Lost and Found Ch. 07


Alex and Keli were quiet on the ride over to Martha’s. Alex was thought he knew at least one of the people that Albert was referring to and Kelli was just plain nervous. They pulled up in front of the house. It looked like all the lights were on and there were about eight other cars there. Alex got out and came around to open Kelli’s door. She stood up and smoothed her dress down.

“I’ll be right beside you, don’t worry.” Alex said.

“I know, but I’m still a little scared.”

“You’re going to go in there and show them what a good slave you are and how well you’ve been trained. Just follow my lead and do what I tell you. You’ll be fine.”

Alex reached out to knock on the door. It was opened by a young woman, naked except for a collar and wrist cuffs. She smiled at Alex as she let them in. Alex smiled back and led Kelli to the living room. There were several small groups of people clustered together. They all looked up as Alex and Kelli entered and most called out a greeting.

Martha was sitting in her usual spot hold sway over her own group. She blew them a kiss and resumed her conversation. Kelli saw Robert walking around in his leather shorts and smiled at him. He nodded to her and said something to one of the women carrying trays of drinks and hors d’oeuvres. A few minutes later she approached them with drinks.

Kelli sipped at her wine and scanned the room. She recognized some people from the club, but there were others she had never seen before. A woman in a low-cut red leather dress walked up to Alex and kissed him on the cheek.

“Darling, it’s been ages! How are you?”

“Hi Erica, I’m good.”

“So, I heard about your new slave. This must be her? She is lovely. We were beginning to think you would never find someone.”

“Really? And who is we?” Alex wasn’t smiling.

“Oh darling, don’t be that way. You know how we talk. If there’s a bit of gossip to be had we’ll chew it up and spit it out.” Erica waved her hand dismissively.

“Alright,” Alex relaxed a little, “then this is my slave, Kelli. Kelli this is an old friend, Mistress Erica.”

Kelli kept her eyes down and did a bit of a curtsy. Mistress Erica laughed and then tilted Kelli’s head up so she could look into her eyes. Kelli looked away, not sure what she should do.

“My, my! She is young! But then, that is how you like them isn’t it?” She asked Alex.

“Age is never a factor with me, you know that Erica.”

“How long has she been in training?”

“About three months. If you’ll excuse me, Martha apparently needs my attention.”

Erica pouted briefly and then laughed, “Fine! I’m quite sure I’ll see more of you later!”

Alex took Kelli by the hand and threaded his way over to Martha. She looked at Kelli and patted the empty space beside her. Kelli looked up at Alex, who nodded. Kelli sat.

“You look fantastic! Are you enjoying yourself?” Martha asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

“I’m glad.” She put her hand on Kelli’s thigh. Just then Albert came in the room. Alex saw him and turned to go to him, but turned back to Martha first.

“Can I leave Kelli with you for a few minutes?” He asked.

“Of course you can!” Martha grinned.

He quickly walked off. Kelli was disappointed that he didn’t take her with him. After all, they were talking about her. She sighed and tuned back into the conversation going on around her.

Albert nodded at Alex and jerked his head toward the hallway. They walked over there out of ear shot. Albert spoke quietly and quickly to Alex. Alex nodded and said something back. Kelli was watching their faces intently and didn’t hear Martha’s next question.

“I beg your pardon?” Kelli said.

“Yes you will.” Martha replied.

“I will what Mistress Martha?”

“You will beg, my dear!” Martha laughed.

Kelli wasn’t sure if or how she was supposed to respond to that. She stayed silent and watched as Alex began to make his way back over to them. He had a grim look on his face. He took Kelli by the hand and took her with him into the dining room where a buffet was set up. Albert was loading up a plate as they walked in.

“Albert, tell Kelli what you told me.”

“Well, it seems there’s not one but two people who seem to have their sights trained on you Kelli. I’m not sure exactly how or why they’re working together, well, I think I know why, but anyway. I am sure of one thing though, they mean to harm or discredit you or Alex in some way.” Albert popped a meatball in his mouth and chewed vigorously.

“Do you know who they are?” Kelli asked.

