Living With a Goddess Ch. 06


Author’s Note: Sorry this one took a little longer. Thanks for your continued support, and all your comments and emails 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything you want to see, or anyone you want to see more of! What combination of the girls do you want to see together?



Warm, clear water cascaded down onto my body. The statue that towered over me, of two naked women holding a large water jug, served as a shower, and I let it wash away the sweat of the last few… days? Weeks? However long it had been, I felt refreshed.

The window in the large bathroom had steamed up, but I could still see the rolling green hills beyond. In the space that this palace now occupied, where my old apartment was, there was no such view. For not the first time, I found myself wondering where exactly we were.

Just then, over the sound of the water, I dimly heard what sounded like a sigh.

“Hello?” I called to the room. No answer. Was there someone else in the bathroom with me? I looked around at all the places someone could possibly be hiding. No-one there.

No, I was probably just imagining it. And besides, if any of the others who lived here were in the same room as me, we’d have ended up having sex by now. I shrugged off the feeling. No, if Melissa, Violet, Rosa, Asta or…

“Lillian?” I said out loud. No response. “Lillian, was that you?”

“…No.” The woman’s low voice came, distorted, from one of her hidden speakers.

“Are you watching me?”

“…No. Also, for no reason, could you move a little to your left?”

I smiled. “I’m fine with you watching us, you know. In fact, I think it’s kind of hot. Maybe you could let me know in future.”

A pause and a crackle of static, then another soft sigh came over the intercom.

“Oh,” I continued, “and I never got to thank you for your part in that orgy the other day. You turned me on so hard I literally passed out. No-one’s done that before.”

Silence and another faint buzz of static. I continued washing myself under the spray, assuming Lillian just preferred not to talk. Should I have acknowledged her? Maybe she preferred it when people didn’t know she was watching.

“…You’re welcome,” came the voice over the speaker.

I smiled, looking around for the camera she was watching me from. “Maybe you and I could hang out some time?”

There was a pause. “That wou- the mistress is coming.” A crackle, and the speaker turned off.

The door opened, and Asta walked in. It was incredible how, even after all this time, her beauty still took my breath away. That was what came from being a deity who thrives on sexual energy, I supposed. She was wearing clothes, not a common sight – although it was just a pair of lace panties and one of my oversized t-shirts, her braless breasts stretching the fabric until it clung to her skin like paint. They bounced as she walked. Everything about her bounced as she walked.

“Were you talking to yourself just now?” she asked.

“Um, yeah,” I said. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt like Lillian would prefer it if our conversation were a secret.

“Weirdo,” said Asta, grinning at me and walking over to the window. The window that opened out onto… what?

“Asta,” I asked, “what exactly is out there? I mean, there are all these views outside the windows. That’s not real, is it?”

Asta looked at me. “When was the last time you had sex?”

I thought back. “Um. Yesterday? Two days ago? That’s the other thing, I’m really confused about how time passes in here. Sometimes it feels like we’ve been here for years -“

“John,” she said, interrupting me with a polite raise of her hand. “I don’t want to be that kind of goddess. But I am your mistress. Your job is to generate Currency for me.” She frowned. “Are you getting bored of the girls?”

“No!” I practically yelped. “No, that’s not it at all. You, Mel, Violet, Rosa… and Lillian, if I can ever find her… you’re all incredible.”

Asta stepped into the pool of water at the base of the statue and walked over to me. Lightly, she held my cock with the tips of her fingers. Just her touch made me begin to swell. The spray from the statue began to splash across her tits, causing the white fabric to turn see-through.

“You don’t need to worry, John. About where or when we are. That’s my job. You just need to have constant sex with many beautiful women.” She looked up into my eyes. “Are you still OK with our arrangement?”

I nodded.

She tilted her head in thought, still looking at me, still dancing the tips of her fingers up and down my length. “Maybe someone new would liven things up a bit, though. I know you only met Lillian recently, but she’s… different. How about a little fresh meat?” She grinned devilishly at me as she said those last words, gripping my cock in one hand and giving it a firm squeeze.

“I think I could live with that,” I smiled.

Asta laughed, then leaned up to kiss me. “Take a look around outside. See who takes your fancy.” As she spoke, she stepped out of the pool, leaving my semi-erect dick swinging in the Ataşehir Esmer Escort warm air. She waved her hand at the wall next to the bathroom door, and another door appeared: large, solid wood, the cracks around its edges glowing golden with sunlight. “Remember, any sexual activity with anyone who isn’t me gets us that little bit more Currency. Not that I’d object to anything you might have planned involving me. But then you know that.”

