Loving a Kitten


Sitting in a chair opposite the bed, I command her to enter. Crawling on all fours, my potential new pet enters the room. Her eyes, filled with obedience, peer up at me as she walks, lavender hair flopping around beneath her dark grey furry ears. As she approaches me, I merely point to the bed. Understanding, she rotates from me and moves the direction of my outstretched finger. When she turns, she gives a not so subtle shake of her hips, wiggling her finely rounded ass and inducing the long grey tail she is wearing to waggle at me in a playfully seductive swaying motion.

Aside from her tail and ears, the only other articles of clothing adorning her beautiful pale body are her lacey mid-thigh stockings along with matching black satin panties and bra. Upon reaching the bed, she moves to crawl up, when I stop her with a single word. “Wait,” I say with authority. She freezes in place and I continue, “You will have no need for those undergarments. Please remove them, but you may retain your stockings.” Dutifully obeying, she quickly unlatches her bra and drops it to the floor along with her underwear, before moving onto the bed.

“Excellent, my dear. Now lay on your back, so I may see all of you,” I gently command. Without hesitation, she tucks her tail beneath her and positions her self flat upon the bed. Rising from my chair, I smile at how well my orders have been followed. I slowly cross the distance to the bed, deliberate in each step, allowing me to fully appreciate her as I approach.

I look down intently upon my kitten, showing no trace of the awe that fills me. I begin to shift my gaze along her near naked form that is sprawled upon the bed before me. Sheer stockings, cling tightly to her milky thighs, wrapping her legs to the toes. Above her stockings, her unblemished skin is covered by nothing but a tiny strip of neatly trimmed jet-black hair on her pubis. The smooth, soft, ivory skin of her abdomen, laid bare, highlighted by two spectacularly firm, grapefruit sized breasts tipped with metal ringed pink nipples.

Raising my view further, I drink in the curves of her shoulders, draped with her lavender shimmering hair. Smoky, pale blue-grey eyes shine with unspeakable intensity, as they lock, transfixed upon my face, waiting to know what will be done to her. I am a new master to her and while no signs of trepidation betray her, I know others have just taken her for their needs alone, then disposed of her in the past. I will not be like them, but she has no way to know that, yet…

I climb onto the bed, positioning myself above her prone form. As I shift my weight to brace on my left arm, I move my right hand downward, between our bodies. For a nearly imperceptible moment, the faintest hint of disappoint flashes in her eyes, before she steels it away and braces to just be taken again, as she assumes I am preparing to undo my pants. But, my fingers do not begin to unlatch my belt, but rather fall to her. If she is surprised, she hides it well.

There is no doubt that I could simply strip down and mount her like a dog in heat. She is my pet and, as her owner, that is within my power. However, I would rather be slowly running my fingers across her milky white skin, much, I am sure, to her amazement. Fingertips gracefully coursing over her lower stomach, I pull myself backward. I lower my face to her stomach, lips placing gentle kisses down her abdomen before tracing her pelvis, as I work my way towards the sweetest of prizes.

But, I would be in no rush. I pass by her pussy, a mere whisper from her lips so she could feel my breath as I went by. I then softly rake my nails down her inner thighs until they hit the tops of her stockings. Curling my fingers under the rim of the gossamer material, I slowly push them lower, letting the fabric caress her skin as it descends. Not to be outdone, I begin to trace the lines of her calves, first left than right, with the tip of my tongue while my fingers gently slip the stockings beyond her ankles.

As I gently remove the stocking, freeing her left foot, I cradle her delicate ankle in my Starzbet hands, fingers wrapping protectively, providing a newfound sense of security and trust within her. Bracing her foot against my shoulder, I slide my hands up her calf. I gently knead the tips of my fingers into her soft flesh, massaging the well-toned muscles as I expand up to her thigh. Then, flipping my hands over while rotating to the top of her legs I let the backs of my nails glide down the smooth skin of her shin, giving her the sensation of strips of satin being slowly dragged down her legs, drawing the sweet sounds of satisfied sensuality from her lips.

Fingers once again finding her ankle, I tenderly raise her foot from my shoulder, until it hovers in the air before my face. Tilting her toes upward, I place a soft kiss upon her heel, before running my tongue along the instep of the sole of her foot. As I journey to the base of her big toe, I snake my tongue softly between it and the next toe, before pulling it into my mouth, sweetly suckling it. As focused as I am in dedicating my attention to heightening every sensation for her, I am acutely aware of every reaction she has. This attentiveness allows my heart and spirits to raise at the sound of the soft moan I hear drift down from above me, letting me know she enjoys the current course of action.

