Lovely Night

Candles light lit up the room fresh flowers scent filled the air soft music could be heard. I stand there my legs ache from such a long day as you slowly peel off my clothing piece by piece I feel the stress slowly lifting off of me, your fingers softly caress my skin your breath blows across my neck as my body tingles with delight your lips kiss me and my knees shake. I lay my head back as your tongue glides down my neck to my breast, as your tongue swirls around my nipple I let out a soft gasp followed by a louder moan as you take my nipple into your mouth. My hands gently grab your head pulling your mouth tighter on my breast your fingers gently scrape down my back sending a tingling feeling up my spine.

You lead me to the bath and guide me into the warm water settling me in you begin to wash me, starting at my neck you gently wash away the troubles of earlier today soon I forget about everything as you wash away my stress. Gently you massage my neck and shoulders your fingers pushing into my skin my tension turns to excitement as bursa escort bayan you get lower down my back. You lay me back gently and your attention is now on my breast the warm soapy cloth washing my breasts, as I rest with my eyes shut I feel your hand lowering down past my navel to the outer folds of my now aching pussy, I cry out as your finger splits my lips and touches my swollen clit. I spread my legs apart and your finger enters my tight aching pussy I let out another gasp as you push so deep in me, I lean up to kiss you our tongues entwine.

After a few moments of our passionate kissing you push me back and continue to wash me making sure every part of me is clean, You dry me off and lead me to the bed laying me down you stand there and let your robe drop to the floor, looking at your sensuous body knowing you will give me everything I want I reach out for you. With your hand in mine I pull you into bed you straddle over me I can feel your warm pussy pressed against my belly, your hands start görükle escort caressing my breast and I lay there moaning with glee. You lower your head down to my breast and begin to devour one breast at a time I arch my back up pressing my breast deeper in your wet mouth.

You slowly slide down my body placing soft kisses along the way your tongue dives in my navel then snakes it way down to my bare pussy, soft kisses on my inner thigh make me wetter. Watching me squirm as you squeeze my nipples you finally rise up off my legs and split them open wasting no time as my pussy spreads your tongue dives right in sending a rush of pleasure right through me I moan wildly as your tongue enters my wet pussy. The smoothness of your tongue reached my spot and I buck pushing your tongue across it, your fingers find my swollen clit and begin to tug and rub. My cries now loud as I beg for you to make me cum and within minutes I feel my body begin to tighten and a huge rush through me as I you make me cum, lapping up my juice bursa escort bayan you make your way up to me as you kiss me I can taste myself on your lips.

I pull on your tight ass bringing your pussy up to my mouth I can see your wetness slowly escaping from your lips, as I stick out my tongue your press your pussy down on me. My tongue pierces your pussy and I feel you love flowing out, my tongue finds your clit and with a few licks you begin to buck wildly pulling my hair and shoving my face deeper in your pussy, I hear your screams as you begin to cum and you squirt down my throat, my mouth fully on your pussy my fingers squeezing your nipples and with one last thrust you collapse down on me you roll off next to me laying there I look into your eyes and can see that this is only the beginning.

I move over closer to you my hands begin to rub your breast and within a few moments you are ready for more, you quickly lay back and pull me over on top of you, I lower my pussy onto your waiting mouth and quickly begin to lick yours. It doesn’t take long before we are both ready to cum again this time we both cum as we both suck each others clits as we lay there touching each other and knowing in a minute we will be doing something else once again, I love when we have night s like these and I can’t wait to tell more.


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