Love in Jamaica Pt. 04: Friends


Over the next couple of days Ted and Patti, Harold and Claire had gotten to know each other. They seemed to really like each other. Claire wasn’t sure about meeting them at first after finding out Harold had had sex with Patti. Harold and Claire had been doing a lot of talking and trying to work out their problems. She had watched the relationship between Ted and Patti and admitted she would love to have an open loving relationship like that with Harold. She finally came to realize that he really did love her just the way she was. He loved her for who she was and not how much she weighed.

She knew that their marriage wouldn’t be fixed over night but if they both were willing to work at it they had a chance. She had to admit that she was a bit jealous when she saw the way Ted and Patti were so open and loving with each other.

She loved the way they could joke and tease each other. It was nothing for Patti to walk over to Ted and rub his crotch and tell him she wanted him right then. Claire loved that Patti wasn’t shy about asking for what she wanted.

“Hey, Claire, Ted and I are going to do some guy stuff.” Harold said as he walked in the hotel room.

“But what will I do while your gone?” she asked, knowing she would miss him.

“Well, here.” he told her taking some money out of his wallet, “Here’s $300.00 you and Patti go and have a girls day out.”

“Harold we can’t afford to spend money like this.” she protested as she took the money from him.

“What the hell splurge a little, go on and have some fun honey.” he told her.

“Well okay if your sure.” she said “what are you guys going to do?”

“Oh I have no idea, we just thought you girls would like some time together.” he told her.

“Honey, does this outfit make me look fat?” Patti asked as she turned around in front of the full length mirror while Ted stood at the bathroom sink and shaved.

“No babe.” he said glancing at her as he shaved, he did like what she had on a nice pair of Capri pants and a matching shirt. “I like that low cut shirt, shows off “The Girls” to their best advantage.” he told her as he rinsed the shaving cream from his face.

“Speaking of “The Girls” they didn’t get their good morning kisses this morning.” she said walking over to him.

“Oh no! I forgot!” he said drying his hands, reaching for her tits, he pulled her tee-shirt up and pulled the cups of her bra down. “Mmmm.” he said as he bent down and licked her right tit and then the left one. Licking her nipples, sucking them into his mouth one after the other.

“Yeah baby.” she said as she pulled him closer to her, she loved the feel of his mouth on her tits. Flicking his tongue across her nipples felt good. Patti moaned as he teased her nipple.

Reaching around her he grabbed her ass with one hand. He did love to grab her when ever he had the chance.

Ted thought back to the way she had woken him this morning. He had thought he was dreaming when he looked down and she was just going to town on his hard dick. Licking and sucking his cock, stroking his balls.

After teasing him for almost an hour getting him close and then stopping was driving him crazy. “Fuck, honey please I need to cum” he had almost begged her as he watched her taking his cock in and out of her hot mouth. She took her time sucking him, taking his cock as deeply as she could. Coming back up to the head of his cock she sucked on the head. Flicking her tongue all over his cock, nibbling him licking her way to his balls. She was so horny and she wanted to cum but she wanted to do this for him. Giving him pleasure and not wanting anything in return. She knew he’d return the favor later and she would love it. “Yeah.” he moaned as she took his balls into her mouth. Sucking on them gently she knew she was driving him crazy. She wanted to take his load of cum, taste it, swallow it.

She gently sucked his balls and stroked his cock, feeling the slickness of his precum dribbling down his shaft. Looking up at him she S L O W L Y licked from his balls to the head of his cock.

“Ooohhh.” she whispered as she tasted him, nibbling her way back to the head of his cock, she licked all of his juices up and swallowed it. “Does my hubby really want to cum?” she asked looking up at him trying to sound so innocent.

“Yes, do it make me cum.” he told her, pushing her back down on his cock. She was making him feel good,his dick was throbbing.

Patti looked back up at him and she swallowed his cock, taking him all the way. Bobbing up and down she could feel his cock getting even harder.

Holding her down on his cock he roughly fucked her mouth, in and out he rammed his cock in her hot, wet mouth. “You are so naughty, making me wait to cum.” he said as he gave her his dick, holding her down for a few seconds. Fuck his cock was ready to explode. He looked down as she took his cock as deep as she could. He was so glad she loved sex and sucking cock. She was breathing heavily, moaning as she sucked him. “I love fucking your mouth, making you take my cum.” he Uzun porno said as he felt his balls tighten up. “suck it my slut suck my cum out of my cock.” he groaned as he grunted and started to cum. “Yeah!” he exclaimed as he climaxed, pulling out of her mouth he finished cumming on her face. Spurt after spurt of cum landed on her cheeks, her mouth. Patti took it all, reaching up she wiped the cum off and licked it off of her fingers. Taking the last bit off of her cheek she offered it to Ted. Taking her hand he licked his cum from her fingers. Reaching down he grabbed her and pulled her up next to him. “Thank you.” he told her as he bent down and kissed her.

