This one’s quite different from what I normally do, I know. It’s based on a dream I had a few months back. I was going to release it for Halloween but had to take some extra time, to make sure it was really good.


The bed shook and creaked violently underneath of me, as I slumped forward and buried my face in the pillows. My whole body trembled, as she thrust her monster cock in and out of my stretched, abused asshole. It burned like fire.

I was gasping for air and moaning and sweating, deep down inside, I was loving every second of this and all I wanted was to cum. I felt myself getting closer and closer and so was she, I knew. With a loud moan, I bucked my hips and pushed my ass back against her cock. My ass began to convulse and clamp down around her cock, my own flaccid dick spewing cum all over the bed sheets underneath of me.

That’s when I felt her cock swelling up and with an inhuman roar, she buried herself deep in my ass and exploded. I screamed, as she pumped her cum into me. It was liquid hot, like the fires of hell and yet strangely very arousing and pleasing.

I collapsed onto the bed and Lilith withdrew her cock, her jizz leaking out and down my legs. The cool air rushed into my gaping asshole and I groaned; it felt soothing.

“That felt fucking great,” I said, still breathing heavy and drenched in sweat.

“Did it now? I told you, most of my slaves enjoy being my slaves.”

She hadn’t been kidding; I couldn’t believe how much I had enjoyed everything that Lilith had done to me, so far. This deal that I had made…it was the best thing that I had ever done.

Let me take you back to the beginning though, so you understand a little better. First off, my name is Jimmy. I’m nineteen years old and I live with my mother. We’re not exactly the most stable people, financially; in fact, we’re practically poor. Ever since my father ran off with that damn broad he had been sleeping with behind my mothers back, mom and I had been struggling just to get by.

Mom worked two jobs at two different diners and barely made enough to pay rent by herself. So, I had sacrificed college and after graduating high school, I went straight to work finding a job.

After weeks of trying, I was hired at some crappy hardware store nearby. It didn’t pay a whole lot but it was a job, and that was all that mattered to me at the time. Between the two of us, mom was able to pay rent; I hated having to struggle to get by though. I knew mom hated it too and I knew that I had to do something, to try and achieve a better life for the both of us.

I just didn’t know what the hell to do. Until one day, when I was taking a walk through Center City, on my day off from work.

I stumbled upon this old antique shop and out of pure curiosity, decided to step inside and take a look around. I wasn’t expecting to find a solution to my problems in this shop, don’t get me wrong. I was just bored and had nothing better to do with my time, so there I was, walking around that antique shop.

As I stepped into the back of the store, I noticed they had a very small book section.

There wasn’t much of a selection, just a small variety of books that all looked quite old. One thing caught my eye though…

A very large, thick brown book, with what appeared to be a Pentagram on the front; a Satanic book? I picked it up and examined the cover. It seemed to be made out of leather and obviously, was extremely old. I don’t know why I was so interested in the damn thing.

I’ve never been into the paranormal or things like that and I certainly, was not a religious guy. Something about this book though, just seemed to draw my full attention to it; maybe it knew what a mess my life was.

I flipped the book open and started scanning through the pages. It consisted of a mix of different things, from how to cast spells and hex people, to summoning demons and then…making deals with them. Specifically, it spoke of one demon known as Lilith, who would grant any one wish if you summoned her.

Immediately, my mind began racing as I read about Lilith and the power that she possessed. Part of me was convinced that this was a load of shit; like I said, I never believed in that kind of thing. Another part of me though, was struggling with the whole thing and curious, if it really was fake.

If it were real…I could fix all of my problems in an instant, just by summoning this thing and asking it to help me. Taking a chance, I closed the book and rushed through the shop to the front desk. There was no price tag on the book and I only had five dollars on me; I was hoping that they might let me have it, for some sort of discount. I set the book on the counter and rang the bell, trying to get the attention of whoever worked there.

An old Japanese man emerged from the backroom; he looked like he was probably in his late sixties. He slowly walked towards the counter, with a big smile on his face…that smile quickly disappeared though, when he noticed the book sitting on the istanbul escort counter in front of him.

With shaking hands, the man lifted the item up and examined it and then looked at me.

