go in erect. This would not do and Carol had no intention of letting Marcus fuck her or anyone else now or ever again. She would have to get the swelling to go down somehow before she could lock him away, so she put on a latex glove and began to milk Marcus small but erect penis like Starzbet it were a cow’s udder.

“That’s right sissy needs to be milked so he’ll be nice and gentle and go in his chastity,” Carol cooed at Marcus like a mother singing a lullaby. Methodically she manipulated the boy’s dick until it twitched. She then drove her fingers deep in his asshole and massaged his prostate until his cum formed a substantial pool on the hardwood floor and his penis went flaccid.

She then cleaned his limp little prick with a baby wipe and locked it away in the device she had chosen. This particular device would prevent unwanted erections as well as self-stimulation and was to be worn at all times unless unlocked by the keyholder; in this case Mistress Carol. His manhood securely locked away the sissy was ready for advanced training.

“After I relieve you it is your responsibility to clean up your own cum, Sissy.” Carol pointed at the mess on the floor and ordered, “LICK IT UP!”

“Yes Mistress Carol!” Marcus cheerfully responded and then savored the experience of licking up his own thick cum. Marcus was quickly becoming addicted to the taste of semen. He would have to say his favorite flavor was the distinct savory sweet taste of Mistress Carol’s freshly fucked snatch filled to the womb with the spunk of several men. Marcus’ pathetic little penis tried to get hard in the confining cylindrical cage but was unable to grow. The strain made his balls jangle and his anus twitch. The sissy ached to be fucked with a big cock or Mistress’ dildo.

“Now worship my boots Sissy!” Carol’s harsh commanding voice pulled the pretty youth from his cum fuelled reverie.

Marcus lavished the shiny leather boots with devoted attention. Kissing and licking them, Marcus gloried in the taste and smell of the fine Italian leather. The pathetic boy found himself entranced by the experience. He was so horny he was desperate to stroke his tiny pud to orgasm. He was ready to grovel for relief.

“Please Mistress Carol. I need to rub my little dicky!” Marcus whined.

Carol reached down and pulled Marcus up by his dark, wavy hair. She elevated him just a bit off of his feet and sneered at him.

“Pathetic worm! I am in control of your orgasms now! You aren’t allowed to jerk off because that is disgusting behavior unbecoming a proper sissy!” Carol growled, “Do I make myself clear, Marcia?”

“But Mistress, I need to cum!” Marcus’s cloying tones made him sound just a little like a “Marcia”.

Carol was actually pleased with Marcus’ increasingly effeminate behavior but she wanted to teach the girly boy to delay gratification and nip his ambitions to be unlocked tonight in the bud. She placed her leather clad knee against Marcus’ exposed balls threateningly and hissed at the submissive young man, “You’ll cum when and how I say Marcia!”

“Yes Mistress Carol” Marcus demurred. Marcus relaxed and accepted his auburn haired Goddess’ authority.

Carol lowered Marcus so that his feet were again touching the ground. The stern older woman released her grasp on Marcus wavy locks and kissed him on the forehead in a motherly fashion. She fussed with his masculine hair looking for a more feminine look. It was impossible.

“I’m taking you to my stylist right now, Marcia. In time I’ll expect you to grow your hair long like mine but for now you’ll have to have a short but girly cut and I think I want you blonde. We will get your nails done too while we are out,” Carol matter-of-factly informed her charge as casually as she might give instructions to her secretary at work.

“Erm… Mistress? You are taking me out of the house?” Marcus asked, his voice cracking with fear. The bewildered youth had not anticipated that his humiliation would be public, but his need for the salty sweet creampies she fed him meant she could manipulate him as easily as a dealer could manipulate a penniless junkie.

“Of course I am taking you out to show you off, pet! Marcia, you are such a silly sissy. We are going to make such a pretty girl out of you!” Carol gushed like a teenager. She’d certainly discovered her own fountain of youth feminizing this pretty boy. “I swear with those pretty eyes and those long eyelashes it’s an absolute crime you weren’t born with a pretty pussy instead of that useless little dicklet you have.”

“Thank you Mistress. Ummm…I never knew anyone would see me that way but,” Marcus paused, taking a deep breath as tears filled his big brown eyes, “that’s how I have always felt inside.”

The trembling young sissy broke down crying and Carol took him in her well-toned arms and held the crying face close to her warm, nurturing breasts. “Shhhhhhhhh… It’s ok baby girl. It’s better to be female, Mistress Carol will show you.” the voluptuous Mrs. Carson cooed maternally to her sissy.

