Maddie’s Night Out Pt. 02


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


The next morning, however, was not to end their fun, Maddie blinking awake in a ray of sunshine, hardly feeling as if any time at all had passed between her passing out with his thick member inside her and her coming back to the waking world again. Her hair splayed out, tousled, around her head, and the bunny squirmed, relishing in the feel of his cock inside her still. Vaughn was big enough, even after everything, that he had not slipped out, even while soft, though perhaps her sleeping with her bunny tail ground all the way back into his crotch, demanding even in sleep, had helped some there.

Still, the bull could not help but respond to her waking, her squirming and groaning, rolling her hips teasingly back as she woke up, brought his cock, pump after pump of blood, back to full hardness. The bull groaned, sweeping the back of his paw across his eyes, rubbing the sleep from them with a tired grin, though he had something to take the edge off the morning. A couple of Viagra disappeared down his throat, and one more for good measure, as he grunted, wrapping his arms around the bunny again as he spooned her.

“Such a good cock sleeve,” he praised as the bunny trembled. “Keeping my dick nice and warm all night… You’re a good bunny slut, a good girl.”

He rubbed the outline of his cock through her abdomen, jacking himself off through her stomach, the comparatively thin span of skin and flesh barely separating his paw from his cock. For, at that time, she was just a condom to him, her belly a little softer and less bloated, though Vaughn would see to it that she was swollen full of cum in no time at all. His cock may have been back to its normal size for the time being, but he grunted as he powered into her, pushing his hips right up to her backside so that not an inch of his cock was wasted.

Maddie moaned breathlessly in orgasm, drifting on wave after wave of being used, wonderfully so. With every orgasm of the bull’s too, he made her stomach swell, bloating out more and more, his cock growing. She swore, even through her haze of pleasure, that she could feel the veins standing out on his cock too, the pills making him better, rendering her even more stuffed and cream-filled than before. Still, Vaughn did not have to move, not when he was wrapped up in using her as a living fleshlight, perhaps an even better use for her than being a condom, spending his load inside her as the enhanced Viagra made him refill his balls almost more quickly than his seed was spent. With that in hand, there seemingly was no end to the loads that he could give her.

Drawing out, only to pin her on her front, her legs kicked wide, he fucked her hard, ruthlessly, as if she had no say in the matter — even though, of course, Maddie did have a say. But the slutty bunny’s only say was to moan weakly for more, her legs quivering too much to even move, allowing herself to be handled and used exactly as the bull pleased. Her swollen stomach pressed down into the messy sheets of the bed, ears flopping tiredly, though she wouldn’t have stopped things for any reason.

She had too much lust to take, even as the day slipped away, breaking only for a drink and some food, Vaughn sitting at his small table, a little rickety, to be fair, with her stuffed full of his cock in his lap still. It had been an awkward position, but she hadn’t wanted to be without his dick, even with the leash still dangling between her breasts. The mess spread around the house, though that one would be for Vaughn to tidy up when the time came, the day easing into the afternoon with him fucking her in the shower, letting the heat seep into them, soothing sore muscles and cleansing fur.

They had only dried off somewhat by the time that Cody appeared on the doorstep, though the bay stallion grinned, talking to his brother, who was similar in colour to him with a narrow, broke, white stripe running down the front of his face.

“I just got to pick up Maddie first and the hidden cameras too for her husband, it won’t take a moment, sorry, bro.”


Lance’s ears twitched, the stallion tilting his head a little, though he could not be blamed for not honestly knowing what was going on — it was hardly conventional. Cody only grinned to him and tapped the side of his muzzle until the door opened, revealing a sight that his brother would never forget. Cody’s only regret was that he hadn’t had his phone out to snap a picture of both Maddie impaled on a cock that he was sure Vaughn hadn’t been packing before and, of course, of his brother’s İstanbul Escort shocked face too.

The fact that Maddie was facing out towards him, legs dangling, a huge bulge in her abdomen from Vaughn’s dick showing through, with her arms bound with a cord and back around the bull’s neck didn’t help matters. Lance gaped like a fish, so much so that Cody had to close his jaw for him, though the bunny’s happy moan made it clear that she wasn’t in any kind of real predicament at all. Perhaps just a little “fucked silly”, to put it politely.

