Little School Girl


Young Becca walked away from her cabin and through the woods alone. She was sick of being around the nuns of her school and all the catholic girls. She wanted to be alone for a while. As she wandered happily through the darkening forest, she heard laughter in the distance. She walked for a while before coming across the source of the happy sounds. A party of some sort. There was a clearing and several tents set up around a large bonfire. Older teenagers and young men and women sat on rocks and logs, some where enjoying each others company in the tents and closer to the trees.

Becca wanted to join them, but she was terribly shy and thought they would laugh at her. There really was no reason, she was a vibrant, beautiful young girl, but mental abuse had left her cold and hateful of herself. She hid in the bushes and trees, watching the people laugh, drink and have fun. A young man was dancing around in his boxers and the girls giggled, Becca found herself almost laughing, too.

She walked around the clearing through the trees for a better view and stood behind a large bush. From the other side she heard something and glanced through the leaves to see a young couple making out. The man had no shirt on and the woman was almost wearing nothing, a pleated skirt, white stalkings, and an unbuttoned blouse.

The girl squatted so they wouldn’t see her and turned to move away from them, but found herself looking back at them. She could see them better now and watched as the man slid his large hands up and down the woman’s leg, lifting her skirt up to show off her red lacy underwear. The man slid his hand in and out of her panties and the woman squirmed and moaned into his mouth, kissing him ardently.

Becca put a hand to her mouth to stifle a gasp and turned her eyes away, she found herself stirred by this all. She wrinkled her nose up and thought to herself, ~ how disgusting! I could never do that…animals! she didn’t even notice as she thought it, her hand slid down from her mouth, over her neck, down over one breast and rested on her inner thigh. A certain smell littered the air around her, slightly familiar…musty, hot, wet and thick.

When Becca looked again, the man had his pants undone and slid down on his thighs. He lay beside the woman as he played with her and in turn she had been touching his dick. Becca moved slightly again to see it. She opened her mouth and stared thinking to herself again, ~ it’s big… I never thought…this is just sick! she wanted to look away, she wanted to leave…she wanted to stay.

She watched as their passion heated up and the man slid her panties off, tossing them beside the bush. He quickly moved between her legs, kissing her neck and making her squirm more. The woman arched her back and immediately wrapped her legs around the man, crossing her ankles behind his back as he pushed inside her. She groaned loudly and becca actually gasped, absently moving her own hand over her damp crotch, lifting her own little skirt slightly.

The lovers didn’t notice her little noise and started to fuck slowly at first. Becca’s eyes widened and she knelt. She sat there, on her knees with her thighs slightly apart, and ran two fingers over her panties, the other hand caressed one small breast. She wanted to moan like the woman, she wanted to feel his hands on her body. Becca started to breathe heavily as the two moved faster and he thrust harder inside her. The girl soon found her own hand sliding down the top of her underwear under her skirt, it felt good against her skin and her fingers gently ran through her small bush. Her middle finger found its way along her clit and she bit her lip, almost crying at the want.

The woman before her gasped and moaned, not caring about anything else, and the man groaned and grunted in her ear. Becca closed her eyes and listened to them. She opened her eyes quickly and as she did so, the woman threw her head back and cried out. Becca gasped again and slid two fingers inside her pussy a couple times. The man and woman fucked hard and fast for a moment before the man came inside her and then they both lay kissing, every so often he would move inside her and make her gasp.

Becca slid her other hand in her panties and whimpered quietly to herself, feeling hot inside. The couple soon got dressed and walked back to the fire together, leaving Becca there hidden in the bushes. She pulled her hands back and frowned, speaking quietly to herself, “I want…I want that…”

She stood up and turned, almost running into somebody behind her. She almost fell down, but he caught her by the arms. “What you looking at there, young lady?” Becca’s face flushed and she shook her head, “Nothing! Nothing at all…I have to be going…” the man let her go and she turned to leave. The cool air rushed over where his warm hands where touching her skin and she shivered. Becca took a couple slow steps and stopped. Did she really want to go? They stood Gaziantep Konak Escort there, and he smiled a jackal grin, hungry and hopeful.