“I can’t become a girl. I wish I could be a girl, but I was born with this dick Mistress and I don’t want to have Starzbet Giriş to grow up and be a man. I am scared Mistress,” Marcus blubbered though his copious sobs and hot, salty tears.

“There there, Marcia. You may never be a real girl, but I can help you come to terms with the girl that you are and help you make it work for you instead of getting you beaten up by bullies,” the dominant hotwife of Jack Carson assured the beautiful toy her husband gave her as a pet just the day before. “We need to get you ready fast though. I mean to give Jack a special gift of my own tonight and you’ll be a big part of that, Marcia!”

Irena and Carol helped “Marcia” get dressed in a sheer red dress, shiny nylons and red high heel pumps. They giggled like schoolgirls as they put makeup on the boy’s face. As a final touch a bright and cheerful ladybug barrette was put in the ladylike lad’s hair. If he really were a girl it would be the perfect ironic touch to wear in the hip environment he was about to enter on his way to and from the salon. He was given a coy red purse to carry and advised not to speak as his voice would give him away.

Carol walked “Marcia” to Mr. Federico’s as if she were dragging a country bumpkin niece recently made her ward into civilization. The wealthy married Domina wore a smart cranberry jacket and a short houndstooth skirt. Black tights embraced her shapely legs and the effect was completed by perfect Gucci pumps in the blackest leather with a matching bag. Her hair was pinned in a stern but stylish upsweep.

The trip to the salon was mercifully short. Marcus was placed in a chair immediately and Mr. Federico himself transformed Marcus boyish dark locks into a stylish little blonde hairdo worthy of any college aged hipster chick at any coffeehouse on the West Coast. Looking in the mirror, he saw a she and for the first time really felt like “Marcia.” The beautiful blonde sissy squealed with sheer joy at his feminine appearance. His tiny prick strained deliciously against its cage making “Marcia” wonder if “she” should think of it as a clitoris from now on.

Carol was also delighted with the result and gave Mr. Federico a tip that delighted the jovial little man. The next mission would be to go have “Marcia’s” ears pierced. The duo set off to visit the body piercing and tattooing establishment a few blocks away. Carol and her young “girlfriend” walked arm in arm at a relaxed pace through the fashionable downtown neighborhood. The two drew many looks from men but no suspicion. “Marcia” looked like a perfectly normal, petite young woman.

When Marcus opened the door into the clean body art boutique his brown eyes identified three boys from his school. They were members of the basketball team, and had hassled Marcus regularly. He prayed they would not recognize him and the fear made his little cock strain against its cylindrical restraint. The tall muscular athletes looked Marcus up and down like a piece of meat. Their grinning teeth glowed bright against their deep, dark skin. Marcus felt the tip of his baby dick trickling pre-cum into his lace panties in spite of its inability to become erect in the chastity belt. He’d never felt quite so much like a she and she had never been so hungry as she was for her school-day tormentors’ visibly erecting cocks.

While sitting and having his ears pierced like a girl for the first time Marcus saw Carol casually chatting with all three of his schoolmates. She handed them a hotel room passkey and whispered in their ears. Whatever she told the guys prompted a round of laughter and high fives. Carol got up and walked over to help Marcus out of the chair. “They know exactly who you are now and they are meeting us in a hotel room in half an hour. They won’t hurt you as long as you do as you are told sweetie!” Carol drawled sweetly to her sissy.

Marcus was mortified. Malcom, Jeremiah and DaShawn were definitive jock asshole bullies. Marcus couldn’t count the number of times they had hazed, hassled and even beaten the ever loving shit out of him for no better reason than the fact that he was a bit small and his sport of choice was tennis. Worse yet, all three had confirmedly fucked his big sister Donna on more than one occasion. Marcus’ heart was torn between anger at the three black basketball jocks and jealousy towards his older sibling who had already been on the receiving end of their sexual athleticism.

Carol and “Marcia” took a taxi to the Hyatt Regency where Mrs. Carson kept a ready suite for her regular marital indiscretions. They arrived with just fifteen minutes to spare before Malcom, Jeremiah and DaShawn. Carol instructed “Marica” on what would transpire once “her” schoolmates arrived. “First we are going to suck them together, get them really, really hard and then the real fun will start and we are going to get our brains fucked out!” Carol’s words caused Marcus’ tiny wiener to leak sticky ejaculate through its tormenting Starzbet Güncel Giriş cage.

