Lindsey Ch. 01


Based on a true fantasy, inspired by a true friend. Love to Suzi xx


Friends with benefits; that’s what Lindsey and I started out as after almost nine years!

We jumped at the chance to make it worthwhile and went all the way from being just friends, to having the best sex of our lives together and finally to deciding we were right to be in love.

Why nobody else thinks to do it that way I don’t know because in the end there was no wrong in it.

We loved each other long before we fell in love with each other, if that makes sense. If it doesn’t… well, I guess you’re dead inside!

We met in the spring of 2002. I’d just joined a band that had been one of her favourites and the reason why she went to see live bands in the first place. She was a member of the regular audience and knew everybody personally. We became friends immediately and spent years hanging around the same old haunts, both gigs and night clubs.

When we met, I was 21 and she was only 16. I was this chubby, long-haired, bearded kid — a hippy — and she was this cute fat girl with the biggest tits I’d ever seen. He friends were all the same and everybody was in love with life and always happy to show it. Needless to say, I always went out to make sure I got my hugs and kisses in and never went a night without being smothered and crushed to near death by a circle of busty teenagers.

Those were easily the best years of my life! From then up until the mid-00’s Lindsey and I hung out day and night whenever we got the chance. Well it was me, her and her boyfriend Ben, a geeky idiot that you couldn’t hate no matter how annoying he got. Shame Lindsey couldn’t see him the same way, being his girlfriend but I never saw that relationship coming to an end, ever…

The type of guy I was, no matter how much I was attracted to her, I knew I respected the friendship to never put it in danger or to go out of my way to upset her life in any way. That’s why when I realised I could easily have taken her for myself, I refused to. I liked us just the way we were.

Lindsey was a short girl at 5’3″ and with long straight brown hair, often highlighted with streaks of electric blue or purple, depending on her mood. No matter that she was fat she was just big and beautiful. She had the prettiest smile, piercing grey eyes and liked her lip and nose piercings, which gave her an edge. She had beautiful skin and a perfect complexion, which made those tits evermore hard to resist whenever I met her. The girl was always hard work to be around but we played on the chemistry that had built over the years and just made fun of the fact that we were two hot young kids.

Things got hard for me after the mid-00’s. Personal issues led to me leaving the band and eventually leaving the scene. I slowly drifted into alcoholism without realising it; it’s not a problem if I like doing it and rehab is for quitters and all that jellybean jazz…

When we became separated by circumstance, she trusted me to go and deal with the situation swiftly so that the good times could commence and unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. I ended up going to prison for Actual Bodily Harm after beating the shit out of the manager of the cleaning firm I worked for, having being forced out of my last job when everything went bad for me.

You see, quite simply, I was in trouble with someone who claimed I’d made their sister pregnant when, yes, I’d slept with her but then, yes, I wore a condom and it was impossible for that to have happened. The issue spilled over into my professional life and I lost that job because of it. Forcing myself into the cleaning job, I found out my new boss hated me and was trying to make me quit. I eventually just lost myself in a suffocating red mist when he got the guts to make up a reason to fire me and put his face through a plate glass window.

There were no witnesses in the office at the time but he managed to get five people to claim they were all there and I was found guilty.

When I got out, I took the safe option of finding myself a mundane, low profile job-low paying job and spent my time in a quiet pub in the suburbs.

In the late-’00’s I got back in touch with Lindsey and drunkenly admitted how much I wanted her and that I wanted her to be my girlfriend. She didn’t feel the same way and we never got back to being the same close friends as before.

From a distance I watched as she went from boring useless boyfriend to boyfriend, wishing she’d have chosen me but learning to forget about it.

But I found that I felt worse about trying to forget that I wanted her. In her absence, I was okay and even managed to get a few dates in with various women but I was never successful with them. It was only when I went to see my old friends that I’d see her with her new boyfriend.

Usually she would greet me happily like the old best friend that I used to be and then her boyfriend would get insecure and the night would end early for Sinop Escort one of us, just to keep the peace.

