Lighten the Load


“Down on your knees baby.”

I’ve been waiting far too long to hear those words. They weaken my cells and I drop without hesitation. As my bare knees slam to the floor I can feel everything else fade away. The weight of daily life that has gathered like a heavy dust on my shoulders since the last time, instantly shaken off and I am light as air. I am an empty vessel, ready to submit and to serve. I delight in that freedom as I wait for your collar to take it away. Your hands brush against my cheeks when you lean down to fasten the leather around my throat. This tickles my skin and my nerves with pure excitement. Just the simplest brush from you does that to me. I can feel my cunt pooling already and I haven’t even seen your cock yet. But I sense it there, hiding from me beneath your jeans and I know it’s coming soon.

You stand up tall again in front me, grabbing my chin gently with one hand as you undue your pants with the other, pulling out your cock which I see already beginning to stir. I want to grab for it, but I steady my clasped hands behind my back. Your hand moves to intertwine my hair. “Open your mouth wide for me and stick out your tongue.” I obey and you tease my tongue with your head. My lips instinctively wrap around to greet you, tongue swirling to taste more of you. But you yank me back forcefully using my hair like a puppet’s strings. “What did I say?” I return to my position. “Good girl. But if it happens again you won’t be tasting this anymore today.”

You enter my mouth again but this time you slide right to the back of my throat as I struggle to maintain my position. I gag, but you push through, forcing my head down as much as you push yours in. You fill my hole so completely that I can’t breath for what seems like eternity before you slide out to give me a quick reprieve. Then in again, faster and harder. My eyes are closed tight, tearing and my head is swimming from trying to suck in air as you fuck my face. I gather myself because I don’t know how long this will go on and I want Starzbet to do well for you. I find a quite place within the violence to consider my situation. I am here to be used like this… my mouth isn’t my mouth, it is yours to use for your pleasure. As if you can read my mind… and maybe you can with how fully you are inside my head with your cock… you remind me “What a perfect little fuck hole that mouth makes. You do so well taking it for me. What other holes need filling today whore?” You pull out your cock and I gasp for air, spit and precum dripping down my chin. “That was not a rhetorical question pet. Answer me.”

“Any hole you need is what I need.” I respond.

“That’s a cop out. You can do better than that, I know you can. Be brave sweetie… tell me where you need it, and be honest.”

Butterflies swell beneath my sternum. How can I always be so nervous to admit it? Why do I always hesitate to articulate what a filthy depraved slut I am when I know it and you know it. “I need it in my ass, please.” I look at the floor as I squeak out the words.

“Look at me while you tell me what a desperate little anal whore you are.”

So I look to meet those eyes, the eyes that have me forever trapped in their gaze and I find a little more courage. “Please, I need you to fill my ass with your cock… with your cum. I need it so badly, I’ve been aching all week. My mind has wandered to it over and over again. When I’m at the grocery store, when I’m in class, when I shower or pee or eat… the feeling of you hurting me, ripping me open, violating my ass… the feeling haunts me.”

You grin down at me wide. “See… that wasn’t so hard. I’m very proud of you. I’m glad your mind stays focused on your purpose when you can’t be where you belong. Get on your hands and knees for me so I can give that hole what it needs sweetie.” You take off your clothes as I take position. I can feel you hovering over me, inching up behind me. I wait for you to take me, but instead you Starzbet Giriş come down close to me, wrapping a hand around to fondle my nipples while you kiss my neck, suck my ear, smell my hair. I melt into the bed. You always know how to warm me up with sweetness before you ruin me with pain. I’m so ready… I’m always so ready for you.

I am acutely aware of your cock stiff and warm pressed against me from behind while you woo me with your mouth and fingers. You inhale deeply at the nape of my neck and exhale a sigh that almost sounds like a long, purring “fuuuck…” but I can’t be sure because you’re moving away to aim your cock between my thighs. Now all I can feel of your body is the head of your cock poised at the entrance to my cunt. Face down in the bed and knees spread wide, I feel so exposed to you and the vulnerability rushes over me like a high. All I can do is lay there in wait for your next move… my cheeks growing hot with the agony of anticipation, fingernails dug into the sheets.

The agony intensifies as you begin to nudge against my cunt with shallow, swirling thrusts that stimulate every nerve into attention. I know this move… you can be cruel, but even in the meanest of moods you wouldn’t take my ass totally dry. As if my body knows this is it’s only chance to soften the impending brutality, my pussy gushes for you, slickening the head of your cock with it’s juices. It’s utter torture being teased like this. An anxious desire to feel you inside of me is consuming me piece by piece. I know all I would have to do is buck back and you would slip in to fill the void where your cock belongs… but I remember that I am your toy, so instead I coyly plead “Please… will you fuck my cunt first?” peering back presuming a playful smile will win you over.

You lean in slightly deeper and pause, giving me a quick moment of hope before replying “No” as you slide your cock up and plummet deep into my ass in one long, excruciating thrust. It’s been too long since my body Starzbet Güncel Giriş has been subjected to this and white hot fits of pain stretch from my ass into every crevice of my writhing body. How could I have begged for this moments ago? Did it always hurt like this? I try to swallow the scream, to form worlds like please, fuck, or stop but there is too much chaos in the pain and my words spill out in pitiful whimpers.

“Shh, sweetie” I hear your disembodied voice comforting from somewhere outside the pain. “This is what you asked for. You know your words.” The tone in your voice is one that reminds me to be brave… if you were worried I couldn’t take it you would ask me what my words were, expect me to repeat them back. You know me so well that way. I can take it and more to the point I fucking need it. I take a deep breath, your cock still stretching my hole open, and melt into the hurt, telling you with my body that I’m ready. “Good girl.”

The next thrust comes down violently, followed quickly by four more of the same, each ripping my insides open. But with the next thrust the hurt begins to dull and the pleasure is taking shape. The physical pleasure, but more importantly the pleasure of my most depraved parts being used by you. My quick shrieks mold into encouraging moans in sync with the sound of your hips slamming against my little ass. Your hands press down firmly into my hips, as if to keep me from squirming away, but I am beyond trying to flee. I plant my hands into the mattress and push back to absorb every thrust. “Play with that needy little clit, but don’t cum without permission.” I manage to register your words from within the hurricane of pain and ecstasy and comply for the moment, but I can feel my orgasm mounting quickly at the touch of it.

I manage three more thrusts before I beg “Please may I cum?!”

“No.” So I slow my fingers down against my clit, but your denial spurs my arousal further. I worry I can’t fight it any longer. Your cock in my ass hits a place of pleasure that removes me from any authority, yours or my own. The desperation must drip from my next plea “Oh god, please let me cum!”

“Cum for me now.” The magic words, and I feel my muscles spasm around your cock, milking you hard with each thrust, as every sensation melts into bliss.

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