Lola , Laird Ch. 02

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************Hey all!!! Chapter two is here. Hopefully it won’t take too long for it to be posted. I love the feedback. Thank you all so much! They are always appreciated.**************

“Laird…” Lola found herself stuttering. She never stuttered. “I…don’t know what to say. I…God…I can’t believe…this is too…I can’t. I can’t do this.”

“Can’t do what?” he asked, his accent thick with unrealized passion. “Can’t explain yourself? Can’t own up to how you shat all over me? All over us? Can’t be honest about how right it all was? How much you wanted me? Want me still? I can see it in the way you’re standing. Hear it in the way your voice falters. I can smell it on you, Lo. Smell how much you want my hands and mouth all over you; my cock buried inside you.”

Laird had managed to cross the room to her during his speech. Lola shivered as he clasped her arms and pulled her to him. “You know you want this” he whispered, running his lips up and down the side of her neck. “You know you want me, the way we’d always talked about. I know it all, Lo. I know all of your deepest wants and desires; your cravings and fantasies. I can make them come true. All you have to say is yes. Say it, Lo. Say you want this as much as I do.”

Neck arched, Lola moaned. Laird had moved past her neck. His lips now grazed the tops of her breasts sending shivers up and down her spine, making her nipples tighten and her pussy moisten. Heat continued to profuse her body as Laird kept at his slow, unrelenting assault on her pliant body.

“Say it. Say you know how it could be. How it was always meant to be between us. Say it, Lo. Say it!”

“Yes, okay! Yes, I was wrong! Yes, I fucked you over and fucked us up! And yes, I’m sorry for it every day! Is that what you want to hear? Does that make you happy?!?”

“No.” he growled. “It makes me hard.”

With that, Laird pulled her body flush against his and began to plunder her mouth. His tongue explored her, thoroughly. Fingers twining in her hair, he held her head still and took what he wanted. Let her know that he wasn’t going to let her walk away from this. Not again. Lola groaned her agreement into his mouth, urging him on.

Lola was drowning in the sensations Laird was creating and found her hands exploring him as well. She couldn’t get enough of touching him but couldn’t concentrate. His hands were building fires everywhere they went, making her weak and achy. She hadn’t felt like this in…well, in six years. The feelings were even more intense with him there. She couldn’t believe she’d walked away Sivas Escort from him, from them. She felt so stupid. And horny. At least she could finally do something about both of those things.

Throwing all regard to the wind, Laird ripped Lola’s blouse open letting the buttons fly. Now Laird was the one catching his breath. Lola was even sexier than he’d ever really imagined. Her body was perfect. She was curved in all the right places with dips and valleys like a woman should have. Her D-cup breasts were full and firm. Encased in the black lace bra, they begged to be worshipped; licked, laved, sucked, teased, tormented. And Laird was just the one to do it.

He began by running his tongue along the edge of the lace cups. As he licked one, he tweaked the other nipple with his dexterous fingertips. Once her chest was heaving, Laird slowly peeled the cups away from her ample breasts. He moistened each nipple in turn, playing and teasing, making Lola squirm and moan.

“That’s right, love. Moan for me.”

Lola couldn’t believe the feelings Laird was creating. Even though his hands were on her, she couldn’t get enough. She was wet and aching, wanting more of him. Wanting to see him, feel him.

“Laird. Laird, I need you. I need you inside me” she gasped out, naked from the waist up.

“Ummm…patience, love. I’m going to taste you first. I’m going to make you cum until you can’t move and then I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk.”

“Oh, God…”

Laird kissed his way down her soft stomach and cocked an amused eyebrow at her granny-ish skirt. “Curves this lovely shouldn’t be hidden by so ugly a skirt, love.” He proceeded to strip her of the gray, ankle-length skirt and found himself breathless again. Before him stood the most erotic thing he’d ever seen.

Lola stood naked, except for thigh-high, black stockings and pumps. A nest of damp curls tempted him from the meeting of her thighs. They glistened with her arousal and he couldn’t resist. Running his tongue up and down her slit, Laird got his first taste of the woman who had haunted him for six years.

Lola had a rich, sweet, earthy taste and he couldn’t get enough. Licking her dripping slit, Laird held her body as she shook. He ran his hands up and down her ample thighs and gripped her ass. Caressing her ass, playing along the crack, he pulled her closer as he buried his tongue in her wet hole.

“Oh,” he groaned. “So fuckin’ hot and sweet.”

