Lost , Found Ch. 05


This is the 5th and final part of this story, which has been a part of me for so many years now, it feels strange, and a little unsettling, to be finally putting it down; to be honest, there have been times when I really wanted to delete the whole thing and walk away in disgust.

Mriceman1964 persuaded me, a long time ago, to clean it up, polish and re-shape it a little, and to listen to my wife and her cronies,all of whom seem to have this unnatural, hormonal attachment to Robbie (and gin Martini’s, too, let us not forget that!)

This is how I tried to see the story ending all that long time ago, when I first started writing this in my spare time, while deployed firstly in Iraq, then in Afghanistan, but really, Mike, Bonnie Hurd, and of course, my darling wife Lori and her gang of really quite lovely ladies, all made it happen, so many heartfelt thanks to all of them!

I won’t be re-visiting this story again; I feel like it’s finished, all the loose ends have been tied up to my satisfaction, and all the people involved in the story have reaped their just rewards, so this is where I say my final farewell to Robbie, Casey, Sarah & Joey, Frank, Caitlin, and of course, Steve Dolan!

Thank you for bearing with me, I’ve enjoyed the ride, and I’ve enjoyed unravelling my mind at you, I hope you think it was worth the wait.

Auf Wiedersehen,




Part 1: Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice – Ephesians 4:31-32


I was transfixed, horrified, mortified, and shrouded in guilty shame; Kat, here, naked, with me, in my bed! Oh dear God, what the fuck was I thinking? What in the name of Christ had I done? How could I have been so stupid? She was my little sister, I was supposed to look after her, not drag her into my bed like some oversexed teenager and…and then…Oh my God, how could I ever fix this?

Kat reached out to me, smiling, her eyes still blurred and unfocussed with sleep, and I slid away from her, so fast, in fact, I slid right out of bed and landed on my ass with a loud thump.

I lay there, letting the shock take over for a few seconds, unable to contemplate the full, sheer awfulness of what I’d done; I’d bedded my baby sister, on her prom night, of all nights, I’d abused her trust, I was no better than her prom-date spiking her drink and doing her while she was passed-out. What was I going to do? How the fuck was I going to fix this? Ask Sarah? Not in this life; she’d skin me, then skin Kat, then come back and finish me off. Oh fuck, what a mess, what a complete, fucked-up, unbelievably stupid, God-forsaken mess I’d made…

Kat’s face appeared over the edge of the bed, looking down at me in amusement.

“That was funny, Frankie, but why are you still on the floor? Come on, get back up here, I’m cold, hold me!”

I nearly passed-out at that. Hold her? I shouldn’t even be touching her, not after what I’d done to her, not after…oh God, what was I going to do?

Something touched my head, startling me, and I looked up to see Kat trailing her fingers through my hair.

I shrank back, seeing the hurt puzzlement in her eyes.

“Frankie, what’s the matter? Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost, what’s wrong with you?”

I gulped, my head spinning as I sat there, desperately trying to think of a way to apologise to my baby sister for what I’d done to her…

“Kat, Caitlin, baby…I…I…we…what happened…I was…I didn’t think…oh God, I’m so sorry…!”

Kat lay on her forearms, watching me as I dissolved into a quivering heap, a small, knowing smile on her lips, her full, curving, desirable, kissable…stop that!

“What the hell’s wrong with you?” I chided myself, “you fucked up so big you’re gonna be a dead man when Sally finds out, you better start thinking of a way out of this, not mooning over Kat, and her lips, and her eyes, and her body, her delectable, desirable, beguiling, sexy body…!”

I groaned; I was a dead man walking, Sally was out there, she was waiting, and when she found out about this, (and make no mistake, she would, the girl could see through a brick wall) she was going to skin me alive, slowly, then shove her foot up my ass as a reminder of why it was wrong to fuck my baby sister…

“Alright, Frankie, enough. I don’t know what bit you, but if you don’t come up here right now, I’m coming down there! FRANKIE! Are you listening to me?” she grinned, her voice finally distracting me from my contemplation of my imminent death. I looked up at her miserably.

“Kat, I’m so sorry, I made you do…things, last night, things I’m supposed to protect you from, God, Kat, I’m so, so sorry, if you want to call the sheriff and have me arrested, I won’t run, I have to pay for what I did, I’ll tell him I forced you, no-one needs to know about us, what happened was all my fault..!”

