Lois , Me Pt. 02


A further story about Lois, a member of a very small circle of women from her church circle, who enjoy sexual forays with men who have anteater cocks. Like all the other women except one Lois is a widow who needs some cock every so often.

She is in her early 60’s and has a nice feminine figure, dresses smartly, and has watched animals breed.

Lois also has a great deal of shaggy pubic hair, deep in color, as well as unshaven pits and legs. I don’t know if her former husband told her not to shave or whether it was a few of her friends in the church circle who informed her that they didn’t shave anything. Whatever it was, she had very hairy pits and lots of leg fur.

I slipped a bottle of wine in the fridge then went to get my lingerie on. The men with anteater cocks, of whom there were five or six, all dressed in lingerie for the women.

I went to the bathroom and turned the shower on and dropped my robe. I stepped into the shower and washed quickly, but gave my cock as good scrubbing, especially the long foreskin which I took pains to get and clean. I was sure Lois would want to give my cock a good blowjob and might even want a drink of my pollen. I dried myself good paying special attention to getting my foreskin dry.

I slipped on a black eight strap garter girdle, sheer black fully fashioned nylons, my black cut out bra that let my nipples show through the open cups, and my two inch leather pumps.

The doorbell rang and opened it and Lois was right there and she looked ravishing. She came into the foyer, grabbed my face with both hands and planted a kiss on my lips.

Then she forced her tongue inside my mouth and began french kissing me. I reciprocated doing the same thing to her.

Lois dropped one hand and found her way inside my robe. She fondled my dick, broke the kiss, and said. “Oh my goodness. I’ve found your nice fat cock and I’m going to need to suck it a bit as I pee, which I need to do now. Will you lead me to the bathroom please?”

Lois let go of my peter and I took her hand and led her down the hallway to the bathroom. She removed her lightweight coat and I was treated to a beautiful view of her wearing only an eight strap raspberry colored garter girdle, open cup bra of the same color that exposed her nipples and areola, and sheer black stockings that came up on her thighs almost to her hairy cunt. She wore no briefs or Directoire Knickers. I lifted the toilet seat for her and she sat down. I immediately heard the hissing sound followed quickly by her stream flowing into the toilet bowl.

As she pissed she also took my peter and began massaging it and playing with my long foreskin. She then pulled me between her legs and slipped my peter into her mouth and began sucking on it very gently, fondling my nut sack as she did so. She didn’t slide my foreskin back over the helmet so she was sucking more on my foreskin than on the head of my dick.

“Why did you need to come to my house and see me?” I asked her.

“Because I’m horny and need some cock fucking me and you were the only person I knew how to get ahold of right away. I even brought an overnight case in the event you want me to spend the night with you.” she replied.

“Are you happy with your decision to choose me?” I asked.

“Yes. Your cock is nice and fat and has such a long snout on it too. I could play with it for hours and not get tired of it. Now run your hand through my shaggy haired cunt and wipe some of the piss off of it. Then we might have a snack or two before you bury your prick in my cunt.” she said.

I ran my hand under her wet cunt and wiped a lot of dribbles off with my hand. Then I gave her a huge french kiss, sticking my tongue in her mouth as far as I could. She reciprocated as well as dribbling a little bit on my hand.

“You’re simply a piss whore Lois.” I told her. “You love to piss and that’s one reason you fit into the group so nicely. Some of them love to piss and have wet panties some of the time.. Others, like Martha, can’t hold their pee and have wet panties all the time.”

“Well, I enjoy playing with a couple of the other mens cocks too but I want yours right now. So let me get on your bed and spread my hairy legs open so I can get your prick in my pussy. I want a huge load of your warm creamy pollen to breed me then let some leak out my cunt and run down my thighs and legs. Then we can take a nap, eat some dinner and you can play with me to your heart’s content. Then if you want me to stay the night, I can do that too. Now let me get in bed so you can fuck me.” Lois said.

We went back to my bedroom and Lois got up on the bed and spread her fat cunt lips wide open. She took hold of my rather turgid prick and guided it right to her vaginal opening and told me to push it in easily. I did and it slid right in all the way to her cervix. She was quite wet and yelled at me to fuck her good and hard and to breed her.

I pushed my cock in and out of her wet cunt and twisted it inside her giving her a good deneme bonusu veren siteler fucking. She screamed at me to keep it deep inside her and to blow my nuts off when I came deep inside her cunt.