He took her by the hand and led her toward the fire, Becca was hesitant, but she couldn’t find the will to leave. As they walked into the camp, he smiled a more friendly smile, “My name is Jon. Who might you be?” She answered almost automatically, “Becca…” She was quiet and a little unsure. They talked a little bit about trivial things, she found out he was a college boy and this was an annual party. All she managed to tell him was that she was 18. He introduced her to a few friends of his and they all kept offering her alcohol, which she drank a little of and found she didn’t like the taste.

She tried to deny it, but she was actually having fun here. The boys made her laugh and the girls where all very friendly. She saw the two lovers from before and looked down, blushing. Jon took her hand again and led her toward a rather large tent. He pulled her inside gently, but somewhat demandingly. Becca took her hand from him, but she was already inside. He closed the opening, and unzipped a top screen to let cool air flow inside. He sat on a pile of blankets and made her a place to sit beside him. Jon smiled, “Come, sit!” He patted the blankets and she sat down slowly. He leaned back on an elbow and faced her, “I was getting a little tired, needed to come lay down a while.” He laughed a little and she smiled and nodded.

She was feeling quite nervous now, but, again, she couldn’t find the will to leave. He absently lay a hand on her knee as she sat with her legs out and leaned back on her hands. Jon looked down at her legs for what seemed like a long time before speaking up, “You are very pretty.” She smiled again and blushed once more, “Um…Thanks…” Nobody had ever told her that in all her life. It felt good. He knelt suddenly and scooted up closer to Becca. She sat up, wondering what he was doing, but it seemed harmless. He took one of her hands and kissed her knuckles, “you shouldn’t be so shy…you have no reason…” before he finished his sentence he moved forward and kissed her gently on the lips. It was warm and his lips where soft. One of his hands slid onto her waist and held her firmly and Becca found herself almost melt under his touch.

This was what it felt like? Just like the woman in the woods…just like that…is this what Becca wanted? He slid his tongue in her mouth and she grabbed his shoulders. She remembered playing kissing games when she was 15, like spin the bottle, but this was so different. He pulled away and she felt like she lost something as the night air replaced the warmth. Was he going to leave her? She didn’t want him to stop, but this was nothing compared to where he kissed her next.

He moved his head down a little and kissed her neck and nibbling on her ear. Small shivers ran up and down her body like ice. Jon unbuttoned two buttons from the top of her shirt deftly and kissed her collarbone and shoulder. There was that heat again, rising from deep inside her stomach. He whispered in her ear quietly, “Do you like that? Does it feel good?” She nodded and couldn’t find words. He smiled that jackal grin once more and moved away slightly, whispering again, “Would you like to make me feel good, too?” Becca didn’t know what he was talking about, she sat quietly and when she didn’t answer him, he sat back on his knees and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans.

Becca looked down at him and then quickly away. She found his large hand on her chin, making her look back to him. He whispered sweetly, “No, it’s okay…could you…just touch it…” It wasn’t really a question. Becca felt uncomfortable and shifted her weight, getting on her knees before him. He took her hand and pulled it close as he undid his pants with the other hand. Her heart beat a little faster as he moved to slide his pants down a little bit. He still held her hand by the wrist as he pulled his hard throbbing dick out. Becca gasped and swallowed hard at the sight.

He moved her hand to touch it and loosened his grip on her, letting her explore. She ran her small fingers over the tip and grabbed the shaft gently. Becca scooted up and used her other hand, touching and gently caressing him. He smiled down at her, touching her head lightly, he whispered again, “would you, kiss it?” she didn’t know what he wanted, but it sounded okay. She nodded and moved her head down, unsure of what to do. He looked down at her and slowly took his shirt off, feeling cool air around his body.

She placed a warm kiss on the tip of his hard cock and remembered the other older girls from Catholic school talking about this. Men liked to get licked, sucked and touched…she thought she would experiment and she licked it. He shivered in her hands and she licked it again, putting the tip in her mouth a little. When she did, he pushed down on her head and made her take most of it in. she made a small noise and he started to move her head up and down on his cock slowly. She sucked gently and then harder as he moved her head a little faster. Soon she found he wasn’t making her do it anymore, she sucked him different ways, experimenting to see what he liked.

