London Underground Ch. 01


Suzy hurries along the crowded dirty pavement heading for the tube station, it’s Friday afternoon and she’s finished work early, she’s owed the time off; she’s been working so hard recently in her high powered civil service role as a research assistant to the department of trade. Realistically she’s just a well paid dog’s body. Suzy has other outlets for her frustrations and the pay is really good. As she hurries past a bookies’ shop she notices a young man of around twenty five standing outside smoking, he follows her lustfully with his eyes, taking in her deeply curvy hourglass figure hugged by the tight skirt suit and patent leather knee boots which comprise her autumn work uniform. Suzy smiles inwardly, briefly flashing her intense blue eyes at him as she passes, her almost permanent state of simmering arousal piquing a little at the thought of him wanting her.

She’s forty-five and finally coming to terms with her changing sexual identity, welcoming her maturity and the fact that she no longer seems to be generally perceived as an overweight tart but more a confident alluring mature cougar. She’s noticed in the past five years that her scattering of wrinkles and fine lines coupled with a few grey hairs among the black have significantly changed her appeal. Almost as if she’s no longer invisible to the men she might actually want to fuck, no more languishing in the sexual hinterland between young and perky and the menopause. Although in many ways Suzy always gets who and what she wants fleetingly, it might be nice to have someone to have an actual relationship with……….maybe.

Suzy bustles now trying to get to the tube before the lowering October sky dumps its load of rain and soaks her through. Weaving in and out of the tourists and shoppers on the busy street, catching the legs of passers by glancing blows with her flimsy plastic carrier bag of groceries; the non-perishable makings of a sumptuous gourmet meal she plans to cook for herself on Saturday evening. She’s grown fond of this in this weekend treat, indulging in a ritual of luxurious preparation.

Smiling again, feeling a warmth spread inside her; momentarily lost in her reverie Suzy crashes into someone her shopping scattering on the dirty pavement.

“Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck!” She screams in her head as she scrabbles among the the rushing feet trying to gather her items. Starting to panic, missing a key item, she notices a large hand extended holding out a tin of Spanish smoked paprika to her.

Suzy looks up to into the smiling face of a handsome lanky lad; returning the smile she takes the tin from him and then notices her plastic bag is no more, ripped apart, a victim of the brutal pavement. She moans frustratedly and rubs her forehead; the lad. still smiling, starts to gather up her supplies in his hands. Suzy notices again that the has truly massive hands, smirking as her brain jumps to wondering if he’s all in proportion; she catches a whiff of him, he smells divine!

They stand up each holding some of her shopping as he finally speaks suggesting that he accompany her to find another shopping bag. Suzy smiles up at him gauging that he must be six foot-four or five, slim but broad shouldered, short dark hair, warm blue eyes and a big friendly smile. From his casual clothes she guesses he’s a student and figures he would have the time to help so she nods agreement saying, “thank you very much, there’s a department store along here.”

He replies “no problem I’m not in a hurry,” gesturing to her to add the 2 items she’s clutching to the pile in his arms.

As they make their way to the department store Suzy introduces herself and asks the lad his name; “Alexander,” he replies “or just Alex.”

They chat casually as they walk and soon find themselves at a large department store, Suzy leading the way to the bag section, exaggerating her natural wiggle a little hoping that Alex is watching as her full hips sway through the store; she’s guessing he has noticed her body, otherwise why would he have stopped to help her?

Suzy swiftly selects a sturdy cloth shopper with a funky retro geometric print, pays for it and then holds the bag out close to the boy so he can load the items he’s carrying into it. As she leans in with the bag she catches his scent again, a sensual mixture of a sharp woody cologne and his natural laddish pheromones, the musky scent of a late teen or early twenties youth causing her clit to throb. Suzy smiles as Alex places the last item into the bag and stretches his arms up and rolls his broad shoulders back loosening up after carrying her shopping, the action emphasising his triangular torso.

Suzy catches herself wondering what he would look like naked, pressing her thighs together sharply to squeeze her throbbing clit she shudders, gazing up, thanking Alex again and insists that she buy him a coffee to repay his help. Grabbing his hand Suzy leads him from the store, giving him no choice; the lad looks a little shocked Starzbet but smiles in agreement, taking the shopping bag from her with his free hand.

