Maia VS Lucia catfight


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We are both waitresses working in the same restaurant and the owner had asked us both to clean up and make sure that all of the building was locked up, I set to work on one half of the restaurant whilst SHE set to work on the other, I could feel the anger bubbling away inside me as I watched her work her tables because I knew she had been phoning my boyfriend behind my back while flirting and smiling at me.

I just didn’t know quite how to approach her about this, Lucia looked over at me and smiling said “shall we have a drink while the boss aint here” I smiled back and thought what the hell it might loosen my tongue enough to say something to her, she grabbed two beers and we carried on cleaning as we drank them, after twenty minutes or so we had managed to sink three bottles of lager each and I could feel my anger still bubbling inside and my adrenaline was starting to pump as the alcohol kicked into my veins and my tongue was becoming looser.
I looked over after another beer and said “why the fuck are you phoning Bob you had your chance and you blew it BITCH”
“Your calling me a bitch that’s rich as you stole him from me” she retorted
“Well if you had been better then he wouldn’t have come to me”
“What the fucks that supposed to mean you fucking cheap whore” she responded flicking her hair and pushing me back
“In bed Bob says your shit in bed” I answered (giggling) and shoved her hard she crashed into a table behind her
“Ouch bitch” She righted herself and looked me up and down, I was ready for her my temper stretched to its limit my patience at its end,
She rushed at me bending slightly and crashed hard into my stomach lifting me off the floor sending us both crashing into and over another table she had rolled away slightly by the time I had my bearings I only managed to get to my knees by the time she was upon me again a hard left caught my face “fuck off” I yelled out As I tried in vain to lash out with my right and caught nothing another hard blow into my stomach winded me as I doubled over.

“Come on BITCH fight me” she screamed at me as I caught my breathe,
I paused taking in her strong stance all most boxing style, I lifted my self half way up and I dived at her stomach causing us both to crash down hard on the tiled floor,
I had landed hard on top of her winding her slightly as she let out a deep sigh, I sent a couple of punches into her face cutting her lip she responded with a couple of head shots which caught both sides of my head, I was leaning fast I couldn’t box this bitch she was too good her punches were to fierce I shuffled my body upon hers bring our faces close together and grabbed two handfuls of her hair “get off me cunt” she screamed I felt the warmth of her breath and then a sharp burning feeling as her hands yanked hard on my hair as she also wrapped her legs around my back squeezing me hard as she bucked underneath me trying to throw me off.

I dug in harder and yanked some more at her hair trying to inflict the same pain on her as I was feeling but I lost my balance and we were soon side on facing each other our legs flailing both trying gaziantep lezbiyen to get the upper hand and get back on top she let go with her right hand and raked at my tits ripping my skimpy top open “fuck you bitch” she yelled as her claws dug deeper and harder into my tits “ouch you fucking slag” I screamed as I felt the full force of her grip on my tits I responded in the same way she had done and bought my left down hard onto her neck then onto her tits.
She yanked so hard on my hair it pulled us closer still and our lips met for the first time sending a tingle down my spine, it was a quick embrace but it felt good as we struggled and fought, I pulled my other hand from her hair and yanked at her top exposing her breasts fully and dug my other hand onto her other tit digging my nails in so hard I was drawing blood, We both were fighting hard and starting to perspire when she suddenly ripped at my skirt then knickers grabbing hold of my pussy and the little tuft of hair I had there, the pain I was feeling was very intense and very direct I let go of her tits and went back for her hair yanking with all my might as she continued to attack my pussy her hand wedged between my legs as we tussled harder still against each other.

We both had a tear or two in our eyes as we continued to struggle against one another, the bitch was hurting me even more as she continued to pull at my pussy and I was also having another sensation running through my body as we fought the sensation of having another woman this close to me even one I hated was turning me on slightly, we carried on for another minute or two but she was hurting me more and more I knew I had to do something I reached down for her skirt and knickers and yanked hard enough to rip them off. I reached down for her pussy and pulled as hard as I could and with my other hand I attacked her tits once more, as we both pulled the other we were being drawn close again and soon enough we were face to face she reached round and gripped my head pulled me in closer still, she kissed my lips and mouth hard as I opened up at let her tongue in she bit slightly causing me to sigh hard a rush flowed over my body excitement growing inside me as it was for Lucia I was sure of it.

We were still hurting each other with our respective grips when she pulled back from our embrace so I was able to grab her arm and I struggled to get her hand from my pussy, I let go off hers and jumped on top of her grabbing hold of her throat I squeezed and pushed down on her trying to choke her into submission her arms flailing around catching me with a few slaps as she struggled and panicked as I tightened my grip scream at her to submit asking her to give eventually she banged down hard on the floor then waved her hands “I give” she choked and coughed.

