Luke’s Big Butt Changes Ch. 04


I moaned into the pillow as I felt Sammy’s thick cock slide past my ring. I was already so sloppy, I had been all day. And I didn’t even need to say anything to Sammy, he knew just what I needed. Well, he’s been putting his cock in my ass a couple times a week for the last couple of weeks. Our normal Friday night chill sesh usually ended up with me face down, ass up on the bed and him pounding my ass until I blew a huge load of ass-juice all over him.


“FUCK!” I grunted as Sammy spanked my fat cheeks, making them jiggle. He really liked to rough me up, and to be honest I’d punch a man out for spanking me. But when Sammy did it, it felt really good. It definitely helped me loosen up a bit so Sammy’s dick could reach even deeper and scratch that itch inside me.

“Damn son, your pussy is so sloppy. It’s sucking me in. You want my fat cock today too?” Sammy leaned down and whispered in my ear. Despite his good boy exterior, I knew deep down Sammy had the mouth of a sailor, but only recently did I realize just how filthy he could talk. Honestly, it made me feel like one of the girls he must be fucking regularly. But I didn’t get too mad about it, because Sammy was helping me out so much by thrusting his fat cock and slamming cheeks all night long.

The weird itch and leaking hole thing hadn’t really gotten worse… but I seemed to just need more. Sammy definitely helped. Anytime he speared my bubble butt with his cock and dumped a load of jock juice inside me, it felt so amazing, and the itch went away for a while. Or, at least it used to, but I’ve been getting itchier more often lately, needing Sammy more than once on my really bad days.

Which brings us to tonight, because Sammy was now going at my dump truck ass for Round 3. I could only bite the pillow as I devolved into a moaning, squirming mess. His cockhead hit that spot inside me so fucking good, I felt like I was on the edge of cumming… I mean, squirting every time he bottomed out.

Which is why it was so disappointing when Sammy pulled his cock out of my hole and just tapped his cockhead against my twitching, itchy pucker. The empty feeling and the itchiness was driving me crazy, and I desperately didn’t want Sammy to stop. “Bro, what are you doing? Put it back in!” I whined, looking over my shoulder to see Sammy smirking down at me.

“You didn’t answer my question.” He said with a devilish grin, then slapped the palm of his hand against my fat ass cheeks. He hit me with such force that it made me feel like I had tremors, but I knew it was just because my cheeks just rippled from the spanking. I didn’t want to say something so… embarrassing. Even though it was kinda true. Just didn’t want Sammy to get the wrong idea. This was just to help me out with my itchy, leaking hole, it’s not like I actually wanted his huge, fat cock inside my tight, bouncy bubble butt.

“FUCK YES, dude, I want your cock!” I whined.

“Where?” Sammy teased.

I knew what Sammy wanted me to say, he’d played me like this before. Why was it so important to him for me to say it anyways? I didn’t want to say something so embarrassing and that could easily lead to any misunderstandings though. It’s not like I had an actual pussy or anything. And what kind of straight alpha jock calls his own hole a pussy? But still, I knew that if I didn’t say it, Sammy might leave me high and dry, or more accurately empty and itchy, and that was worse than any embarrassment.

“In… in my pussy, man. Please put your cock in my pussy.” I let out a surrendering sigh immediately followed by getting the wind knocked out of me as Sammy SLAMMED his cock back into my pussy… I mean, hole with all his might, holding onto my shoulders for leverage for maximum impact.

“FUCK!” Was all I could say while Sammy pummeled my ass. My cheeks clapping together echoed through the room while I buried my face into the pillow and blissed out. Sammy’s cockhead hammering at my itchy spot over and over and over again was bringing me so close to the edge… which is when I felt that weird tightening sensation. My hole clamped down on Sammy’s cock and I moaned while I felt my hole squirt out what felt like a fucking gallon of juice onto him.

“FUCKING TAKE MY BABIES, LUKE!” Sammy screamed as he unloaded his cock into my guts. I felt his cum blasting my insides, each volley of the warm, hot, sticky jizz gave me an instant cooling sensation on my itch and made me feel so good.

Sammy collapsed onto my back as we both caught our breaths. His bare chest on my back felt so good, even though he was kinda heavy I could easily do weighted pushups with him on my back, so I wasn’t too uncomfortable. After a couple minutes, Sammy slid off my back and fell to the side of me. I looked over at him and was about to thank him, when he pulled me closer, our chest touching, as he trained his deep brown eyes into mine. He licked his lips and I couldn’t help but glance down at them again.