They exit the department store, Suzy guiding them through the crowd just as the heavens open, the fat heavy raindrops becoming a soaking downpour. They quicken their pace and Alex soon loses track of where they are as he looks down concentrating on Suzy’s feet to ensure he’s following. After a few minutes Suzy pushes Alex through a shadowy doorway, warning him to duck to avoid hitting his head. He’s immediately hit by a wave of fragrant warmth as they enter a cosy coffee shop that he’s never noticed before, pointing to a small table at the back of the room Suzy urges him to take a seat while she places their order at the counter by the door.

The building is ancient, crooked beams hold up equally uneven rough plastered walls. The antique floorboards worn smooth by the passage of centuries of feet and bearing the dark stains of who only knows what.

Alex weaves through the tightly packed tables past lots of important looking men in business suits to the very last table in a cosy corner, he shrugs off his wet jacket and takes a seat facing the door. Before long Suzy slips into the chair opposite him at the tiny round cafe table, leaning forward she works her arms free of her sodden suit jacket, giving Alex a glimpse of her ample cleavage as she does; setting his cheeks aglow.

As she sits up he notices that the front of her silky blouse has been made translucent by the rain, clinging softly to her full pale orbs, defining the lace of her bra, drawing his eye, spellbinding him. He cannot begin to guess her cup size, so much bigger than any breasts he’s seen outside of porn.

Suzy straightens up just as the waiter arrives with their coffees; a stocky, muscular, shaven headed fellow, mid-twenties, with tribal tattoos snaking out from under his shirt sleeves and up the sides of his neck. Black flesh tunnels distending both earlobes, his name badge reads ‘Sev’, his appearance somehow jarring with the surroundings but Suzy smiles and greets him like an old friend, making small talk. Alex finds it odd that he, a casually dressed student, is attracting the curiosity of the exclusively male clientele but Suzy as the only woman isn’t.

Suzy breaks his contemplation saying; “so, just Alex, I hope I’m not keeping you from anything important.”

Taking a slurp of his cappuccino, Alex replies smiling “nothing really, I’ve been to the gym and was just on my way back to halls.”

So Suzy was right, he is a student; a history major it transpires. Suzy tells him that the cafe had been a coffee house since the fifteenth century, when London’s coffee shops were centres of commerce frequented by merchants and later evolved into the banks that the city is built on today. Alex looks around as she points out dates and initials carved into some of the ceiling beams, resolving to return another day to examine them further.

Despite his lustful thoughts towards her Alex finds Suzy easy company, as he listens to her animated chatter about their surroundings he feels warm, almost protected by her aura of confidence. He guesses she’s about the same age as his mother but in her flirty demeanour she appears so much more youthful, vibrant and of course she has an amazingly fuckable curvy body and oh those breasts! He’s smiling into her sparkling bright blue eyes half lost in his thoughts. Suzy is looking intently at him, her eyebrows raised. Alex realises that she must have asked him a question and is awaiting an answer although he has no idea what the question was.

Blushing slightly and lifting his coffee cup he mumbles “err, yes, of course.”

Laughter burbles from Suzy; “Really!” she exclaims smiling, “well admitting to knowing how a wet bra has the ability to cause one’s whole body to be chilled through should make you blush I suppose, but I suspect you were day dreaming.”

Alex feels his cheeks burning crimson at being caught out and lowers his eyes to the floor shyly. Suzy’s hand gently slides over his on the table as she leans forward to peer up into his face, her eyes smiling kindly she squeezes his hand gently, whispering,

“it’s ok to look at my tits Alex and imagine what you might want to do to them, go on have a good look now, I’ve undone a button or two.”

Gulping, his heart thumping in his chest Alex steals a glance. Suzy has indeed undone most of her blouse, his eyes are compelled to roam over her exposed cleavage, entranced by the rise and fall of her soft white globes as she breathes. Her creamy flesh appears to shimmer, spilling slightly over the lacy cups of her black shelf bra that seems barely able to cope with the job of corralling her fabulous breasts, he feels a tingle and a twitch as his cock begins to swell. As Alex stares at her Suzy continues to stroke his hand and watch his face as she slowly slides her stockinged foot up into his crotch, Starzbet Giriş making him flinch, her toes dextrously tracing the outline of his ever hardening cock, her soft heel grazing his ball sack.