“You don’t want this book,” he said, voice trembling.


“You should find something else; this book is not for sale.”

Was he serious?

“Then why was it on the shelf? Look, if it’s not for sale you shouldn’t have it sitting out like that. I would really like to buy it from you though, so-“

“I said, this book is not for sale! Now, please leave…”

Shocked and very confused, as well as quite aggravated, I turned and slowly walked out of the shop. I didn’t leave the area though…

I stayed outside, hiding behind a wall where the owner of the shop couldn’t see me from the window. I would steal an occasional glance through the window, every few moments…until I could tell that he was finally out of sight.

The book however, was still sitting on top of the counter; right where I hoped it would stay. You can pretty much assume what it was, that I was planning on doing. I’m not proud to say it, because stealing isn’t my style normally. I was desperate though, desperate to find a solution to my problems, to make my life better for both myself and my mother.

I slowly opened the door to the shop, flinching when the bell clanked above me and hoping that the man didn’t hear it ringing. Slowly and cautiously, I made my way towards the front counter and ducked down, when I heard what sounded like a door opening somewhere in the back of the store; someone was coming.

I grabbed the book, tucked it under my shirt, turned around and darted out the front door and down the street.

Running as fast as my legs would carry me, I didn’t stop until I reached 2nd street train station and boarded the Frankford El, heading back home with the stolen book.

When I got home, I went directly to my bedroom and started reading through the book again. If I was going to do this, I needed to know what exactly, I needed to do.

Re-reading the section about Lilith, I scanned through the instructions more carefully this time, then I had at the shop. There was a passage, just above the ritual that warned the reader that they must be absolutely certain, they want to do this before summoning Lilith.

“He who summon the lovely Lilith, must be willing to sacrifice everything he cherish. Lilith demands the highest form of payment, for your deepest desires.”

I would have given just about anything, to have Lilith grant my wish; anything. What could she possibly want? My soul? Or maybe that was a bit too cliche, maybe she would want something else.

I brushed that off and decided I would cross that bridge, when and if I came to it. If this thing even worked…if I wasn’t just fucking crazy, letting my imagination run wild.

The ritual required a few things to be performed.

White chalk, to draw a few sigils. Three black candles. And a drop of blood that had to be from the person performing the ritual. Eager to see if it would work, I rushed out once again and gathered the things that I needed. I returned later that evening and waited anxiously in my bedroom, for my mother to leave for work.

I didn’t want to do this while she was home; she would think I was crazy and probably tell me to throw the book away. Mom was actually pretty religious, unlike me so I knew damn well, that this sort of thing would not go over well with her. Once she left for work, I grabbed everything and ran downstairs to the basement and got started.

I took the chalk and drew a large pentagram in the middle of the basement floor, big enough to stand in the middle of it. Then, I grabbed the three black candles and lit them, placing them around the pentagram.

I took a steak knife from the kitchen, grabbed the book and sat down in the middle of the pentagram. Taking a deep breath, I flipped the book open to the part about Lilith and began to read the instructions.

After reciting a few lines from the book, I took the steak knife and sliced my palm open. I flinched, as the blade cut through the flesh of my hand and blood dripped into the circle. I looked back to the book and followed the last of the instructions.

“Lilith…I call to you. Please, come to me. My name is Jimmy and I wish to make a deal.”


I sat there in the dark basement for what felt like an eternity, after reciting those final words from the book.

Two minutes passed…five minutes…ten minutes…and twenty minutes.

After a full half an hour had gone by, I was beginning to feel a little irritated and stupid. I was starting to question, why I had bothered doing any of this crap in the first place. It was a load of shit…of course it was a load of shit! God, I had been so stupid for thinking this would work. Feeling very pissed off at myself, I stood up and was about to start cleaning everything up, when I heard a voice from the far left corner escort bayan of the basement…

“Going somewhere?”

I jumped, startled by the voice. It was female, sweet and gentle. I turned around and my eyes went wide at what I saw. Standing in the corner of the room, was the most beautiful thing that I had ever laid eyes on. A woman, older then me…maybe in her thirties? I didn’t really know.