“Fuck, Micucci, that was amazing…”

“Naw, I should be thanking you bro, that Çankaya Escort was just what I needed.” I was a little loopy, like I always got after Sammy helped me out. I could still hear what Sammy was saying but I was so overwhelmed and my head was buzzing that I couldn’t really process it.

Sammy kept staring at me, the intensity on his face scaring me a little. What was his deal?

“Sammy, what’s up? Just spit it out already.” I was getting concerned because Sammy always looked like he wanted to tell me something but held back.

“I… Luke, I want… I mean, do you wanna… go out with me?” Sammy looked absolutely terrified, which was weird because we hung out all the time. I mean, I guess most of the time it was at school or his house, so maybe he just wanted to go someplace like the bowling alley?

“Sure thing, bro, where to?” I was so grateful to Sammy for helping me out that I was willing to go wherever he wanted to, even if it was an extremely boring place like a museum or some shit.

Sammy’s face broke out in a huge, dazzling grin. “Come to my house next Friday. My parents will be out. I wanna treat you right, Luke, so dress up a little.”

I was confused, because Sammy just said he wanted to go somewhere, and we usually hung out on Friday nights at his place anyways. Well, whatever, maybe he just wanted me to come here first before we went bowling.

“Nice, it’s a date.” I joked, since Sammy seemed so tense and serious for some reason.

His smile grew wider. “Fuck yeah, it’s a date.”


I don’t normally knock on Sammy’s door, but for some reason I felt like I should. After waiting a couple seconds, Sammy swung the door open.

“Hey, you’re early! Sorry, I’m still cooking,” he said. Wait, Sammy was cooking? Dressed like that? He was in this fitted silver dress shirt and black slacks. The top button of his shirt was undone, revealing a peek at his chest hair. The shirt clung to his lean muscular torso perfectly, and really showed off his arms. And then those slacks were tight in all the right places, I could clearly see his bulge. He looked…

Sammy looked me up and down, mirroring my own actions. The grin fell from his face as confusion took over. He looked up and scrunched his eyebrows at me. “So this is what you call dressing up?”

I mean, yeah, Sammy asked me to dress up, but I didn’t know he meant this dressed up. Here he was looking like he belonged at some fancy party, and I was just in my one of my nicer pair of sweatpants and a fitted t-shirt. I figured that was dressing up for me, considering I usually wore ratty old sweats and tank tops. Why the hell would Sammy want me to dress all fancy though? The thought literally never even occurred to me.

“Alright, well, come in. Dinner is almost ready. Make yourself comfortable,” Sammy said as he directed me inside. Sammy seemed off his game tonight for some reason. His usual calm, casual self seemed to have been replaced by this blushing, frantic guy. Was he stressed out about tests again?

I walked into the dining room and was shocked at what I saw. The table was set up really nice, with a tablecloth and everything. And Sammy had the fancy plates out that his parents usually only used for special occasions. And, this was probably the weirdest part, there were these candles in the middle of the table.

I couldn’t help but think the whole set-up seemed romantic. But that couldn’t be right… or wait. Did I interrupt Sammy’s date with a girl? But he invited me, I swore this was the right time and day. So why was Sammy in the kitchen cooking up a romantic dinner, dressed fine as fuck, when I was supposed to come over so we could hang?

Sammy walked out of the kitchen carrying a big tray with something on it that smelt fucking amazing. I was a growing boy, so I was always hungry, but Sammy’s mom made the best fucking food in the world. And Sammy learned everything he knows about cooking from her, so he was a pretty awesome chef too. I was lucky my best bro was so willing to cook for me, so I put aside my awkwardness and got ready to eat.

Sammy put the tray down on the table, then went over and pulled my seat out before I could do it myself. It felt kinda stiff and formal, we’ve never done anything like that before, but I guess Sammy was just trying to be nice.

But, I still couldn’t get around this weird atmosphere. Now, I’ve never been on a date before, I haven’t had time with baseball and all the chicks at school are boring. But, I kinda got ‘date’ vibes from this whole thing. I knew Sammy went on plenty of dates though. Maybe he was practicing? Or maybe he was trying to teach me how to behave on a date.

I was so fucking hungry after training today, so I just started to dig in. Sammy’s sausages tasted fucking incredible, of course. I’m pretty sure they were homemade, like with the casing and everything. I kept shoveling them into my mouth like I couldn’t get enough. I glanced up and saw Sammy smiling at me Keçiören Escort with a weird look on his face.

