Love is in the Cards


It was a cold February night. Lisa and I had only been together for a few days. She was a friend of a friend who had left school due to illness and when she returned, I had organized a “Welcome Back Lisa” party. After I walked her home, she had insisted on kissing me.”Thanks for the party,” she said. “I’ll see you.”Since that night, we had spent every evening together, but nothing had happened. Now it looked like it might be time. Lisa was insisting on getting herself invited upstairs to my apartment.”I want to give you a present,” she said. Since we had only been going together for a couple of days, this seemed odd, Bostancı Escort but who am I to turn down a gift?We kissed as I opened the door. “Quietly,” I said. “The landlady is a little old lady. We don’t want to wake her up.” As quietly as possible, we made our way up the stairs. As we got to my door, we kissed again.I opened the door. Lisa came in and immediately sat down on the bed. I sat across from her.”So what’s this gift?” I asked, eagerly anticipating my answer. She produced a deck of cards.”That’s it? Cards?””Let’s just play a while,” she replied. “You deal.””OK,” I said. “What’s Bostancı Escort Bayan your game? Poker? Bridge? Hearts?””Whatever you’re good at.” She kicked off her shoes; I did the same. I dealt five cards to each of us. My hand didn’t look like much, but before I could say anything, Lisa threw in her cards.”Fold,” she said with a smile. “You win.” Now she took off her sweater. I smiled, now realizing how this worked. “Still your deal,” she said, kissing me.Again I dealt. Again Lisa threw down her cards. “Fold,” she said again. She took off her blouse.”This game is getting too Escort Bostancı easy,” I said. She just smiled and gave me a hard kiss.I picked up the cards. I dealt another five to each of us. “Now I want to see what you’ve got,” I said.”Just a pair of twos,” she said. “I’m sure you can beat that.” I had a full house.Lisa stood up and slid her skirt off. “I’m really enjoying this game,” she said.”So am I,” I said. “But it seems awfully lopsided.” She leaned forward to kiss me again. This time she put her hand on my crotch.”I can see that you’re having a good time,” she said. “Deal again.”Once more I picked up the cards and dealt. Lisa looked at her cards, smiled, threw away two, and drew two.This time I only had a pair of fours. I thought that if I threw one away perhaps we could extend the game a little longer. I threw one of the fours and two other cards. However, I drew two jacks.”What do you have?” I said.

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