“You are very welcome.” she said snuggling next to him, a few minutes later she was fast asleep. Seeing it was only 5:30 he cuddled with her holding her close and he went back to sleep for a few hours a VERY satisfied man.

“Hello?” Ted said answering the phone in the room. “Oh hey Harold, yeah I’ll be ready in a few minutes.” Ted said as he watched Patti putting on her shoes. “Yes I think it’s safe to let the wives loose with money.” he said with a smile at Patti.

“I don’t know about that honey, you know I might max out the credit cards.” Patti said teasing him.

“Max out the credit cards honey and you won’t get any more dick.” he said teasing her back.

“Oh shit!” she said with a laugh, “I promise not to max them out.”

“Okay, see you in a few minutes Harold.” Ted hung up the phone and made sure he had everything.

“I’ll just give you cash, how does that sound?” Ted picked up his wallet and took out some money and handed it to her.

“Hey, cash works for me.” she said as she counted it. “Damn honey, four hundred dollars. What did I do to deserve this much money?”

“Well you do give the best blow jobs in the whole world.”

“Well I do my best.” she said looking around the room for her purse. “Ah there you are.” she said reaching for her purse and putting the money in her wallet.

“Well I will see you later baby girl, you and Claire have fun.”

“Oh I plan on it believe me.” she said as he leaned down and kissed her.

“Oh I’m sure you have something planned.” he told her just imagining what she had in mind for her “girls day out.”

“I bet we’ve hit every shop in town.” Patti said to Claire as they walked back towards the hotel. They had their arms full of packages. “Gee I hope we can get all of this stuff through customs.” Patti said as she looked over at Claire. All day Patti had thought of having some fun with Claire.

But, she doubted Claire would go for girl on girl play time. Thinking about it she came up with an idea. “Say Claire, how about if we go back to my room and we relax in the Jacuzzi.”

“Oh I don’t know about that.” Claire answered feeling funny about being in a Jacuzzi with another woman. Hell she had never been in one with Harold.

“Come on, it’ll be fun.” Patti said encouraging her. “You can wear your bra and panties.”

“Well gee I don’t know.” Claire said hesitating. “Okay I’ll give it a try.”

“You’ll love it.” Patti promised as they reached the hotel.

Harold and Ted sat in Harold’s room playing cards and listening to music.

“Can I ask you something Ted?” Harold asked as he dealt the cards.

“Sure buddy.” Ted said getting up and went to the mini fridge and grabbed them each a cold drink.

“Doesn’t it bother you to watch your wife having sex with another man?”

“No, now if she went behind my back and did that I’d be very upset with her.” Ted said sitting back down at the table. “Patti and I are very open with each other.” he explained as he picked up his cards. “We both are always in the room when we play like that.”

“I sure do wish Claire and I could have a marriage like you both have.”

“Well, we had been apart for many years before we reconnected.” Ted said,”We had both been in bad relationships and we promised each other our relationship would be better.”

“You both just seem so open with each other.” Harold said “and so fucking happy together.”

“Well, I think that’s one reason our relationship works.” Ted explained, “We truly love and care for each other and we want the best for each other and we want to make each other happy.”

Claire watched as Patti turned on the Jacuzzi. Making the water warm but not too hot.

Patti quickly undressed, tossing her bra and panties on the chair she was naked. Claire turned away, embarrassed to see her new friend naked. It didn’t seem to bother Patti to be naked in front of her. “Come on it’ll be fun, you can relax.” Patti said as she stepped into the water.

Claire noticed Patti had shaved her pussy bare, she knew women liked doing that. She had never even thought of doing that.

Undressing shyly Claire left her bra and panties on. She stepped into the warm water, sinking down into the Jacuzzi she leaned back and relaxed.

“This is nice isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah, I love it.” Patti agreed as she watched Claire close Öğrenci porno her eyes.

Patti leaned back and let the warm water bubble around her.

“This feels so nice, the bubbles.” Patti said “They tickle my pussy.”