His accent only made her wetter. This was everything she’d ever imagined it could Sivas Escort Bayan be. Even better. He teased her ass as he satisfied her aching pussy. She thought her knees would give out when he finally sunk a finger into her pussy. Lola spasmed around his finger as she felt the first stirrings of her orgasm. Laird was tormenting her by sliding his finger slowly in and out of her pussy, prolonging the aching need that was steadily building. When he pulled out Lola looked down to see his finger, covered in her pussy juice, hovering in front of her mouth.

“Taste it. Taste how wet I make you.”

Lola licked the tip of his finger and watched lust darken his eyes. “Now…now, I’m going to make you cum for me.”

With that statement her plunged two fingers deep inside her, making her squirm. As he worked his fingers in and out of her, Laird began to flick his tongue over her stiff clit. That sent Lola over the edge and she came all over his tongue, moaning and panting her way through her climax.

“That’s it, baby. Let it out. Come for me.”

“Oh! Oh God! So good…God!!!”

Laird swept her up and carried her across to the chaise lounge. Laying her down he backed away and unbuttoned her shirt. Revealing his lean, sculpted chest, Lola licked her lips. He truly was amazing. And she couldn’t wait for him to get rid of the pants. As if reading her mind, Laird undid the button on his jeans and carefully moved the zipper down over the bulge underneath. Stripping away the pants, he revealed boxer briefs that were more than tight. Lola was unable to take her eyes off of him. Watching him step out of his underwear, Lola really did gasp. He was perfect. Or at least perfect for her. A good 7 1/2 inches with a rosy mushroom head, his cock was thick, with fine veins running under the surface. It was as beautiful a cock as she’d ever seen and it made her mouth and pussy water.

Seeing her eyeing him hungrily, Laird chuckled. “Later, love. Right now, all I want is to be buried inside you.”

Lola couldn’t speak. She just nodded and spread her legs. Laird knelt at the end of the chaise and ran his eyes the length of her body. He leaned down and licked her slit end to end, just for good measure. Lola moaned and he dragged her ass to the end of the couch. Still in the mood to tease her a bit, Laird ran the head of his cock up and down her split several times, finally letting it come to rest on her begging clit.

“Tell me you want this. Tell me you want me deep inside you. Fucking you deep.”

“Yes! Now, Laird! Escort Sivas Fuck me now!”

“Why? Why should I fuck you Lola? Why should I make you cum on the end of my fat cock?”

Lola kept silent; imploring him with her eyes to do as she asked. Praying he wouldn’t make her say it. Wouldn’t make her change everything about her life, make her admit what she really wanted, what she really felt. But he didn’t move a muscle. Looking like a statue, it seemed as though he could stay that way forever. Waiting for her answer.

Finally, she said what she knew he wanted to hear and what she knew to be true. “Love. I love you. I want this more than I’ve ever wanted anything. I want you inside me. But more than anything else, I want you. I love you, Laird.”

Laird kissed her deeply and slowly sunk his cock into her dripping cunt. He pulled out and plunged back in, lodging himself to the hilt. Lola moaned softly at the pleasure of it. She arched her neck back, letting the pleasure run through her. He filled her so completely.

He stroked in and out, in and out. The friction was a terrifying thing. She had never felt anything so amazing. She was wetter than she’d ever been and had the feeling that her couch would never be the same after these stains. But she was beyond caring. Lola gripped his back as she felt her orgasm catch her.

“Oh, God. Oh, fuck. Laird! Laird!”

“Cum for me, baby. Cum for me.”

Before she knew what was happening, before she had time to recover, Laird had flipped her to her stomach and was stroking into her from behind. Impossibly, he was deeper than before and she couldn’t understand how she could feel even more pleasure. He thrust into her with more and more force until the whole chaise was shaking with their passion. Her previous climax had coated his cock and balls and he knew that his wasn’t far behind. He reached down and began to rub her clit in time with his thrusts. He desperately wanted her to come again. This time with him. Lola couldn’t hold out against the onslaught of pleasure. The constant, delicious friction was more than she could take and she grabbed his ass in an effort to get him even deeper inside her aching hole. She thrust back against him with an urgency and power she hadn’t realized she possessed.

“Ahhh, fuck!!!!” she screamed, coming harder than ever before.

Her orgasm spurred Laird to his and he shot rope after rope of cum deep inside of her.

“Oh, God, Laird…I’ve never…I don’t know…What do we do now? I…Can we make this work?”

“Of course we can, love.” He murmured, catching his breath and brushing the hair from her eyes. “And if every time is like this, I won’t even need lube for your real fantasy!”

Chuckling softly, he wrapped Lola in his arms and they drifted off to sleep.

The better to go another round?

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