“You’re early,” Vaughn rumbled, though there was a glint in his eye. “There’s always time for a well-used bunny to do more though. What do you think, cock sleeve? How are you doing there, warming up my cock?”

Moaning, she slumped against him, the cord running between her wrists holding her up, though she could not even cling to him with her paws, fingers grasping faintly, weakly. Not that she minded at all being worn like a necklace, and a very kinky one at that, her pussy stuffed, cum drooling from her and splashing onto the doormat.

“Maddie, tell them how much you want them to join in.”

Maddie moaned, slumping forward, her shoulders pulling even as the cord and her bound paws kept her in place.

“Ohhh, yes,” she groaned, working her tongue around her mouth just to get the words out, her throat a little sore from crying out so much in passion. “Yes… Come in… Fuck me… Ooohhh, I bet I can take all your cocks at once!”

Three guys should not have been a challenge to her normally, but it was a different game with Vaughn’s cock so thick and swollen with the aid of the Viagra, which could, of course, be passed off to the others there too. She grunted and jerked her head towards the packet of pills until Vaughn picked it up, confirming that that was what she wanted, and chuckled throatily, deeply, the reverberations of his mirth travelling through into her body.

“Damn, guys, the knocked up bun wants you to take a pill or two,” Vaughn laughed. “Must want an even bigger round of dicks to stuff her. You can’t get better than using a cock sleeve like this, trust me.”

That much was partly for Maddie’s benefit and partly to tease Vaughn, for, of course, Cody knew more than most how much Maddie could take. Yet, with a little encouragement, even Lance was stripped down, blushing a little, holding his forearm.

“I, uh, not… I’ve not done anything like this before…”

Cody grinned.

“Don’t worry, Lance. Fuck her, mount her, do anything you want to her. It’s not hard… Just your cock is!”

There was no sexual feeling between the brothers, though Vaughn was reluctant to immediately give up her pussy as he laid back on the living room floor, the soft rug cushioning his back as he rotated Maddie on his cock to face him. With her arse raised, Cody willingly stuffed that hole while her mouth was taken by Lance, two stallions and one bull ramming furtively into her, though Vaughn and Cody were more comfortable with it than Lance. With a higher pitched whinny, Lance fucked her mouth hard and fast, gaping at how much of his long, thick dick she was able to take, though Cody only laughed at his shock.

It was funny, at least for Cody, to see how taking Maddie was through the eyes of someone else, her backside tighter than he remembered around his cock, but that was likely because his cock had not been throbbing with pulse after pulse of active Viagra. Cody grunted. It was not one that he had taken before when he’d been asked to spend a night with Maddie, setting his hide on fire with prickling tingles. To not fuck at that time would not have been an option.

And, so, he did, slamming into her backside, moaning as he watched his brother fuck her mouth. Lance was quicker off the draw than them, though, they plugged and filled her holes as if they had been doing it for far longer than they had. As the youngest of them neighed out his pleasure, ramming his cock and cum down her throat, he kept right on thrusting, aching for another orgasm already.

And another.

And another.

Vaughn hadn’t been planning to use the gag again, but it was too tempting as Lance pulled out of Maddie’s mouth, her stomach overly full of six loads of cum — damn, he had cum quick and repeatedly! — to use her again. To stop her from coughing up any cum, not that it was that much of a worry with Maddie, he slipped a ball gag into her mouth, though it was thicker than the other one, shaped like a carrot. Vaughn grinned as Maddie moaned around it, standing with her in his arms, Cody’s cock, having spent three climaxes up her rump, throbbing even as it eased from her.

“Now, Maddie… How about a triple stuffing?”

Cody and Vaughn grinned, Maddie’s moans calling them in.

“Lance… Come here… Come on…”

It took a little cajoling, but their relationship would not change for the fact that they were Kadıköy Escort sharing the use of one very slutty bunny. It needed them to stand together for it to work, only a little more difficult with Lance’s inexperience at play, though the stallion was swiftly getting into it — getting off multiple times in a warm, living cock sleeve did that to a horse, really.