“What? Do I have something on my face or something?” I asked.

“No, I’m just really glad you like them. I worked all day making them.” Sammy chuckled.

Oh man, now I felt kinda bad. Sammy spent all day making this food for me? I knew how important studying was to him, and I couldn’t believe that Sammy was always willing to sacrifice his little free time to help me out.

“They taste fucking amazing, bro. I love your sausages.” Sammy laughed in response to that, I guess he liked being complimented on his cooking, so I decided to lay it on thicker.

“Yeah, like, I wish I could eat these every day. I just wanna stuff my face with your sausages.”

Sammy winked at me. “Well, that could be arranged.”

I felt bad again, since if Sammy was gonna cook these for me every day it was gonna seriously eat into his studying time. Then, Sammy did something really weird. He put his hand down on the table near me, palm up, and wiggled his fingers a little. I just stared at his hand, confused at what he wanted. Was he asking me to hand him something? But what?

“You big dummy,” Sammy laughed. He then grasped my free hand with his and then rested it on the table. His thumb rubbed circles into my hand. So yeah. My best bro was holding my hand while we ate dinner that he made for me. But maybe this was another one of his dating tips?

Alright, noted. When you’re dating a chick, you should hold her hand at the table. I tried to pull my hand away, but Sammy just squeezed my hand in response. Ah, got it. You gotta keep holding her hand until dinner is over.

The rest of the dinner was still pretty awkward. Sammy kept holding onto my hand while I ate my fill of his sausages. After cleaning out the entire tray (and I’m pretty sure Sammy ate way less than I did), I rubbed my stomach in satisfaction.

“Man, that was fucking delicious. I’m stuffed.”

“Not yet you aren’t.” Sammy winked at me again. Ok, so I guess he had dessert. I shoulda saved some room, but he didn’t mention it before. Man, Sammy was awesome.

“Hey, Micucci, do you wanna… Netflix and chill?”

“Hell yeah bro, let’s do it.” I was always down to chill with Sammy, and spending the rest of the night watching movies sounded great. We moved over to the couch, but instead of us taking each side of the couch with a bowl of snacks in between us, this time Sammy sat down first and patted the couch directly next to him. I hesitated a little, since it felt kinda close, but I didn’t want to disappoint him.

I sat down, but with my size I was kinda half on his lap. I wanted to scooch over a bit to make room, but Sammy put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him, so my head was almost resting on his shoulder. I didn’t get why Sammy was doing this, but I guess we used to sleep in the same bed and stuff so it wasn’t that strange. Just two dudes cuddling on the couch watching movies, nothing wrong with that, right?

I figured that if Sammy was trying to show me how to make moves on a chick, I should ask him how his dating life was going.

“Hey, Sammy, are you into anyone right now?”

“Well, I’ve got one I’m kinda crazy about right now,” Sammy said. Usually he kinda blew off most of the chicks he got with, he was definitely a player, but his voice carried a different weight. I guess he was really into this girl.

“Oh yeah? What’s she like?” I asked.

Sammy glanced over at me and chuckled again. I didn’t get what was so funny, but then he looked deep into my eyes again and said, “Gorgeous, but has no idea how good looking they are. Big chest, even bigger butt. The best ass I’ve ever seen. Absolutely adorably clueless,” finishing off with another wink.

I tried to think about who he could be talking about, but none of the chicks we went to school with seemed to fit. Huh, maybe she’s a college chick or goes to another school? Either way, Sammy was a damn lucky guy, that chick sounded kinda hot, I guess!

I turned again to Sammy to say something, opening my mouth slightly, but before I could say anything I felt his lips crash onto mine. I was totally shell shocked as he started to kiss me, sucking on my bottom lip and swiping his tongue, like he wanted me to part my lips so he could get his tongue in my mouth. I got kinda light headed as Sammy made out with me heavily, I kinda got lost in the moment and didn’t realize at first that my best friend was for some reason kissing me. Was this another thing he was trying to teach me? But wait, straight bros don’t kiss each other like this, right?

I pushed against his chest and pulled him off me. “Bro, what the fuck!? Why are you acting so gay!?”

“Well…,” Sammy sighed.

Wait, what did that mean? Was Sammy actually gay?

“What the fuck are you talking about, you’re not gay!”

“No, I’m not gay; I’m bi!”

“Since fucking when, dude! I’ve never heard Etimesgut Escort of you hooking up with a guy before!”

“You mean before you?”