“Yes, I do, but I’m not telling you because I want you to act as normal as possible. I’m sure they mean to do something Starzbet this evening and I mean to catch them in the act. Don’t worry, not only is Alex keeping an eye on you but myself and two colleagues are also watching out for you. Just act as normal as possible.”

“Normal? I’m supposed to act normal? How is that supposed to happen?” Kelli voice was pitched.

Alex wrapped an arm around her. “Listen Kel, nothing is going to happen without one of us seeing. You’re going to have to trust us.”

“I do trust you.” Kelli said, her big brown eyes wide, “It’s everyone else I don’t trust.”

Just then a soft gong rang out and everyone began to gather in the foyer. Martha spoke up, “If I could have everyone’s attention! We are going to start the nights entertainment with a display of Japanese rope bondage. My friend Eunah just returned from a trip to the orient and is happy to share what she learned.”

An unassuming woman stepped forward and smiled. She gestured and a beautiful woman in a burgundy kimono stepped forward. At a sign from Eunah the woman dropped her robe and stood naked before the crowd. She had a beautiful body, large breasts, a slim waist and lovely legs. Eunah opened up a bag that was sitting next to her and brought out several lengths of hemp rope. There was music playing in the background as she began to bind her submissive using intricate knotting techniques.

Robert approached Alex and Kelli. “I’m sorry to bother you, Master Alex, but I wonder if I could borrow Kelli for a moment?”

Alex looked displeased, “Why?”

“I have a surprise for my Mistress and I was really hoping that Kelli could help me out, but it’s okay if you say no.” Robert held up his hands.

“What kind of surprise and why do you need my slave?” Alex didn’t look quite so fierce.

“I, well, I bought a pony out fit and I want to put it on and surprise my Mistress with it. I want Kelli to be the one to lead me out in it because Mistress really has a thing for her and I thought it would be really hot.” Robert stood with his eyes cast down.

“I don’t know. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Can you find someone else?”

“Oh I’m sure I can, Master Alex. It’s just that Keli was my first choice. I would have called you to set it up, but it just came in the mail this afternoon. My apologies for disturbing you.” Robert turned to walk away.

Alex looked at Kelli. Kelli bit her lip. Robert had been nothing but kind to her. The least she could do was help him out. She nodded at Alex.

“Hold up, Robert. Where is this going to take place?” Alex asked.

“Out in the garden after in about an hour. The gong will ring and everyone will be invited out back and then Kelli will lead me out and I will prance in full pony gear up to my Mistress. Kelli will curtsy and hand over the reins to her and then return to you. I need some assistance with the head gear and thought she could also help me with that, Sir.”

“Alright. I’ll allow it. Take care that no harm comes to her.” Alex planned on keeping his eye on Kelli the whole time.

“Thank you, Master Alex! Come on, Kelli, before he changes his mind.” Robert took Kelli by the hand and led her back to the kitchen area.

It was very busy back there with the catering staff and the wait staff. Kelli didn’t know how they were going to get Robert dressed, but he led her through the controlled chaos to a closed door. The door led to a large garage. As she followed Robert into the garage someone grabbed her from behind and pressed a cloth over her face. Everything went dark.


Kelli woke to find herself cradled in Alex’s arms. His brow was furrowed with worry as her eyes fluttered open. She felt woozy, but she managed to focus on him.

“Kelli? You’re alright, I’ve got you. You’re safe.” Alex’s words tumbled out of his mouth.

He had followed discreetly behind them through the house and into the kitchen. He had seen the door to the garage open and he pushed past the caterers. He came in just as a woman was putting the cloth over Kelli’s mouth.

He knocked her out of the way and caught Kelli as she fell. Then Albert stepped out from behind one of the cars. He had been recording everything on video with his phone. Alex looked to see who the woman was, it was Linda.

“What the hell is going on?” Alex barked. Linda scuttled away from him and Robert just stood there with his head hanging.

Albert answered him, “I’m sorry to say it was as I expected. Robert and Linda have been working together to sabotage your relationship.”

