Lynn’s Phone Call to Bliss


After a long day at college Lynn has just got in when the phone rings. She answers it and hears Tony’s sexy voice on the other end, asking her if she would like to come over for a drink. Lynn knows full well there is more to the invite than is actually said and eagerly accepts saying “I will be over as soon as I have changed from college.” She goes to the bathroom and places all her clothes in the linen bin before jumping into the shower to freshen up for Tony. As she feels the warm water cascaded down her firm young body she daydreams about his touch as she absent-mindedly starts caressing her body with her soapy hands.

She briefly snaps out of her daydream when her hands slide over her pert breasts and is surprised to find that her nipples have become firm and sensitive with the thoughts she is having of Tony. She resumes her daydream as she starts teasing and pulling and teasing her stiff sensitive nipples with her soapy hands as her thoughts return to Tony, making them become so hard they started to ache for more attention. As her erotic thoughts became stronger she slowly lets her right hand drift down over her smooth taught abdomen, down over the neatly trimmed hair to the thick bald lips of her pussy. Slowly she starts massaging her pussy causing her lips to swell and open, allowing her to easily slip a couple of fingers between the outer moist petals. As she slips her fingers deeper between her parted lips she finds she is really hot and wet from the juices leaking out in anticipation of what is to come and she has a desperate struggle with her carnal urges not to slip her fingers onto her aching clit and rub it till she orgasms. She very reluctantly stops arousing herself and finish’s washing as common sense reminds her that in time the sexual ache she is feeling will be more than satisfied.

When Lynn had thoroughly washed she got out of the shower and dried herself, before wrapping the towel around her warm body as she goes into her bedroom to select the clothes she knows will turn Tony on. She went through her whole wardrobe before selecting a flared black mini skirt that just barely covers her cute, tight arse, and to complement it a low cut tight black top to show plenty of her cleavage. She places them on the bed and goes over to her dresser and selects a tiny, transparent red g-string and matching red ¼ cup bra that leaves will leave her sensitive nipples exposed and puts them on, before sitting on the stool in front of the mirror and doing her make up and hair. Once satisfied that everything is perfect she finishes dressing by putting on her black top, mini skirt and thigh high’s and checks her dress in the wardrobe mirror. As Lynn stands admiring her reflection in mirror she muses about how nice it would be to have sex with the vision looking back at her. Then as she feels herself getting wet her thoughts return to pleasing Tony and she hurry’s over to his apartment.

Lynn arrived and eagerly knocked on Tony’s door and waited impatiently for him to open it. As she waited she tried to anticipate his reaction to her dress. The door opens and she can see Tony’s eyes wide and hungry for her, She steps inside and as Tony turns from shutting Trabzon Escort the door she moves into his embrace. Tony bends his head down till his lips meet hers as she parts her lips waiting, needing, wanting his tongue. Their tongue’s meet and dance with each other, the passion in their kissing is strong and her hands move up and down his back for a while before slowly travelling lower and gently squeezing Tony’s arse and pulling his groin tightly against hers as we become more passionate. Lynn’s hands then move round from his arse to his hips as she works her hands round to the hardness trapped between their bodies.

Their passionate kissing is getting more frantic as her hands find what she is looking for, and she slowly traces the outline of his magnificent, hard cock through his shorts. The fervour of Tony’s kissing increases as she starts to rub the hardness growing inside his shorts. Lynn breaks the kiss and looks into his eyes as she starts to rub Tony’s cock even more firmly before, she starts to kiss her way up from his neck to his ear and she quietly moans as she starts to nibble the lobe, as she knows this will turn him on even more. With her free hand she reach’s back and guides Tony’s hand down from her hips over the curve of her tight arse until it reaches her bare thigh below her mini skirt. She hears Tony’s sharp intake of breath and feels his cock jump in her hand as his hand touches her bare skin at the back of her thighs. Lynn then moves his hand up under her mini skirt so that Tony can caress her almost bare arse as he discovers she is only wearing a tiny g-string just for him. Both her hands now move to slowly undo the buttons securing his shorts so that she has total access to his prize.

As she gets ready to undo the last button to release his throbbing cock she looks up and see’s in his eyes that he is desperate to just lay her down right there and then pound his big cock into her wet pussy.

Lynn quickly tells him “not just yet,” as she pops the last button and his rampant uncut cock springs free of the confines of the shorts, which fall to the floor. Her right hand finds and touches the bare hot flesh of his hard cock and she moans at the thought of it stretching her pussy wide as it slips deep inside. She curls her fingers round his shaft and starts to rub harder as she lowers herself to her knees. Once on her knees she studies the pulsing veins at the base of his rigid shaft as her hand continues to massage the length of his cock. She slowly raises her gaze to the thick angry looking purple knob, which is exposed each time she pulls the foreskin back and notices some precum leaking from the eye. Lynn can’t help herself, she leans forward and licks all the precum off his sensitive knob before slowly swirling her tongue round and round the purple head in circles.

She feels Tony’s hands grab on to her head, gently to keep her mouth on his overheated cock. She then moves her head to run her tongue up and down the shaft of his hard, leaking cock while at the same time she starts to gently cup and squeeze his full balls with her left hand while her right hand moves down between her own legs Escort Trabzon to remove the pressure on her clit, caused by her damp g-string slipping between the puffy lips of her leaking pussy as she knelt down.

