Lust in a Pool Ch. 03


You crawl towards me, kissing and licking your way up my body. You suck on my nipples, reversing my own tease on me by nibbling them, making me arch my back. Suddenly I feel your hand on my cock, and then I feel you press yourself onto my cock. I moan softly before stifling it, but you have all you need, the only encouragement you need is that you are near your goal. You press yourself even further onto my cock, and through the haze of pleasure, it hits me that something isn’t the same.

You lean back, pushing more onto my cock, and you are so tight that I force my eyes open to look at you. It is then that two things hit me and two things happen. I first notice that your pussy, thoroughly fucked, is bared to me, still looking delicious to me. You finish sliding my cock into you, and I realize the angle means that you are pushing my cock into your ass. I am so overwhelmed by the feeling that I let a few squirts of cum look into your ass before I gain control of myself.

Using the combination of cum I let go and cum that was coating my cock, you begin to slide slowly up and down on my cock. After your ass gets used to my size and feel in you, you begin to slide up and down faster, slowly adjusting to the sensations. I realize how close I am and think quickly about how to make sure we have our orgasms at the same time. I let my hands move to your body, thinking of ways to stimulate you the best, and begin almost immediately.

I slide three thick fingers into your pussy, finding the fit is just right. With my other hand, I begin to massage and pinch your clit, making you moan loudly and slide up and down faster. I add another finger and feel you tense on both my cock and fingers, making me lose control of myself. I thrust my four fingers as deep into you as I can go while I pinch your clit almost painfully. You almost scream as the first few squirts of cum shoot deep into your ass and your most powerful orgasm yet crashes into you.

I arch my back as cum shoots in powerful streams from my cock, shooting deep into your ass. Our orgasms wash like waves over us, crashing into us with the smallest stimuli. The sensations seem to go on forever as you continue to ride my cock out of sheer sexual instinct. After what seems like orgasm after orgasm finally subside, you slowly, carefully pull yourself bornova escort off my cock. You collapse on the towel beside me, resting half your body on me and half lying on your side on the towel.

We lie there for awhile, coming down from the amazing high of so much pleasure, content in the knowledge that we are safe and alone for the rest of the night. We lie there and relax for over an hour, the mixed air from the sauna and the open door keeping it comfortably warm in the area where we lie. My cock, after being given a well earned rest, reacts to the slightest touch when your leg brushes up against it. You reach down and stroke it a few times, then move as if you will ride me again.

I stop you and stand up. I help you up then begin walking toward the showers. You follow and we turn on showers across from each other, each using the provided soap to clean all the cum and sweat off our bodies. I watch as your hands roam your body, making it silken and tempting. In order to keep my self control, whatever there is left, I close my eyes and lean back against the tile, trying to allow the cold of the tile to cool down the heat building in me for you.

I allow the water to slowly wash the soap from my body, soap and water running down my ass, legs, and cock, which is now growing harder the more my mind wanders. I hear a slight splash, but assume its water splashing as it runs down our bodies. This misconception lasts only a few seconds, right until I feel a tingling in my cock as your lips wrapping around my cock and then an unbearable pleasure as you suck the head into your mouth with hunger and lust.

I groan and grab the bar that runs along the shower area, turning the water low and leaning back to allow you easy access to my cock. I look down, and meet your eyes as you kneel down in front of me sucking my cock. You respond by attacking my cock as if it was the only thing that could keep you alive, never letting your eyes leave mine. You lick along the shaft of my cock, letting the trickle of water running down my cock overflow out of your mouth. You move your head and begin to suck on the head of my cock, stroking my cock with your soft hands.

You begin to slide my cock down your throat, the look of lust clear in your eyes as you slide up buca escort and down my cock, taking my cock a little deeper in your throat with every motion. As your hand has less room to stroke my cock, you move one down to rub your clit, and the other you leave up to rub my balls. You keep sucking and licking my cock, never enough of one sensation to make me cum, but enough that I am in near orgasmic pleasure for a long time.

After the fifth or sixth change to sensations, I lean down and grab you by the shoulders, forcing you to take my cock from your throat or risk injuring it. Once my cock is out of your mouth, not without a suck on the head and flick of the tongue, I pull you even with me. I kiss you deeply, and I grab your ass making you moan loudly into my ear as you wrap your arms around me. You use your arms around my neck to lift yourself up just high enough to wrap your legs around my waist and push my cock into you.

I turn you around, lifting your ass onto the bar, and beginning to slide my cock hard and wet into you. You reach around and turn the water off all the way and I lean down to suck the last of the water off your breasts, sucking and nibbling at your nipples until your legs are squeezing me tight. I pull out and lift you down, turn you around and slap your ass, making you moan at me. I face you at the bar, and push you forward. You back toward me, stretch forward, spread your legs, and hold onto the bar, spreading yourself out temptingly.

I move toward you and squeeze your ass, making you squeal. I slap it lightly and you moan. I kneel down and slide three fingers into your tight pussy, making you wetter with every thrust. After a couple of minutes you are begging me to enter you, and I oblige with a smile. I put the head of my cock at your entrance, and you push back at the same time I am sliding in, making our bodies meet with a slap as my cock enters you fully. The mix of sensations makes you let out a scream that bounces off the tile walls of the shower area.

As the echo dies, I begin to pull my cock slowly out of you, your tightness no longer feeling forbidding, but welcoming as if your pussy never wants me to leave. Halfway out I thrust back in, and quickly build a rhythm of pleasure with my cock sliding deeply into your pussy karşıyaka escort and pulling back out slowly. I take hold of your hips to make my thrusts more controlled, and begin to make the rhythm a little faster, pulling out quicker now that you are more moist and excited.

I feel your body grow more open, hungrier, and I begin to go even faster, not stopping to let your body be ready for sliding back in. Your moans get louder, echoing off the walls, as I feel my own body begin to reach the build up to orgasm, making me thrust harder into your tight pussy. I move one hand to your back, and put one finger at the entrance to your ass, allowing you pushing back onto my cock to slide my finger a little into your ass. The sudden sensation makes you swear loudly as you get much closer to your orgasm. “More!” you moan loudly, almost a scream, and I push my finger more into your ass, making you whimper and moan.

“Oh fuck that feels good, I want it all!” you scream, and I oblige, letting you take my finger slowly with each push back until it is buried all the way into your ass, the rest of my hand resting on your ass. When it’s fully in, you begin pushing harder and hard on my cock, and I feel your ass and pussy tensing on my finger and cock, letting me know you are ready. Your pussy tightening and loosening on my cock in rapid succession push me over the edge, and as my orgasm washes over me, I begin to slam my cock into your pussy and slide my finger in an out of your ass.

The sudden sensations of much faster thrusts into your pussy, my finger sliding in and out of your ass, and the new feeling of my cum filling you to bursting pushes you over the edge, triggering your own explosive orgasm. You begin matching my furious thrusts by pushing back on my cock, and beg for a second finger in your ass between curses and moans. As I slide the second finger into your ass, you literally scream, not in pain, but in pleasure as another orgasm washes over you, more powerful than the last.

We continue the movements, thrust after thrust, my body filling up yours with flesh and seed, until the orgasms finally subside and we separate, then collapse in a heap on the floor. You lay your head down in my lap, not moving your head but licking up and down my slowly softening cock, tasting the mixture of my cum and yours, loving the sweet taste. Once my cock is clean and interestingly hard again, I reach up to turn on the hot water again, pull you up beside me, and spank your ass, telling you were naughty to make me hard again.

To be continued… let me know if you want more from this story, or a different one…

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