Luca Ch. 02


I head back to my desk to pack up my things and head out. I just about walk face first into the glass doors of the office, since my mind is preoccupied with other thoughts – other thoughts that include me on my knees in front of my dickhead of a Boss with his dickhead in my mouth. Just the thought of that very recent memory flushes my face a dark shade of crimson. I shake my head in an attempt to get the dirty thoughts out of my head, so I could get to the bus station without getting hit by a car, or whatever.

Luckily, I make it to the bus station and get on the bus heading to the nearest stop to my house. Now I can actually take my mind off of today’s events by looking out the window at the passing scenery. The ride ends quickly though and I walk the rest of the way to my apartment.

I unlock the door to my apartment and make a beeline to my bed, I lay there feeling exhausted, but the lack of distractions makes my mind wander to all the things I did and I can’t help, but think about Vincent and what we did together. I feel a heat begin to grow in my stomach as my mind perfectly visualizes my boss’s dick and the heat begins to go lower, and lower until I can feel my dick emanating a fire-like warmth. I curse myself for feeling like this, but my dick is throbbing so much it’s beginning to hurt, so I slowly bring my hand down to grasp my length. My mind wanders a bit, but I can’t help but keep going back to Vincent’s hard cock going in and out of my mouth, thinking about such dirty things brings small whimpers out of my throat. I come close to climax almost immediately after starting, but thinking about my boss like this is doing weird things to me, so as I cum all over my torso, I say my boss’s name in a long drawn-out moan. Then I’m out like a light, snuggling into one of my pillows.

I wake up to the buzz of my phone’s alarm and sit up in my bed rubbing my eyes. I feel oddly good today, which is a rare occurrence, so I get up and hop in my shower. Feeling the hot water on my skin feels refreshingly good, so I close my eyes and relax in it for awhile. I open my eyes and get out of the shower, drying off and putting on some office attire stuff, that honestly always looked a bit too big for me, but today I couldn’t care less.

I arrive at work and head towards my cubicle, waving at Janice on the way which she happily returned. I get started on my work and time passes by smoothly, I finish quite a few reports and feel pretty good, giving myself a mental pat on the back. As I’m typing away at the next report, I hear an ahem and look up to see Vi- err, my Boss looking straight through me. I jump out of my seat and he looks at me like I’m some psycho. I feel my face flush a bit, but I try not to falter away when I ask him what he needs from me.

“Well,” he says with a small grin displayed on his evil looking face “I needed to tell you that you seem to be falling a bit behind, Luca.”

I look at him dumbfounded, he and I both know I usually go the extra mile with work, I’m not a slacker, not in the slightest, so hearing him say that kinda hurts, but I’m not one to speak out of place, so I nod and apologize, telling Demetevler Escort him I’ll work harder.

“Now, Luca an empty promise means nothing to me, I need to actively see you working. I’m going to need you to stay in late again tonight, so you can catch up to where I’m expecting your output to be.” I swear that his grin gets even bigger and more menacing, but I still nod in agreement and reluctantly say “Yes, sir.”

As time goes on, I can’t keep focused anymore. I hate to admit it to myself, but behind all that dread, I feel myself anticipating being alone with Vincent again. I try my best to get a few more reports done, but my mind is in another state and I struggle to finish them. Closing time has come and people are starting to leave.

I wave my goodbyes to them and as I would have guessed I’m the only one staying late. I type away at my keyboard finishing my reports and I can’t help but think that this situation is very familiar to yesterday. I continue working, but I’m drawn away from the monitor when I see Mr. Sabatini make his way towards my desk. I snap my head back to the monitor and continue working, trying to ignore the presence that appears behind me.

It feels like my back is on fire, as I hear his footsteps get closer behind me, I squeeze my eyes shut because I’m dying from anxiety and I feel like I’m about to be eaten. I feel him lay his hand on top of my head – h-he’s petting me, I’m so surprised I go stock-still, but I slowly relax and to my dismay I may have started leaning into his touch too. As he was rubbing my head, he lowered his mouth to my ear and whispered.

“I’ve been wanting to touch you all day, Luca.” This set off some explosives in my head and I let out a light needy moan, which looked like it surprised him as much as it surprised me, so I cover my mouth from embarrassment, but as soon as I do, he pry’s my hands off my mouth.

“No, I like the noises you make, Luca.” as he says this, he starts licking and nipping my ear, which causes another needy whimper from my lips.

“God, you make me so fucking hard.” He turns me around to face him and grabbed my hand and led it to the bulge in his pants.

“look what you do to me.” I can’t believe this is happening, oh my god his cock feels so big, it’s causing a comically large tent to appear in his suit pants – I may have laughed if I weren’t so turned on. I want to set it free, so I bring my hand to the zipper of his pants and pull down exposing his cock straining against his underwear, I yank those down too without a second thought and I’m greeted by his beautifully evil looking dick, I grasp it in my hand and look up to Vince’s face.

We lock eyes for a minute and his signature evil grin splays across his mouth, he grabs the top of my head and shoves me closer to his cock so my lips are touching the head. I open my mouth to allow him access, as soon as I do so, he shoves his cock in mercilessly, causing me to gag a bit, but nevertheless I feel like I’m in heaven.

“Nhghh yeaahhh… y- you fucking like that, bitch? You like when I fuck your Otele gelen escort hot little mouth, Luca?” I look up with watery eyes and give a drawn out “mphhmmm.”

I feel my own dick throbbing in my pants uncomfortably, so as I sucked off my boss, I unzipped my pants and let my hard dick out of its confines, but as I started jerking myself off in rhythm to him fucking my mouth, I felt a light slap on my cheek, I look up to Vincent and he looks down and firmly says “No, no cumming before me, Luca, okay?”

