Lighting Her Fire Ch. 01


The Christmas Party – 20/12/19

Sarah wore her anklet to the party. I told her that I love it when she wears it. She doesn’t know what it means. She’s aware of a connotation to swinging but she dismisses it. My heart was racing, back in the summer, when she asked me to buy it for her. I had half an erection taking it to the till. I’d already spent a year trying to slowly coax her into becoming a hotwife. Our sex life had improved, we were more loved up than ever. She was dressing sluttier. But aside from that I’d come to think this was just a game in my head. A game that wasn’t going anywhere. So to me the anklet felt like a really big thing. To her probably meant nothing. When winter came she stopped wearing it.

But it came back out for the Christmas party. Especially for me (she said). I told her that I love it when she wears it. She came to the party wearing it. All my friends were there. We had a great time.

Afterwards she says she is really glad we’d attended. (She’d not been particularly keen to attend.) She seems really happy. She says ‘Your friend Steve is a really nice guy isn’t he?’

I just smile and wait for her to continue.

‘I’ve never really had a conversation with him before.’

‘Have you not?’

‘He’s always been kind of cool and distant. He never said very much to me… But tonight he really came out of himself. He was really chatty. Really friendly, and bubbly. He was telling me about his house that he’s renovating… His trip to Indonesia last winter…’

‘This is the first winter he’s spent here at home in 20 years I think.’

‘Maybe he’ll settle down now? With this big house on the lake that he’s busy renovating. It sounds amazing!’

I don’t respond and she falls silent for a little while. Then she says; ‘I’ve never seen him with a girl. Has he ever had a girlfriend?’

‘Yes, quite a few, but they never last. They can’t compete with climbing. And he’s never stayed in one place longer than a season.’

‘Maybe he’ll find someone now.’

‘Maybe…’ I smile again. ‘…but he’ll have a job to find someone who can keep up with him.’

Date Night – 24/01/20

I started trying to do fortnightly date nights about a year ago. I put the k**s with relatives for the night. Sarah and I do something special. Tonight she just wants to go to the Cinema. I check out what movies are showing. There is nothing that I like the look of. There is nothing that I think Sarah will like. I show her the film schedule. She points out a gangster movie. (She’s not into gangster movies.)

‘Let’s watch that one. Look! Steve the mob boss!’

I’m a bit stunned. I was really excited after the Christmas party when it sounded like Steve had chatted her up for half the night but it had gone to the back of my mind. Now she’s literally telling me that he looks like a movie star. I try to hide my surprise.

I laugh gently. ‘Yes he does look like Steve.’

She says nothing in response. I take her to see the gangster movie. We go for a drink first. We have a nice evening but she’s relatively quiet. There’s no more mention of Steve. We return home and quietly get ready for bed. I’m in before her. She picks up a crotch-less basque that I bought her and asks ‘Am I wearing this?’

‘If you want to.’

She puts it on and she climbs on top of me. (She’s generally on top when we make love. She’s become very dominant. She was asking me to ‘be a real man’, about a year ago, but she’s given up on that lately. I generally mess things up for her if I am dominant.) We kiss and fondle. She says ‘I want a real man tonight.’ She rolls onto her back. I lay beside her and kiss her, sliding my hand down to her crotch. I try to kiss her differently, confidently but hesitantly, as if I’ve never kissed her before. She kisses me back passionately. When I can get her tongue out of my mouth I kiss her chest and then lick her tit through the basque. I’ve got two fingers inside her now. She’s soaking wet. Her cunt juice runs down my wrist and the cheeks of her ass onto the bed sheets. Bostancı escort She says ‘God I want your cock!’

I kneel and pull her right leg around so that I am between her legs. I start to fuck her slowly, missionary, with my arms extended. My head away up from her. Trying to make it different. Not my usual style. I push my cock into her slow, hard, and deep. I let her grind on it, just for moments, when it’s balls deep, before withdrawing. Each time leaving her wanting more. She gropes my chest. She breathes ‘Ohh your cock feels so good!’ I vary the rhythm, depth, and speed. Eventually she pulls my head down to her shoulder and whispers ‘Fuck me hard. Fuck me really hard.’

I say ‘I’ve wanted to fuck you hard since the moment I set eyes on you.’

I fuck her as hard and fast as I can. She comes for what seems like ages. It’s definitely her longest, hardest, orgasm yet. Afterwards it takes me a while to cum. She helps by digging her nails into my upper back and scratching deep.

Feeling Torn – 19/02/20

Sarah and I got together twenty years ago. I was thirty. She was twenty. We had nothing. I lived hand to mouth just to climb. She worked pubs. I met her in a pub. We hit it off straight away. Love at first sight for her, so she says. A couple of days after we first met, I was leaving the pub that she worked in. She said ‘Where are you going?’

I said ‘Home. Where should I be going?’

‘In my knickers.’