Asta walked out of the bathroom back into the hallway, looking at me over her shoulder. “Go get ’em.”

And she left me standing there, the smile on my face growing.


I briefly considered getting dressed before going out through the new door, but the idea of clothes had shrunk to a strange and distant memory. The most I wore these days was a simple robe, and most of the time I had barely put it on before it was time to take it off again. So I walked, stark naked, out through the wooden door. The fresh smells of the outdoors wafted over me, and I blinked in the bright sunlight. Beneath my toes was soft, freshly cut grass, and a warm breeze played against my skin. When my eyes finally adjusted, I squinted out at this new world.

My jaw dropped. I had seen some strange and beautiful things since becoming a disciple. I had been to Hell and back. I had fucked some of the most beautiful women from this world and whatever other worlds there were. I had licked syrup out of a goddess’ cunt for crying out loud. But the view beyond that door knocked the breath out of me. Maybe it was because I hadn’t been outside for so long, maybe it was the thin strip of land that stretched out before me, all verdant hills and meadows under a clear blue sky. Or maybe it was that the island I was now on, because it was an island, was floating in the air above a sea of clouds. The infinite blueness of the sky surrounded me, apart from below the island, where a white, roiling sea of cloud stretched as far as I could see.

“Hi,” said a bright, cheery voice from beside me. “Welcome to heaven.”

I turned to see a young woman, no more than eighteen, wearing a simple white dress. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a slender, willowy body, and an adorable smile.

“Heaven?” I asked, still dumbstruck.

The cute girl nodded. “Our heaven, anyway. The heaven of the gods and goddesses of sex. I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful. We need a name for it, or a number or something. Speaking of mouthfuls, can I offer you anything?”

I shook my head. “I’m not hungry, thank you.”

The girl giggled. “Of course you’re not, silly.” She batted me playfully on the arm. “People like us don’t need to eat. I meant, would you like a blowjob?”

OK, make that two jaw drops for the day.

“Um,” I stammered. “Maybe… later. What – what did you mean when you said people like us?”

“You know,” said the girl. “Disciples. Well, you’re a disciple. I’m an angel. Slight difference. Are you sure you don’t want me to suck your cock?”

“I’m sure,” I lied. “I’m actually meant to be finding new disciples here, or at least people to… you know.”

The girl nodded. “People to fuck.”

“Um. Yes. My goddess sent me. Do you know where the best place to look is?”

The girl gestured vaguely at the large, grassy island. I could make out figures in white robes dotted around it, and the occasional small house – even a few castles or palaces. “Anyone here could potentially become a disciple. Even someone who’s already a disciple of another god, like me, or someone who’s a god or goddess themselves. They’ll take some convincing, of course.”

“Oh,” I said. “OK, thanks.”

The girl smiled at me and waved as I walked away. “Let me know if you change your mind about the blowjob.”

The island was larger than it looked at first glance, and it was taking me a lot longer to walk from one end to the other than I had guessed it would. As I walked, I looked around. A few other flying islands lay to either side of this one, some almost as large. Occasionally I would pass someone else walking the other way, but they would often be in a hurry. More than once I came across couples or groups of people having passionate sex in the grass. One woman, wearing a strap-on and deep inside her companion’s asshole, gave me a friendly wave as I walked by.

For someone who had spent the last… however long having sex pretty much non-stop, I was feeling pretty awkward about approaching anyone. Occasionally I’d pass a woman on her own, and some of them even gave me a wink or appreciatively eyed my cock. But all my sexual experiences so far had just sort of… happened. I felt like I was before I met Asta: lonely, shy, unable to initiate anything. As I walked, I tried to rally myself. Come on, John. You can do this. I smiled to myself, thinking of everything I had already accomplished as a disciple.

OK, that was it. The next woman I saw who I wanted to fuck, I would. Well, you know. Not just out of the blue. I’d start a conversation first.

A small country cottage came into view on one side of the path, the door propped open. Ataşehir Eve Gelen Escort The sound of chatter and laughter came from inside. A sign hung above the door: “The Princess Arms”. A painting of a smiling woman, her naked breasts covered by her hair, adorned the sign.

Right, I told myself. You’re completely naked, in a world of sex gods and their disciples. Here goes nothing.