I whine my dismay, but let go of my throbbing heat anyways, feeling the need to listen to everything this man tells me.

“Good boy, I’ll definitely make it up to you in a bit.” He tells me, while patting my head.

The menacing tone in his voice, seems to make my dick get even harder than it already was. I start to feel his dick throb in my mouth and I’m filled with desire to swallow all his cum, but before that happens, Vincent pulls his cock out of my mouth and I whimper with sadness, like a dog being denied his toy. He looks down at me and lets out a small chuckle.

“You really like sucking my cock, don’t you?” I give a small nod and embarrassingly give out a quiet “Yes, sir.”

He chuckles even more at my humiliating display and pets my head again and I lean way too much into his touch, but it felt too good not too.

After awhile of this, he looks me dead in the eyes and says “I’m going to fuck your ass.”

He said it with such absolute resolution, that I just stare at him, speechless. Then my mind comprehends what he just said and my thoughts go a million miles per hour, so I just blurt out the first thing that came to mind “but, I- I’m a virgin…”

I feel my face going red and I avoid his eyes, but after a bit he lifts my chin and shoves his lips onto mine. I’m shocked, I haven’t kissed anyone in quite awhile, so I forget what to do, but Vincent takes the lead and I slowly open up for him, so he could invade my mouth with his tongue. My God it felt amazing, though it might not have been a pretty sight, teeth clashing and everything – it just felt great.

As we’re making out, I feel him trying to grope my ass while I was sitting, so to try and help him get easier access, I stand up. It feels like he’s gonna rip my ass cheeks off with how hard he’s stretching and squeezing them, but it undeniably feels pretty good and the noises coming out of my mouth tell the same story to Vincent’s ears.

“Yeah, you want me to pound my cock into your cute little ass, Luca?” he growls while rubbing one of his digits against my, erm…bottom. I whimper a “Yes, sir” into his ear, but he doesn’t seem satisfied with that “I want you to beg for it, Luca. I want you to beg for me to fuck your ass.”

I grow very flustered, but I manage to say “Please, Mr. Sabatini I…I want you t- to fuck my ass with y- your thick cock.”

As soon as I say this, I’m bent over my cubicle desk and he practically rips my pants and underwear off, I’m suddenly feeling very exposed and embarrassed, but before I can voice any of my discomfort Balgat Escort I feel Vincent kicking my legs, so I’m forced to spread them even farther, exposing myself even more.

“Fuuuuck, Luca, you look delicious.” I shiver at the compliment and feel my dick starting to go rigid again.

Then I feel Vincent’s hand slap my ass really hard and I let out a high-pitched squeak, not expecting that at all, but he does it again, and again, until I’m a yelping mess, but to my surprise my dick seems to be really into the spanking, since I’m dripping pre-cum all over my desk.

“I can’t wait any longer, Luca. I’m gonna put it in” I barely register what he says, since my mind is fogged up, but I get the gist of it, so I nod meekly and give a “Y-yes sir”

I hear, him open a cap of something, so I look behind me and see he’s got a small bottle of lube with him and he’s rubbing it all over his length, then I feel him rub some onto my butt.

He gets closer to me, then I feel his cock rub up and down my ass. I feel so dirty and I want him to fuck me really badly, so I beg some more. “Please, sir f- fuck my ass already… I need you inside of me right now.” This seems to drive him overboard and I feel his cock head slowly breach my entrance, fuck it hurts, hurts, hurts!

“Holy shit, you’re tight, Luca. You gotta relax a little.” He groans over me “I’m trying!” I whine in pain, my erection slowly withering. I try to regulate my breathing, but it’s fucking hard to relax when you have a huge dick up your ass.

As he slowly shoves his cock into me, it hits something inside me that causes my body to quake and I let out a light moan. I can practically feel Vincent’s curiosity from behind me as he probes that same spot hitting that bundle of nerves repeatedly, I’m starting to moan wildly, and my dick is sprouting back to life. The pain is an afterthought now, I just want him to keep hitting whatever that thing is inside me “Keep doing w- whatever you’re doing, Vincent.”

He laughs and says “Alright, Luca.” Then I feel him start to pound into my ass, the office is filled with the sound of skin slapping again skin. Every time he thrusts into me, his cock smashes into that button of pleasure that causes me to bite my lip to keep me from moaning deliriously “Fuuuuck, I’ve been dreaming of fucking your tight little ass for the longest time now, Luca. This ass is mine, now, you hear me? Who do you belong to, Luca?”

I can barely concentrate on what he’s saying, his cock feels way too good inside me, I’m absolutely losing my mind! I moan out “I belong to you, Mr. Sabatiniiiiii!” I feel myself on the verge of orgasm, even though I haven’t even touched myself yet.

“That’s fucking right, you little faggot. You. Are. Mine.” He growls into my ear, while smacking my ass again, causing me to whimper. As his thrusts get more, and more sporadic I feel myself on the edge of orgasm, I feel his dick start to throb in my ass and he gets even more sporadic eliciting a multitude of noises to come out of my mouth. “Luca, I’m gon- gonna fucking cum, oh my god.” Then I hear a loud, deep groan come from behind me and I can feel the cum being shot inside me.

This drives me absolutely overboard and I cum all over my desk, my arms giving out beneath me, causing my head to crash onto the desk too. I’m out cold, but I wake up some time later, to unfamiliar surroundings, I’m in a bed, but not my own, I turn my head and see my Boss lying beside me, sleeping peacefully it seems…

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