I finally felt my orgasm building and told her I was going to erupt in her wet cunt.

“Then go ahead and blow your nuts off inside me and fill my cunt with your seed. I need to see if I can still be bred. I’m not sure I’m finished being fertile.” she said.

So I shoved my prick in and out of her very wet cunt about ten more times then erupted inside her cunt. When I climaxed I felt like I had blown the tip of my cock off my prick. I must have blown about six or seven ropes of pollen in her before it began to dribble out the tip of my prick.

“Oh you big motherfucker. That feels so good. You don’t know how much I needed your prick giving me a good fucking. Now scoot up here so I can lick your cock clean then I will need to piss.” Lois said.

I slipped my wet cock out of her cunt and moved up to her face so she could lick our juices off. Then she told me to go to her overnight case and get a pair of raspberry colored briefs so she could put them on and not leak semen down her thighs.

I found them and went back to the bed. She held her feet up and I slipped the leg openings over her feet and she lifted her ass off the bed and pulled them up tight against her wet cunt. I could see the gusset get damp immediately. She told me to get back in bed with her because she wanted me to nurse her teats. She rolled over on her right side and offered me her left teat to nurse. I latched on to the large nipple almost at once and began sucking it gently.

We had only been in bed about fifteen minutes and I was still nursing her teat when the phone beside my bed rang.

“Hi John. This is Meredith.” the voice on the other end said.

“I’m a little busy right now.” I told her. “What do you need?”

“I need to come over and talk to you. Are you by yourself or do you have company?” she asked.

“I have company right now. Lois is here with me.” I replied.

“Oh, that’s the reason I can’t get ahold of her.” Meredith responded. “I tried calling her home a couple of times but got no response. I really need to see you later this afternoon. May I come over to your place and tell you what I want?”

“You may come over in a couple of hours. I’ve got a bottle of wine chilling and we can have some snacks. Do you want me to call anyone, like Jim or Herb?” I asked.

“Are you going to be wearing lingerie?”.

“Well, you could call either of them. I know Herb’s wife, EmmyLou, is out of town and Jim works at Mel’s store until five o’clock and then he could come to your place.” Meredith replied.

“I’ll call Herb.” I said. “If he can’t come, I’ll call Jim. If it is Jim, do you need anything from Mel’s? New stockings or briefs?” I asked.

“No. I have plenty of both.” she told me. “I’ll see you in a couple of hours. Meanwhile don’t fuck Lois too many times today.”.

I hung up the phone and Lois wanted to know what was going on. I told her Meredith had tried to get in touch with her and when she got no answer, Meredith called me. I told Lois that Meredith would be here around five o’clock and I was going to call Herb and see if he could come over since his wife was out of town for a couple of days.

Lois told me Herb was in Wisconsin and wouldn’t be available so to call Jim and have him come over after work. She also told me to have him bring her three pairs of new stockings and one of them needed to be brown Manhattan heel pattern stockings.

So I called Jim at the store and told him what was going on. He told me he would be at my house about five thirty and did I want him to pick up dinner on the way over. I told him I would order at a place we frequented and he could pick it up. He was also to bring Lois three pairs of stockings, one being brown with a Manhattan heel pattern. He also needed to bring three pairs for Meredith with one pair being black with a Manhattan heel pattern.

“Oh. Is blithe little Meredith going to be there for me?” he asked.

“Yes. she is coming over in a little while and wants an anteater cock to play with and suck.” I told him.

“Then I really will be there.” and he hung up the phone.

Lois and i were still playing with each other with her wanting to suck my cock some more when the doorbell chimed.

I slipped on a short robe and went to answer it. It was beautiful Meredith, the lady with the coal black hair and little teats. She didn’t really need to wear a bra as a camisole would have been just fine for her. But she usually wore a cut out bra so her nipples would show.

“Come in please and let me take your coat.” I told her. When she removed her coat i could see her gorgeous black six strap garter belt, sheer full fashioned brown stockings with dark heels and seams, a black shelf bra that matched her garter belt leaving her nipples and areola gerçek para ile slot oyunları quite visible and two inch heel pumps. Her coal black belly fur and cunt hair were very visible.

“I hope I’m not intruding.” she said.