Together, they all pushed together into Maddie’s pussy, her arms once again hooked back around Vaughn’s neck like a necklace, a chain to wear that the bull would never want to take off again. It was too good to have her there, showing the “newbie” all that Maddie could do, Lance quivering and snorting and stomping. He pawed at the ground with a hoof, shaking with his cock pressed up again Cody’s, all three males driving into the bunny.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!”

Lance squealed, his cock aching, huge and throbbing and threatening to blow, though the Viagra and a short break, thankfully, helped him hold back. If she had not been gagged, Maddie would have been screaming for all three of them, grunting, moaning, but the gag held her quiet, whimpering around it as wave after wave of lustful pleasure crashed over her. it was not gentle, not soft, not sweet, and it was everything that it needed to be as she became the most stuffed bunny in the city all over again.

The huge bulge in her lower abdomen was so swollen, so meaty with three studs driven deep up inside her, that it was unrealistic, showing off the limits of her pussy. But what really were limits anyway? Maddie was yet to find them, the only limit being just how many guys she could fit around her rather than inside her, her pussy straining around them, so tight that no more cum could even slop out of her.

Her pussy ached in the best of ways, drifting from reality to a more lustful one, ecstasy claiming her. She tried to cling to Vaughn, facing his chest, but the bull was too busy thrusting, butting up against Lance and Cody as he drove deep, all three of them moving in clumsy unison. Only those who had fucked Maddie together before could attest to the tightness of her pussy — and yet how it strained around them. It took some considerable skill to drive in together, but pleasure, as always, would overcome all else.

“Yes, little bunny,” Vaughn grunted, still feverishly in character, more eager than ever to thrust her right over the edge into another orgasm. “Unff… You’re going to be…goddamn ruined on our cocks… Ah, fuck!”

Yet he could not hold character forever, not as he was the first to explode inside her, the closest to the edge after forcing her belly to swell. The bull’s cum seeped up inside her as if he was trying to go as deep as possible, though his cock already bulged through her belly, three cocks well and truly showing through her stomach, the outline of them coming up against one another, blurring the edges.

The horses were not long cumming after him, Lance with his nose buried in Maddie’s hair, huffing and panting noisily, though no one minded. Maybe he would come to their next get together, coming into his own without sharing his time with Maddie with his brother, though Lance was most certainly interested in Maddie after his initial amazement over her body and her amazing pussy had turned to raw lust. Pretty much everyone was infatuated with Maddie after the first fuck, her bunny pussy hotter and more addictive than anything else.

Though they could have said that Maddie was addicted to them too, slumping against Vaughn as the stallions unloaded together in her, cocks pulsing and even swelling all over again with the influence of the Viagra, needing her even more.

Dimly, she was aware of being shifted, moved between cocks and partners as if she truly was a hole to be fucked, though she didn’t mind. In fact, it was hot, a way of being used that made her drool around the gag. Yet she couldn’t keep track of how many times they had all fucked her in her pussy or her tail hole, lusting for it all, wanting more, her anal ring feeling as sore and pleasantly stretched as her pussy.

Still standing, the horses split apart while Vaughn pushed back into her cunny, letting the youngest of the three take up position behind Maddie, his arms around her and paws squeezing her breasts, fingers digging in lightly.

“Oh, fuck…”

Lance grunted, pushing into her backside, stars dancing behind his closed eyelids. The heat of her backside closing around him was intoxicating, slick with cum as even more drooled from her pussy, a sloppy, messy cream-pie that just seemed to keep on coming. He’d never seen anything so hot.

As Lance took his liberties with Maddie’s tail hole, wiping off his cock first on her cute bunny tail, Cody took her pussy with Vaughn, the two of them finding a better position, side by side, driving up into her. Truth be told, she was a little looser than was normal for her, but that didn’t stop them from pounding her, Ataşehir Escort taking her, all three moving her from position to position, cocks in every hole.