Alex’s senses are in overdrive, thoughts racing;

– ‘OMG! OMG! OMG! How had she known he desired her?When had she removed her boot without him noticing? How was she so sure that he would welcome her foot massaging his groin? This was so sexy, so hot; was she just toying with him, trying to embarrass him? But fuck there was no way he could bear it to stop now.’ –

Suzy holds him in a magnetic spell with her sexual confidence, giving a final roll of her foot over his bulging crotch Suzy withdraws, stands up and pads away in her stockinged feet, her hips swinging like a metronome. Alex follows her with hungry eyes as she approaches the counter, has a short conversation with the waiter from earlier and then turns to walk back towards him; her blouse almost fully unbuttoned her magnificent tits jiggling with each step.

Alex’s mouth is bone dry as he watches Suzy approach again, wondering why no-one but he seems to be able to see how exposed she is. Suzy reaches the table, stops level with Alex’s shoulder and leaning across him she grabs her handbag, the curved swell of the top of her breast brushing his cheek lightly as she does. Alex’s cock jolts at the touch of her precious flesh and he feels precum start to ooze.

Suzy whispers, “come with me just Alex,” and grabbing hold of his arm she pulls him to a standing position.

Alex rises in a state of high arousal, conflicting emotions pulling him in different directions, acutely aware that his erection is obvious to anyone looking but so wanting to discover what’s coming next. Telling him not to worry about his coat and her shopping Suzy guides Alex towards the opposite rear corner of the cafe, where she parts a thick red velvet curtain she exposes a heavy oak door with a digital lock. Glancing briefly at something scribbled on her hand Suzy punches in the unlock code and swings the stout door open drawing the curtain closed behind them.

Leading Alex by the hand, she walks forward into the gloom when suddenly there is light as the motion sensors in the corners detect their presence. The lighting is subtle, hidden up-lighters bathing the rough plastered walls in a soft golden glow; three recessed ceiling spots casting strategic pools of light on the stone flagged floor, a long velvet covered chaise longue taking centre stage, Alex notices a dry sandalwood smell, a little like church incense.

The room is sparsely furnished but what’s there is very high quality, low wooden cabinets line two walls and Alex notices there are some metal rings embedded in the stone floor and on the walls at various points around the room, another identical heavy door on the opposite wall is bolted from the inside. Suzy guides him to sit in the middle of the chaise while she bolts the door behind them. Alex’s heart is pounding even harder as he sits, realising he’s locked in an ancient windowless room with a woman who has kept him hard by mere teasing for over an hour now. So sensual and confident, exuding sexual promise, so unlike the giggly college girls he usually fucks; most of them would be considered as desirable in an obvious way, but they always seem to be needy and insecure despite their beauty.

His eyes are glued to Suzy as she approaches, halting in front of him, smiling down at him she makes an upward gesture with her hand and the light over them brightens. Placing her hands on his shoulders Suzy straddles Alex’s legs and starts to undress him, pulling his t-shirt over his head, momentarily ensnaring his arms and head with the fabric she takes the opportunity to run her tongue over his nipples, inhaling again his muskiness. Her tongue now tracing up the hollow of his throat making him shiver and moan softly as she throws the tee into a dark corner.

Suzy removes her crimson blouse exposing not just the sexy bra he’d seen earlier but a deep red satin waist cincher that beautifully enhances her hourglass figure. Alex gasps, his eyes bulging as Suzy seductively reaches back to unhook her straining bra, sighing as her voluptuous 34 JJ cup breasts swing free. She notices Alex’s incredulous look and chuckles softly twisting her waist slightly from side to side making them swing lewdly mere inches from his face. He sits dumbstruck, his whole body consumed by a low sexual buzz he’s never felt before, warming him and causing precum to pool incessantly at his slit.

Smiling wryly Suzy stands up and stepping back unzips her skirt, letting it fall before kicking it away, Alex’s attention is drawn to her feet, she has her boots back on, he wonders when that happened, but not for long, as his eyes sweep up her strong stockinged legs to be met with the most arousing sight he’s ever seen and his mind freezes in stupor. Suzy’s stocking tops, suspenders and the waist Starzbet Güncel Giriş cincher framing her bald pussy, soft belly and thick thighs.