“But why?” Alex was trying hard to stay calm as he helped Kelli sit up.

“Well, from what I can tell Linda has Starzbet Giriş had a torch burning for you since your days with Angel. Apparently she thought if she could end your relationship then there would be room for her to slide in. I would say she’s a bit obsessed.”

“That’s nuts! Linda, you and I have been friends for the last five years. You were there when Angel and I split.” Alex was looking daggers at Linda.

“That’s right! I was right there all the time and you never saw me! I comforted you! I was there for you! Do you even remember that we had sex or were you too drunk? I thought I meant something to you and then along came Kelli and everything stopped.” Linda face was red with rage and she was crying.

“Wow, really? Because I thought we talked about the sex and decided we were better off as friends and I stopped talking to everyone for a while before Kelli came into my life. You know that. I was trying to get myself in order. It was nothing against you or anyone else. I thought you understood.” Alex’s anger was tinged sorrow.

“I didn’t act alone! Robert helped me! Why aren’t you questioning him?” Linda cried.

“Oh don’t worry, he’s next!” Alex focused his gaze on Robert. Robert looked up and instead of looking for mercy he looked ready for a fight. There was nothing submissive about him.

“Oh, I’m next? How high and might you are, Master Alex! How nice it is for you to sit on top of the world and look down on the rest of us!” Robert was bitterly sarcastic. “Five years I’ve watched my Mistress, my wife fawn over you. Like you’re some romance novel hero. Well, you’re not! I’ve only loved one other person in my life and you almost killed her!”

“What are you talking about Robert? Make some sense!” Alex demanded.

“Oh, I’ll make sense! I loved Angel! Before you came along and took her, she and I were slaves together under my Mistress. We spent every day together serving her. Then we move up here and you show up. I thought she was happy, but no, she wanted you. It nearly broke my heart when she left, but I thought she would be safe and well cared for and loved. I didn’t think you would break her, but you did! And nearly killed her in the process!” Robert was raving.

“I didn’t break her! It was a damn accident!” Alex shouted at Robert.

“You should have been with her! You never should have left her side! You were her Master, in charge of her well-being and safety and you failed!” Robert yelled back. “How does it feel to know you almost lost another one? When I found out about Linda’s emails I offered to help step things up a bit. We wouldn’t have hurt Kelli. We only wanted to hurt you!”

Alex stepped up into Roberts face, “You cut the brakes on her car. She could have been killed. I suggest you change your tone because I don’t think your Mistress is going to approve of your extra-curricular activities.”

As if all the air had been let out of him, Robert sank to the floor and put his head in his hands. Albert turned off the video and walked over to Alex. Kelli was sitting pale and quiet throughout the arguing.

“I’ve got everything we need. The choice is up to you. We can get the police involved on an attempted kidnapping. They’ll definitely get some time.” Albert said calmly.

“No police, we don’t need that.” Alex said shaking his head.

Kelli tried to stand up and Alex grabbed her arm to steady her. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. She was shaking. She cleared her throat and tried again.

“All of this is because I came into your life, Alex.”

“No, it’s not. You could have been anybody.” Alex said quickly.

“But I wasn’t anybody, I was me. I need to go home.” Kelli felt the tears prick her eyes.

“We can go home soon.”

“No. I want to go to my home. I need time to think too. This is all so dramatic and confusing. I don’t know if I can handle this or not. You need to let me go, for now, please.” She begged.

Alex felt his heart crack. Not again. He knew he had to let her have some time, but he was so afraid that she wouldn’t come back.

“It’s not forever, Alex. Just let me call a cab, okay?” Kelli said softly.

Alex put his arms around her and she didn’t push him away, “Okay.”

He watched her walk back into the house and then he turned back to Albert, as he did he glanced over at Linda. She had a triumphant grin on her face, like she’d just won a prize. Alex felt his fury reignite. He reached down and pulled Robert up.

“Albert, you get Linda. We need to find Martha and take a trip to the basement.”