Claire blushed at the way Patti was talking, Patti was so free and she said what ever she felt. Claire had to admit the water did feel good bubbling around her. “It does feel nice.” she whispered as she felt herself relax.

“Why do you shave down there?” Claire asked Patti, wondering what it felt like.

“Well I just like it and Ted likes me to stay shaved.” Patti explained as she reached up and rubbed her right tit, watching for Claire’s reaction. “I think it feels so sexy, especially when he eats my pussy.”

“I’ve never even thought of doing that.” Claire admitted as she watched Patti teasing her nipples. “Does it really feel good?” she asked.

“Oh I love it.” Patti said as she slid her right hand down towards her pussy.

“Just talking about this makes me horny.” Patti admitted, wanting Claire, wanting to lick and taste her pussy.

“Does it?” Claire asked,”Is it hard to shave yourself down there?”

“Well, you have to be careful.”Patti said liking the thought of shaving Claire’s pussy. She liked the idea of being down between Claire’s legs.

“It’s easier if you can get someone to do it for you.”

“I guess it would be.” Claire said liking the idea, maybe Harold would like her shaved.

“You know I could shave you,” Patti offered while she rubbed her slit, slipping a finger inside of herself. She hoped Claire noticed what she was doing. Patti was going to do her best to get Claire to open up more and hopefully have some fun. “I do love to finger my pussy.”

“You do that in front of people?”

“Well only people I trust, like you.” Patti told her hoping she would let her shave her pussy. “Come on let me shave you Claire?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

“Just think how surprised Harold will be?” Patti said hoping Claire would change her mind.

“Do you think he’d like it?”

“Well you’ll never know until you try it, and if he doesn’t it will always grow back.”

“Yes, that’s true.” Claire admitted liking the idea more and more.

“Come on, you’ll love it.” Patti said standing and stepping out of the Jacuzzi. Claire followed Patti out of the Jacuzzi.

Patti dried off and gave Claire a towel. “Don’t be shy around me it’s not like I haven’t seen another woman’s pussy before.” Patti said. “I love to eat pussy it turns me on so much.”

Claire shyly took off her wet bra and panties and took a towel from Patti.

A few minutes later Claire was dried off lieng on the bed covered with a towel.

“I’ve never done anything like this.”

“Oh you don’t know what your missing.” Patti told her hoping to get some pussy from Claire. “I love sucking and fucking cock but I also love eating pussy.”

“Really?” Claire asked watching as Patti brought over an ice bucket with hot water, two razors and shaving cream, a wash cloth and scissors.

“Oh yes, you’re going to love this.” Patti said “Don’t be shy, take off the towel.” Patti took the scissors and started cutting Claire’s pussy hair. After a few minutes she had it as short as she could get it. Covering Claire’s pussy with a a warm rag Patti held the warm rag there for a few minutes. Glancing up she saw that Claire’s nipples were hard, what she wouldn’t give to suck them.

“That warm rag does feel nice.” Claire said as she watched Patti rub shaving cream all over her pussy.

After waiting a few minutes Patti started to shave Claire’s pussy, being very careful not to cut her. “Open your legs.” Patti instructed Claire.

“I hope he likes this.” Claire said as she watched Patti shave her.

“He’ll love it.” Patti said looking up at Claire, she just wanted to lick and suck Claire’s pussy. She noticed that Claire was getting wet, very wet. Patti would love to lick those pussy juices.

“I don’t know if I could watch another man fucking my wife.” Harold told Ted as they continued to play cards.

“You never know you might like to watch.” Ted said thinking back to when Harold was fucking Patti. “Makes me super hard when Patti is sucking another man or he’s fucking her.”

“She sure was good.”

“I watched you fuck my wife, it was very hot.” Ted said wondering what Patti and Claire were doing. He could just imagine the fun they might be having.

“That feels good.” Claire moaned as Patti gently shaved her. She wondered what it would feel like to have another woman lick her pussy. Patti was caressing the insides of Claire’s thighs, barely touching her. A few minutes later Patti was finished shaving Claire.

“Here take a look.” Patti said handing Claire a hand mirror.

“Oh my, it does look kind of sexy doesn’t it?” Claire asked liking it.

“I want to make you feel good.” Patti said as she bent down and licked the inside of Claire’s thigh. “Nice.” she said as she looked up at Claire. “I want to eat your pussy?”

Patti spread Claire’s pussy open.

Claire gasped as she watched Patti bend down and flick her tongue over her pussy lips. Claire moaned as she felt Patti’s tongue on her.

“Mmm.” she moaned, watching as Patti looked up at her.