She was taller then I was, about 6’2″ to be exact. She had long, curly red hair that came down to the middle of her back. She was wearing a long, flowing red dress. Her nails were painted red and she had red lipstick.

Those beautiful green eyes, seemed to stare deep into my soul.

“The party hasn’t even gotten started,” she said, with a smile. “You’re leaving already?”

“W-Who…who are you?”

“Jimmy boy…I’m disappointed.”

She stepped out of the shadows, slowly walking towards me and started circling me like a shark, circling it’s prey.

“You summoned me here and you don’t even know, what I look like? Haven’t you done your research?”


“Winner winner, chicken dinner.”

I gave a slight chuckle and she grinned at me.

“So, Jimmy boy…what’s happening? Why did you summon me here?”

I was frozen, trying to think of what to say next. It really worked…I couldn’t believe it, but it had really worked. Now that I knew this whole thing was real though and Lilith was standing right in front of me, I had no idea what to say. She stood there, looking quite patient with me as she waited for me to speak.

“I…um…wanted to make a wish?”

“Well, I thought so…but what is the wish, Jimmy? I can’t help you, until you tell me what you need help with.”

“Money…I need…my mother needs, money. We’re practically poor and I just want things to be better. I want my mom to have a good life.”

“Awe, isn’t that sweet?”

Lilith raised her finger, pressing it to her lips and staring at me for a moment. She stepped closer to me suddenly and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me towards her.

“It’s all yours Jimmy boy,” she said, softly.

Then suddenly, she was leaning in close and pressing her lips to mine, in a soft and passionate kiss.

I was surprised but offered no struggle, kissing her back and moaned as her tongue slipped into my mouth. She tasted good…really good, in fact; like cherries. Her kiss was warm, soothing, intoxicating and overwhelming. I felt my head starting to spin and could hear my heart, pounding in my ears.

My cock was throbbing in my pants and I had never been more turned on, in my whole fucking life. Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew this was wrong; I didn’t care though. I brushed those thoughts aside and stood there, making out with her and loving every single moment of it.

Lilith took my hand and guided it under her dress. I moved my hand up her long, smooth leg, towards her crotch. The closer I got, the hotter I started to get and the more I wanted her so bad. I froze though, when I reached my destination and yanked my hand back, with shock; something was very wrong here.

Instead of a warm, wet pussy…Lilith had a very long, thick cock.

“What the fuck!?”

“What’s the matter Jimmy boy?” Lilith asked, teasingly.


“Y-You have…a dick!”

“That I do,” she replied. “And it’s much bigger then yours, I promise you that.”

“But…how is that even possible?”

Lilith started laughing, shaking her head and sitting down on a chair in the corner of the basement. She lifted her dress and there it was, in full view and standing at full attention.

Lilith’s cock was massive! It was about twelve inches, very thick, with a large purple vein running down the left side. The purple mushroom shaped head, looked incredibly intimidating and was dripping a bead of pre-cum. Her balls hung low and big and heavy. I couldn’t believe my eyes…

“You do realize, I am a demon; I can make myself appear in any form that I wish,” Lilith explained.

“I just so happen to really enjoy, the form of a beautiful girl, with a very big cock.”

“I see…”

“Now,” she continued. “About that deal?”

I had nearly forgotten about the reason I even had Lilith here, with the shock of finding out that she had a dick. “R-Right…so, you’ll grant my wish then?”

“Of course, Jimmy.”

Lilith leaned back in the chair and I heard the wooden legs creak. I watched, as she wrapped her hand around that massive cock and started to slowly stroke it, her hand gliding up and down the impressive shaft.

“There’s just one thing I want in return…you.”

“Me? Like…as in, my soul?”

“Yes. And your ass, of course.”

I blinked and it took a few moments, but it eventually sunk in, what Lilith meant. That massive piece of meat between her legs…she wanted to fuck me with that thing.

“You sign your soul over to me right now, sealed with a nice kiss and the greatest fuck of your life. Bostancı escort Then, when your time in this world is over and you’re dead and gone…you get a one way ticket to my world. There, you’ll spend the rest of eternity taking it in the ass from me.”