The one thing they did not do, even as cum dribbled from her nose (carefully wiped off from Cody, who was pounding her tail hole at the time), was take photos. Why would they need to when there was already so much equipment set up around the house? For added effect, of course, they had been hidden, giving Maddie a nice surprise once Cody had done his job of editing everything together into a nice show that Ninnin and Maddie could watch as much as they pleased. Likely when they were having their fun, together, too!

On and on, they did all they ached for, moaning, whimpering, grunting, sweaty bodies dripping with cum, streaming from Maddie’s pussy whenever any of her holes were left vacant, if only for a moment or two. But, eventually, even the Viagra had to ease down, feeding more into the size of their swollen cocks than their stamina, panting, heaving, sharing soft kisses with Maddie over the ball gag, which had sealed off her cries for some time, her body limp with so many orgasms. Yet would she really have wanted to have it any other way, even as their cocks eased from her in a drooling slick of fresh cum?

Maddie knew what she wanted, that was most certainly true, and how to get it.

One thing, when they were good and done, panting on the sofa, that Lance noticed was how Maddie was treated, making a mental note for future encounters, if he was lucky enough to ever spend time with the gorgeous bunny again. They treated Maddie with the utmost respect, helping her get the gag from her mouth, Cody offering her a drink of water, Vaughn supporting her against his chest. For even though they had fucked roughly, more roughly than Lance had honestly thought was possible to have sex, the bunny had, all through it, been the star of the show.

“You’re so fucking awesome, Maddie.”

The bunny smiled tiredly, still finding the energy for a wink for Vaughn.

“Right back at you, bull. Damn… You really got going!”

A short time later, in the shower, Maddie pressed up against Cody while the stallion pressed slowly into her, his cock hard enough for one last round. He rolled his hips as she braced on the wall, arching her back, grinding back into his lap softly and sensually while his paws roamed her body. They swept lightly down from her shoulders, rubbing away the soreness from well-used muscles, murmuring her praise while she grunted and groaned for him.

“Mmmmph, ohhhhh…”

Maddie whimpered, climaxing more softly on his shaft, though the horse was there to hold her gently, to support her even as he spent himself too inside her. The hot water streamed over them, washing sweat and mess from their fur, though the bay stallion supported her as she stood softly, his fingers going between her thighs as his cock slipped out, softening at last.

“Wow, you are ruined, Maddie,” he teased her lightly, nibbling her ear. “Mmmm… Not for long though, I bet.”

The bunny giggled.

“I asked for some broken condom roleplay, Cody,” she laughed. “Not to be the condom! Sheesh… But, wow, just wow.”

“In Vaughn’s defence, the bull is the best roleplay I know, LARPing and all that stuff… Ah, but, you know, that’s not…hehe…kind of what you want, right? Yeah, I know.”

Maddie rolled her eyes, but it was hard to worry too much with his paw gently rubbing her pussy, teasing her clit in soft, soothing circles.

“Touché, but I could go for another round still…”

“Damn, you are insatiable… But I hope that’s going to be a good report you’re taking back to your husband?”

Maddie grinned.

“Oh, the best! But that depends on how well you help me clean up, hun. You can’t leave a poor, tired bunny like me to do it all myself!”

She giggled, though the horse was quick, dropping to his knees with a soft sponge at the ready, easing it between her legs. For the aftercare was as important as the act itself, taking the time to come back to reality gently, sweetly, softly. Her body ached as she leaned back against the cool of the shower tiles, the hiss of the water all around her, the bathroom nice and steamy, Cody allowing the water to go hotter than he liked, simply because that was what Maddie wanted. And it was what Maddie, and her husband, wanted that was always done.

It was all part of their fun, the agreement, respect and mutual pleasure abounding between them. Yet the warmth of the shower and the thoughts of all the tales she was going to regale her husband with later, how many cocks she’d taken, how big the boys had gotten with that special batch of pills that Ninnin had ordered. It was part of the fun too, every stage giving the bunny pleasure, though the horse kissing the line of her jaw, smoothing her ears back gently and running his paws over her body as he helped her clean up was a pretty damn good part too.

All in all, through the night and into the morning of the next day (and the afternoon too), it had been one of her favourite nights out lately.

But there was always room for more…

Especially when it came to a particularly stretchy bunny.

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