She also found that she could stick it far down her throat and he really seemed to like that. She sucked harder and faster and found his hands pulling her shirt up, unbuttoning it and he easily unhooked her bra. She wanted to stop him, but she was a little scared. Scared of what? She had no idea.

Becca moaned and surprised herself. A deep throated moan arose as she slid his whole cock down her throat and pulled it back out. She did it again, faster. She could feel it on the back of her throat and he suddenly ran his hands up her back to her head again. He caressed her head and moaned, whispering between short breaths, “I’m going…to cum…oh…” His muscles tensed and he pushed her head lightly, holding it firm between his large hands and he exploded in the back of her throat.

The girl’s eyes widened a little as she swallowed him down, sucking him dry. She almost choked on his hot cum, but she relaxed and smiled slightly. Becca seemed to like that. He pulled her up to him quickly and placed her on his lap, kissing her deeply and hungrily. He pulled her shirt all the way off with her bra and tossed them aside.

Becca was a little unsure and slightly covered herself up, but he moved her hands and held her breasts firmly, rubbing them and pinching her nipples lightly. He held her like this for a little while, kissing her and biting her neck more. Her heat rose between her legs and he could feel it on his bare cock through her damp panties.

His hands snaked around her small waist and down her rump. He lifted her skirt and slid his hands up and down her ass and upper thighs. She pushed her body against his under his warm touch and her bare skin pressed against his. The cool night air would slip between them when she moved slightly, only to return when he pulled her close once more.

Jon lifted one of her legs and put her aside, sliding her skirt and panties down her thighs. She made a quiet noise as the cool air hit her hot cunt and she helped him with her clothes, sliding them off all the way.

He immediately picked her back up and placed her on top of his lap again. She felt his big dick resting between her pussy lips and she started to gasp lightly when he pulled her close. He placed his hands on her hips perfectly and moved her along his cock, rubbing it up and down her pussy along her clit. He felt her heat and wet skin pressing up on his cock and he shivered, trying to keep from ravaging her.

That familiar smell arose and he smiled, moving a hand down between them from behind, he slid a finger where his cock was, then two fingers, rubbing her clit in firm little circles. She tightened her legs on his hips and squirmed in delight once again gasping and holding him tight.

She placed her head by his neck on his shoulder and whimpered in his ear lightly. He slid a finger inside her hot wet hole and she pulled herself tightly to him and bit his shoulder to keep from making too much noise.

He held his cock and rubbed it a couple times before sliding the tip inside her. She sat up straight and tensed up. A worried look crossed her face and she stared at him. He seemed to dismiss the look and he bit her neck again, pulling her by the hips down on him. Her tight warm pussy took him up halfway before she tensed up more and whimpered louder. He kissed her softly on the lips and squeezed her hips.

Jon whispered quietly, “it is okay…you’re alright…just relax…” she tried. She relaxed and when he felt her open up more he pulled her down hard on himself and she gasped loudly and grabbed his upper arms tight.

She looked like she was going to cry. He moved his hands up and held her tight, close to him and rolled her over onto her back. He lay on top of her and pulled his cock out and pushed it back in again. She whimpered and writhed under him, trying to escape the pain. He held her tight and kissed her neck, gently pushing back inside her. He slowly penetrated her a couple times and started going a little faster.

Becca’s ragged breathing started to even out to little gasps of pleasure as the pain subsided. She smiled in relief, then in hunger. She ran her hands up his back to his shoulders as he thrust inside her at a slow even pace, filling her small tight pussy with his cock until she thought she couldn’t handle it anymore. She wriggled under him, lightly sweating and hot.

She found herself grinding her hips against his and rocking with him, arching her back to take him all the way in. He continued for a while before smiling and pulling out of her, slowly. Cool air flooded over his hot cock and the insides of her thighs suddenly.

He bit his lip and pulled her down, moving her and rolling her over comfortably. She looked back at him and got up on her hands and knees. Before she could think about what he might be doing, He grabbed her perfect hips in his hands and buried his dick deep inside her once more. Becca gasped loudly and her arms grew weak.