Marcus’ heart felt as if it would explode in his chest as he waited in awkward silence with Mistress Carol for the young studs who were about to satisfy their sexual needs. Carol enjoyed watching her sissy squirm and said nothing to assuage the girly creature’s fears. She just sat officiously in her chair drinking a pink martini and smoking a joint; offering none to Marcus on the grounds that it was “a filthy habit and one I don’t want my sissy indulging in.”

There was a knock on the door and the three eighteen year old stallions entered amid hoots and peals of laughter. A cloud of comingled pot and tobacco smoke followed the swaggering studs into the room. They got down to business fast. All three whipped out their massive ebony erections and Jeremiah spoke for all three, “Are you bitches ready to suck this shit?”

Carol got down on her knees and prayed to DaShawn’s gargantuan black cock, taking all thirteen inches to the gullet and licking his big balls with her lascivious tongue. Marcus kneeled before Malcom and took his nine inch cock all the way in one gulp and tongued his scrotum. At the first taste of pre-cum Marcus stopped and began blowing Jeremiah’s fat ten inches and was soon joined by Carol in fluffing the muscular point guard. The two white sluts were mesmerized by the musky black cocks and were ready for some intense fucking.

Carol squatted over Jeremiah’s girthy cock and impaled her seasoned snatch on its meaty width. She moaned in ecstasy as she rode him and squealed with delight as Malcom drove his perfectly proportioned prick into her anal rosebud. The eyes rolled into the back of her head and she became a creature possessed by continual orgasm; emitting deep moans punctuated with delighted wailing screams. The three found their rhythm and Carol’s mind went blank.

DaShawn pushed “Marica” over roughly and rammed all thirteen massive inches deep into the feminized sissy’s bowels. “Yeah bitch,” DaShawn spoke gently, “I been wantin’ to make you my girl for a LONG time.” Marcus tiny penis retracted inside the cage while his prostate forced thick juts of his cum out to make room for the gigantic cock invading the effeminate boy’s’ tight, white ass. “Damn bitch, you went and did yourself up just like how I was gonna have my sister make you up for me before I raped your ass and made you my whore!” The nearly seven foot tall Center made his menacing words sound soothing for the tiny girly boy he was plowing with all his might. With each stroke of DaShawn’s giant meat monster “Marcia” squirted a little more semen from the caged “clit” between “her” skinny legs.

Carol was murmuring in some forgotten language of sexual frenzy as the two young black cocks filled her quivering pussy and asshole. The rock hard cocks pounded deep in her body as the young athletes focused their attention on the older woman’s voluptuous peaches and cream complected tits and ass. They each took a massive white globe in both hands and sucked a chubby pink nipple as they spunked deep inside the married woman. Carol’s muscular vagina and sphincter milked their young cocks of their contents. They nuzzled her and then went into the bathroom to freshen up.

DaShawn eased his gargantuan cock out of Marcus ruined ass and made his way over to Carol. With an eager grin the massive stud picked the tall voluptuous cougar up as if she were a petite gymnast and drove her down in a reverse cowgirl, impaling her cum filled anus with his tree of a cock. Carol screamed with anxious pleasure as her ass took the biggest cock she’d ever met. Malcom and Jeremiah emerged from the bathroom and without a word it was understood that “Marica” was to fluff them. The recently cock deprived sissy eagerly took their cocks in his hungry mouth; swallowing both black poles deep into his throat.

Too soon the boys removed their big black cocks from “Marcia’s” face and carefully drove both ebony rods into Carol’s dripping vagina. The successful businesswoman and seeming pillar of society shrieked in wanton abandon as she offered herself completely to these black teenagers and their indefatigable lust. Her young charge watched and envied. Marcus ached to become Marcia permanently and completely. “Marcia’s” shrinking “clit” twitched in its device, squirting girlish juiciness.

Carol’s eyes opened wide as the cocks inside her body swelled up and began to twitch. Her birth canal flooded first as Malcom and Jeremiah’s black fucksticks erupted a Vesuvius of spermy goo that filled her womb to the point her belly was swelling. The orgasm this triggered in Carol caused her anus to twitch and this drove DaShawn over the top and his chocolate leviathan spunked so deep in her that she swore she could taste it. The woman collapsed in a heap and rested as the boys got up.

“At school you are gonna dress like this from now on. We will protect you but you have to be our little whore and let us and our buddies use you all they want until it is time for you to go work for your boss lady over there at night. You understand me, bitch?” DaShawn commanded “Marcia”.

“Mistress, is this acceptable to you?” the well fucked sissy pleaded with his Goddess.

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