So that’s where I went. Somehow together we built a great life in climbing paradise. We’ve become models of middle class respectability. She’s left a reputation for promiscuity well behind her. Since she met me she’s been (in her words) ‘One hundred percent monogamous’. I ditched drink and drugs years ago. We have great jobs. We have the house of our dreams right near the lake we’ve loved all our lives. We have two fantastic kids. We have each other. We’re so close that everyone else is jealous.

I’m desperate to transform her into a hotwife. (She isn’t familiar with the ‘hotwife’ term. She doesn’t know what a hotwife is.) She knows that she’s is free to do as she pleases with whoever she pleases. Whilst I will remain devoted and monogamous. But she says she’s not interested. She laughed when I had a heart to heart with her and I told her that she has a free pass. She later called it ‘bullshit’ and she says ‘I only want you.’ She reacts badly if I mention other guys in bed. So I’ve taken to encouraging her in any direction that she chooses to go in and trying not to push my own agenda. Hence the crotchelss basque. She asked me to buy one for her. It took me by surprise as much as the anklet did. Obviously I went straight out and got one. Where ever she is taking things. That is where we will go. I won’t ask and I won’t push. I will just encourage whatever it is.

Hence I’ve wondered if there is a Steve seed in her mind that I can cultivate. I’ve been bringing him up in conversation just before bedtime in the hope of bringing him into her mind as she goes to sleep.

But I feel torn. It wrenches my gut. I don’t like the idea of her and Steve. He’s fitter than me, rich, single… I’ve known him since childhood. He and I climbed together for decades until a back injury, from a fall, ended my climbing days. He still climbs. He’s a bit of a climbing legend.

So I’ve decided to forget trying to cultivate a seed and just keep a watching brief. Stop mentioning him before bedtime. There’s probably no seed of anything in her mind anyway. That mad shit (cuckolding) is just the latest obsession in my fucked up mind. It’s probably not something that she will ever go for.

Stevie – 03/03/20

I have a meal out with the boys. Later, in bed, Sarah asks about my night. I tell her but I figure it best not to mention Steve. I’m still not sure that I want to encourage an interest in him. If she has one. Which she probably doesn’t.

We’re laid spooning. It’s heavenly wrapped up with Sarah. Her slim body, her long sexy legs, her perfect ass locked into my midriff. Anadolu Yakası Escort She fits like a hand in glove. I finish talking and she’s quiet for a moment. I think she’s trailing off to sleep. Then she chirps ‘What about Stevie?’ The tone of her voice goes up a notch as she says his name. (We, the boys, don’t call him ‘Stevie’). I’m taken a back by the high pitched voice tone change. I try not to show it. I don’t really want to talk about him. ‘Ah… he wasn’t getting involved… You know what he’s like.’

‘He doesn’t get into political arguments or anything like that does he? It’s great how he’s so chilled out. There’s just no stress with him. Everything’s just cool.’

‘Er yeah honey…that’s exactly how he is. He said he’s been getting stuck into hill running whilst we’re locked down.’

‘He’s so into his fitness. What else has he been up to?’

My heart literally sinks. She never showed this interest in what any of the rest of my crowd are doing. I tell her: ‘He’s mainly renovating that big house of his on the lakeside. He’s putting in a Tennis court… He’s building it himself’

‘That is so cool.’

She falls silent. Drifting into sleep.

I lay quiet for a little while, disconcerted by her excited high pitched ‘Stevie!’ and ‘That’s so cool!’ I really don’t like the idea of her and ‘Stevie’. Whatever her and ‘Stevie’ might turn out to be. It scares me. But I really want her to be a hotwife. So I feel it would be wrong to discourage her interest. It’s making my mind churn. Then I come to my senses. I think ‘Hey.. this is all my fantasy not hers. There is no good in projecting my fantasy onto her and then getting flustered about it. She won’t be going to sleep dreaming about Steve. That’s all in my head.’

I whisper to her ‘I adore you!’ and we sleep. Entwined.

Amazing Lingerie Turns Her On – 10/04/20

In the evening she says she might go for a walk. I encourage her. After all we’ve been locked in all day.

(One day in early lock down as we were having dinner, discussing lockdown, she had said: ‘What the fuck are people having affairs going to do?’ She’d then looked up at me smiling broadly. ‘That’s them stuffed isn’t it? How will they see each other?’

‘I don’t see why.’ I had replied. ‘People are allowed out for exercise. They’ll just co-ordinate their daily exercise and meet up somewhere.’ I’d thought ‘Boom! Get in! Talk about putting ideas into her head!’

