Like What You See – Their First Date


It had been a strange request really.  Asking Susan if she’d like to go on a date, even as their sweat-covered bodies cooled down after a fuck that had been fuelled by nothing but animalistic lust.  But at least he had an idea that she might say yes this time.So it was that, three weeks after their first lustful encounter, John and Susan were sat across from one another having a meal and a conversation that had nothing to do with sex.As first dates go it was one of the best that either of them had had.  Maybe it was that they had a history as friends, or maybe it was that they were comfortable with one another, how could they not be.  Whatever the reason it was a welcome relief for both of them just to be out after nearly two years of restrictions.John gave her a lift home, just to make sure she got back safely, but, after a few awkward first attempts at kissing, they were soon making out like a couple of teenagers on her driveway.‘Would you like to come in?’ Susan asked, breaking the link between their lips momentarily, before locking back onto his mouth as soon as she’d finished speaking.  This was a date, after all, a first one at that, and she knew him well enough to know that John would never presume he would be welcome without an invitation.John, who would have been quite happy to carry on making out, simply nodded as best he could without taking his lips from hers.As they entered the front room John noticed for the first time that evening the full effect Susan had been going for when she’d picked her outfit.  He had thought she looked stunning when she’d arrived at the restaurant earlier that night, but the light had been fading and the restaurant hadn’t been that well lit either; his jaw literally dropped as they stepped into the room.He noticed that her already dark hair was now jet black and so straight that it was almost like a mirror.  And it made her blue-green eyes shine like precious stones against the light colour of her face, made seemingly paler in contrast to the darkness of her hair.  Her hair flowed down the sides of her face and was almost lost as it reached her shoulders, as the dress she was wearing was almost as dark.  The dress had been chosen because almost everything she owned had become that little bit tighter over the lockdown and she’d hoped the dark colour would hide her body slightly.  The look on his face though instantly told her she had been foolish.  Hell, after all, they had done with each other over the last couple of weeks, she was actually surprised he looked at her the way he was.For John though the full effect had him speechless, and drooling.‘How about a nightcap?’ she finally asked, breaking his reverie.‘Maybe a coffee’ he answered, thankful that he was able to think straight again; though he almost forgot how to breathe as he watched her walk out.  It still amazed him how leaving something to the imagination allowed the imagination to run wild.  While he had seen everything that lay beneath that dress, the way it clung to her body, the way it highlighted her curves, even the ones she tried to hide, made him want her even more.  Even if nothing happened between them tonight, which he still wasn’t counting on, he knew that he would have to take himself in hand – so to speak – before he could sleep, walk properly or operate heavy machinery.He tried, unsuccessfully, not to stare at her boobs as she came back with their drinks which brought a little smile to her.  They carried on their conversation as they had over dinner, and even after their little make-out session in the car and John’s reaction to her appearance, sex wasn’t mentioned.  As they finished their drinks though all it took was their eyes locking on each other for them to be in a passionate embrace once again.While their tongues were happily recreating a teenage snogging session that was where the teenage fumbling ended, with the more experienced parts of their minds stopping them groping straight for tits and cocks.  Instead, as they kissed, their hands roamed over each other, gently brushing through hair and over shoulders, down arms and over hips.‘Come with me,’ Susan said breaking their kiss and, taking his hand in hers, she led him upstairs, John watching her arse sway as she took each step, and resisting the temptation to bite it.As they reached her bedroom they continued kissing, though without the vigour they’d had downstairs.  Now their lips matched their hands in the gentle way they explored on another, though now they were both standing parts of their bodies were available that hadn’t been on the couch.  Surprisingly it was Susan who grabbed John’s arse before he had a chance to do the same to her, and they giggled, as much as their interlocked mouths allowed, as she did so.John, though now desperate to explore her sweet arse cheeks, slowly ran his hands through her hair and down her body, taking even more time to brush the sides of her breasts, before reaching his goal.  He brushed her arse with the same gentleness as he had her boobs, sending tingles through her body that she thought only possible through more physically sexual contact.Reluctantly breaking away, they became lost in each other’s eyes again for a moment before John reached behind her to pull the zip down on her dress, never taking his eyes from hers.  He kissed her again as the dress fell around her ankles and she stepped out of it, kicking it across the room so it didn’t get in the way.  