I didn’t know how I felt about that, at all. Selling my soul was one thing, but Lilith wanted me to be her sex slave? Even that alone, would have been okay; but she had a cock and it was massive! I didn’t think I could handle it one time, let alone every day for all of eternity.

“I don’t know,” I said, suddenly feeling very reluctant, to follow through with this deal.

“Oh, come on now Jimmy boy…what’s the problem?”


“Look, it’s okay. You’re going to love this big thing, I promise you that. All of my slaves enjoy it.”

Lilith stood and walked towards me again, her monster cock swinging back and forth between her legs, as she approached me. Then, she grabbed my hand and forced me to grab her cock. It was hot to the touch, very thick…it felt foreign. This was the first time I had ever held another dick, besides my own. Was it really all that bad, though? I didn’t know.

“Tell you what,” Lilith said, turning her back on me again.

“Think about it…I’ll give you until midnight, tomorrow night. When I come back, I’ll be expecting an answer and I do hope it’s the right one. You and your mother both deserve a better life, then the one you’re living right now.”

With that said, Lilith blinked and disappeared, right before my very eyes. She didn’t wait for me to agree to anything…just took off and left me standing in the basement, stunned by everything that had just transpired. I had one whole day to figure out what I wanted to do; what the fuck did I want to do?

Getting a hold of myself, I started quickly cleaning things up. I got all the chalk up off of the floor, as well as the blood that I had dripped into the middle of the circle.

Blew out the candles, hid everything in a crawl space under the stairs and rushed upstairs to my bedroom. I spent a while just pacing back and forth, trying to wrap my head around everything. The summonining had worked…Lilith was real. She was willing to grant my wish, to give me everything that I wanted and all she wanted, was for me to agree to be her sex slave.

To sell my soul.

Part of me wondered though; was this a trick?

Lilith was after all, a demon. Weren’t they supposed to be tricksters, luring you in and trying to get you to do what they want, no matter what it takes? What if I agreed to this and sold my soul, just to find out that she had lied to me and we continued struggling financially. Then, I would be her eternal slave and what would I get out of it? A giant fucking cock, balls deep in my ass.

Eventually, I laid down and tried to sleep for the night. It took me a while to drift off but when I did, I found myself in a very vivid and intense dream.

I was laying in my bed…naked and staring at the door to my room. Slowly, a dark figure appeared right in front of me and after a few moments, the figure stepped out of the shadows and smiled at me; it was Lilith. She too, was naked and her cock was fully erect, pointing straight out at me.

She crawled onto the bed and moved over me, kissing me on the lips and all over my neck. Our cock’s rubbed together, hers obviously far bigger then my own. I moaned, as she continued planting soft kisses all over my chest and my neck and instinctively, I parted my legs for her.

She moved between them and I felt the tip of her cock, pressing against my ass crack. Kissing me on the lips and shoving her tongue down my throat, Lilith pushed forward and I tensed up, gasping and moaning as her cock slid into my tight virgin ass.

She fucked me slow and gently…no, she made love to me…and I was really enjoying it.

My hands moved up and down her back, moaning and panting as she slid in and out of me. I was on the verge of cumming, when my alarm clock rang out beside me and I jumped wide awake. I sat straight up, covered in sweat from head to toe.

My cock was hard as a rock and I could feel myself leaking pre-cum, into my boxers. Holy fuck, I thought to myself…I thought for sure that had been real. It was perhaps the most vivid dream, that I had ever experienced. I stopped my alarm clock and fell back onto the bed again, staring up at the ceiling above me.

I had this strange feeling…like a tingling sensation, all over my body. My cock was still standing at full attention and I just felt so fucking horny. Without much thinking, I slid my hand into my boxers and wrapped my fingers around my cock, slowly stroking.

My eyes fell shut and I saw Lilith before me, smiling with those beautiful eyes staring right into mine. Just a few slow strokes, and I arched my back, moaning Lilith’s name and started to cum. I sunk into the mattress, pulling my hand from my boxers…it was covered in my own cum.

“What the fuck,” I muttered, sitting up and grabbing a towel that was sitting on my computer chair.

I wiped my hand clean and made my way to the shower, washing up and heading downstairs.

When I got downstairs, I found my mother sitting in the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette.

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