“Not at all. Lois just finished sucking my cock for the third time this afternoon.” I replied. “I need a little break right now so come back to the bedroom and join us. Then we’ll have some wine and snacks.”

“I need a good fucking.” Meredith said. “I’m so fucking horny since my husband passed away and I’m tired of fucking my cunt with a dildo. I need some real cock in my cunt.”

“Oh hello Meredith.” Lois said as we entered the bedroom. “You look ravishing in your lingerie. I just finished sucking John’s cock and now seeing your exposed teats, I could also spend a little time nursing on them. Did John tell you Jim is coming in a little while and is picking up dinner for all of us?”

“No. He hasn’t told me anything yet. I just got my coat off and came back here to the bedroom. I had a couple of cups of tea before I came over here and I really need to piss pretty badly or I’ll piss all over the floor. Do you want to help me?” Meredith asked.

“I think I can hold your cunt lips open while you piss.” Lois said. “Perhaps I can also lick your wet cunt when you finish.”

“I’d love to have you do that for me because I know I’m going to piss for about a minutes or more.” Meredith replied. “My cups of tea sailed right through my kidneys.”

We went into the bathroom and Meredith sat on the toilet. Lois kneeled down in front of her and deftly spread Meredith’s pussy lips apart. The hissing started followed by dribbles of pee then a full flow from her peehole.

She peed for about a minute and then said. “I told you I really needed to piss. Now do you want to lick my wet pussy dry you piss lover?”

“I’d love to lick your hairy wet cunt you cockfucker. Get up so I can stick my tongue in your slit and suck your peehole dry.” Lois told Meredith.

Meredith moved up onto the front of the toilet seat and Lois kneeled down in front of it. Meredith spread her extremely hairy labia apart and Lois slipped her pink tongue onto Meredith’s clit and began gently sucking on it.

“Oh you clit sucker. That feels so good. My husband used to suck my clit too and he could make me climax a dozen times before I needed his prick in my cunt.” Meredith said.

“Well, I can suck your clit too and make you have several climaxes then John can slip his turgid cock in your wet cunt and fuck you.” Lois told her. “Would you like for me to do that to you?”

“That would feel very good.” Meredith replied. “That will give me some cock in my cunt until Jim arrives. Then he can fuck me too.”

“I love seeing all the hair on your legs. It shows right through your nylons and makes your legs look so sexy.” Lois told her.

“My late husband liked me to not shave anything so I have to be careful as to my attire. Being a Deacon in the church I don’t want to upset people by having them see I have pit and leg hair, so I seldom wear shorts except around the house. There are some of my friends who know I like all the women in our little circle like you and Martha. My daughter Mandy has dark hair like me and she doesn’t shave either. She has a real abundance of it at the top of her thighs right under her pussy.” Meredith said. “I enjoy wearing garter belts and garter girdles because I prefer wearing stockings as opposed to wearing pantyhose.”

“I think all of us in the little group prefer wearing stockings. I think the men do too.” Lois replied.

” I know Martha, EmmyLou, and Becky do.” Meredith responded. “Jim and John both enjoy looking up their skirts to see if they are wearing panties or Directoire Knickers.”

“It’s nice to see the men in our group wearing garter belts or girdles and sheer stockings too. Especially when they don’t ear briefs and we get to see their dicks swinging between their legs. I can get really turned on seeing their cocks.” Meredith replied.

“We’re quite happy you enjoy seeing our cocks swinging and swaying between our legs.” I replied. “We like for you women to enjoy savoring our cocks and playing with them. I really enjoy getting a great blowjob from a person in our group.”

“Martha told me that her late husband liked it when she would peel his foreskin back over the head of his cock, then dunk it in his martini and suck it to get to taste his drink. She told me he blew his nuts off in her mouth a few times after doing that.” I continued.

“Yes. She old me that too.” Lois replied.

The doorbell rang and I quickly slipped on a short robe to answer it although I suspected it was Jim arriving. I was correct and as I opened it, he gave me two packages and then came in carrying a large box with dinner in it.

“Hi partner.” Jim said. “The packages are for Lois and Meredith and the box is dinner for all of us. Now I need to mobil slot siteleri piss and I hope Meredith will want to hold on to my cock as I piss. I enjoy her spraying my piss around.”

I took the box from him and set it on the counter in the kitchen. Then we went back to the bedroom so Jim could say hello to the ladies.

