Love Dreams

Big Tits

If I only love you in my dreams, I want to sleep forever.

It was late. She was warm and soft beneath the duvet. The bedroom door had creaked as he had pushed it slowly open. The light beside the bed, still cast its golden glow over her hair, spread across the pillow. Her arm outstretched, resting against his imaginary shoulders, as she had caressed his empty space before falling asleep. He stood in the doorway and watched her as she slept. Her hair was thick and shiny, her shoulders bare where the duvet had slid away from her. He could see the outline of her bottom – her hips pushed up from the mattress. He knew that her knee would be bent, as if hooked over his body. She always slept like this, holding him close – even in her sleep.

He smiled. He took a step into the room, slowly unbuttoning his shirt and pulling his tie free from his collar. Both were dropped casually onto the chair that stood in the corner of the room. He hooked his hands behind his neck and arched his back into a stretch. It had been a long day and she had been on his mind for most of it. He peered through the bedroom curtains onto the deserted street outside. A lone feline prowled through the shadows, its tail upright as it sauntered past, perhaps also heading home to curl up with a warm, soft mate. It made him smile. He pulled the curtains closed and turned back to face the bed.

Her sleep was deep and she hadn’t stirred. He unbelted his trousers, and pushed them to the floor, stepping free from the constraints. His hand absent mindedly moved to the front of his boxers, and he stroked himself through the soft material. He felt the familiar tingle in his loins, and the twitch as his cock hardened. He wondered whether to continue. Should he just stand here and masturbate while watching her sleeping form? Should he slide in beside her and hope that his movement was enough to wake her? Should he sleep first and wait until morning? He always woke hard as a rock, and tomorrow was Saturday, so there would be no need to rush. His hand still moved on his cock as he pondered.

She opened her eyes – still sleepy and unable to focus, but with the feeling that he was in the room and watching her. She raised her head from the pillow and looked at him. He stood in just his boxers, his hand on the front of his groin, his Tekirdağ Escort hardness apparent even to her sleep filled eyes. She smiled at him and he walked towards the bed. He stood close to where her head lay, and moved one knee onto the bed. She reached out her hand and placed it over his, both of them now massaging his hardness. Her touch made him gasp, and he felt himself harden even more. She leaned closer and let her lips mould around the shape of his cock through the material. She felt his hand in her hair, pushing her mouth onto him. She sucked gently, pulling the fabric into her mouth, knowing that the tiny butterfly kisses would arouse him even more.

Her hand moved to the waistband and she pulled his boxers down, smiling as his hard cock sprang into view in front of her. She resisted the temptation to take him deep into her mouth, instead just watching his cock. Marveling at the ridges and veins, the colour of the engorged head, the drop of pre-cum that had erupted from the slit, her intense focus, making him twitch.

After what seemed an eternity, she parted her lips and let her tongue slide delicately over the slit, drinking up the liquid that spilled. She heard him moan, and pushed her tongue hard into the opening. Her hand gripped around the base of his shaft, and she guided him into her mouth, letting the ridge of his cock settle comfortably inside her lips. She sucked hard, letting her teeth rake gently across the soft skin. His hand in her hair, he tried to push her further onto him. Her mouth worked on his cock, her tongue licking across the slit, her teeth gently nibbling. She parted her lips wider and slid them lower down his shaft, rubbing the soft tip of his cock against the roof of her mouth. His breathing was coming in short rasps. The duvet had slid from her body and he looked down to see her nipples hard and erect, and the roundness of her breasts. He wanted her. He stretched his hand and cupped her breast, letting the flesh shape into his palm, squeezing gently. A moan escaped her lips and she momentarily lost focus, tingling at the sensations such a simple touch had aroused in her.

