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Note to readers: this is a stand-alone story, but Daniel and Marcy were introduced in a previous story: Springtime on Campus, circa 1984. As a reminder to you under-40 folks, we didn’t have cell phones, texting, facebook, etc. in the early 80’s. This one starts out a little slow, and takes some time to build up to the juicy parts. Give it a few minutes; we’ll get there…


Daniel sprawled onto the sofa in front of the big TV in the dormitory lounge, waiting on his girlfriend Marcy to come down. The lounge was normally a popular hangout for dorm residents, at least on weekday evenings, but it was Friday and the place was nearly empty. So many of the students at this small Midwestern college lived within a couple hours of campus and went home on the weekends, that it was often a lonely and deserted ghost town on weekends. He was getting his evening news fix from Tom Brokaw when Jennifer Thompson sat down next to him.

“Hi Daniel,” she said, “mind if I join you?”

“Hey Jennifer, have a seat,” he replied. “TGIF!”

“Happy Friday to you too. I’m so looking forward to this semester being over, I’m sick of studying. What are you doing this weekend?”

“Mostly studying for a BioChem test. And doing some physics problems that are due Monday. How about you, what do you have planned?”

“Definitely not that much studying,” she laughed. “I need to do something fun. Maybe you should take a break and have some fun; I think you work too hard.”

“That’s what Marcy keeps telling me. But the courses this semester are killing me; I can’t get behind or I’ll never catch up.”

At the mention of Marcy’s name, her smile seemed to fade a bit. Jennifer was a 19 year old freshman, and to put it politely, she was a big girl. Not tall; she was just barely 5′ 4″, and not grossly obese, but she was definitely on the chubby side of thick. And Daniel could tell that she’d had a crush on him ever since he had helped her move into the Co-ed dorm last fall. She showed up to Grantly Hall a shy, overweight girl not knowing a soul on campus, and had dropped an overloaded suitcase on the sidewalk, which busted open and spilled her clothes everywhere. He helped her get things stuffed back in, then carried the suitcase up to her room for her, and helped her finish unloading her car. It was instant infatuation for her, and since then she always had a smile and a wistful look for him. Daniel was friendly, but kept his distance; he had a steady girlfriend, and didn’t want to do anything to make Marcy jealous. And he wasn’t really one of those guys who were “into” dating big girls. But Jennifer did have a cute face, and pretty green eyes, and a sweet personality. Sometimes he let his eyes drift to her enormous cleavage, and think, ‘what if…?’

Just then, Marcy came into the lobby. “Hi Jennifer,” said Marcy. “Thanks for guarding my boyfriend for me. I’m afraid he’ll have his nose in a chemistry book if left alone more than 15 minutes.”

“No problem. I don’t have anything else to do tonight.” It was sort of a lonely, self-pitying lament, but well disguised as just pleasant small talk. “What are you guys doing tonight?” she asked.

“We’re going to Emilio’s for pizza, then going to see a movie.” Marcy replied. “It’s not like a hot date or anything, you want to come with us?” she added.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll wander over to the Student Union and shoot some pool or something. You guys have fun.”

Daniel and Marcy walked through the warm spring air to the popular pizza joint just a few blocks off campus, holding hands and enjoying a relaxed evening after a hectic week of classes and tests.

“I hope you didn’t mind that I invited Jennifer to come with us.” Marcy said.

“No, just a little surprised,” he replied.

“I feel sorry for her; she’s having a rough time. She’s lonely and homesick and…” Her voice trailed off.

“And what?”

“And horny.”

“How do you know she’s horny?” he asked.

“She’s two doors down from me on the 3rd floor, and girls talk. She’s still a virgin at 19, and wants to change that condition. I keep telling her there’s no rush, she should wait for the right guy, but I think she’s desperate. And most guys don’t give her a second look because of her weight.”

“I saw her coming in late from a party with a guy a couple of weeks ago – they seemed to be all over each other.” he replied.

“Yeah, that was a mess. Some guy she met at a frat party; he was obnoxious and rude and very drunk. Basically ripped her clothes off, then ‘lost it’ almost immediately when they started fooling around, then passed out. So she’s still a virgin. But she wants to experience sex so badly I’m afraid she’s going to make more bad decisions.”

“And she told you all this?”

