Lorna Sniffs


Lorna was working the closing shift at the store. Her mother owns this little boutique lingerie store here in town. It had been owned by Lorna’s grandmother, opened in 1950! The town’s demographics had shifted quite a bit in the last ten years, and the store really had few customers. Lorna knew the store wasn’t going to last long, and instead of committing to the store, she attended the local community college for accounting. But at nights, she closed the store.

Tonight, she had two customers. In a six hour shift. One was there just as she walked in, an older lady maybe the age of her mother, who had been shopping there since her own mother brought her there in the 70s. She tried on a few teddies, and did buy one of them, a cute blue one that Lorna herself had tried a few months ago when it arrived in the store. The second customer, though, was a little more difficult.

After Lorna’s mother left her alone in the store for the night, at 5, this girl came in. She was maybe 25, just 2 years older than Lorna. She was cute, tall and curvy, and had long long black hair, tied up in a ponytail. Lorna greeted her, and they introduced themselves. Jackie, she was just back home from college and was going to be marrying next month, she wanted a special lingerie set for her wedding night.

Lorna took Jackie directly to the white outfits, and showed her a bustier with garters and stockings. Jackie called it too basic, and asked what else there was. Lorna agreed, that it was an old standard of an age that was very much over.

Lorna told her to wait, and went into the store room for something special. In the store room were items that, for one reason or another, were not displayed in the show room, or were old items that never sold. There was an outfit that Lorna had seen once at a ballet ten years ago, and when she saw it in the store room, she had taken it from the usual racks and placed it on her own personal one. She often tried it on, but never had a customer ask for such a thing, and never had occasion to recommend it to anyone.

This outfit was a one-piece, like a leotard, but was lace on the top half and sheer on the bottom half. It was all white, the lace on the top had flowers in the design, and each was a different color. The lace on the bottom half was the same, but there were no flowers at all. The back was a thong, really the thinnest she’d seen that wasn’t just a string. When she saw it ten years ago at the ballet, of course the bottom half was covered by the ballerina’s skirt and the girl was also wearing nylons to hide her nudity. When Lorna saw it in a catalogue, she was surprised that it wasn’t only cute as she remembered, İstanbul Escort but it was much much more naughty.

For the bride in her show room, this was perfect. Lorna hated to let it go, but this would be a great match for Jackie, and a great sale as well. She took the item off the rack, and put the crotch to her nose. She had worn this item many times, and most of the time she wore it nude, and at least half the time she had gotten very wet. She even came a few times in it. She thought she had washed it after the last try on, but as she sniffed, she knew she hadn’t. She tried to remember when it was, and she recalled it was after an especially hot date she had that turned out with no sex, and she was closing the store. She wore the outfit and frigged herself silly, cumming while looking at herself exposed in the fitting room mirror.

She could take this outfit out to Jackie, let her try it on, then make up some excuse why she would need to tailor it or something before Jackie could take it home. Then Lorna would have a chance to launder it properly. She carried the one piece, on the hanger, to the show room. As soon as she appeared, Jackie’s eyes lit up. Lorna was indeed right that this would be perfect.

Jackie remarked how cute it was, and approached Lorna, reaching out to touch the lace. It was very soft, it was not any synthetic fiber, it was silk, with the edging made with silk and silver thread. Jackie began to take her robe off, eager to try the outfit on.

Lorna helped Jackie off with her robe, and led her to the changing room. As Lorna turned to leave the room, Jackie grabbed at Lorna’s elbow, asking her to stay and help. Lorna had done this a million times, she was not shy at all about seeing women nude. While not a lesbian, she didn’t deny that she had a strong attraction to girls. Jackie put the leotard on, and turned toward the three way mirror. She posed, looking at each mirror, at each angle, with a huge smile on her face. Lorna had a smile too, first because Jackie was very beautiful in this outfit, and second because she was certain she would make a big sale. This item was three hundred dollars, more than the store sold all day!

Jackie kept posing, but her smile faded. Lorna asked her what was wrong. Jackie blushed, and told Lorna that she wished she could try the leotard on without her underwear. The store had a policy, as most do, that items like these had to be tried on with underwear, for sanitary reasons. This outfit, with the sheer bottom half and lacy top half, and thong back, looked a little silly with her black sports bra and full back white panties. Lorna agreed Kadıköy Escort that it looked silly, but wasn’t easy about letting Jackie break the rules.