It was obvious there was an old flame still there but as we had changed, the flame had intensified instead of fading. I was approaching my 30’s and she, her mid 20’s. We were both changing in attitude and appearance. I’d cut off all my hair, dressed more casual and clean. I’d aged somewhat and gained a muscular, lean labourer’s physique and she had lost a lot of weight and become this gothic temptress.

She dyed her hair darker, wore more piercings and now sported corsets and black lace, just like all her friends all the same. As much as I wasn’t into the scene so much anymore, I found that I desired her more than ever and now that the friendship had suffered through the past and her choice of insecure boyfriends, the barrier between us was just too great to overcome, even to resume loving each other simply as friends.

That changed at the turn of the decade when I got a Facebook invite from her, asking to be friends. That was one place she’d never been before because she believed it to be more antisocial than helpful in the way of friends. I accepted her and sent a greeting message to her inbox.

‘Please don’t ever let me abandon my friends for the sake of a boyfriend ever again,’ she replied and we began catching up on the past.

The conversation didn’t take long to get into personal feelings and we expressed our love quite simply, stating that we’d never stopped loving each other and were simply pulled apart by the dumbest of circumstances. Things had changed in her life almost as much as in mine and I discovered that she’d been bullied into an abusive relationship with the insecure idiot I previously mentioned.

She was now back to her old self, single and unwilling to date and having lacked a decent fuck for the past two years, which I found hard to believe but believed her because why would I do otherwise?

When she told me she found it hard to get men to pay her any attention, I told her that I’d always be around to pay her attention no matter what… It turned out I’d misunderstood the use of the phrase “pay attention!”

‘Well if I can’t find myself another lousy boyfriend to pay me the attention I’ve been lacking soon, I’m all yours,’ she wrote back.

All I could think of for an answer was, ‘I don’t think I meant it that way but I’d take you up on that any day if you’re serious!’ :p

I didn’t know whether to take her seriously or not at that point but over the next few weeks, as we continued to catch up with each other, it became clear since every conversation would move to the inbox and result in us talking very openly but carefully about our sex lives and what we wanted out of them.

We compared our exploits; me having conquered a bevy of divorced older women and single mothers and becoming very successful at pleasing women through oral sex and her having grown fond of women herself on occasion.

She liked the fact that I aimed to seduce women into long and leisurely bouts of teasing, much anticipated foreplay and sex in as many different positions as possible. I liked the fact that she loved to flaunt her new gym body in lingerie and shop at Ann Summers for toys and stimulants to make the sex more intense.

It got to be an obsession for the both of us to share every one of our deepest secrets from the bedroom in past exploits. We’d have caused an atomic explosion in the same bed if anything were to happen but I didn’t actually think that it would.

In April, her birthday came around and she was celebrating her 24th. I was invited to a rock club in the city centre where we always used to hang out and went with the least intentions of what would happen that night.

We met there at 11pm; I turned up alone, being the only one of the old gang to live in my area, whereas everybody else came from the opposite end of town. I was simply dressed so not to sweat to death as this club was relentlessly hot all through the year. I was in a thin black shirt and a pair of combats but seeing her, I wondered if she’d make it through the night without passing out, the way she had dressed up.

Lindsey stood there talking to our friends at the bar dressed in an incredibly low-cut black cat suit and a corset that caused her 36G chest to heave to bursting point. She wore black leather knee high boots and had a pair of novelty cats ears just to top it all off. When she spotted me, she ran over rather awkwardly — like Elvira: Mistress of the Dark impersonating Pamela Anderson’s beach run from the opening credits of Baywatch — and grabbed onto me tight, planting a kiss right on my lips.

‘Happy to see me?’ I laughed and she hugged me tightly, crushing the air out of my lungs just like old times.

‘Thank you for coming, you look rather yummy,’ she said, copping a feel of my abdomen through my shirt before taking a handful of the garment and dragging me over to be greeted into the gang.

Things Sinop Escort Bayan went by just the way they used to; everybody laughing and joking about anything at all and dancing stupidly the way we remembered all the idiots before and after us used to. We’d survived almost a decade in our own ways and no matter how different people had become, Lindsey’s birthday seemed all about making things just the way they used to be.