The room inside was lit softly by flickering red light from a small fireplace in the corner. A bar stood at the other end of the room, an array of bottles and barrels behind it. Beds stood around the room where there would normally be tables. The ceiling was low, and the floor rough and wooden. It had a homey, cosy feel. Also, there were about eight women, all completely naked, sitting on the beds. They all eyed me suspiciously as I walked in – all apart from one woman who had her face buried between another’s legs.

I approached the bar, and someone came out from the room behind. She was tall, easily as tall as myself, with long waves of auburn hair that flowed down over her shoulders. Her face was elegant and pretty, with piercing blue eyes like ice. She wore what looked a lot like an old-school German barmaid’s outfit, with a corset pinching her waist into an hourglass shape above the delectable, wide curve of her hips. Her breasts, already large, were pushed up, two great mounds of pure, milky white flesh, practically spilling out of her top.

“H-hi,” I stammered. Why was I suddenly so nervous now that I was out of Asta’s palace?

“Hi yourself, sweetheart. Don’t mind them, they’re just not used to seeing a man in here. But you’re more than welcome of course.” She smiled at me warmly, easing my nervousness. She really was very attractive – a classic, homespun kind of pretty. And that cleavage was very hard to look away from. “What can I get you, sweetheart?”

I’d been asked a similar question just recently, and it was clear to me now that things revolved around sex up here. For example: the women around the room, seeing that I wasn’t here to cause trouble or anything, had all returned to their activities, and the crackle of the fireplace was now accompanied by a series of soft moans.

Fuck it, I thought. This is heaven. Anything’s worth a try.

“Actually,” I said, leaning across the bar and looking the woman right in her eyes, “I’d love it if you sucked my cock.”

The words sounded ridiculous even as I said them, and for a second the barmaid’s eyes flashed in surprise, but then her warm smile returned, and she patted the bar, gesturing for me to climb up onto it. I did, swinging my legs over the other side, and she positioned herself between them. She looked up at me, her ice-blue eyes fixed on mine as she took my length in one hand and opened her mouth wide, placing me inside.

“Fuck,” I said. “I love this place.”

The barmaid grinned up at me, and began stroking my thickening cock, licking it intermittently as she spoke. “So what brings you to heaven?”

“Mmm… I’m looking for Currency, actually. For my goddess.”

“Well,” she said, after slowly dragging the tip of her long tongue from the base of my cock to the tip, “this is as good a place as any for that, and I promise to do my best. Welcome to the Princess’ Arms. I didn’t get your name, by the way.”

“John,” I said, as she swirled her tongue around the tip of my penis.

“I’m Megan,” she replied, taking a brief break from her ministrations on my shaft, before plunging my now semi-hard dick down her throat.

“Nice to -” I gasped. “…Meet you.”

Megan looked down at the thick rod in her mouth in astonishment as it continued to swell. “You serve a powerful goddess, John. This is… mmfff… quite a piece of equipment.”

“I’m just getting started,” I said, and Megan grinned up at me around her mouthful of dick.

She flung her head back, trails of spit still connecting her soft, pink lips to my ever-hardening shaft, one hand still stroking me into life.

“Is it just the blowjob today then, sir? Or will there be anything else?”

I smiled down at her, playing along. “What else do you serve here?”

She smiled that warm, pretty smile. “Just let me know what it is you want, sir. I’m sure we can work something out.

I looked down at her, wondering what to do next. Holy shit, her cleavage looked good from up here. Her tits were straining against the fabric of her outfit, overflowing from her push-up bra like two perfect scoops of vanilla ice cream. I took my dick into my own hand and slapped it against her voluminous bosom, leaving little wet marks from her saliva all over the pale mounds of titflesh. She thrust her chest up to meet my dick, and her tits trembled and shook with every smack, a blush of arousal spreading across her pure skin.

“Very good, sir,” Megan said, her voice turning husky, her pale face flushed. “Anything else?”

“You like that, do you?” I asked. “You like people playing with your tits?”

“… It’s not up to me, sir. I am here to do whatever it is you enjoy.”

I hopped Ataşehir Evi Olan Escort down from the bar, standing next to where she was kneeling, and, taking her hand, I brought her up into a standing position. She was almost exactly my height, and I stared straight into those pale blue eyes of hers.

“What I want,” I said, “is for you to tell me what you want. Can you do that for me?”

Megan nodded, wide-eyed.