He quickened up now, ramming into her hard, pulling her back with each thrust into himself. She started to make loud noises and clutched a blanket in both hands, burying her face in it and screaming in ecstasy. Becca arched her back and he easily penetrated her…until she started to tense up again with a new feeling.

The girl spread her legs wider and lay her head between her hands. Arching her back even more she started to tremble. He could feel her body shaking and her pussy tightening around his cock as he fucked her hard and fast. He made noise along with her, grunting as he slammed himself against her, deep inside.

He reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up. With one hand on her shoulder and the other one holding her hair, he slowed down for a second then thrust inside hard a few times before she started shaking hard. Becca curled her toes and moaned loudly, biting her lip and wanting to scream as she came hard.

He rammed her with quick little motions and found himself about to cum. Her pussy tightened around his cock firmly and he let go of her hair. With a loud moan himself, he pushed up inside her and flooded her pussy with cum. He grabbed her waist and held her tight, frantically kissing her back and shoulders as they both trembled and whimpered lightly.

Her thighs where dampened with sex and sweat and she lay there, breathing hard, panting. Jon slid out of her wet hole slowly, feeling cold air once more on his hot, wet flesh. She fell down and rolled over to face him.

Becca smiled a bit mischievously and ran her small hands up and down her sweaty body, feeling alive and more awake than ever. He looked down at her and smiled. How he would love to take her over and over again.

He looked up and she noticed somebody at the tent door. Jon let him in without even thinking twice. Becca covered herself with a blanket and sat up to see another young man come in. they laughed and talked for a moment and Jon motioned to becca, “Remember her from earlier?” the man looked her up and down, smiling, “yeah…remember me, Becca, was it? I’m Nathan…” He reached out to shake her hand and she just smiled and barely took it. He sat down on his knees in front of her. Nathan had no shirt on and he wore tan cargo shorts and no shoes. He had a beer in one hand and finished it off, setting the can outside and closing the tent up again.

Jon moved behind Becca on his knees and placed his hands on her shoulders firmly. He spoke in her ear, looking at Nathan, “This is my good friend. He wanted to come in here and meet you…better.” She didn’t quite get the undertone he was hinting at right away, but then she let out a little gasp and blushed, “Oh…”

Jon slid his thumbs under the top of her blanket and slid it down a little bit, whispering in her ear, “Why don’t you show him your sexy little body?” She hesitated, but he slid the blanket down off her chest and let it fall on her lap. Before she could cover herself up, Jon grabbed her wrists and pulled them up by her shoulders, holding her gently, but quite demandingly.

He nodded to Nate and smiled, “Isn’t she pretty?” Nathan nodded back and pulled the blanket all the way off her. The cold air swarmed her body and her nipples grew hard and goosebumps crawled up and down her body.

Nathan leaned forward and kissed her a little forcefully while Jon held her hands, still. She whimpered a little, getting somewhat scared. She kissed him back, though. Becca didn’t know what else to do, besides, it was kind of exciting.

Nate moaned and unbottoned his pants quickly, reaching down and rubbing his throbbing cock. He sat back again and she noticed he had removed his shorts altogether. He sat back on his knees and rubbed his cock in front of her. She opened her mouth slightly and made a small noise as she shivered.

Jon let her go and pushed her forward, down onto her hands and knees again. She looked back at him and made a motion to move away, but he grabbed her by the waist and held her tight. Nate took her face in one hand and drew it forward to his cock.

She put a hand up and he grabbed it, too, and pulled it onto his dick, letting her small hand go, she held it there, grabbing him firmly. Jon smiled and watched how she touched his friend’s hard dick. The way her little hand fit around it and the way she looked as he pulled her head closer and made her suck it.

Jon ran his hands around her soft creamy white rump and spread her cheeks apart, moving between her legs he lay his cock up against her asshole. With two fingers he rubbed her clit and made her jump. She sucked Nate’s cock hard and fast. When she went to look back, Nathan held her head firmly and pushed it down on himself, fucking her mouth slowly.

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