He used the moment to pull himself away from her mouth, and gently pushed her back onto the bed. He leaned down to her and held her breast in his hand. Tekirdağ Escort Bayan His tongue touched the bud of her nipple and her body arched in response. He rubbed her breast across his cheek, feeling the hard nipple respond. He let the tip rub across his nose, nuzzling his face into her softness. Small, jerky gasps escaped from her lips. She was desperate for him to suck the nipple into his mouth. She longed for him. He moved his mouth to her nipple, sucking the warm flesh between his lips. Her fingers wrapped in his hair, holding his head to her breast. He kissed all around the nipple, his tongue licking the dark areola feeling her responses coursing through her body.

Her hands moved down to her cunt and she stroked along the wet pussy lips, soaking her juices onto her fingers. She moved her hand up to her breasts and rubbed the juices from her sex over her hard nipples. His face was so close, he could smell her aroma. He wanted to taste her and slid his tongue lazily across her nipples, slow, teasing licks, each one pulling a gasp from her lips. As he licked he moved his hand down across her stomach, towards her mound, letting it rest there, his fingers just inside her wet pussy lips. He felt her hips push up toward him and allowed the tip of one finger to brush across her clit. As her desire grew, he kissed slowly down her body, across her soft tummy, his mouth tracing the route his fingers had used. His lips molded across her clit and he sucked the hard bud into his mouth, his tongue pushing against the hood.

He could feel her body begin to writhe, and his hand moved along her pussy to the entrance to her cunt. Her voice urged him on, wanting to feel his fingers inside her pussy, pushing deep. He slid two fingers into her cunt and heard her gasp and felt the constriction as she squeezed her cunt around his digits. He pushed deeper, and she pulled her legs wider apart allowing more penetration. His tongue flicked across her clit before his mouth pulled away. He felt her soft pussy lips and gently sucked them between his lips, her juices exciting him more. The lips stretched and pulled as he played with her with his mouth. His fingers curled slightly inside her deep cunt and he stroked inside her walls. She moaned loudly, as her climax approached, he could Escort Tekirdağ feel her body tensing, her breathing deep, crying out to cum. His mouth closed over her pussy and he kissed her sex intimately. She came. Her body juddered and short raspy breaths broke from her mouth, as he ate her pussy, his fingers still curled inside her cunt.

He stood up beside the bed and looked down at her. She was flushed and beautiful. He wanted her. She wanted him. His cock was rigid and he longed to be buried inside her. He moved on top of her, her hand guiding his cock, expertly placing him near her entrance. She held his face in her hands and kissed him deeply. He tasted of her. Her tongue played in his mouth. Their lips became one. Their bodies joined. His cock slid into her cunt and they both gasped in unison, as his slit rubbed across her cervix. She pulled her knees back, as he thrust hard inside her. He needed to fuck her. She needed to be fucked. A rhythm quickly developed, each thrust pushing her into the bed. She used her muscles to squeeze around his shaft, holding his cock tight within her cunt. Her hands were on his back, stroking, caressing, and feeling the soft hairs on his shoulders beneath her touch. He could feel her nipples pushing into his chest. The delights of her warm, wet cunt teased his cock. He needed to cum now, he could feel it. His balls ached; he wanted to unload inside her.

Her cunt was milking him; she was desperate to feel him shoot inside her. She kissed him harder; she could feel how close he was to cumming. His breaths were quick, each one ending with a gasp. Her eyes locked on his. She wanted to scream. Her fingers dug into his back, her hips pushed up to meet him. His shaft buried deep in her cunt. He gasped then his body pulsed as his cum filled her pussy. Heat pulsed through his body, the power of the climax coursing through him. Her mouth tasted his lips as he came. She could feel his cock twitching against her clit and her climax was pushed over the edge. The scream came. A cocktail of sensations centered on her cunt, exploded inside her. Pleasure washed over them. His cum and her juices combined inside her.

They lay like that for a while, neither wanting to break free, the gentle trickle of his cum oozing from her pussy, tickled against her leg as it escaped. She wrapped her arms around his back and held him tightly to her, his head rested on her shoulder. Their breathing lapsed into a steady rhythm. Sleep came.

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