In her head, Lorna was interested in seeing Jackie in the outfit without the underwear, and also was aroused knowing that she had cum in these recently, and that Jackie would be touching her own pussy against the spot Lorna’s cream had been. Sensing a certain sale, Lorna relented, and told Jackie she could try it on without the underwear.

Lorna turned to leave the room, but again Jackie grabbed her elbow, asking her to remain. Lorna got a tingle in her crotch from this touch and gesture, and the thought that she was going to see something she would masturbate to later. They both giggled, and Jackie carefully took the leotard back off. Lorna took it in her hand, holding it by the crotch so she could feel the warmth, and hoping that whatever scents Jackie may have rubbed onto the outfit might get on her hands.

Jackie took her bra off, and while her arms were up high, Lorna took in the sight. Jackie had a perfectly shaped pair of C’s, with meaty nipples. Lorna also noticed that Jackie had a five o’clock shadow in her armpits. Jackie tossed her sports bra onto the sofa, and then tugged her panties down. She bent over away from Lorna, giving her a show of her curvy hips and bare butt.

Tossing the panties to the sofa, Jackie turned to Lorna, and held out her hand. Lorna placed the leotard in Jackie’s hand, and they both giggled again. The girl stepped into the outfit, and pulled it up her chest, then put her arms through the armholes. As she arranged the thing, Lorna had to try as hard as she could to keep her mouth closed; her jaw was dropping almost automatically. The outift, as she already knew, was very hot, but Jackie really made it perfect. It was the right size for petite Lorna, but it was really maybe a size too small for Jackie. It fitted to her body like a glove, and really stretched at the crotch. Lorna could see Jackie’s pubic hair popping out from the sides; the bride would need a trim before wearing this on her wedding night! But also popping out was the girl’s lips. Her outer lips were not inside the crotch, but the crotch was being swallowed up by her pussy.

Lorna was getting turned on. The changing room was bigger than the kind you’d find at a cheap department store, but it was still small enough that the two girls were no more than a foot apart. Lorna could see all three images of Jackie in the three mirrors, and all three were turning her on.

Jackie again was smiling ear to ear, she loved the outfit and started gushing to Lorna Ataşehir Escort about it. She told her that she would take it, and began undressing again. Lorna began telling Jackie that she would have to tailor the item a bit to make it fit better, and Jackie agreed, not knowing that such an outfit couldn’t be tailored. She and Lorna left the changing room, and Jackie paid for the outfit, setting it to be picked up in three days.

As she left, she hugged Lorna, and gave her a peck on her lips. Lorna tingled again, and was sure she felt a drop of juice run down her leg. The moment Jackie was gone, Lorna went back to the changing room to grab the outfit. She hoped it would still be warm in the crotch, and that maybe Jackie would have left something behind. A scent, a stain, maybe one of those brown hairs from that thick bush.

The leotard was still warm, the crotch was a little moist too. Lorna held it up to her nose, lightly sniffing. She did smell a fresh sweaty scent. Her nose was tickled by a real treat, a single brown hair, caught in the lace. She sniffed deeply now, from where the mound would have been, all the way to where the bride’s starfish would have kissed the thong. She sniffed long and deep, trying to get all the smells into her nose.

She was getting really wet now. Lorna sat on the sofa there in the changing room, and shoved her hand down her yoga pants. Yes, very wet. Her pussy was sloppy, soaked from this arousing hour she spent with Jackie, and from the scents she left behind.

Lorna fingered herself, three fingers snugly inside her hole, her palm smashing on her clit and lips. She pushed the crotch of the leotard against her nose with her other hand, inhaling every last bit of the scents. Lorna came hard, almost pissing herself there on the sofa. As she relaxed, with her fingers still inside her hole, she licked the crotch of the leotard.

She licked a few times, the wet spot where the bride’s pussy would have been, then to the dirty part, where the bride’s butthole would have been. She slipped her fingers out of her hole, and rubbed her clitoris, mashing it hard against her body.

Lorna came again, while licking the dirty crotch of this outfit. As she lay on the sofa now, her hand still down her yogapants, and the leotard draped over her face, she considered trying to order another of these, to sell to Jackie, and to keep this one. She checked on the website she had bought this one from, and sure enough, they had another one, and could ship it to her in two days! Perfect, she placed the order, and put the dirty leotard back on the hanger, and put it in the store room on her personal rack.

She couldn’t wait for the new one, ordered one size larger, to arrive, and for the bride to return to pick it up. She knew nothing would ever happen with Jackie, but she wanted one last look at the woman, before she’d go grab that used leotard and sniff herself to orgasm again.

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