Kat looked at me in amusement, her eyes sparkling şişli escort bayan with glee and good humor as I ground to a halt.

“Have you quite finished?” she grinned, and I nodded miserably, ready to take my punishment.

“Frankie, of all the lame-brained, half-witted, idiotic, bone-headed, gibbering nonsense I’ve ever heard dribble out of your mouth over the years, that little speech just took the prize for the stupidest, dumbest, most ass-headed garbage I’m likely to hear in this life or the next. Maybe I should call Sheriff Fatso, maybe getting your ass kicked by Fatso and his bozo deputies will shove your brain back into place, it must have got dislodged when you fell out of bed and landed on your ass!”

I gaped at her, unable to comprehend what she meant. Kat grinned even wider, beaming at me as she sat upright. The bed covers fell away from her as she sat, naked to the waist, artlessly, unselfconsciously naked, her white skin glowing dazzlingly in the morning sun, her nipples like jewels, a delicate pale coral pink against the milky whiteness of her skin.

“Frankie, everything that happened last night, everything, was because I wanted it; do you really think I’d have let you do anything to me I didn’t want you to do? Think, Frankie, this is me we’re talking about here!”

I was trying to hear her, but all I got was a sense that she perhaps wasn’t too mad at me or repelled by me after what we’d done; all my attention was riveted on just how deliciously, erotically, delightfully desirable she was just then, one half of me drooling over her, the other half disgusted beyond measure with me for sullying my baby sister, with a healthy dose of fear parked on the sidelines in reserve for when Big Sister found out…

My attention was dragged back to her face when she leaned down and clicked her fingers several times in my face.

“That’s right, Frankie, over here, baby, that’s it, look at me!”

When she was sure she had my attention, she smiled slowly, pulling the covers back up over and around herself, just like she used to do when she was younger, in the bad days after we lost dad, leaving her smooth white shoulders bare.

“Frankie, everything that happened, everything we did, happened because I wanted it to happen, and more; I’ve been trying to get your attention for months, I’ve been practically throwing myself at you for God knows how long, just about the only thing I didn’t do was pull my panties down and rub my ass in your face! Last night was supposed to be the clincher; you were supposed to find me irresistible, so do you know how disappointed I was that you let me go to that stupid prom? I wanted you to throw Cory out and drag me back upstairs, rip my dress off and yank my panties down, and do all kinds of bad, nasty, exciting things to me; why do you think I bought that stupid dress? To parade around in front of those slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging, drooling half-wits in that school? Frankie, all I ever wanted was you, I’ve been trying to make you see that for months, but apparently your normal state is to have your head shoved up your ass…

I looked at her in shock, amazed at the things that were coming out of my little sister’s mouth, her beautiful, sexy, desirable…

I pulled myself together enough to focus on what she was saying, finding it hard to credit that sweet little Kat could say or want those things.

“Kat…what are you saying, don’t you know we can’t…?” I stammered, watching as that little line appeared between her eyebrows; she was getting pissed.

“Frankie, I’m trying to tell you, again, how much I love you and how much I want you; I told you last night, you better not have forgotten!”

That’s right, she had, in all the fright and disgusted self-loathing of the last few minutes I’d forgotten that, now it flashed up again, that whole scene in that grimy motel room when she’d told me she was in love with me.

“FRANKIE!” she snapped, and my eyes snapped back to her as her voice penetrated my woolgathering.

“Frankie, if you’re not up here by the time I count to three, I’m coming down there, and if I have to come down there, I swear to God I will punch you so hard…!” she gritted, her sea-green eyes flashing like emeralds in sunlight. I tried one last desperate tack.

“Kat, we can’t, please, think; last night was wrong, I was wrong, you’re too young to make a choice like that, think what dad would say!”

She looked at me, one eyebrow arched haughtily, doing it even better than mom. Her face stilled as she leaned down to look closely at me.

“Francis Xavier Novak, if you don’t quit shivering like a little girl and get your ass up here and back into bed with me, I promise that anything dad would have done to you would be simple, painless, and over in a heartbeat compared to what I’m capable of; I didn’t spend all those years bringing you up just for you to crash and burn at the end. Now get up here this second, blondie, and I fucking mean it!”