Linda tried to squirm away, but Albert had a tight grip on her. Robert said nothing and allowed himself Starzbet Güncel Giriş to be pulled along. Alex and he went through the kitchen and back out into the party. Conversations stopped as the four of them came through the living room. Martha was still in the foyer and as they approached she looked surprised and when she saw the grip Alex had on Robert the look changed to one of concern.

“Alex, what’s going on?” She asked.

“I need you to come downstairs with me. There’s something I need to show you.” Alex said tersely.

“Alright, but can you let go of Robert?”

“No,” Alex headed for the basement stairs leaving Martha to follow.

They got downstairs and Linda was still struggling. She was whining to Martha. “Help me! I’m your friend! Don’t let them do this to me!”

Albert held her by one arm and stripped her. Alex let go of Robert to help Albert. They got Linda attached to the St. Andrew’s cross and forced a ball gag in her mouth. Now she began to cry in earnest for the first time there was fear in her eyes.

Returning to Robert who had stayed at his Mistress’s feet Alex began to haul him up when Martha said “Enough! What the hell is going on?”

“Albert show her the video.” Robert said.

Martha watched the whole thing her face paling and then reddening with anger. The video ended and she turned to Alex. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea.” Then she turned to Robert and slapped him, “How dare you! Whatever Alex chooses to do to you, I’m sure I can come up with something worse!”

Alex took Robert and placed him over a sawhorse attaching his hands and legs. Robert was shaking. Once he was satisfied with the position Alex turned back to Martha.

“Why don’t you invite your guests down here? I’m sure they’d love to see Mistress Linda get her ass beat. Of course, you’ll have to tell them why she and Robert are being punished. I think the humiliation will be good for them.”

Martha agreed and went upstairs to make the announcement. The guests descended the stairs and quietly stood around the room. There was very little talk among them.

Alex spoke up “I’ve never hit a slave in anger, but Robert nearly killed Kelli by cutting the brake line on her car. Either I whip his ass or I beat him to a pulp.”

Several guests nodded in agreement. Alex chose a cane and stood behind Robert. He took a deep breath. “Robert, I’m going to give you twenty with this cane and you will remember me.”

The first hit zinged across Robert’s ass like liquid fire. The following hits merely intensified the feeling. This was a true punishment. Robert howled in pain as Alex worked his way up and back down leaving angry welts. The final hit came between the buttock and thigh and grazed his balls. Robert cried. Alex threw the cane down with shaking hands.

“What about Linda?” Martha asked.

“Do what you like with her, I’m done.” Alex said. Disgusted with the whole thing Alex left.

Martha left Linda on the cross for the rest of the evening. Allowing guests to take humiliating photos of the once proud mistress. By the time the evening ended the pictures and story were circulating in the bdsm community.

As for Robert, Martha placed him in a cock cage for a month. He slept on the floor of their room and was forbidden to go anywhere outside the house alone. He would slowly earn his way back into her good graces.


Alex worked. A lot. He was the first one in and the last one to leave. He slept out of pure exhaustion. He missed Kelli so much, but he left her alone. It had been a month and he had heard nothing. His heart told him to go to her and tell her that he loved her, but his pride and his head said to wait. Just wait.

One lonely night he was wandering around the house unable to sleep. He heard the sound of a familiar motor. He looked out the front window and there she was. Idling in front of his house. He was so nervous his hands shook as he opened his door and went out to her car. He knocked on her window. She smiled at him.

“Do you know it’s almost three in the morning?” He asked softly.

“You want to go back to bed and call me when you get up?” She asked innocently.

“Nah, I’m up. You want to come in?”

“Yes, please.”

She parked the car and they walked into the house. Robert went to make coffee. When he finished he went to find her in the living room.

She was naked. On her knees, hands behind her head. His breath caught in his throat. She was so beautiful.

“Are you sure about this, Kelli?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, Master. I’m sorry it took so long, but I had to get everything in order. I had to work through everything. I had to be okay and I am.” She smiled at him.

“I wanted to come to you. So many times.”

“Thank you for giving me the space I needed.”

“You know,” Alex mused, “you’ll have to be punished for the torture you put me through.”

“Yes, Master.” Kelli smiled up at him.

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