Once the pressure on Lynn’s clit is removed she decides it is time to get more of Tony’s cock and she lets his cock enter her mouth. Tony gives a loud moan as he feels Lynn’s warm wet mouth slide down the length of his cock till his knob hits the back of her throat. Lynn, feeling his cock hit the back her throat manages to resist gagging and clamps her lips down tight around his cock. She then proceeds to gently suck as she slides her mouth up and down while all the time teasing his cock with her swirling tongue. She is rewarded with a steady stream of precum leaking out of his cock, which she swallows eagerly. At the same time she can’t resist letting the fingers of her right hand gently tease her clit without letting herself cum.

Suddenly Lynn stops and stands up. As Tony stands there dumbstruck with his stiff 8 inch cock standing straight up and twitching Lynn slowly takes off her top revealing her pert breasts in the red quarter cup bra, her nipples are as hard as Tony’s cock which gives a large jerk as it squeezes out some more precum at the vision before him. Lynn smiles because she knows the hunger burning inside of him, is nearly as great as hers. She then turns a little to give Tony a peek at her tight arse as she then slowly starts to lower her mini skirt.

After removing her mini skirt she turns back around to face him and asks Tony to remove her wet g-string. Tony eagerly leans forward and gives her a passionate kiss as his hands reach down and slowly remove her g-string. He gets even more turned on at the taste of his own precum during the kiss and Lynn can feel his precum leaking from his cock onto her stomach and running down her right thigh.

Lynn can’t hold back any longer and tells Tony to lie down. Tony does as he is asked and Lynn quickly kneels over his smiling face, with her leaking pussy directly above his now open mouth, facing his feet. She then lowers her steaming pussy onto his eager mouth and tongue. She sits there for a while watching his cock as she enjoys the way his mouth and tongue is working on her leaking pussy and clit.

Tony starts by licking and sucking her pussy lips totally clean of her juices before moving his tongue to circle around her hard clit. Every now and then he lets his tongue pass agonisingly slowly directly over her clit before resuming his circular motion around the edge of her clit. After several minutes of this he feels her juices start to run over his face and he moves his tongue to her vagina. She starts to moan at the feeling of his long hard tongue probing up into her empty wet vagina with the tip wriggling around tickling the sensitive walls inside her vagina. It gets too much for Lynn and she bends forward and desperately swallows his whole leaking cock in one go and then slowly starts sucking it as she deep throats his cock causing him to moan loudly.

Lynn is surprised to find she has easily deep-throated Tony without gagging as she was so Trabzon Escort Bayan turned on and concentrates on pumping his cock in and out of her mouth to try and stop herself cumming to soon. She can feel her pussy juices dribbling form her pussy and being eagerly lapped up by Tony, as she starts playing with his big full balls, she changes to teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue. Although Tony has not been licking her that long she feels as if she is about to cum and Lynn starts to move her hips in motion with Tony’s tongue fucking her pussy causing it to penetrate her a bit deeper.

Lynn responds to the sheer pleasure in her pussy by sucking harder on Tony’s cock and taking him deep again into her mouth in a desperate bid to make him cum first. To late, she feels herself explode in a mind-blowing orgasm and she lets out a scream of passion and collapses, spent with his rigid throbbing cock still deep in her mouth.

Tony tries valiantly to lick up and drink all the pussy juice that has squirted over his face during her orgasm while Lynn recovers.

Once Lynn has recovered she quickly moves her still leaking pussy from Tony’s face and straddles his hips as she leans down for a kiss before licking his face clean of all her excess pussy juice that he has missed.

Once she is satisfied she hasn’t missed any tasty pussy juice they settle down to passionate kissing with his cock barely touching her pussy. After a while she decides to tease and moves back a bit and lowers her pussy so she can rub it up and down his cock, coating it in still more fresh pussy juice, as she runs her hands through his hair, which she knows will turn him on even more. Her pussy juices soon cover his cock, as she gets more excited and start to drip off with his precum onto his stomach.

Lynn was just getting to the stage were she couldn’t take any more when she felt Tony’s large purple cock head parting her spread, wet pussy lips as it nudged against the outside of her vagina. She moaned loudly and eased back a little till she felt his huge knob stretch her vaginal opening and slip inside. She straightened her arms and slowly lent back feeling all 8 inches of his cock slide easily on their combined juices all the way into her vagina until his heavy balls hit her thighs and the tip of his knob just touched the entrance to her womb.

Even though they hadn’t started fucking yet, Lynn went into a continuous orgasm, with her pussy muscles clamping greedily on his cock, desperately trying to milk Tony’s cock of all his cum. Tony feels Lynn’s greedy pussy spasming in orgasm on his cock and as he is already very close starts fucking Lynn as fast and hard as he can with long, deep, hard strokes. Very soon he feels his balls tighten as he gets ready to cum and pushes his cock as deep as possible into Lynn’s vagina and holds it there with his back arched as he pumps jet after jet of hot cum into her.

Lynn screams out loud in orgasmic overdrive as she fells his cock slip into her womb as he starts to cum. At the same time, Tony pushes a finger deep into her arse. The rest is a muddled haze as soon after she passed out with orgasmic ecstasy after such a long multiple orgasm. But she remembers feeling her vagina being stretched by his cock each time it swelled inside her to pump another jet of hot cum into her body, and the other feeling was indescribable but can only have been caused by the powerful jets of cum spraying the inside her womb.

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