John broke the kiss again to look once more at Susan, taking a deep breath as he saw her in a beautiful matching lingerie set, black, like her dress and hair yet the light skin peeking through really enhanced both the delicate lacework and her own femininity.He didn’t want to stop looking but soon realised that she was trying to get him out of his own clothes and, reluctantly, he broke his gaze as she pulled his sweater over his head and got to work on his belt and trouser fastening, her hand brushing over his already erect cock as she pulled his zip down, the trousers themselves succumbing to gravity fell to his ankles, where he used a tried and tested method to rid himself of both trouser and socks in one fell swoop; there’s nothing that will ruin the moment quicker than the sight of a middle-aged man taking his socks off.Obviously eager, John took control of their actions and, brushing her hair away from the clasp; he undid her bra and released her boobs from their confines. Dropping to his knees he began to pay her tits the attention he had surprisingly failed to win during any of their previous encounters.  Susan hadn’t been happy with her boobs for a long time now, at one time even considering plastic surgery to firm them up. The interest John was now showing them started her to rethink her doubts about them.  Had he known what she thought John would have considered her crazy, yes they did sag once they were out of their holders, but so what.John thought they were perfect.  They fit delightfully in his hands, so when he was enjoying licking and sucking on one of her nipples he could show the other as much attention with his hand, gently squeezing the warm soft flesh while still being able to flick his thumb over the rapidly erecting nipple.As he worshipped her tits, he used his free hand to unclip her garter belt and work her lacy panties down, gently running his fingers over every part of her while purposefully avoiding her pussy.  After playing with her breasts until her nipples almost throbbed with excitement he carried on down her body.  Kissing down over her stomach while his hands swept down her back before kneading her delightfully fleshy arse cheeks.  As his kisses reached her pussy he was in for a little surprise.  While she’d never really had a full bush of hair between her legs, he looked now on a freshly shaved pussy, glistening with a sweet dew, and his mouth started to water.Before she even had a chance to lie down on the bed and open her legs for him his tongue was snaking its way to her sweet, bald honey pot.  As she finally made it into a position that allowed him full access to her most intimate of areas, he kissed it as he had her mouth earlier, working his tongue inside her and treating her clit as he had her tongue, gently flicking it and sucking it between his lips.Every now and then he would kiss his way down the inside of her thighs, usually when he sensed that she was approaching an orgasm.  He didn’t do this to torture her, though she would have argued that he did, he wanted her to reach a point where her whole body would explode with the power of her orgasm.He alternated between her thighs and pussy for about twenty minutes, when he could tell that she was getting slightly annoyed at his refusal to let her cum.  As her breath was starting to quicken he gave her cunt one last lick and placed the head of his hard cock at her waiting entrance, but that was as far as he went.  He wanted to look into her eyes as he entered her, wanted to kiss her as he slid his cock in and out of her.  He wanted to make love to her, not just fuck her.She almost pleaded as she felt him ready to penetrate her, tears in her eyes from the times he had brought her so close to coming.  ‘Please,’ she said, her voice quivering with desire.How could he refuse her?  And, as their eyes locked on as if looking into each other’s soul, he slowly inched his way into her, leaning in to kiss her as the hot gripping sensation of her cunt almost overwhelmed him.  And he stayed there, not moving his hips, for as long as he could bear it, though he was enjoying kissing her almost as much as he enjoyed the feeling of her cunt gripping his pulsing cock.Susan was enjoying the situation too.  While it had been frustrating for her to be brought so close to orgasm over and over, she now realised that, when she did, she would probably cum like a volcano erupting.  She had felt her body responding to every kiss John planted all over her body, and now that he was inside her she could feel her cunt working its magic on the pulsing rod buried inside her.  Though these thoughts were in her mind they were very much in the background, her main focus was on the intimacy of the kisses she was now sharing with John.  The emotions that were building within both of them were a heady combination of lust with perhaps a little love mixed in.  It was a combination that was making her entire body hum with pleasure.John could have stayed like this forever.  Between being able to look into her eyes, making out and having his cock buried deep inside her he was in heaven; if heaven was a story on an erotic website that is.  After holding his position for a minute or two longer than he probably should have, he started to slowly move in and out of her.  He could tell from the way she was breathing that the pace he was going was just right to keep her close to orgasm but not quite enough to push her over the edge; that she was going to be able to do it herself.After spending some time with him on top, John kissed her passionately and withdrew.  The tip of his cock connecting with her clit as he pulled out of what had become a very wet pussy sent a jolt of pleasure through her body, and she was shaking slightly as they repositioned so she was on top, and, more importantly for her, in control of the pace of their lovemaking.  She wasn’t far away from what she thought might be the biggest orgasm she could remember, but even so, she didn’t really want the moment to end.

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