I got to my feet my pussy burning my tits aching and my face and head felt like they were on fire also from the abuse Lucia had put upon them my whole body feeling the affects of our encounter, I looked back at her as she staggered to her feet her naked body looked fabulous even with the marks and drops of blood on it,

“You fought well Maia” Lucia wept
“Better than you Lucia” I responded
“Look at my clothes bitch you’ve ruined them” she said
“Don’t start again cunt or do I have to teach you another lesson” I retorted
“You’ve ruined mine first” I continued as I turned and headed for the bathroom to try and clean myself up, I heard her following as I approached the door I opened it and went through letting it swing back at her I heard them slap as it had obviously slammed into her she was holding her hand when she eventually walked in, I giggled to myself as she said “Suppose you thought that was funny” “A bit I suppose” I answered still giggling, I reached for some towels and started the tap running we were both dabbing warm towels on our aching bodies glancing at one another still wary of what the other could and would still do.

“Why did you kiss me in the fight Lucia” I asked
“I wanted to it felt right as we tussled together” she answered
“It did feel good” I said as we turned and looked/stared into each others eyes I approached her forcefully grabbing her hair once more and moved my mouth to hers and kissed her hard and full on her lips pushing her hard backwards onto the wall pressing my body into hers, she reached round and wrapped her arms around me pulling us together harder still as our tits mashed together back and fourth releasing then crushing us our bodies and tits just kept on slapping together as she pulled and pushed my body into hers, our kissing becoming more fierce as if our tongues were having a battle of there own, my body felt electrified as we continued our embrace and a powerful surge ran through my body as she crushed our bodies together again and again I yanked my head back to break our kiss letting go of her hair and wrapping my arms around her as she was with me.

We both pulled together at the same time a loud slap once more as our whole bodies collided but instead of pushing back I lowered my hands and grabbed her arse then started grinding my hips back and forth into her as I yanked on her arse in time with my grinding, I knew I was close and by the look of pleasure on her face she wasn’t far off herself, we kissed hard again our hips still grinding together simulating fucking then all of a sudden the look on her face changed and she broke the kiss and started moaning loud “OH GOD” she almost screamed “FUCK, FUCK, OH MY GOD” she continued her legs and body trembling, tears started to stream down her face as she went weak her tight grip on me loosened as I felt the weight of her in my arms holding her up as she was unable to contain herself her orgasm explosive and violent, I let go of her and she collapsed to the floor in a heap.

“Well bitch that’s twice in one night I have beaten you” laughing at her as she had tears of raw emotion running down her face
“Your going to be my little bitch from now on or I will kick your ass once again” I continued, she looked up at me “No more Maia please no more” she pleaded
“Oh there is more to come for you, your going to pay for the calls to Roberto and I haven’t done yet so your going to bring me off any way I choose” I demanded
“Get to your feet bitch” I ordered
“I can’t I am to exhausted, please Maia enough you’re the better woman I won’t phone Bob anymore I beg you please” Lucia said crying and pleading
“No you WILL satisfy me you ARE going to make me orgasm” I ordered again as I approached her as she just managed to climb to her knees I grabbed her hair and opened my legs “lick it bitch make me come” still barking orders to her, I pulled her head close to my pussy as she raised her hand and started rubbing my clit as I felt the warmth of her tongue run the length of my pussy, then she started diving her tongue in and out of me, mmmm it felt good I thought to myself she certainly knew what she was doing and must have done this before with another woman, I wanted more I wanted her deeper I yanked hard on her hair pulling her away from me she looked up at me with a confused look on her face, I lifted my leg and placed my foot to her face she was just about to suck on my toes when I pushed with my leg and sent her backwards she hit the tiled floor hard letting out a cry of pain as she did so, before she had any chance of getting up I moved towards her placing my feet either side of her head and lower myself to my knees placing my now damp pussy over her face then mouth “now lick me out deep as you can get bitch” I demanded once more her tongue immediately started diving in and out of me my moans suddenly started getting louder, I reached down and pulled and twisted her tits and nipples, I could hear her muffled moans from beneath me as she continued to lick and suck at my pussy.
I continued abusing her body as she ate at my now very wet pussy bringing me closer and closer to my desired orgasm, my mind went blank from any other thoughts just the one that was happening, my body started to shake, my feelings turned so much to desire and pleasure as Lucia was now going even faster and harder at my pussy, her hands had come up to the tops of my thighs pulling her in deeper again then with what must have sounded like screams the sensation was to much and as my body started shaking more and more my orgasm was upon me and I exploded my juices flowed hard and fast, at the same time I noticed Lucia’s body was trembling also as she came for a second time seconds after me, I collapsed forward onto her body still having the feelings of the orgasm the bitch knew what she was doing as she had stunned me into a multiple orgasm I finally managed to roll off Lucia tears were streaming down her face crying and humiliated
“Wait till next time bitch I haven’t done with you yet” I instructed her.

As I got to my feet and headed for the door I took one last look at Lucia she had curled up in a ball like shape still crying, I chuckled once again at her and went back into the restaurant to try and salvage my torn clothes with a few safety pins and a coat that was hung up in the corner I was in a fit state to leave and was just about to when a wicked thought crossed my mind take Lucia’s clothes with me so I did.

On returning to work the next morning the tables and chairs had been righted but there was no sign of Lucia so I walked into the bathroom and sure enough Lucia was shivering in a cubicle I turned and left her there, I approached the owners the kitchen staff and the cleaners to inform them Lucia was in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out, they all got to see her the owner went and got her some clothes for her but she was never seen at work again and we have had no more phone calls.

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