“What do you want, Megan?” I asked.

“I… want you to stick your cock between my tits,” she said.

I smiled, kissing her on the cheek, which caused her to gasp softly. I placed my hand on her shoulders, and pushed her roughly back down onto her knees. She was tall enough that she could position her chest level with my dick. I reached down and tugged at the low neckline of her outfit, pulling it down to let her tits spring forth.

Fuck. That wasn’t a push-up bra.

Megan’s tits were enormous – as big as Melissa’s at least. Two huge mounds of purest white flesh, shaking and jiggling impossibly as they rested on top of the scrunched-up dress and the heavy-duty bra that had been barely containing them. Her nipples were thick, proud nubs, light pink with medium-sized areolas, made enormous by the sheer size of the woman’s fantastic boobs.

“Fuck me,” I exhaled, my jaw very nearly dropping for the third time that day.

“Is that what you want, sir?” Megan asked, looking up at me with that pretty face, framed by her flowing auburn hair.

“I told you what I want, Megan,” I said, “and that’s for you to tell me what you want.”

She nodded. “I… would like to jack you off with my tits now, please.”

“Don’t say please,” I said reflexively, then stopped myself. A devilish grin that Asta would have been proud of crept across my face as I looked down at the unbelievably curvy woman. “Actually,” I said, “do say please. Beg for me, Megan. Tell me what you want, and plead for it. And don’t stop telling me. OK?”

Megan’s pale blue eyes lit up in excitement, and a flicker of a smile flashed across her face, reminding me of the sort of face Violet made at moments like this, when my plan became clear to her. I briefly imagined those two together… two redheads: the crimson-haired Violet, and the gorgeous auburn locks of Megan. One slender and graceful, one curvy and impossibly stacked. I shook myself back into reality – which was not a bad thing at all. Megan’s pretty eyes focused on my shaft as she grabbed as much of her enormous breasts as she could in both her hands, titflesh spilling out between her fingers, and enveloped my entire, magically enhanced length between her beautiful breasts. The soft, warm expanse of her bosom sucked me in, every inch of my member engulfed in her cleavage. I felt like cumming there and then.

And in that split second, I gave in. I let myself cum, my hips thrusting between Megan’s breasts as thick, white spurts of hot spunk shot from the end of my cock. Megan leaned down, catching some across her mouth and chin, then gasped as my dick kept spurting, more and more jizz flying across the pale expanse of Megan’s incredible rack, white against the flush of red in her chest.

I had never cum so quickly. Normally with Asta’s magic, I could last much longer. Was this because I wasn’t back at home, in her domain? No, what had happened had felt like a conscious decision. I’d wanted to cum, so I did.

The realisation of what had just happened hit me like a blissful ton of bricks. I had wanted to cum, and I had. And my cock, still twitching and sending ripples through Megan’s sea of titflesh, was still just as hard as it had been. If anything, it grew harder still as Megan resumed her titfuck, jacking off my monstrously large dick with her impossibly huge tits, tweaking her nipples between her fingertips.

I could cum whenever I wanted.

Thank you, Asta.

With renewed vigour, I grabbed handfuls of Megan’s titflesh – even with her own hands clutching at her breasts, there was still plenty to grab – and I worked with her, thrusting my hips in rhythm with the movement of her soft breasts, massaging her large nipples with my palms.

“Tell me what you want, Megan,” I reminded her.

“I want you to cum again. I want to make you cum until you can’t cum any more. All over my face… paint my face with your cum. Fill my mouth with it. Splatter your hot jizz all across my tits.”

“God, I love your tits,” I said, increasing the pace of my thrusting.

“Please, sir,” said Megan, her voice rising in pitch as she surrendered to her own arousal. “Please, fuck my tits. I love your big, hard cock between my boobs, oh, please cum for me.”

Eager to please, I searched my mind for the impulse that had allowed me to ejaculate on command just then, but I couldn’t seem to make it happen again. Well, I had literally just cum. I guess a constant stream of jizz was probably asking for too much. I resolved to thrust even harder into Megan’s cleavage.

The woman began frantically moving her hands, jacking me off between her breasts with incredible speed, the fire of arousal in her eyes as she stared, open mouthed, at the sight of my cock disappearing again and again into her soft, pillowy flesh. She was transfixed. A small trail of spit began to fall from her open mouth, moistening her soft lips and dripping into her cleavage, where it was lost among the white expanse of her bosom.

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