When we entered the bedroom Meredith caught sight of Jim first and said. “Oh my God. Look at the fucking stockings he is wearing today. They are something new that Mel must have just gotten in stock. They surely are sexy and go right up to his nuts. An eight strap garter girdle too. I may need to latch onto his cock and suck it before he fucks me with it. But right now I think I could use an ice cold martini with a twist.” Meredith said. “Then I can play with his anteater prick and suck it for him.”

We all headed for the kitchen and dining area with the ladies leading the way so we could look at their fine asses.

“How wet are your briefs Lois?” I asked.

“They’re very wet you motherfucker. You must have splashed a huge load of pllen in my cunt.” she replied.

“Then I should get a towel for you to sit on so you don’t get the fabric on the seat all wet.” I told her. So I left and returned with a towel which I placed on the seat of her chair.

“I need a Bombay Gin martini with a twist and just pass the Vermouth bottle over the top of the glass please.” Meredith said.

Lois told us she wanted the same thing. So Jim and I fixed a small pitcher of Bombay Gin martinis, ultra dry. I poured Meredith her drink, she sniffed it, then tasted it and said. “Perfect. I may want two of these before dinner.”.

“You may need to piss before dinner too and, if you do, I want to put my hand under your hairy cunt and catch your piss so I can have a little drink of it.” I told Meredith.

“Well I may have to piss too.” Lois said. “Is Jim going to want to play with my hairy pussy while I piss?”

“I might like to do that Lois. If I do, I’ll make sure I splash some of your pee on your stocking tops and get them all wet for you. I think all of you women in the little church circle are piss whores and like for us to play with you when you piss.” Jim replied.

“Sometimes I wish you’d put your mouth under my pee hole and just drink my piss instead of playing with my pussy when I piss.” Lois said. “I like getting my pussy hair all wet then not wiping it and, if I’m wearing panties, just letting the gusset suck the pee up. “

“I like that too.” Meredith quipped. “My late husband did it a few times and when I finished peeing I would just sit on his face and he could eat my pussy out. I had a lot of great orgasms that way. By the way Jim, what did you bring for dinner tonight?”

“I think it is prime rib, baked potato, salad, and cheesecake.” Jim replied. I’m hungry but need another drink and a few more crackers before dinner. You may also want to play with my cock Meredith. I also brought packages for both of you from Mel. She thought you might need a few of these items.”

Meredith said she needed a third martini before dinner and was probably going to piss before she ate too. She did reach down and begin playing with Jim’s nice fat prick and told him she wanted him to fuck her good tonight.

“If you want my fat cock inside your cunt then please don’t stroke my prick or I might just climax quickly right here. I’m pretty horny and if you fondle my nuts or pull my foreskin back, I may just erupt in your hand.” Jim told Meredith.

“Well I won’t stroke your cock then. I’ll just play with your nuts. But right now I want you to pull your foreskin way back and dip the head of your cock in my martini so I can lick it off your cock.” Meredith told us. “Then I’m going out on the patio and empty my fucking bladder.”

“I think I shall enjoy watching you piss Meredith.” Jim replied.

“We’re going too.” I said as I took Lois’s hand and we headed for the patio,

We no sooner got on the patio than Meredith spread her legs wide apart, then her cunt lips and began dribbling pee onto the concrete. But it soon turned into a flood and her pee was flying all over the place.

She was still pissing when Lois told us she needed to piss too. So she squatted down, pulled her already wet briefs to one side, spread her cunt lips open, and began peeing on the patio too. She wasn’t kidding when she said she needed to piss. It was flowing out her urethra like a waterfall. She motioned me to stand in front of her and when I did, she took my cock in her mouth and began giving me another blowjob.

I love getting my cock sucked when they don’t pull my foreskin back and only suck on the foreskin. I tell the if they want me to shower the inside of their mouth, they need to slide my foreskin back so they are actually sucking the head of my cock.

But this time I didn’t care because I wasn’t going to let myself climax until later in the day.

Lois and Meredith both finished pissing and I saw the patio was quite wet. They both asked Jim and me if we needed to piss and we both said ‘No’. So we went back inside and decided it was time for dinner to be put out.

Dinner was very good and when we finished Jim brought out two packages. One for Meredith and one for Lois.

“I can’t imagine what these contain.” Meredith said.

“Me either.” chimed Lois.

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