“Before me what?”

“Before I started hooking up with you.”

“We…we haven’t been hooking up, what are you talking about!”

“Seriously man?! I mean we’ve hooked up plenty of times. I stuck my dick up your ass and came inside you. Since when is that not considered hooking up?”

Wait, this whole time, Sammy was fucking me!? That made no fucking sense. I told him about my itch and the lube that came out of my hole and he acted like he totally understood what I was talking about. I thought he was just helping a bro out! There was no way a straight alpha stud like me was getting fucked.

“No, dude. That was just you helping me out with my itch, right?”

Sammy rolled his eyes.

“Oh yeah, the strange recurring ‘itch’ in your ass that just makes you crave cock.”

Crave cock? What the fuck? I mean yeah, it felt good when Sammy stuck his dick up there, but that doesn’t mean I was craving cock!

“Bro, what about the weird stuff dripping out of my ass, me getting wet?”

“Really, you’re going to keep this up? It’s just us, Luke, you don’t need to make up weird excuses so we can hook up. Especially completely ridiculous ones. Did you seriously think I believed that you had an itch and a self-lubing hole?”

“I DO have an itch and a self-lubing hole, you fucking douche! This whole time, when I thought you were helping me and had my back, you were just… just… using me like one of your sluts!”

“What? NO! Dammit, Micucci, I’m doing this wrong. Fuck, I’m really bad at expressing my feelings.” Sammy put his hands up to try and calm me down, but I still was wired at these revelations. He looked like he was going to be sick, but shouldn’t I be the one more freaked out?

“Luke… I have feelings for you.”

What? Feelings? What did he mean by that? Feelings, what kind? And then it hit me. Sammy said he was bi. Sammy said he was fucking me. Sammy said he had feelings for me.

“Holy shit, dude, are you in love with me or something?”

The look on Sammy’s face pretty much confirmed it. He nodded and said, “Yeah…” under his breath.

“FUCK! FUCK! You can’t be in love with me, you can’t!”

“Well, I am. For about four years now, actually. I kept it bottled up for so long, and then when you asked me to fool around with you, I honestly didn’t think we were gonna go straight to fucking. I thought you were still clinging to your whole straight alpha dog act and we were just gonna jerk off together, maybe some BJ’s. But then you showed me your lubed-up ass right away, and I couldn’t turn down my biggest fantasy!”

I never wanted to hit someone before now. I’ve never felt more… betrayed and violated. I thought Sammy was helping me, but he was just getting his rocks off. And he was in love with me. And he fucked me. I felt used.

“Now that it’s out there, why can’t we just continue from where we are? I’m not saying we have to come out or tell anyone or anything. I’m fine with being on the down low. I just want you, I want more than what we have already. I don’t want to be Best Bros with Benefits. I want to date you.”

“And why the hell would I agree to that?”

Sammy was suddenly really taken aback. “Well… I mean it’s pretty obvious it’s mutual, right? The way you look at me, and how comfortable we are with each other, and that you love to get fucked by me… that means something doesn’t it?”

Wait. What!? Sammy thought I was gay for him or something? Where could he have possibly gotten that idea?? The way I look at him… I just look at him normal! Like a dude would look at his best friend. I mean sometimes I stared at him but that was just because I was admiring his good looks. And of course we’d be comfortable with each other, we’d been best bros for almost 9 years!

“I don’t know why you keep fronting that straight jock persona. I mean, you can finally admit it, right? I know you’re gay.”




Sammy thought I was gay!? Sammy thought I was gay!! Sammy thought I was gay…

“I mean, the signs are all there, you love my cock, you’ve never even kissed a girl but you keep going on about not finding the right one ye-“


The look on Sammy’s face, it was like I actually had punched him. I realized what I said right when I said it, but I couldn’t take it back.

“Wait, Sammy, no that’s not…”

“You know what? Fine. I put my heart out on the line and you just stomp all over it. I don’t know why I expected anything different from you. If you’re just gonna be a closet case with internalized homophobia, then I don’t want anything to do with you.”

“Sammy, you don’t mean that, I’m sorry for what I said… we’re still best buds, right?”

“I can’t go back to being just friends, Luke. I’m sorry. I think we shouldn’t see each other for a while.”

For some reason, my eyes got all hot and prickly. My stomach was sinking. Sammy didn’t want to see me anymore, meaning we aren’t bros. And I realized that a nine year old friendship between the two of us was crumbling right in front of me, and I had no idea how to fix it.

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