I wasn’t drinking so much as I had mostly quit alcohol as a newfound principle but was getting buzzed as the night went on. Lindsey seemed also to not be drinking so much, I noticed as I was making the rounds by the middle of the night and so as I finished chatting to our friends about everything under the sun, I bee-lined for her.

‘You’re clearly not drinking to get drunk tonight, are you on the pull?’ I asked her with a smirk.

She gave me a childish frown and poked her tongue out at me, saying, ‘you’re hardly knocking them back yourself, are you on the pull?’

‘I’ve never said no but I asked you first,’ I replied and looked into her eyes, waiting for an answer.

‘Maybe,’ she hinted, ‘see anyone worth a try?’ ‘I’ve only been looking at the birthday girl all night, I don’t know,’ I told her and as dim as I was after a few drinks, the smile that rose on her face should have told me then and there that she’d taken what I said the wrong way. Or maybe I was just too stupid not to have meant it that way…

‘Oh go on, find me someone, it’s my birthday,’ she said in a near desperate tone, ‘you know I haven’t had sex in two years almost…’

I shook my head immediately and grinned at her defiantly to which her jaw dropped in reply. She gave me the puppy dog eyes and stuck out her lower lip just to be funny but I just laughed and again shook my head.

‘You’re so cruel, why not?’ she asked.

I told her, ‘because any man who would be willing to give her up would be an idiot…’

Lindsey hugged me again and kissed me on the cheek but this time the hug never ended. It was the right thing for me to do and the only thing I wanted there and then, to hold her close to me by her hips and reciprocate the kiss, beneath her ear and then another on her neck. I whispered in her ear then what I thought, that which caused some level of excitement within me to harden up against her.

I’d been thinking of our chats and knew we both wanted each other, even if we were afraid to show it in front of our friends, at least as of that moment.

‘And you’ve got a friend who knows what you want!’

There was a pause for a moment then but right when I expected she was going to reject me, Lindsey pulled me closer to her, grinding up against me where I’d strained against my combats in the anticipation of having her.

‘Give it another hour and you can take me home,’ Lindsey whispered back before letting go and disappearing into the crowd.

Come 3am, everyone started to say their goodbyes, the lights coming up and the music stopping. Lindsey who had caught my eye from across the room flashed me her phone. I looked at mine and saw she’d left a message:

Right, where were we? Oh yeah, hot birthday sex! Wait for me downstairs outside a few minutes babe! xx :p

The cold air rushed in to meet me, sweating from head to toe and thus making me freeze over gladly as the doormen pushed us all out through the entrance. I waited outside with a few of our friends and chattered away in the cold morning dark, sharing a last cigarette and hoping for the others to hurry up. Before I knew what had happened, everybody had gathered, made their tired, yawning excuses and left for home.

Then Lindsey strutted out looking like Catwoman had just climbed out of a sauna, saturated from head to toe in her own sweat. People might think it’s disgusting but seeing her dress clinging to her damply just made me even more in a rush to get her home.

‘Hi, where’s everybody?’ Lindsey asked, looking around casually.

‘They’ve gone home already, shall we go?’ I asked and she continued to approach me.

‘Just wait a minute,’ she said and without any warning, she pulled herself onto me and kissed me deeply, grabbing onto my shirt lapels and pulling me back into her. We stood like that for several moments, enjoying the kiss, tongues flirting heavily and our bodies warming to each other.

‘Let’s go,’ she said suddenly, licking the kiss from her lips and savouring it before we went in search of a taxi.

It took us half an hour in all to hail a cab and get home, all the while we seemed to forget about that moment and what awaited us until we reached my flat. Instead we just acted like drunken idiot friends and flirted a little, suggesting what was to come.

The door closed behind us, the taxi driver taking a few seconds to count his fare and then drive off. The cold air caused Lindsey to shiver again so never one to waste a moment, I took her in my arms and returned the earlier surprise, kissing her on the Escort Sinop lips and then parting them with my tongue to be able to kiss her deeper. She stopped us…

‘Do we know what we’re doing?’ she asked, not uncertainly but simply out of pure shock.

‘Well we haven’t done anything yet but I suspect we’re about to relieve years of sexual tension,’ I said seriously. ‘Are you changing your mind?’