Her outer lips are pierced with several small silver rings, fine silver chains leading from them which must be fastened somehow to her waist under the cincher, the chains tension causing her labia majora to be held apart exposing her wet inner core and swollen clit, a big fat clit, bigger than he’s ever seen before, almost like a tiny penis. The hood is drawn back by another thicker piercing ring exposing the dark pink bud; the salty, musky, seashell aroma of her hanging in the air between them.

Alex tries to swallow but his tongue seems glued to the roof of his mouth, he longs to taste her but it just won’t co-operate. Realising that the elaborate arrangement of chains and piercing rings must mean that Suzy receives constant stimulation as she goes about her daily life; he finds he is even more aroused; imagining her at work in a meeting or on the bus or tube crossing her legs and receiving a jolt of simulation from the way her flesh is pulled. His eyes so wide they are bulging at the visual feast that Suzy hides under her work clothes; his lustful gaze roams over her, noticing that her huge dark areolae have puckered, her nipples stiffened to hard nubs, he longs to touch her but feels pinned in place, unable to act on his desires.

Smiling down at him Suzy leans forwards, her hands on Alex’s knees, sensually she kisses him, softly exploring his lips with hers, tasting him with her tongue before closing the kiss and sucking his tongue into her mouth. Alex’s cock now painfully turgid and leaking profusely in his pants jerks in response and he groans softly against her kiss. Her hands glide up his thighs to unfasten his jeans fly, his whole body shudders with need. Aching to be naked with this sybaritic woman but seemingly paralysed, not wanting to ruin the mood with a clumsy move, unable to truly believe what is happening.

Suzy breaks their kiss, trailing her mouth sensually downwards, kissing and nibbling her way over his triangular torso, circling each nipple, her tongue lighting fires on his skin as she goes. Dipping into his belly button wetly then continuing downwards into the creases of his groin she eases his jeans down past his knees, nuzzling the side of his scrotum as his throbbing erection finally springs free slapping wetly against his belly with a dense thwack, making him gasp.

Alex watches mutely as Suzy kneels between his thighs and parting them hefts her soft, hot, plush breasts into his lap against his purple congested balls; gazing deeply into his eyes her tongue slides up his thick veiny nine inch shaft to lave under the rim of his flared cock head. Alex balls his fists and tenses his core muscles in an effort not to cum – not yet – he’s been so hard for so long now, so desperately wanting release and yet not wanting this to end, panting as his shaft vibrates.

Suzy’s tongue trailing back down to suck his whole scrotum into her wet hungry mouth, her skilful tongue separating his testes as she presses her thumbs firmly either side of his perineum transferring a uniquely delicious pressure to his prostate; so many new experiences. His body stiffens further, gripping the edge of the chaise he bites his lip as hips hips jerk up involuntarily.

Swiftly Suzy pulls his foreskin brutally down stretching his frenum painfully; then using soft thin cord tied in a lasso she binds around the root of his shaft and behind his congested scrotum in a figure of 8 pattern, isolating his tumescent junk away from his body. Standing she makes eye contact with Alex, taking in his lust glazed stare as his bound shaft bobs in the air moving of its own accord in time with the profound waves of pleasure coursing through him. Smiling she tells him how beautiful he looks, the thin cord dark against his young flesh. Leaning over him once more Suzy lifts her massive tits into Alex’s face, her nipples teasing his mouth, parting them she strokes a nipple down each cheek; his head thrashing side to side chasing her limpid flesh with his mouth.

Softly licking his earlobe Suzy breathes, “you need to cum don’t you just Alex? You yearn to fuck me?”

Alex nods mutely swallowing hard. Smiling again Suzy kisses him deeply, cupping his face in her hands before rising, raking her nails down his chest as she sensually returns to a standing position. Bends over, her back to him, exposing her perfectly smooth sopping cunt and tight pink asshole; her arousal obvious to him, her inner thighs slick with her nectar bracing her hands on her knees she bears down.

As Alex watches her beautiful sex swelling before his eyes, a black circle appearing between her puffy inner lips, thick white cream emerging from around what is now clearly a dildo; tilting her pelvis slightly Suzy pushes the obscenely thick ribbed dildo out further and further until it plops wetly on to the floor at Alex’s feet. She gasps at the loss of it, flexing her empty gaping slit in his face.

Alex is transfixed anew by this filthy cougar slut, amazed that she has worked all day splayed and filled in this manner, his bound leaking prick aching incredibly he growls, “God, I want to fuck that…”

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