Emboldened by the positive reassurance from her, intended or not, I pull back momentarily, releasing the current digit. After allowing that toe to slide off my lips, my tongue then begins encircling the next two, intertwining around and between them. Drawing both into my mouth, I use my lips to create a barrier around them, as my tongue runs around and along them, pressing, pushing, and pulsating them within my mouth, sending seductive sensations shooting from the tips of her toes to the top of her brain.

Satisfied that she is sufficiently enraptured, I withdraw from her foot and work my way slowly back up her leg. While proceeding northward along her inner thigh, I curl back my lips, so that I can bite the tender flesh. I press my teeth enough that she can feel the textural difference, and a slight spike of pain, but not enough to truly hurt. With each nibble, I hear a sharp intake of breath and pleased sigh that chases it. Her breathing begins to change, increasing in rapidity as she feels me approaching her now dripping pussy. Lifting my eyes, I catch her gaze as she peers down at me with anticipation and desire bordering on desperation.

Immediately looking away, she focuses on the ceiling, knowing she has erred. I pause, letting my eyes linger to see what she does. While satisfied she recognized her mistake, I hover where I was not moving. The agonizing lack of contact eats away at her as the moments stretch. Deeper in our relationship, I would make her wait far longer, confident she would have no fear of being completely abandoned. But, we are too new in our roles to let the punishment endure. So, I merely leave her unstimulated long enough to erase any doubt, that while I am a giving master, I am still her master.

After a few torturous moments of nothingness, certain her mind is swirling with concern that she has crossed a line with that expression displaying a demand for satisfaction, I lovingly kiss the crease of her pelvis where her firm left thigh meets her pubis. With the touching of lips to skin, she exhales contentedly, secure she will not be abandoned. Understanding her submissive headspace, I smile between kisses, knowing that while relieved, she is also quite pleased that our roles have been reaffirmed.

Shifting to my left, my lips work their way across the sensitive skin, seemingly sending me to her womanhood. sliding my hands beneath her, I tightly squeeze her ass and feel the muscles tense against my grip as she anticipates what is coming next. However, instead of raising her pelvis to my mouth, I release her cheeks, slide my hands to the crest of her hips and pull myself higher, instead of diving lower.

With my face now positioned between the snow-white mounds rising from her chest, I Starzbet Giriş turn my head to the side, baring my teeth and bite semi-firmly into the inner side of her right breast, sending a rocketing sharpness from that point throughout her body. Releasing instantly, so that the reactionary jump of her body doesn’t cause me to tear her skin. Pulling back to avoid the impact as she jerks upward, I artfully dodge her surge. Placing my hands upon her shoulders I press her back down to the bed firmly. As soon as she yields to my force, I pull back all pressure and let my fingers caress gently along the curl of her shoulders to her upper arms, then beside her to brace myself once more without her bearing my weight.

Closing my eyes, I let my now extended tongue seek out the point of inflicted pain, finding the skin indented with the imprint of my teeth. Merely touching the area first, I explore the damage with the tip of my tongue, confirming that I was able to release before causing lasting injury. Satisfied, with that, I press my lips as tenderly as I ever have, bringing sweet softness to replace the soreness and apply a salve for the pain. Inch by inch, I kiss and lick my way towards her nipple, running my tongue around the circumference of her ridged areola, before flicking the braided silver ring and flesh it passes through with the tip of that tongue. Pressing my mouth down, encompassing the raised point of her breast, I suck inward, hard. The moan that escapes this time, has none of the subtlety of the prior one, exciting me and intensifying the force of my suction, as I simultaneously tug the loop of her nipple ring with my tongue, increasing the volume of her moan even more.

I pull back from her, not releasing until I feel her skin pulling hard in resistance, letting it then snap back down. Seizing on the opportunity, as I move towards her left breast, she practically purrs out, “Master, meow have permission to place my paws upon you?”. Normally, I would refuse the request and make my kitten endure further denial before she could engage, perhaps even stopping to restrain her arms entirely. But, enjoying both how the dynamic had played thus far, and rather entertained by the sultry, playful tone of her request, I acquiesced to her request.

“Well, I did catch that demanding look earlier. But, since you have been such a good girl before and after, I will allow it.” I replied and the continued, “You may even, if you wish, use your claws.” Moving suddenly forward, dramatically bringing myself nose to nose with her, I locked our eyes, hers widening in surprise. “However,” I practically growled, my voice was so quiet and low, “If you draw my blood, you will not enjoy the result”. Without blinking or breaking eye contact, I withdrew so she could see my entire face. Letting the fire burning in my gaze extinguish, I smiled, my soulful big brown eyes softening to pure compassion. Placing a quick kiss to her lips and feeling the momentary tension leave her body, I moved back towards her breast. As, my lips contacted her skin once more, I felt her gently paw her hands at my shoulders, expressing everything I had hoped the last interaction would accomplish.