“This isn’t right, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Claire said as she closed her eyes, she had to admit it did feel good.

“It’s not wrong if both people are consenting adults.” Patti explained “and they both want it.”

“I’ve never done anything like this.” Claire said as she reached for her tits.

“I’m going to make you cum.” Patti told her as she spread Claire’s pussy lips open and licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top. “I’m going to make you moan and get loud.”

“This feels so naughty.”

“Yes it does and I LOVE naughty.” Patti said as she pushed her tongue into Claire’s pussy. Fucking Claire was turning her on too, she reached down with one hand and rubbed her slit.

Claire was loving the feelings Patti was giving her, she couldn’t tell the difference in Patti licking her and when Harold did it.

Patti was enjoying eating Claire’s wet hot pussy, she loved the taste of Claire’s juices. “You taste so good.” she whispered as she flicked her tongue across Claire’s swollen clit. She was hoping that Claire would loosen up enough and maybe want to return the favor. Putting two fingers in her mouth Patti got her fingers wet.

“Yes.” Claire moaned as she felt Patti slip two fingers inside of her. Claire squeezed her tits, pinched her nipples as she felt Patti gently finger fucking her. “Don’t stop.” she pleaded as Patti continued to finger her and lick her hard little clit.

“Mmmm.” Patti moaned as she fingered Claire’s wet, tight slit. Tasting her juices licking that hard little clit. She could tell Claire was breathing heavier, gasping at the sensations. Claire reached down and grabbed Patti by her hair and started to slowly hump her pussy into Patti’s mouth. “You taste so good.” Patti whispered as she pulled away a bit. “I love eating your pussy.” In and out Patti finger fucked Claire’s pussy. Claire couldn’t lie still. She was so turned on. She did love when Harold ate her pussy but Patti was good at it too.

“Say Ted did you hear something?” Harold asked as they played cards.

“Like what?” Ted said listening. He had heard moans coming from his room next door but he wanted to wait and see if Harold noticed them too before he said anything.

“I don’t know, I thought I heard Claire moaning, that’s silly.”

“Oh I don’t know about that.” Ted said thinking to himself Patti has probably got Claire to open up some. That would be hot to watch Patti and Claire together.

“It sure sounded like her.” Harold said glancing at his watch. “It’s almost 3:00 shouldn’t they be back by now?”

“You would think so.” Ted said as he heard loud female moaning.

Patti was so turned on especially when Claire grabbed her by her hair and held her down. Something about being held down like that turned her on so much. Claire’s juices tasted so good, wetting two fingers Patti pushed them gently inside of Claire’s tight pussy. Patti was hoping that maybe Claire would return the favor, but Patti wasn’t going to push it. She wanted Claire to make that decision.

“I am so fucking horny.” Claire admitted as she twisted and pinched her hard nipples. She was starting to like woman on woman sex, she wouldn’t mind getting together with Patti after they all got home from vacation.

“Do it, lick me.” Claire moaned as she spread her legs wide for Patti. She did love to have a mouth on her pussy. She felt Patti lick and suck gently on her pussy lips, that turned Patti on so much. She wished that Ted and Harold would come back soon maybe they all could have some fun.

“I’m horny I need to cum.” Claire moaned.

“You’re so wet.” Patti told Claire as she licked her non-stop. Finger fucked her deeper and harder, she wanted to see if she could make Claire squirt. That was always so hot for Patti. She loved to make herself squirt, and Ted loved it when she was able to squirt all over him,he loved the taste of her juices.

“Fuck! I love this, feels so good.” Claire moaned as Patti fucked her a bit harder. “Fuck my pussy!” she exclaimed as she reached down and rubbed her clit. It didn’t matter if it was a woman or man making her climax.

Patti was so turned on she needed to cum too, but she wanted to make Claire cum first. “You like getting fucked?” Patti asked Claire as she looked up at her.

“Yeah maybe you’d like to meet my other girlfriends Kate and Stacy, we could all go shopping.”

“Really?” Claire asked wondering what she was getting herself into, but she had a feeling it was going to change her life for the better.

“Come on.” Ted told Harold as he got up. “I think the wives are back.”

“Fuck me!” Ted and Harold heard Claire yell from the room next door.

“I can guarantee their back and having some fun.” Ted said leading his way to their room.

“I dunno, Claire isn’t into that sort of thing.”

“Believe me leave her alone with MY wife and Claire will be eating pussy before the day is out.” Ted said as he quietly opened the door to his room.

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