I was lost for words at what escort mecidiyeköy she’d just said, actually spluttering as everything I tried to say tried to come out all at once. Kat looked on as I bubbled over, her expression slowly softening and mellowing into her beautiful dimpled grin as my sputtering and gibbering fizzled out.

“Right, are you done? Good. Up here, now, Frankie, don’t make me hurt you; I know where all your soft-spots are, I have sharp teeth and nails, and I will use them!”

Mentally crossing myself, I slid back into the bed, scrupulously avoiding touching her, thinking all the while of just how many ways this was wrong. Kat rested her head on her hand, her elbow on her pillow, and grinned at me, her other hand resting outside the covers, and once again I was struck by just how milk-pale her skin was, how vividly scarlet her hair was against that porcelain whiteness, and just how lustrous her smoky green eyes were, like the finest Colombian Boyacá emeralds.

“Frankie,” she murmured, “am I really so repulsive that you have to run away from me? I thought you loved me, or at least liked me. I need you, now; why won’t you hold me?”

Her grin faltered and her lip quivered, and I suddenly realised just how hurt she was by my sudden, panicked rejection of her; she really didn’t know, or didn’t care, just how wrong what we were feeling was, and believe me, I was feeling it strongly; all I could think of was her, and how much I wanted her, how much I needed her, and, at the back of it all, how wrong it all was, of course it was, no question; but it felt right; it felt natural, and normal, and unforced.

“Kat, I…” I began, and she slid herself over to me, her arm going around my neck as her lips pressed against mine, and I was lost; all my fears, for me, for her, and all those feelings of wrongness disappeared, wiped away by her lips and the feel of her silky-soft warm skin as it pressed against me, her lovely tight young body molding seamlessly into mine.

After a million years or so, Kat pulled away from me slightly, looking up into my eyes, her eyes sparkling green pools that a man would happily, unhesitatingly sink into, or like bright, sunlit glades in a secret forest, lush, green and verdant, brimming with life and the love of life…

“Are we good now, Frankie, does that make it right?” she whispered, her eyes wide and hopeful, but a hint of fear at the back, fear that I would finally reject her; she didn’t have to worry. That kiss had done what no amount of argument, soul-searching, or anguished internal debate could ever have achieved; it told me how things were between us, and how they were going to be from now on; I wanted her, and I didn’t care what I had to do to keep her, because she was mine now, and I was hers, period.

My arms slid around her of their own volition, around her waist and further down, to cup her taut cheeks and pull her closer to me. Kat smiled, her arms tightening around my neck and the back of my head as she pulled me down for another kiss, this time with my full and willing participation. I kissed her like it was the first time, gently, tentatively, slowly parting her lips with my tongue and slipping it into her mouth, to fence gently with hers.

As we kissed, she writhed and rubbed herself against me, obviously enjoying the feel of my solidly erect cock squeezing between us and poking into her firm stomach. The feel of her wriggling against me was doing all sorts of things to me, feelings and desires all slowly coalescing into one big thought; I needed to fuck her, hard, now. She must have seen the need flare up in my eyes, because she pulled herself tight to me before slipping her leg over my hips and pushing me, rolling me onto my back with her on top of me.

“Like this, Frankie, I want you like this….!”

she muttered, her moist pussy lips sliding along the length of my amazingly hard cock as it lay along my stomach, sandwiched between us.

The feel of her wet heat dragging along me as she rubbed herself up and down my length was overpowering any lingering doubts or apprehensions, and when she stopped I groaned in frustration. I was only momentarily disappointed though; she lifted up slightly and took hold of me, the feel of her warm hand wrapping around me at once a blessing and an urgent need, one I had to satisfy at all costs, otherwise I’d have exploded there and then.

She grinned at me as she rose up a little more, rubbing my cock-head against her damp swollen labia, the heat again making me groan with need for her. She looked me in the eyes, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she grinned at me, and slowly, slowly, lowered herself down on me, her warmth and wetness engulfing me at a snail’s pace and with lightning speed at the same time, until I was, at last, buried in her to the hilt. She leaned forward and kissed me once, lightly, on the lips, before sitting back up and smiling secretively, slyly at me.