“Yes, I told you, girls talk. I just wish she could meet a nice, considerate guy who would treat her right, even if it is just for sex.”

“So, since your first time was so awesome, you want all God’s Anadolu Yakası Escort creatures to have the same glorious experience,” he said with a grin. They had been dating for 2 years now, and Marcy had been a virgin when they met.

“All right smartass, don’t get your ego all up in the clouds. Yes, my first time was great; you’re a good teacher, but don’t let it go to your head. I do wish her someone as patient and understanding and skilled as you for the first time, though.” After a long pause, she added, “You know she has a big crush on you, don’t you?”

He didn’t know quite how to answer that. Feign ignorance? Acknowledge the obvious? Play it cool, with a side of macho? He must have waited too long to answer.

“Oh come on,” she said with a laugh, “she looks at you like a puppy dog who wants to be petted every time she’s around you.”

“Yeah, I noticed. I think I was the first person she met when she got to campus last fall; I helped her get her things carried into the dorm. So she sort of latched onto me.”

“Maybe I should just loan you out for Gigolo duty – you can deflower all the shy virgin freshmen girls of Grantly Hall.”

“Danny the Gigolo at your service, Ma’am, have hard-on, will travel,” he replied with a laugh. They both laughed; it was just a joke. They moved on to other topics of conversation, pizza, a movie, and later that night, some incredible sex. Afterward, lying in the dark with his hand on one of Marcy’s pert breasts, he couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to have Jennifer Thompson’s enormous soft tits for a pillow, and to feel her large thighs wrapped around his head.


Two weeks went by in a blur of tests and lab write-ups and reports due. And Grad School applications; he was in the process of applying to three different schools, hoping to get an assistantship somewhere, and had gotten the last application in the mail just yesterday. He had barely seen Marcy most of the time, but was looking forward to the upcoming weekend; they were planning for a weekend on the lake at the state park about an hour from campus. He had gotten reservations for Saturday night at a rustic cabin right next to the lake, and was hoping for a weekend of sex, beer, fishing, and maybe some more sex. And no studying – they had made a pact not to crack open a book the whole weekend.

She broke the news to him at their genetics class on Friday afternoon: her aunt had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly the day before, and she needed to go home for the weekend and a few days into next week – the funeral was Tuesday.

Walking back to the dorm after class, he asked, “Would you like for me to go home with you?”

“Thanks for asking, but I think it would actually be less stressful if I go alone.” she replied. “My Mom’s other sister Aunt Marie and family are coming from Pittsburg, and the house will be full of cousins and uncles, and I think my Mom is really not dealing with this very well. Thanks for the offer, though. I hate that this comes on the weekend we had planned to get away together and relax.”

“No one plans when a tragedy strikes. Are you sure you don’t want me to be there?”

“Yeah, I do appreciate you being willing to, but I think it’s better for everyone if I go home alone. What about the cabin – think you can cancel the reservation, or you think you might go by yourself?”

He hadn’t gotten that far yet: “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll stock up on beer and minnows and go anyway; I hear the crappie are biting great right now. I need a break from this place.” This semester had been one of the hardest of his 4 years in college, and to make things worse, it had rained buckets almost every weekend this spring; thwarting his chances to get out into nature and do a little hiking, fishing – anything away from campus and books and dorm room walls.

As they crossed in front of the library on the way to Grantly Hall, they met Jennifer Thompson heading across campus, looking gloomy.

“Hi you guys. How’s it going?”

They both said hello, and Marcy added, “Just to let you know, Jennifer, I won’t be around for a few days, I had a death in the family and have to go home for the funeral. You can use my meal card for the weekend if you want.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that. Someone close?”

“My Mom’s sister. We weren’t real close, but it was completely unexpected. Anyway, I won’t be back until probably Wednesday; I’ll leave the card in your mailbox.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it. Sorry to hear about your aunt.”

“Well, she looks pretty down in the dumps,” Daniel said as they walked on toward the dorm. “You’d think she was the one with a death in the family.”

“I think she’s getting more lonely and depressed, and she failed a Calculus test this week, so she’s worried about flunking classes too. Maybe you could go see a movie with her or shoot some pool or something – try to cheer her up. She could use a lift.”