Lindsey looked at me with uncertainty at that moment instead and my heart sank deeper than it had in years. It wouldn’t have been the end of the world if she chose not to go ahead with this but so much would have been wasted between us if she backed away. It would have been a waste for both of us for sure.

‘Fuck no, I want sex,’ she said out loud, the silence of the street shattered. ‘I just wanted to know that you’re not just too drunk to know what we’re doing. It’s weird, you’ve been one of my best friends forever…’

‘I’ve wanted you for years,’ I told her, planting a smooch on her lips.

‘I know, but tomorrow it’ll feel different, you do know that don’t you?’ Lindsey pleaded that I understand and I did.

Taking her by her waist with one hand, I eased her to move, heading for the front door to my flat and after thinking her question over, I more than confidently took control, looking straight at her and saying, ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, dear!’

She tilted her head and sighed, looking at me awkwardly as I opened the door and stepped inside, my eyes still intently awaiting her compliance all the while. She just stood there before I verbally invited her in, to preserve my now thinning patience.

‘Get in here you sex fantasy on legs,’ I urged softly. ‘Or are we doing it on the doorstep?’

Lindsey’s eyebrows raised and a blushing smile crossed her face. She bit her lip and sighed again, but heavily this time, as though a heavy pressure had suddenly bore down on her. She climbed the step, walked inside and closed the door behind her.

We were in pitch black at the foot of the stairs and I felt the palms of her hands take hold of my face and she whispered, ‘I’d do you fucking anywhere, anytime, gorgeous,’ before pushing herself onto me again and engaging in a long kiss.

This time it was different. I could tell by the intensity of the kiss and of the nature of her roaming hands that this was more than just a playful kiss, but a full-on lustful kiss; practically a tongue fuck!

She grabbed my hardened dick through my combats and gasped to God about the size of what lurked beneath the surface. I buried my head in her overflowing cleavage and took large mouthfuls of her, licking her, kissing her, feeling her through her skin tight cat suit and how hot she was getting.

‘How big are you again?’ she gasped.

‘Eight and a half,’ I told her in between kisses working up from her collarbone to her jaw beneath her ear.

‘That’s quite a lot,’ she laughed nervously, sliding her hand beneath my shirt and rubbing my abdomen before starting to unbutton me.

‘Well you had some catching up to do,’ I reasoned, taking her corseted torso in my hands and pulling her back towards me, feeling our bodies both breathing heavily, practically heaving together.

I started to attempt to untie her corset from behind when she tried to dissuade me, at least for the moment and said, ‘I thought you’d want to leave this on since it made such an impression?’

Pulling her up the stairs behind me, I told her, ‘if it gets in the way of my mouth it’s fucking useless.’

We found my bedroom and drawing the curtains and throwing laundry off the bed in the dim light filtering in through the window from the street lamp, we grinned at each other like mischievous teenagers.

I slept in the largest room of the flat at the front, which was spacious enough to have a large double bed, two wardrobes and a small office corner and still have enough room to run through. Even though she was right in front of me, she felt distances away.

Hastily, I lit two large altar-style candles that stood on the bookshelf over the head rest and standing up, patted my hand over the middle of the bed, inviting Lindsey to make herself at home as the room warmly came to light. The look on her face was so lustful and filled with feral desire. Her pupils almost fully dilated in the orange dimness of the candle-lit room.

‘Take a seat and let’s play a game,’ I said, remembering all we’d chatted about in the past; the things that excited her. I was hoping to tease her into submission, to seduce her all the way through the night until we could wait no longer and fitfully I saw the sparkle in her eyes as she purred, climbing onto the foot of the bed and then crawled up to the space I marked out for her.

‘Mmmm, what kind of game?’ she asked. I smiled slightly, trying to control my own excitement.

‘Where we have to keep our pants on for as long as we possibly can,’ I explained and her lips extended into a sultry pout.

‘What’s in it for the winner?’ she asked, beginning to loosen her corset, kneeling there in front of me, knowing I was getting into something I probably couldn’t win. Right then I couldn’t care less, I just wanted to tease her until she begged.

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