She’d looked back to her meal and quietly carried on eating. I’d become deflated. I figured I must have killed that conversation. )

Since then she’s often been out running, walking, or at the lake with the kids. It’s good that she can get out. I can’t. I’m high risk because of the head injury that I sustained, in the fall that crippled me (I walk with a stick) and ended my climbing days. I always encourage her to get out there. She runs wearing leggings that I bought her which she initially worried were indecent. I’d assured her that they aren’t. Really I think they certainly are. They are flesh coloured and they hug so tight round her perfect ass and legs that you can practically see her pussy lips. She might as well be naked. Still, she seems perfectly comfortable running in them these days. Little steps…

Today she’s out on her walk for a very long time. When she comes back she’s full of tales of various friends and neighbors that she met. I guess that’s what took her so long. It sounds like everyone is out there. It is a nice evening. She’s bumped into Steve. She says he was off up the hill, with some beer, to watch the sunset. She talks excitedly of their conversation. (Like a little girl.) Of the amazing renovation work that he’s told her all about. I listen attentively.

Later, as we get ready for bed, I can’t resist bringing up Steve. I don’t want to. I’m still not comfortable with the idea of her and Steve. I don’t really want to coax her into cuckolding. It’s just that I can’t stop myself. And seriously… mentioning him before bed, so that she might Kadıköy Escort dream about him, is not actually going to work is it?

I try to be subtle. (Not one of my strong points.) I act like I’m puzzled about something. ‘Climbing the hill with beers to watch the sunset must be against the lockdown rules… ‘

She gives me a puzzled sideways glance as she’s bent brushing her teeth at the sink. She looks so sexy in that moment, like a younger Ulrika Jonsson. I think ‘I’ve pitched it wrong. It’s clumsy. It sounds critical or judgemental of him. I try to pull it back. I say ‘Still… it must be really nice up there with nobody about. Good on him!’

‘Well it’s exercise. ‘ She’s stopped brushing and she’s holding the electric toothbrush next to her mouth. She seems irritated. ‘Anyway that doesn’t matter a hang. It’s dangerous! I’m more worried about him coming back down after he’s drunk them. What if he fell on the way back or something? There would be nobody to get help!’

‘I don’t think Steve needs anyone’s help with those hills honey. Even with a few beers inside him.’

‘I’d be worried about anyone up there alone! What if he was hurt and he couldn’t get down and nobody would even know!’

It seems like I’ve royally fucked up here. I decide it’s best to get on with brushing my own teeth and let the conversation end. Implanting the dream seed of a mountainside rescue nightmare, into her subconscious, was not what I had in mind. I finish brushing my teeth and head to bed leaving her in the bathroom.

A little later, as I’m laid in bed reading, she appears in the doorway. She’s wearing a black fishnet body stocking that I bought her. My eyes must practically be popping out if my head. She’s never worn it before. I’ve been worried that she isn’t ready for it. I’ve been kicking myself for pushing sexy lingerie too far too soon. As she leans against the doorway it seems that I’m right. She isn’t ready for it. She raises her arms, hangs on the door frame, and looks down at herself. ‘It makes me look like a prostitute.’

‘Nothing could make you look like a prostitute gorgeous. You look amazing.’

‘I’m going to change it!’ In an instant she’s gone.

Fuck it! I feel utterly deflated. I knew she wasn’t ready for that one. Damn my impatience! Idiot!

But then… to my surprise… she comes back. She still has it on. She still has it on! She’s pure sex. Her slim athletic body hugged tight in black fishnet. She shyly slinks onto the bed and kisses me. I kiss her long, slow, and tenderly. It seems to build her confidence. Suddenly she pins me down and squats above me. (She’s been getting more and more dominant lately. Ever since she gave up on me dominating her. Which is what she would prefer. Only I’m no good at it.) She eases herself onto my throbbing cock. She rides it like she wants to break it. She cums all over it moaning like it’s the first one she’s ever had inside her. She’s ravenous. Insatiable. I lay back and enjoy the show. Watching her toned body. Watching her pussy working my cock. Watching her face, eyes closed, head back, mouth wide. She is made for sex! I put a hand on her breast. She slaps my face. She takes the hand and puts it back by my side. ‘No touching unless I say so! You know that.’

I obey. She’s on her feet, crouching. She’s putting on a show that I could watch all night. Eventually she lowers herself onto her knees and locks her lower legs under mine. She kisses me and groans “Fuck me!” I need you to fuck me.’ She’s so wet that I can feel it running down over my balls. “I need a real man’s cock!” She thrusts her tongue into my mouth. Each time she brings herself to the brink of orgasm I shift sightly to back her off. She’s increasingly desperate. Eventually I relent and pull her onto me to give her what she’s gagging for. I hold her hair and her ass as I thrust deep into her. She cums for ages. She’s always been loud. But she’s literally never had an orgasm this loud, or lasting this long. I try to keep her going as long as I can. It’s incredible how much this lingerie turns her on.

Her orgasm over, she’s still working my cock. She kisses me ravenously. ‘I want your cum inside me.’ I fuck her harder still. For all that I try not to, I can’t keep from imagining that I am Steve. She cums again as imaginary Steve fills her with his seed.

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