“Maybe. Bostancı Escort You sure you’re okay with that?” he asked.

“Sure, you know I’m not the paranoid, jealous type.”

They were in the dorm lobby by now, and Marcy gave him a hug and quick kiss. “I’ve got to get on the road, got a 5 hour drive ahead of me.”

“Be careful. I hope everything goes okay. I’ll see you next week.” he replied.


He was a zombie for a couple of hours. Friday nights after a week of classes were always a mix of relief and fatigue, and now that long-anticipated plans for the weekend were shot, he didn’t know what to do with himself. He didn’t know whether to call and try to cancel the cabin reservation, or sort through his fishing tackle and try to get excited about a weekend at the lake alone. Indecision settled like a fog in his brain. About 6:00 he headed over to the campus cafeteria for supper. Cafeteria food was an easy decision – no thought required. Get a little of everything on the plate. He sat down with his loaded tray in an optimum position to check out any cute girls going through the line or dining on the west side of the cafeteria – some things are just in the DNA.

He had just started eating when Jennifer came through the line, saw him, and headed to his table.

“Hi Daniel, mind if I sit with you?” she asked.

“Hey Jennifer, sure – have a seat and join me.” he replied.

“So, you’re not going home with Marcy for the funeral?”

“Nope. I offered, but she thought it best if she went alone.”

“It was thoughtful of her to leave me her meal card – I have the weekday-only plan, so I usually just fix something in the dorm or go get fast food on the weekends. Your girlfriend is a really nice person,” she added. “How did you guys meet?”

“We met at a frat party 2 years ago. Neither one of us is into the whole ‘Greek’ thing, but when they have open parties it’s a great way to meet people.”

“I’ve been to frat parties, but haven’t really met anyone nice enough to date.” she replied.

“So you’re not dating anyone?” he asked, just making conversation.

“No. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but fat girls aren’t exactly the most popular females on campus.”

It was an awkward moment; he wasn’t sure how to respond. It was a true statement. He didn’t want to say anything to damage her self-esteem any further, but he also didn’t think meaningless platitudes or outright lies, like “you’re not fat” were in order. He ended up with a pretty much true compliment and a hopeful prediction: “You have the prettiest green eyes I’ve ever seen, and someone is going to look into those eyes and fall head over heels.”

She smiled and brightened a bit, and they moved on to small talk about classes and dorm life, and making fun of the frat boys all lined up a couple of tables down with their Greek alphabet shirts on. When they finished eating and were walking back to the dorm together, he realized what a pleasant time he was having, talking with Jennifer and relaxing from the week; he didn’t want it to end. He decided to go with Marcy’s suggestion: “Jennifer, since my girlfriend has flown the coop and neither of us have any plans tonight, you want to go see a movie later?”

“Sure, that sounds nice,” she smiled. “Just let me get a shower first.”

“I’ll check and see what movies are playing and meet you in the lobby in an hour.”

When she came downstairs an hour later Jennifer was wearing a very short, low cut sleeveless light colored sundress that barely covered up her bra on the sides, and definitely did not cover her bosom on top – he could have parked a beer bottle in the cleavage between those large breasts. As they went out the door the setting sun illuminated the dress and silhouetted her body; he could clearly see the outline of her panties just above where her bare, creamy white thighs disappeared under the hem. He realized how sexy she really was. Even though she was definitely a chubby girl, she was still proportioned to arouse a man’s libido. Her ass, though big, was nicely shaped, and her waist, though flabby and with extra rolls, was still narrower than her hips and chest. And that chest…well, it was just magnificent.

“You look nice tonight.” was all he could think to say.

“Thanks,” she replied.

The movie they watched was “Bachelor Party” starring Tom Hanks. Maybe not a perfect date movie but not bad; a light-hearted but raunchy comedy with lots of nudity and suggestive sexual situations. He got a bulge in his pants when a scene in the movie triggered something in his brain and the image of Jennifer’s panties showing through her dress in the sunset flashed through his head. The warm contact of her arm against his on the theater seat armrest, and the sight of her bare thighs in the dim light of the movie screen grew his bulge to the point of having to shift in his seat and do some “adjustments”.