“This is for you, baby!” she smiled, the smile morphing merter escort into a sexy pout as she began to slide herself back and forth, small movements, but combined with a rhythmic squeezing as she clenched and relaxed her muscles around me, squeezing and massaging me as she slowly pumped herself against me.

Now she began to shimmy her hips as she ground against me, the sight and feel of her so erotic I was nearly overcome with the power of it. I reached out for her, and she leaned forward, pushing her tense, straining nipples directly into my outstretched hands. I closed my hands over her breasts, kneading and massaging the soft, firm mounds even as I twirled and squeezed and rubbed those beautiful, stiff pink nubs, watching her face and neck slowly flush as I squeezed and caressed her breasts, her eyes closing and her breathing slowing and deepening as her arousal increased.

She began to grind harder and faster against me, her own hands dropping to rest on my midriff, holding herself steady as she pumped and ground against me, her hips pistoning as I began to pump and push back against her, increasing my penetration as she strove for more from me.

She came with a piercing cry, her eyes clenched tightly shut as she shook and wailed on top of me, her body shuddering as her orgasm flared and crashed though her. As her pussy convulsed around me, the hot, squeezing, pulsating sensation was too much for me, and my cry answered hers as I too surrendered to orgasm, my cock swelling and pulsing as my white-hot sperm boiled out of me and into her in long, hot spurts, painting her insides with my own creamy tribute as her rippling pussy milked me so thoroughly. I came in endless, jolting spurts as she shook and whined above me, her orgasm kicked into higher gear by the feel of my heat exploding inside her over and over, filling her with my essence.

Kat finally slumped down against me, her heart hammering against mine as she drew a long sobbing breath, forcing air back into her lungs after the long free-fall of orgasm, the bright flare of nirvana giving way to the mundane and the normal again.

I was in no better shape; having sex with her was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, a clean, heart-bursting, white-hot intensity that drove all rational thought from me and left me with nothing but the overwhelming need for her, for her kiss, her touch, the smell of her hair, the feel of her skin, and the chance to once again drown in the limpid, emerald-green pools that were her eyes.

I suddenly realised I had truly fallen in love, and, strangely, that thought brought no sense of strangeness or shame that I should feel that way about my baby sister, only acceptance and a deep and abiding sense of the rightness of it; society said it was wrong, but everything inside me said otherwise; Kat was the one for me, and I could feel the corresponding thought and need radiating off her with every breath she took.

My arms wrapped around her, holding her to me as I waited for her body to relax and recover, my hands caressing and gently squeezing her ass without any conscious thought or need on my part; they just went to the place they were most comfortable with and rested there, gently playing with those firm, satiny little cheeks.

At last, Kat stirred, raising her head to blearily look into my eyes, her tongue snaking out to lick my lips as she smiled like a little girl.

“Hi Frankie, can we do that again soon?” she smiled, her eyes still blurry with tiredness, and something else as well in back of them; trust; she trusted me to make this come out right for us both, and I knew I would, that I would do whatever it took to keep us together, whatever the outside world wanted to throw at us.

“Forever, baby, as long as you want to do that, and anything else, I’ll be there to do it with you; I’ll never leave you, Kat. I love you baby, and I always have.”

She smiled happily, seeing the truth of what I was saying in my eyes, sure now that we were finally together. She sighed and laid her head back down on my chest, wriggling contentedly on top of me, and making my half-hard cock still inside her suddenly twitch in reaction to her wonderful, tight young body lying so invitingly on top of mine.

“Give me a few minutes, Frankie, please, a lady needs to look her best…!” she giggled, obviously feeling my cock suddenly wanting to come alive again at the thought and feel of her.

My hands roamed lightly over her as she relaxed, a small smile on her lips as I touched and smoothed, caressed and lightly traced every line, contour, and curve of her body. She was lithe and slim, a willowy and slender but shapely figure, with a dancer’s grace and the body of an acrobat or trained gymnast, every muscle in her body honed and shaped into a perfect, harmonious whole. I had seen her walk, noting the unconscious poise and grace of her body in motion, her gait fluid, balletic, and elegant, and it occurred to me that I must have been watching her and storing up these images and conclusions for a very long time, and now, now that we had become what we were, now my mind chose to release the floodgates of memory and let me see her all over again in my mind’s eye, realising that she really was ‘Poetry in Motion’, as Johnny Tillotson so eloquently put it.

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