Without a word, that simple touch conveyed to me that she felt safe while also cementing our trust in each other. She knew, without reservation, that I was in charge, and I would not hesitate to address any misbehavior. However, I would never HURT her. She saw the kindness in my soul reflected in the softness of my eyes and understood, unequivocally, that I would care for her more than any master had before. Feeling that bond solidified, I wanted to show her just how loving and generous I could be.

Softly pressing my lips once more to her nipple, I held her momentarily, then ran my tongue swiftly down her ribs, alternating in kisses every few inches until I traversed her stomach and was back where I started. Positioning my chin between her thighs, I wrapped one arm under her leg and gently pressed against her pelvis. With my other hand, I softly massaged apart her lips, letting my fingers Starzbet Güncel Giriş explore every centimeter of her soft pink wetness.

Sliding the tips of my fingers upwards, I spread her open, exposing her clitoris before me. Not wasting a second, I extended my tongue towards her, pressing directly to her and massaging it with a slow, pulsing motion. By the third motion of my tongue, I felt her body shift and hard nails scraped softly along my back. After several repetitions of her passionate scratching, I shifted my style, now rotating counter clockwise around her clit, maintaining continuous contact.

As my pattern changed, her soft scratching stopped, and I felt her hands grip my shoulders. Her fingers dug into the tensed muscles and she began to moan. Gradually gaining speed, her leg began to tremble against my arm and her pelvis began pushing upward toward me. Flexing the muscles of my forearm, I met her forward movement by applying down pressure with the hand I had placed on her pelvis, mostly holding her in place.

With her clit securely controlled by my tongue, I withdraw my hand and slide it up to her breast. As my fingers found their target, I gently pressed her nipple between my fingers. I tightened the pressure and twisted slightly, turning the metal ring as I did, while simultaneously switching to flicking my tongue up and down. Everything in and from her intensified. The moaning grew loader, echoing in my ears, the tremble of her legs now built to a full shaking, and her thrusting force now became almost more than I could suppress.

I could feel the first series of orgasm riot through her body as she spasmed at the touch of my tongue. Building the intensity of her pleasure, I quickly released her breast and slid two fingers of that hand deep into her. “Oh, My Master!” she exclaimed, as my fingers twitched insider her, probing inside her in a way she had not felt before.

Locking my first knuckles in place, I rapidly pistoned the tip of my fingers, so that only the very end of my finger was moving up and down, while the rest of my finger was hardened solid. Then, sliding my fingers in and out, while oscillating them rotationally in opposite directions, I continued the wiggling of the tips at just the knuckle, creating 4 simultaneous directions of motion. The spasms became more intense, her legs now shaking dramatically and pelvis rocking beyond what I could control. So, I slid my bracing hand beneath her, once more clasping her cheek within my grasp. Meeting my grip in kind, I felt her hands shift from my shoulders to my hair, as she gripped my close cropped hear as tight as she dared to without risking causing me pain. “Please master” she gasped, “don’t stop!”

Tightening my lips around her clit, I oscillated my tongue as rapidly left and right as I could, while continuing my dexterous finger-work inside her. Gasping again, breath catching in her throat, “I…” “AM…” fingers pumping and twirling “Go…in…”. Tongue flicking back and forth, “Cu…” “OHHHHHHHH!!” I could feel the pleasure filled wave crest and wash over her, as she collapsed backwards.

Careful to not overstimulate, I downshifted all my actions to slow motion and then stopped. Pulling out my fingers and releasing her ass, I tucked my knees beneath me, and ran my fingers softly up her thighs, her body gently twitching in rapturous response. Raising to a kneel, I shifted over her, then beside her. Placing a single kiss upon her cheek, I laid beside her, and began stroking her hair, letting her bask in the afterglow.

Turning her head towards me, eyes glowing but glazed over from the rush of endorphins, she smiled, face lighting up. “That was purrfect, Master. I will be at your beck and call, for any desire you wish me to fulfill” she breathlessly whispered. “But, I am afraid you have so Masterfully pleasured me, I beg your indulgence for a few moments to recover my strength”.

Patting her lovingly on the head, “My pet, curl up beside me and take whatever respite you require. I am going nowhere, and now, I believe neither are you.” With that, we locked eyes once more, fully understanding that we were bound together. We both smiled the ultimate joy that only comes with the moment you have found your match. She then rolled herself to me, head nuzzling my chest and I continued to stroke her until she drifted off.

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