After the movie they walked back Ümraniye Escort to campus, making small talk on the way. They were now standing in near darkness outside the back door to the dorm. What now? He hadn’t considered an ending to this “date”. How do you end a date that really isn’t a date, one that was suggested by your girlfriend, with a girl who has a puppy-dog crush on you, after watching a sexy, suggestive movie? And you do have a girlfriend. Who is, by the way, away at a funeral, grieving the death of a family member.

He decided a brief kiss on the lips would be appropriate; not too long, and no tongue, but more than a peck on the cheek.

“Thanks for hanging out with me tonight, I enjoyed it,” he said.

“Me too, I’m glad you asked me.”

They both leaned in expectantly; as he put one arm around her back and bent down to kiss her.

Their lips met and all plans and coherent thoughts vanished. She kissed him hungrily, like someone starving to death who was suddenly seated at a buffet. He sensed that she was starved – starved for attention and affection and the feeling of skin on skin and hot breath and wet lips and the tingling feeling of desire in the groin. Her tongue probed and explored his mouth, as if searching for passion and love and some meaning in her life. He was stunned at first, but then he kissed her back with equal intensity, wrapping his arms around her and pushing her up against the bike rack near the steps, pushing his crotch against her belly as her hands clutched the back of his head. A little voice inside his head said, “You’ve got to stop this,” but he didn’t want to stop this.

Finally, the kiss broke and they just stood there in the darkness, not sure what to do.

“Could we go for a walk? I don’t feel like going in yet,” she asked.


They walked across the campus quad in the warm night air, not holding hands but brushing against each other often, not talking at first.

“Was Marcy your first? I mean were you a virgin when you started dating Marcy?” she asked.

“No. But I was a late bloomer; my first time was the summer after high school. I was shy and didn’t date very much in high school.”

“I guess that makes me a really late bloomer then,” she said. “Almost through with freshman year in college and still a virgin.”

“That’s not a bad thing; no point in having sex with someone you don’t even like, just to erase the virgin label.”

“But I want to know what it’s like to have sex. Didn’t you want to experience it when you were a virgin?” she asked. “Sometimes it’s all I can think about, and I get so horny I can’t stand it.”

He chuckled; “sometimes it’s still all I can think about; I’ll be sitting in class and the professor just fades out and I’m lost in a sex fantasy about the girl sitting in the next row. Or I wake up at 3 in the morning thinking about some girl I saw in a bikini at the beach, and it’s off to the races.”

“Are you telling me you think about sex with girls other than Marcy?” she said playfully. “You’re such a bad boy.”

“So what experience do you have? Have you ever fooled around with a guy?” He was getting warmed up to this sex talk.

“I guess that depends on what you mean by fool around.”

“Have you ever given a guy a blow job?”


“Has a guy ever given you oral sex?”

“Once, for about 30 seconds. It felt nice but then he got sick and passed out. I know it was from too much alcohol, but it sure didn’t help my self-esteem any.”

“That definitely sucks,” he thought. “What about masturbation – do you ever play with yourself?” He could sense her blushing, even in the near-darkness.


By now they had crossed the quad and passed the Admin building, and were next to the Simpson Architecture building. He tried to resist, but he was drawn to the thought of climbing the outside stairwell to the top of the building – the 8th floor stairwell landing overlooked the whole campus and half the town; it was a favorite spot of his for a late night “walk”. He knew he shouldn’t. He had been in this movie before; he knew where this was headed if he gave in to the temptation. He should just turn them around and head back to the dorm and say goodnight. But he lost the inner moral battle. “You want to climb up the stairs on the Simpson building?” he asked. “It’s a pretty cool view from up there.”

“Sure, I guess. I’ve never been up there before. You sure it’s okay?”

“As long as you aren’t afraid of heights and don’t get the urge to jump off, it’ll be fine.”

They climbed the 8 flights of stairs at a pretty leisurely pace, taking a rest break about halfway up. The view at the top was worth the climb; looking down on the tops of the oak trees in the quad, the rooftop of Grantly Hall in the distance, across to the lights of the 4 other residence halls and the football stadium beyond that. The springtime night air was warm, with the fragrance of honeysuckle blossoms wafting in the air and the low hum of night insects in the trees. A little bit of an adrenaline rush looking straight down over the side of the chest-high concrete wall at the ground so far below; she grabbed his waist and held on tight as she peered over the side.

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