Lust Is My Shadow


Stay with me tonight, under the new starlight. You… incite a blush to my body before the glimpse of new day. Lust is my shadow. Fragile dewdrops sprinkle a fine mist over the dawn, a delicate pond, clear crystal, reflects a born Demetevler Escort again morn. A brilliant new sunrise dances over my realm. Morning awakens the landscape… Otele gelen escort my life. Shards of sun shatter dusty sleep in my eyes, warm breezes Balgat Escort carry nature’s soft sighs, bellbirds sing in concert; bluebells nod at the new sun,passion’s beauty is unmasked. Stay with me tonight, until day’s new light.Make my body blush and slick with desire, before the morning reborn. All stories appearing on the Lush Stories website under the name, Trinket, are the exclusive property of Trinket (unless stated otherwise). These stories may not be reproduced,copied, transmitted or manipulated without the written permission of Trinket. All stories are copyright © 2013 2014 Trinket.

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